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gegheohi to all17:07
gegheosomeone speack italian?17:07
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gegheomenesis, do you speak italian?17:39
th1aI don't think anyone here speaks italian, unfortunately.17:40
th1areplaceafill speaks spanish and is learning french.17:40
gegheoso i have a problem17:40
gegheowith shooltoos17:40
gegheoi can't config it17:41
gegheowhith our music school17:41
gegheois possible to print a report similar a "Final Course"?17:42
gegheowhit a regular vote...17:42
th1aWe are working on adding more reports.17:46
th1aI don't think you mean "vote."17:46
gegheoso i need a guide for the configuration very ures fliendly....17:46
gegheovote is "A" "B++" in a report for one students!!117:47
th1aa score?17:47
gegheobut a score similar a "the result is: the student is a.... bla bla...17:48
th1aHave you looked at this:
* th1a has to go pick up the kids.17:49
th1aLet us know if you have more questions, gegheo.17:49
gegheosorry i must print the report for a single student17:51
gegheowith a score and a motivation of the results17:52
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th1agegheo:  Can you send me an email at and I'll get back to you later today.17:59
gegheoth1a, thank for you time18:29
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th1ahi gegheo_23:04
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th1areplaceafill: I have a very annoying question for you.23:11
replaceafillth1a, yes?23:11
th1aGlenda is away and Lee Capps asks: "In the Virginia Required Skills Completion report, what does the "# of23:11
th1aSkills" column mean? And why does it differ among sections of the same23:11
replaceafillbecause it's calculated23:12
replaceafilltaking into account IEP23:12
replaceafilli mean, it's an average23:13
th1aIt's an average?23:14
replaceafillyes, iirc it was called Avg. # of Skills at one point23:14
th1aJesus Christ this is a piece of shit.23:14
replaceafillbut with all the header renaming... became just "#..."23:14
th1aIt isn't your fault.23:15
th1aOK... what is the skills completion report again?23:15
th1aThis is per teacher/23:15
replaceafillno, per term23:16
replaceafillfor admins23:16
th1aSo... average per what?23:17
replaceafill*sigh* too23:17
th1aI should probably have an example of one of these handy.23:18
replaceafilli can copy the acc database and create one if you want23:19
replaceafillbut i'm not sure how many teachers have been using cando23:19
th1aI think you did answer the question.23:19
th1aBetween my outbursts.23:19
replaceafilli've been starting to think those reports are non-sense too.. :(23:20
th1aSo the answer is that it is the average number of skills evaluated in a section, taking into account IEP's?23:21
th1aI usually don't go on and on about things for no reason.  ;-)23:21
replaceafillaverage number of required skills for the section23:21
replaceafill(based on each individual student)23:22
replaceafillas usual, i'd have to use a spreadsheet to explain :D23:22
replaceafilli'm trying to find the email when the header change was requested...23:23
th1aWe did release a simplified version, right?23:24
replaceafillyou mean, one report with less columns?23:24
replaceafillthere are two VA reports23:25
replaceafillcompletion and progress23:25
replaceafillcompletion is the one with less columns, where "# of skills" is23:26
th1aDidn't we revise these?23:26
replaceafillGlenda did23:26
replaceafillremember when i was complaining the numbers were wrong23:26
replaceafillthat's when we were working on these23:27
th1aI thought we cut out some stuff this year.23:27
th1aHe was saying it didn't match the documentation.23:27
replaceafilli think these reports were the last ones we created23:28
replaceafillmaybe Glenda didn't update the docs after the release23:28

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