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replaceafillyvl, you around?14:55
yvlhey man14:56
replaceafillhey yvl14:56
yvlit's 3 PM here, so... :)14:56
replaceafilljust wanted to inform you that i was able to convert the section scr report14:56
replaceafillno issues14:56
replaceafilljust added a custom report task again14:56
replaceafilland everything went fine14:57
replaceafillan issue generating the html id14:57
yvlit expects an actual view with an actual __name__?14:58
replaceafillbut i think it's my fault14:58
replaceafillsee, this report is a hack14:58
replaceafillthe scr_table method tries to reuse an existing rml table14:59
replaceafillbut in a really weird way14:59
replaceafillso i wanted to ask you14:59
replaceafillhow do you recommend to approach it?14:59
replaceafillwe already have a scr pdf report14:59
replaceafillfor a single student14:59
replaceafillthat works, with no hacks :)15:00
replaceafillthis section report needs to do the same in a single pdf for every student in the section15:00
replaceafillso what i did is that i created a custom pdfstory manager15:00
replaceafilland applied the same viewlet on every student15:01
replaceafillto get the rml15:01
replaceafillworks, but again, hack :(15:01
yvlit does look hacked up a bit15:02
yvlfirst, querying for student_competency_report.html looks wrong15:02
replaceafilli agree15:03
yvlseems you need it only to get a view?15:03
replaceafillyes, the registrations of the single student pdf are too specific15:03
yvlI wonder how much work would it be to write zcml that binds the table to the report view15:03
replaceafillmy question is, how do you apply the table to each single student15:04
replaceafillin my head you need some look up to do that15:04
replaceafilli mean, a getMultiAdapter of some kind15:04
replaceafillso the pdfstory manager is "kind of" a valid approach?15:05
yvlgrades table does not necessarily must be a viewlet15:05
yvlit could be done as a content provider15:05
yvlthen you can get that in rml directly15:06
yvl<tal:block repeat="student students">15:06
yvl  <tal:block content="student/schooltool:content/the_table" />15:06
yvl(it will adapt context, request, student15:06
replaceafilli thought a content provider was similar to a viewlet15:07
yvlwell, that was the intended usage15:07
yvlit is15:07
yvlbut it does not have a manager15:07
yvlmanagers are content providers usually15:07
yvlsome of the managers are viewlets themselves15:08
yvlwhoops, I lied a bit15:08
yvlthat would adapt student, request, view15:09
yvlnot context, request, student :)15:09
replaceafillah right, you scared me for a while :D15:09
replaceafilli was thinking "how do you define a context and the student at the same time?" ;)15:09
replaceafillthe advantage is that you can call the provider from anywhere in the same view?15:10
replaceafillas long as you have the student and the view15:10
yvlalso, you can have many students15:10
yvland call it for each of them15:10
replaceafillah!!! moment :D15:10
replaceafilli think cleaning this will probably get rid of my html_id problem in the remote pdf15:11
replaceafillbut i wanted to ask you first about a way to solve it15:11
yvlcan you try something quickly?15:12
yvledit the view class,15:12
yvlthe one that renders the pdf15:12
yvland add15:12
yvl__name__ = 'foo'15:12
replaceafilli did15:12
replaceafilldidn't work15:12
replaceafilli also tried putting __name__ in the objects in the scr_table method15:13
replaceafillview, grades_table and rml_table15:13
yvldo you have a traceback?15:13
replaceafilli remember i printed the parents15:13
replaceafillin the generate html id method15:13
replaceafilland i got None for the pdf view15:14
replaceafilli didn't do self.view.__name__ actually15:14
replaceafillbut again, i thought "instead of hack __name__s, fix this mess you created" :(15:14
yvlfrankly, there's something for me to fix too15:15
yvlI now think it would be better15:15
yvlif instead of pointing task to the report pdf class directly15:16
yvlwe did a proper view lookup15:16
yvlwith the name and all15:16
replaceafillah true15:16
replaceafilli kind of "sensed" that :)15:16
yvlin hindsight - it's kind of obvious15:16
yvllet me add that ;)15:16
replaceafilli mean, yay!15:19
replaceafillself.view.__name__ did the trick15:19
replaceafillwrong trick, but works :P15:19
replaceafilland the report is slow enough to see the STARTED message under tasks :(15:19
yvlreplaceafill, just replace the PDF view class with "somethingsomething.pdf"15:38
yvlin report_builder15:38
yvlwell, you can see what changed anyway ;)15:39
replaceafillah, you can use *both* now15:39
replaceafillclass name and view name15:39
replaceafillnice, it works15:44
replaceafillit feels more like rml tables now :)15:44
replaceafill(where you specify the name of the original table)15:44
yvltrue :)15:45
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muniakHello, I was wondering if anyone could help me find the sample data for schooltool. I am looking to write a script to modify our current system's exported data to the schooltool fomat but have been unable to find it.18:16
replaceafillmuniak, do you have schooltool installed?18:18
muniakCurrently in the process of doing so, are they included in the install?18:20
muniakI tried looking through the source but couldn't find anything that seemed sampley18:20
replaceafillyes, if you log in as manager, go to the School tab and then to Import XLS option in the sidebar18:20
replaceafillthen you'll see a What is This? sidebar18:21
replaceafillwith three sample xls (the first one is empty)18:21
muniakAhh, then I can just export to a file after I've imported the sample data?18:21
replaceafillsure, or fill the empty one with your own data18:22
replaceafillusing the sample ones as... sample :D18:22
muniak^^ Thanks so much! I'll probably be back once I have schooltool installed... I'm trying to talk the admins at this school to switch from their crazy-bad and expensive SIMS to SchoolTool18:28
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replaceafillhhmm i should move report related stuff out of gradebook.* in cando...23:27
replaceafillpy and zcml are getting big23:28

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