IRC log of #schooltool for Saturday, 2013-02-16

th1aHow does a document know its children?00:00
replaceafilland the document is just another node00:00
replaceafilla special node, because knows the hierarchy btw00:00
th1aIt knows the hierarchy, but what we're not seeing in the spreadsheet is that it knows its children, even if they're skillsets.00:00
replaceafillno, nodes cannot have skillsets as childrens00:01
replaceafill(i think)00:01
th1aThey have to.00:01
replaceafillnodes can only have parents and children nodes00:01
th1aOr do skillsets know their parents?00:01
replaceafillparents = RelationshipProperty(URINodeLink, URINode, URIParentNode)00:02
replaceafillsee, node to parent node00:02
replaceafillchildren = RelationshipProperty(URINodeLink, URIParentNode, URINode)00:02
replaceafillparent node to node00:02
th1aOK, nobody knows their children?00:02
replaceafillyes, a cluster is a node for example00:02
replaceafillthen it has program areas nodes or whatever00:02
replaceafillthose are considered children00:03
th1aOK, so what's missing is that skillsets should have a parent column?00:03
replaceafillcorrect, in theory, since the doc is just a node00:03
th1aI think it all works then.00:03
replaceafillit can have skillsets assigned00:03
th1aWait, nodes has a skillsets column.00:03
replaceafillyes, because nodes have a skillsets relationship00:04
th1aBut it uses that to assign parents to the skillsets?00:04
replaceafillno, it just links the existing skillsets in the relationship00:04
replaceafilli mean, that's what the importer does00:04
th1aOK, so nodes can't have skillsets as "children" but then have a.. child-like relationship to skillsets.00:05
replaceafillhmm i wouldn't call it child-like probably00:05
replaceafillit's just a relationship00:05
replaceafilli mean00:05
replaceafillit's not used to traverse00:06
th1aSkillsets are smaller branches in the tree.00:06
replaceafillin my head skillsets are objects stored in single container far far away from nodes :D00:06
th1aWell, that's not how a user sees it.00:07
th1aThis is going to have to be fixed.00:07
replaceafilli think i understand your point00:07
replaceafillwe should link the skillsets directly to the document00:07
th1aOne approach would be to give the document node a row in the nodes sheet.00:07
replaceafillis that what you're thinking?00:07
replaceafillgot it00:08
th1aSo skillsets don't know their parents?00:08
replaceafillwell, it would be possible to get it00:08
th1aTheir parent-like nodes?00:08
replaceafillsince it's a relationship00:08
replaceafillbut even in the code, it's like we don't care about that part00:09
replaceafillwe have a relationship property from node to skillsets00:09
replaceafillbut not from skillet to nodes for example00:09
th1aI think we'd better add a skillsets column to documents.00:09
th1aThat's less crazy than having a document row in nodes.00:09
replaceafilli agree00:09
replaceafillif people don't want to mess with nodes00:10
replaceafillthey just use documents and skillsets00:10
th1aIf you do this soon I don't have to re-do all my docs.00:10
replaceafillyour call ;)00:11
replaceafilli'm in the middle of the virginia completion reports00:11
th1aAlthough I was thinking that maybe I should have added a node anyhow because now I'm saying "well, if you had any nodes they'd go here."00:11
replaceafilli mean, converting them to pdf00:11
th1aOK, I'll file the bug and re-do the docs.00:11
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