IRC log of #schooltool for Thursday, 2013-02-14

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replaceafillth1a, zyt?17:38
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th1ahi replaceafill.18:59
replaceafillhey th1a18:59
replaceafillnever mind, jelkner wanted something18:59
replaceafillwe realized he has a different problem19:00
replaceafillit's a data problem!19:00
th1aIs everything resolved?19:01
replaceafillnot yet, he's waiting for someone to respond19:01
replaceafillsee his "Skills List for CS II" email19:01
th1aWhat's the deal with the optional skills?19:01
replaceafillwe didn't discuss that19:02
replaceafilli think they want what glenda just asked?19:02
replaceafilli updated the aps server btw19:02
replaceafillto use the latest code19:03
th1aThey want what that glenda asked about?19:03
replaceafilli mean, the feature we fixed early this week19:04
replaceafillability to switch from required to optional19:04
th1aOK, so it was just a bug.19:05
th1aDo I need to answer jelkner's email of 56 minutes ago saying that?19:06
th1aDo you just edit the skill?19:07
replaceafillgo to the course -> skills -> set required/optional19:07
th1aIt is confusing when people find a bug and then ask you how to do something instead of saying "there's a bug."19:07
replaceafilli think they want to know how to do it19:08
replaceafillthey're not saying it's a bug19:08
replaceafillthey haven't even seen it19:08
th1aSo they have to find the skill.19:09
replaceafillreading their email for the third time...19:09
replaceafill"How do we (teachers)..."19:10
replaceafillthey want *teachers* to do that!19:10
replaceafillteachers can't edit courses19:10
th1aWhat would courses have to do with it?19:11
th1aIs optional per course?19:11
replaceafillwe can't customize skills per section19:11
th1aSchooltool course.19:11
th1aThis is somewhat beyond my understanding of CanDo.  :-(19:12
replaceafillsorry that i didn't catch the "teachers" part earlier19:12
replaceafillbut again, jelkner didn't ask about that19:12
th1aThis is further than my documentation has progressed.  ;-)19:13
replaceafillhe's going to ask matt to take charge19:13
th1aAs far as adding students, it isn't like adding them through the web interface is some hacky workaround for students added during the year.19:13
replaceafilljelkner is just afraid he doesn't know the "import process"19:15
replaceafilland he thinks the manual process will take a lot of time19:15
th1aProbably less than the automated one.19:15
th1aWhat is the deal with the optional course skills?19:17
th1aThe admin assigns skills to courses.19:17
th1aThen they are "copied" internally.19:17
th1aThen there is some way the admin can make them optional for the course?19:18
replaceafillgo to the course -> skills -> set required/optional19:18
replaceafillactually, it should be:19:18
replaceafillgo to the course19:18
replaceafillclick Skills19:18
replaceafillclick Set Required/Optional19:19
replaceafilluncheck what you need to19:19
th1aPresumably the leader of the course could do this too?19:19
replaceafillhaven't tried it19:19
replaceafillbut they have schooltool.edit on the course19:19
th1aOK, so that's what I should say?19:19
th1aDid you guys sort out assigning the skills to multi-term sections?19:21
replaceafillyou mean making them different between each linked section?19:22
th1aAlso, just to confirm, this optional thing is supposed to be changed at the course level only, not individual sections?19:22
th1aOh, he needed them different?19:23
th1aWas that the problem?19:23
replaceafillthe optional thing spreads to the sections19:24
replaceafilli think so, if i understand correctly, he wants to change skill attributes just to his sections19:25
th1aOK, check my reply.19:29
* replaceafill notices th1a copy/paste the irc :D19:30
replaceafilllooks good19:30
th1aOK, thanks replaceafill.19:34
* th1a goes to get Julia.19:34
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