IRC log of #schooltool for Friday, 2013-04-12

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replaceafillhhmm interesting, all my old failed tasks now say PENDING in schooltool.tasks17:04
th1aIn theory that is good?17:20
th1aIf they are?17:20
replaceafillno, they were failed task before17:20
replaceafillwith exceptions17:20
replaceafillmaybe it's related to the fact i restarted my computer17:21
replaceafill(assuming redis is used and uses memory somehow)17:21
th1aWell, this is why it is good to have you actually using the system...17:22
replaceafilli know :)17:23
th1aotoh, time is getting short.17:23
replaceafillah ok, report time17:23
replaceafilli mean17:23
replaceafillhere's my report:17:23
replaceafilli've finished two cando pdfs17:23
replaceafillthere's one remaining17:23
replaceafill(certificate of competency)17:24
th1aFinished doing what?17:24
replaceafilli think this will reuse the existing report task i already created for the scr report17:24
replaceafilloh sorry, finished making the reports remote17:25
replaceafilli'll probably have the last one done this morning17:25
replaceafillwhat do you want me to do next?17:25
replaceafillcando bugs?17:25
replaceafillah! the home tab bug17:26
replaceafilli could do that17:26
th1aWe need to update the designs.17:26
th1aWell, not on the CanDo ones.17:26
th1aI guess.17:26
th1aBut the other reports.17:26
replaceafillyes, the cando ones are up-to-date17:26
th1aUnless it would be better to coordinate that with yvl on Monday.17:27
replaceafillth1a, i think so, since he asked us not to touch those yet17:27
replaceafilli think we could work the style on trunk and merge what we do later with his branch17:28
replaceafillnot really sure17:28
th1aProbably, but you can just do the bugs and we'll focus on the reports next week.17:29
replaceafillthis looks interesting:17:32
replaceafilli can at least investigate i think17:32
* replaceafill is looking at critical ones17:33
th1aIt is probably a pretty simple one.17:33
replaceafillth1a, we should tackle this one next week together:17:34
replaceafilli mean, testing instance, refresh, update procedure17:34
th1aMainly we just need to tone down the colors.17:35
replaceafillmaybe we should recommend interventions for this user:
th1aOh shit, I thought I'd answered that.17:41
* replaceafill is looking to download freebsd to answer that question ;)17:42
th1aThis is a little out of date I think.18:09
replaceafillnow we need to do "make develop" to get the buildout.cfg file18:11
th1aOh, but he'd still need to know the python/zope versions.18:12
th1aWhat's done in make ubuntu-environment.18:12
replaceafillin cases like this i recommend downloading/using the tar.gz instead of bzr18:14
replaceafill(like the debian case)18:14
th1aCan you answer that question?18:14
th1aOK, great.18:15
replaceafillseriously, i'm installing freebsd in a vm ;)18:15
replaceafill(i'm curious) :P18:15
th1aUh... ok.18:15
replaceafillwow, buildout runs on freebsd :D19:49
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replaceafillST running in freebsd 923:35
th1aDid it pretty much just work replaceafill?23:40
replaceafilli just had some trouble with zope.ucol and lxml23:40
th1aAs long as you didn't spend the last five hours on it.  ;-)23:40
replaceafillbecause of the C compilation23:40
replaceafilland the fact that i don't know freebsd at all :P23:40
th1aOh, yeah.  Those things.23:41
replaceafillth1a, not at all23:41
replaceafillit was running "on the background" ;)23:41
replaceafilli'll check my bash_history and will answer that question later (or the weekend)23:42
replaceafillright now, i'm trying to set the section as the context of some cando gradebook reports23:44
replaceafillinstead of using __parent__.__parent__ access23:44
th1aYou know, 10 years ago when I was writing my first big Zope 2 app I thought using __parent__.__parent__ was a terrible hack.23:49
replaceafillwe have several variants23:50
replaceafillwhile parent is not None:23:50
replaceafillparent = obj.__parent___23:50
replaceafilladapters are indeed cleaner (even if you use .__parent__ inside the adapter)23:51

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