IRC log of #schooltool for Friday, 2013-02-15

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replaceafillyvl, you around?14:04
yvlhey replaceafill14:04
replaceafillhey yvl14:04
replaceafillcan you help me with something?14:04
replaceafill(grid related) :)14:05
* yvl can try :)14:05
replaceafilli'll PM you the url and login, ok?14:05
replaceafilli'm testing the grid view for skillsets14:06
replaceafillbasically with the same functionality of the grid view for the gradebook14:06
replaceafillclick Printable Worksheet14:06
replaceafillthe pdf has 2 pages14:07
replaceafillbut i was expecting the second table to be in a separate page14:07
replaceafill(the second table is split between page 1 and 2)14:07
replaceafilli'm wondering if i broke something with all my  table style changes14:08
yvlit works as (badly) designed14:09
replaceafillah ok :)14:09
yvlthere should be some flag to put the table to other page if it does not fit in this one14:10
yvlbut then in the next page split if it does not fit14:10
replaceafillgot it14:11
replaceafillwell, maybe after some grid experience i'll be able to add that functionality :D14:12
yvlmaybe it was keepinframe?14:12
replaceafilli'll check, at least now i'm confident i'm not breaking it :)14:14
replaceafillnot sure if you remember, but during the sprint we said we were going to put some report links in the student page14:14
replaceafillfor getting the validated resume in pdf for instance14:15
replaceafilla report that doesn't have an html version14:15
replaceafillwhat i can't see is how to select the section you want for the report14:16
replaceafillschoolyear, term, course, section dropdowns in the request dialog? :S14:16
yvlprobably that14:17
yvlor simply list all sections in active school year14:17
replaceafillor... a js tree :D14:17
yvlhmm, there's also conditionalPageBreak14:18
replaceafillah yes, i remember we used that in the "old" pdf grid14:18
replaceafill(i think)14:18
yvlmaybe keepTogether would work14:19
yvlneed to play with those, I guess14:19
replaceafilli'll give them a try14:19
replaceafillok, i'll go get something to eat :)14:19
replaceafillthanks yvl14:19
yvlbon apetit replaceafill  :)14:19
replaceafillagain, enjoy your vacation14:20
replaceafillsee you!14:20
yvlbuen provecho! ;)14:20
yvlsee you in few weeks14:20
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replaceafillth1a, zyt?17:23
th1aHi replaceafill.17:24
replaceafillhey th1a17:24
replaceafilli've finished glenda's requests17:24
replaceafilland i modified the report headers a bit17:24
replaceafillmade the font smaller17:24
replaceafillclick CanDo17:25
replaceafillclick Printable Worksheet17:25
th1aIf this is their instance we should make CanDo the default view.17:25
replaceafillno, this is aps Data.fs only17:26
replaceafillour vps17:26
replaceafillso, if you click a student17:26
replaceafilland then report17:27
replaceafillyou'll see the Export as PDF for the student competency report17:27
replaceafillwhich needs a description btw17:27
replaceafilland stills shows the "certificate of competency"17:27
replaceafillthis is the link we want to move to the student home page17:28
replaceafillbut i'm wondering about how to select the section there17:28
th1aYou know, fuck it, despite that whole conversation at the sprint, these are essentially the same report.17:29
th1aLet's just leave them here.17:30
replaceafillah ok17:30
th1aIt is kind of a special case.17:30
replaceafillwhat about the font sizes in the header?17:30
replaceafilldo they look ok?17:30
replaceafillit's smaller17:30
th1aI'm printing them17:30
replaceafillah ok17:31
replaceafillyou see the SY at the top right of the report?17:31
replaceafillshould that say:17:31
replaceafillTerm: SY?17:31
replaceafill(that's the term btw)17:31
replaceafillthey're just using "sy" for their single term17:31
th1aWhat is "APS CanDo 2012-13"17:33
replaceafillthe school name17:34
th1aI guess we were thinking not to put the year in since it is often also in the term.17:36
th1aBut probably we have to just suck up that redundancy.17:36
th1aDo something like17:36
th1a$TERM | $YEAR17:36
th1aI like the font size in the tables.17:38
replaceafillre-download :)17:40
replaceafillto see the update17:40
th1aNow I don't have either.17:41
th1aIn the header.17:41
th1agot it.17:41
th1aYeah, that'll do.17:41
replaceafillok, last thing17:42
replaceafilldescriptions for both student reports17:42
th1aOK, so what should the main report be called?17:42
th1aSection Competencies?17:42
replaceafillyou mean, for the student?17:43
replaceafillstudent competency report17:43
th1aIt is just in the section though.17:43
th1aAnd we're looking at the student.17:43
th1aIf you're looking at the student, it is his or her competencies in the section.17:45
th1atitle: Section Competencies17:46
th1adescription: Summary of a student's scores for all the skills assigned to a section.17:46
th1aDo we say we "assign" skills to a section?17:47
th1aWhat's the verb there?17:47
