IRC log of #schooltool for Wednesday, 2013-04-10

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th1amenesis:  The dns handoff is creeping forward.16:30
th1ahi menesis, replaceafill, yvl.16:31
replaceafillgood morning/afternoon16:31
menesisth1a: good news16:32
th1aI was waiting for yvl.16:37
th1aWere you lurking?16:37
yvlhi :)16:37
th1aYou usually say "hi."16:37
th1aProbably replaceafill should start with some questions for yvl.16:38
replaceafillso, my task (no pun intended) was simple16:38
replaceafillconvert the scr report in cando into a remote report16:38
replaceafill(simple in theory) ;)16:39
replaceafillso this is my first attempt:16:39
replaceafillgetting the dialog was almost automatic16:39
replaceafillusing the existing code16:39
replaceafillbut then i realized that ReportTasks use intids16:39
replaceafillon the context of the report16:40
replaceafillcurrently we have two remote reports:16:40
replaceafillsection roster and person profile16:40
replaceafill(at least in core)16:40
replaceafillboth of those pdf work on the context itself (section and basicperson)16:40
replaceafillthe scr pdf works on a studentgradebook adapter16:40
replaceafillso when the reporttask tried to do the int id look up16:41
replaceafillit failed16:41
replaceafillbecause the adapter has no intid16:41
replaceafillyvl, so i created my own report task16:41
replaceafilland set the task_factory on the download dialog16:41
yvlmakes sense so far16:41
replaceafillthank God :D16:41
replaceafillthis had some little issues16:42
replaceafilllike properties swallowing the actual error :(16:42
replaceafillbut i kind of figured it out16:42
replaceafillthe base_filename was funny16:42
replaceafillthe original method in pdfpage16:42
replaceafillassumes the view has a __name__ attribute16:42
replaceafillbut in the remote context this doesn't happen16:43
replaceafillso that required some pdb'ing16:43
replaceafillthe part i'm stuck right now is16:43
replaceafilli can get the task added to the container, the message set16:43
replaceafillbut when the task tries to execute i get this error:16:44
replaceafillinterpreting the failures is still not clear to me16:44
replaceafillbut i assume all those tracebacks go in order, right?16:44
replaceafilli mean, the first error is the execute part16:44
replaceafilland here i'm stuck because i don't know what's wrong16:45
replaceafilli mean16:45
replaceafillthe reporttask has its own execute16:45
replaceafilland gradebookreporttask inherits that16:45
replaceafilli was looking for some security zcml that i'm missing16:46
replaceafillbut couldn't find any16:46
yvlmaybe it tries to obtain context16:46
yvland attribute error fires there?16:46
yvland by accident, propagates?16:46
yvlno, that makes no sense16:47
replaceafillyvl, i tried to pdb the execute method in reporttask16:47
replaceafillbut i guess celery calls that?16:47
replaceafilland at that point the schooltool process (foreground) has nothing to do with it16:47
replaceafilli get a pdbquit exception in the celery log instead16:48
replaceafillthe separated logs are great btw16:48
yvldid you restart celery?16:48
yvlmake stop16:48
yvlmake run16:48
replaceafilli had several issues trying to use an existing database16:49
replaceafillso i decided to start everything from scratch16:49
replaceafillusing a sample xls and importing everything16:49
replaceafillanother thing worth mentioning is that we have a node catalog in cando16:49
replaceafillcheck my branch and you'll see i had to comment that16:50
replaceafillbecause i was getting an INode problem just with the profile pdf16:50
replaceafillrelated to catalog16:50
replaceafillah hold on16:50
yvlcould you quickly look at...16:50
replaceafilli think i got a screenshot...16:50
yvland check what ST eggs are included?16:50
replaceafillthat is the one16:51
replaceafill(happens when cando catalog is enabled)16:51
replaceafilland you try to run the profile pdf16:51
replaceafillwithout any other modification of mine16:51
replaceafillah ok, checking16:52
replaceafillyvl, ah16:52
replaceafilljust your celery branch16:52
replaceafilli added the gradebook and cando in my buildout16:52
yvlbase.cfg needs an update16:52
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replaceafilladding virginia actually to [package]16:53
