IRC log of #schooltool for Tuesday, 2013-06-11

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replaceafillth1a, good morning16:39
replaceafillsorry i'm late16:39
replaceafill(i forgot to set up my alarm) :(16:39
replaceafilllet me set up an instance in the vps16:40
th1aI click on the cell and a score pops up?16:53
replaceafillhhmm you should get an input16:54
th1aI think it needs to wait for you to start typing.16:54
replaceafillah, i think i see what you mean16:54
replaceafillright now you need two clicks to type16:54
th1aAlso... hm...16:57
th1aI wasn't thinking the cell would actually store the score title.16:57
replaceafillso the values of the cell should still be just the "labels" (4, 3, 2, 1)16:58
th1aI hadn't necessarily thought through how this should work...16:58
replaceafillbut the options of the select should be "label: title" (or whatever the properties are called) :D16:59
th1aI would just like the menu to give you a little more context if it can.16:59
replaceafillbut until you start typing, correct?17:00
th1aWell, that's just what I was wondering about.17:00
th1aIt also would be nice to just bring up all the choices.17:01
replaceafilli was thinking it should look like this the first time you click on the cell:
replaceafillno value on the cell, but displayed options17:01
th1aI don't think it will seem too weird if the menu shows the title but the cell doesn't store it.17:01
th1aYeah, like that.17:01
replaceafillok, i think we can just tweak the combobox example to get it17:02
replaceafilli'll try that today when i get back17:02
replaceafillyvl, you still around?17:03
replaceafillok, thanks th1a, will show you the update tomorrow at the meeting17:06
th1aOK, thanks replaceafill.17:06
yvlhey replaceafill17:07
yvlI'm here17:07
yvlputting your gradebooks into your ajax tables17:07
yvlso... what's up?17:08
replaceafillhi yvl17:09
replaceafilli'd like your opinion on something17:09
replaceafilli was thinking the gradebook should use jquery .data() instead of trying to get stuff from ajax requests17:10
replaceafillthe scoresystems scores for example17:11
replaceafilli'm getting the html for the select using a simple view on the gradebook + inline template17:11
replaceafilli was thinking maybe the column <th> could carry this information from the beginning17:12
yvlwell it could17:12 is just a place to put stuff17:12
yvlwell, a way to put stuff17:12
yvlas html, it can be rendered but hidden17:12
replaceafilli just think it's less requests17:13
replaceafillsame for popup menus17:13
replaceafillthe data for the menu could be inserted when rendering the links17:14
replaceafillinstead of retrieving it again from gradebook.js17:14
yvlI don't mind17:14
replaceafilli just wanted to know if it was worth it17:15
yvlI think it is17:15
yvlconsidering cases like ACC17:15
replaceafillslow networks, right?17:15
yvlwhere requests travel slow17:15
yvland sometimes time out17:15
yvlsomewhere in between17:16
replaceafillusing data would increase the html produced but we're guaranteed that it comes fully together17:17
replaceafillok, i'll see if i can do it :)17:17
replaceafillthanks yvl17:17
yvlthank you! :)17:18
* yvl goes away :)17:18
yvlsee you tomorrow :)17:18
replaceafillsee you tomorrow17:18
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