replaceafillassign and remove17:47
replaceafillwell, not to a section, to a course ;)17:48
th1aDoes that description work for you?17:48
replaceafillcan we say "assiged to THE section"17:49
replaceafillsince you're in the section context when you get the dialog17:49
replaceafillnever mind17:50
replaceafillnow we need a description for the "certificate of competency"17:51
replaceafillwhich btw is the first report that uses multiple scores ;)17:51
replaceafillbtw, maybe i should work ON THAT next week17:51
replaceafill"making the reports multi-scoresystem aware"17:52
th1a"Summary of a student scores in a section exceeding a selected minimum score.  Formatted for presentation to an potential employer or other person outside of the school.17:54
replaceafillok, re-download to see all the changes17:55
th1aThe term|year is not in the certificate.17:58
th1aChange the title away from "Export as PDF" to Section Competencies17:59
replaceafillah ok17:59
replaceafilli remember you said the certificate should show course information only17:59
replaceafillbut i can add it, no problem18:00
th1aI said that or Dave?18:00
replaceafillyou, during the sprint18:01
replaceafilli had the section title somewhere18:01
replaceafillbut never mind, i'll add it18:01
replaceafillwe need to be uniform also :D18:01
th1aMaybe just put the date the report was generated in that space, actually.18:02
replaceafillah ok18:02
th1aI'm right that the employer isn't interested in the term, section, etc. ;-)18:03
* replaceafill lost a date... :D18:08
replaceafilldamn properties!18:11
replaceafillth1a, done18:13
replaceafilltoday's date is in the certificate18:13
th1aOK... can we print the full name of the month?18:19
replaceafillah sure, long format18:19
replaceafillfull date includes the day18:22
replaceafillcheck it th1a18:22
replaceafillthat ok?18:22
replaceafillyeah, we need "long" not "full"18:23
replaceafilllet me fix that18:23
replaceafillunless you like the day ;)18:24
replaceafillyep, fixed :)18:26
replaceafillmenesis, you around?18:29
menesisreplaceafill: yes18:29
replaceafillmenesis, i'm about to merge the changes for glenda's bugfix release18:30
replaceafillmenesis, changes pushed18:32
replaceafilllet me know if i screwed something :D18:32
replaceafilli made changes to cando, gradebook and core, btw18:32
menesisand the changes in cando need changes in core & gradebook?18:33
replaceafillyes :(18:33
replaceafillsorry about the extra work for you18:33
replaceafillbut i made everything "uniform" :D18:33
menesisit's good18:33
menesislet me see the changes18:34
replaceafillsure, thanks menesis18:34
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th1areplaceafill: ayt?21:54
replaceafillth1a, yes21:54
th1aI just forwarded a bug to you.21:55
replaceafillah indeed21:56
replaceafillit's the same bug21:56
* replaceafill looks for the bug report21:56
th1aYeah, I just did.21:56
replaceafillshould i take that next?21:56
th1aCan jelkner or you reproduce it regularly?21:56
replaceafillhe can21:56
replaceafilli haven't been able to21:56
replaceafillusing selenium21:57
replaceafilli'm wondering if it's another issue related to network21:57
th1aIt almost certainly is.21:57
th1aI'll respond to Pujendra.21:58
th1aWas jelkner's bug in the journal?21:58
replaceafillwhat is strange to me is that jelkner has never complained about the gradebook21:58
replaceafilland the table logic is almost the same21:58
replaceafilli could take a look while i work on this:22:00
replaceafillwas up in my notes queue22:00
replaceafilloh, jelkner bug was registered under schooltool :/22:02
th1aI wondered where it was.22:02
replaceafillthe "counting twice" part is something i've definitely have seen22:02
replaceafillin jelkner's case22:02
replaceafillbut it may related to his timetable setup22:03
replaceafillmay be*22:03
th1aOh, CRAP.23:24
th1areplaceafill:  ayt?23:41
replaceafillth1a, yes23:43
th1aMy triumphant march toward pushing part 1 of the CanDo docs hit a serious snag.23:44
th1aI sent an email.23:44
th1aThe entire document concept is kind of hacked on there.23:47
th1aDoes that make any sense...?23:49
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replaceafillsorry th1a, got a phone call23:54
replaceafillchecking again23:54
replaceafilllet me check the spreadsheet23:55
replaceafilli kind of suspected this in jelkner's case23:56
replaceafilland i went the other way around23:56
th1aMissing meta-data?23:56
replaceafilli didn't create layers (i think)23:56
replaceafilljust nodes23:56
replaceafillno document association between the nodes and the document23:56
replaceafilljelkner can't navigate for instance the document23:56
th1aI specifically had aelkner make this kind of magical.23:56
replaceafillnode has the following relationships:23:58
replaceafilllayers, parents, children and skillsets23:58
replaceafillnodes are related to skillsets23:58
replaceafillin the cte case, and gctaa case we use course nodes23:59

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