menesis"'IFoo' has no attribute 'providedBy'" error means that IFoo interface is not in pythonpath16:53
replaceafill(since it depends on the other two)16:53
yvlfixed pushed16:53
yvl(my branch)16:53
replaceafillah got it16:54
replaceafilli need to run buildout again, right?16:55
replaceafillbin/celeryd has schooltool.virginia now16:55
replaceafilland cando and the gradebook16:55
replaceafillso, let me uncomment the catalog16:56
replaceafillgreat! progress16:58
replaceafillnew error :D16:58
replaceafill'Section' object has no attribute 'values'16:58
replaceafillthis i can debug!16:58
replaceafillall in all i'm getting most of it16:59
replaceafilli mean, tasks, messages, etc16:59
replaceafilland kind of how they interact16:59
replaceafillthe transaction manager is still above my head16:59
replaceafillbut i think i'm making progress17:00
yvltm is also somewhat simple17:00
replaceafilleven though i can't render the report yet ;)17:00
* yvl has to push some tweaks on error handling17:00
replaceafillah this got my attention17:00
yvlfailures to fail were not handled well17:00
replaceafillsome flooding:17:00
replaceafilltitle = format_message(17:01
replaceafill    _(u"Requested report ${filename}."),17:01
replaceafill    mapping={'filename': view.filename})17:01
replaceafillwhy is that format_message necessary?17:01
replaceafillwhy not just: _(u'...', mapping={...})17:01
replaceafilli don't get exactly what format_message does17:01
replaceafill(not related to the remote stuff per se)17:01
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yvlyou're right17:02
yvlformat_message is not necessary there17:02
yvlI think17:02
replaceafillif i understand correctly, format_message is necessary when you don't control the message creation, right?17:03
replaceafillor when you want to modify the existing mapping17:03
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replaceafillbut no biggie :)17:04
replaceafillth1a, ok, i can keep debugging now17:04
replaceafillagain, i think i'm moving forward17:04
th1aOK... would you be able to work late today or tomorrow yvl, or just be around?17:05
replaceafillyvl, in theory, pdf reports don't need to change in order to become remote, right?17:05
th1aOr perhaps replaceafill can get up super early...17:05
replaceafillsure, i can get up early17:06
yvlI can stay around later tomorrow17:06
replaceafilli was going to ping the mailing list last night17:06
replaceafillbut i realized that it was a security declaration missing17:06
yvlas for pdf reports - in theory - yes17:06
replaceafilland properties usually send me in another direction17:06
th1aOK, so let's plan on that.17:07
th1aFor tomorrow.17:07
replaceafillyvl, maybe with the base.cfg change, my existing database will work17:07
yvlit should now17:07
replaceafilland i don't have to start from scratch17:07
replaceafillgreat, i'll test that too17:07
* replaceafill done asking17:08
th1aOK, thanks replaceafill.17:08
yvlI was adding report failure messages17:09
yvlthen made bugs, and noticed that failing of failure notifications are not handled well17:09
yvlalso, today ran into same thing with base.cfg17:10
yvlso failures are reported better now, need to finish last dialog17:10
yvlalso, need to think about reporting failures of failures directly to sysadmin17:11
yvlsuccessful task with failing notification gets missing (but can be found in the logs)17:12
yvlso I'll commit part of it... today I think17:12
yvlthen - show number of unread messages near login17:13
yvlvisiting Home will reset this17:13
yvlas you can see messages there17:13
yvlthat's that17:14
th1aOK.  Keep pushing.17:14
th1aThanks yvl.17:14
menesisI fear my status is the same as last time.17:15
menesiswas refactoring scripts and writing commands17:16
th1aWell, that needs to be done.17:16
menesisI know :(17:17
th1aNothing to do but keep at it.17:18
menesisI am, no distractions17:18
th1aThat's all I can ask.17:20
th1aUnless I'm going to fly over and sit at your shoulder.17:20
th1aThanks menesis.17:20
th1ayvl will have to stop by and pat you on the back or kick your butt as necessary.17:20
th1aI exchanged a few interesting emails with Glenda.17:22
th1aIt seems possible that VA CTE will get out of the business of directly supporting CanDo more quickly than we might have thought, which may be good because then SIELibre can step in.17:23
replaceafillany chance the counties stop using it? :(17:24
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th1aWell... I guess that would be counties that don't like it or would never pay for support anyhow.17:26
th1aOK, I think that's it.17:27
th1aHave a good week/end gentlemen.17:27
th1ayvl and replaceafill: talk tomorrow.17:27
th1areplaceafill:  Send me your invoice!17:28
replaceafillwill do17:28
replaceafillth1a, ah ok17:28
replaceafillwill do too17:28
th1aI may be at my accountant's tomorrow morning.17:28
th1aTax time.17:28
yvlreplaceafill - email me if you hit a wall17:28
* th1a drops the bag of gravel.17:28
yvlthanks guys17:28
replaceafillyvl, will do :)17:28
replaceafillthanks everybody17:28
replaceafillyay, i passed the section issue17:33
replaceafillyvl, i've seen this one before:17:33
replaceafillnewInteraction called while another interaction is active.17:33
replaceafilldon't understand it though17:33
replaceafillsomething competing with something?17:34
yvljust mishandled interactions17:35
yvlneed to look into this, but not fatal I think17:35
yvlseems to happen when failing, but tracebacks are propagated properly17:35
yvlIIRC it just needs interaction start/end to be refactored out to...17:36
yvlthe task itself I think17:36
yvlwell, one level up17:36
yvlpushed improved error handling btw17:36
replaceafillnothing i can do in my gradebook task level?17:37
replaceafillah ok, i'll pull17:37
yvlnothing you need to do :)17:37
replaceafillso, at some point the report will run?17:38
replaceafillmaybe i should try a simpler report17:38
replaceafillalthough there's no more simpler reports :D17:38
replaceafill"You can download this report at a later time from home page." :)17:40
replaceafillremote scr pdf generated17:40
replaceafillcome on! it's huge for me :P17:41
* yvl is sincerely happy!17:41
* replaceafill starts remoting everything17:41
replaceafillyvl, last question and i let you go17:41
replaceafillso, the custom report task for the gradebook is a valid approach?17:42
replaceafilli mean, the hacking of the context17:42
yvlI would say - yes17:42
yvland it's not a hack :)17:42
replaceafillit's meant to be :D17:42
replaceafillcool, i think i have enough to try the scr for the section17:43
replaceafillthank you yvl!17:43
yvlthank you!17:43
yvlalso, if you try remoting old style reports, there may be stuff missing17:44
* yvl can't tell offhand what exactly17:44
replaceafillah, np, i'll stick to new style ones17:44
replaceafillunless you want me to try old style ones17:45
replaceafillbut i think most of them are in the gradebook17:45
yvlyou can stick to new style ones :)17:45
yvland/or port old style ones to new style :>17:45
replaceafillah! good point17:46
replaceafillth1a, should i keep "remoting" cando reports?17:46
replaceafillth1a, i was thinking of doing the section scr17:46
replaceafillthat one takes like 1 second per student, so i think it's a good candidate17:46
replaceafill(i know, it shouldn't take that long...) :(17:47
th1aThese are dialog reports.17:47
th1aI guess at this point yes, until you run into a wall.17:47
yvlalso, if you have spare time...17:47
yvland it's a very long running report...17:47
th1aYou want to find the next sticking point but not spend the next three hours banging your head against it.17:47
yvlyou can look at schooltool.export.importer17:48
yvlfor progress bars17:48
replaceafillyvl, ah, i did notice the remote tasks there17:48
replaceafillyvl, will do17:48
yvlbut this is more of a bonus task :)17:48
replaceafillyvl, so in your branch, importers are actually using the remote stuff, right?17:48
yvlthey could :)17:49
yvlat least mega importer17:49
yvltime for me to go17:49
yvlbest of luck!17:49
replaceafillthanks, see you yvl17:49
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replaceafillth1a, i was able to make the section scr remote19:51
replaceafilli kind of cheated, but it worked19:52
replaceafilli'm going to get rid of the cheating by cleaning that report19:52
replaceafilli wonder if i should dare to make the completion report pdf remote...19:55
replaceafillnah, i'll check progress bars instead19:55
th1areplaceafill:  Good.20:16
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