IRC log of #schooltool for Wednesday, 2013-02-13

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th1aI have an exciting announcement (sorta).16:30
th1aIt turns out we were right using REST, just 10 years too early!16:31
th1aUnfortunately, you gain no benefit from choosing the right interoperability system 10 years before everyone else.16:32
th1aI've been sorting out this new thing this morning, so I'll brief you.16:33
th1aEssentially, for over a decade we had SIF, the "right" way to do interoperability, which everyone hated and never really took off.16:33
th1aFinally, it is being killed off.16:33
th1aThe motivation is that there's potentially enough money in online learning to get people to pay for something that works.16:34
th1aThe end result is now known as inBloom.16:34
th1aIt is built on some other new underlying standards/data models, etc.16:34
th1aBut basically, what people in the US will be interacting with -- the implementation that will actually matter -- is inBloom.16:35
th1aSo... essentially inBloom reflects the rather unfortunate evolution of the internet in the past decade or so.16:35
th1aAnd while it will be open source in some sense, you're supposed to think of it as a single national repository for the whole US.16:36
th1aI mean, that's the plan.16:36
th1aBIG DATA.16:36
th1aSo everyone's gradebook, everyone's standardized test questions, in theory, say, every answer entered into, say, SchoolTool quiz, gets dumped into inBloom.16:37
th1aThat's the more than a little scary premise at this point.16:37
th1aBut then, hey, BIG DATA MAGIC HAPPENS.16:37
th1aAlso, you don't have to worry about little apps talking to each other.16:38
th1aYou just have to talk to the giant inBloom.16:38
th1aSo... what does this mean to us?16:38
th1aAnd why is the educational Skynet named after a Nirvana song?16:39
yvlflourish.  inBloom.  Get it? ;)16:39
th1aAh, shit!16:39
th1aI knew we should have changed the name!16:39
yvllooks interesting; need to look at it closer16:40
th1aDon't worry, I'm not going to be leading the charge to implement this before anyone else.16:40
th1aBut for CanDo, Virginia will probably want to talk to this if it actually gets deployed, and we should be able to handle it pretty easily.16:40
th1aBoth for importing data and exporting it.16:40
th1aThe more interesting, ambitious, and unlikely path would be to implement the REST API to make SchoolTool act like an (the?) inBloom data store.16:41
th1aThe reason to do this would be if people write lots of reporting, dashboard, etc. applications that run off the inBloom API.16:42
th1aEssentially, someday we might be able to make those apps work based on SchoolTool data.16:42
th1aThat just an idea, ofc.16:43
yvldifficult to comment without looking closer at inBloom16:44
yvlbut sounds interesting :)16:44
th1aJust dropping that on your radar.16:44
th1aBasically, it is all pretty benign until you get to "and everyone's data is going in one place and did we mention Rupert Murdoch is a major partner?"16:45
th1aSo a free standing open source implementation (that you can actually install and run) would have some value if this eventually takes off.16:45
th1aOf course, I'm old enough now to wait and see for that sort of thing.16:45
th1aI happened to resume my career as a geek exactly in the heyday of XML and CSS, so I thought open standards were going to solve all our problems.16:47
th1aIt has been all downhill from there.16:47
th1areplaceafill:  Can you send that report to yvl and menesis and we'll discuss it?16:47
replaceafillah sure16:47
th1aAnyone have any comments on my sprint overview?16:48
replaceafillth1a, your overview looks good to me16:49
th1aOK, I'll post that today.16:49
yvlth1a, I'm starting to forget the details... for example what exactly "add periods" means16:50
* yvl liked the overview btw16:50
th1aAdd periods?16:50
th1aAdd homeroom periods?16:51
th1aI was thinking the same thing as I typed it.16:51
th1aMe pulls out the giant post-its.16:51
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th1aI think the main decision was that homerooms would get a separate sheet.16:53
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yvlthat rings a bell16:53
th1aThat simplifies it a lot.16:53
th1aEssentially dealing with it as a separate thing and indicating in the attendance view that someone was absent in homeroom.16:54
th1aBut not really trying to make it all magical.16:55
th1aOK.  We'll just have to refresh our memories as we get to each thing.16:56
th1aNone of it is random or unfamiliar.  We just may have to repeat our thought process a bit prompted by the notes.16:56
yvlwe can do a hangout in a month or so16:57
yvljust to make sure we're on the same page :)16:57
th1aProbably should before each big new piece.16:57
th1aOK, shall we look at replaceafill's report?16:58
replaceafilli have a few comments:16:58
replaceafill(if i may) :)16:58
th1aYou can head off the obvious.  ;-)16:58
replaceafilli removed totals and average16:58
replaceafill(we don't use it in cando)16:58
replaceafilluse them*16:59
replaceafillshould we mark "optional" skills in that pdf?16:59
th1aWell, it probably should be an option.17:01
replaceafillah ok17:01
th1aOr, I'll just say yes.17:01
replaceafillin the request dialog, right?17:01
replaceafillah ok17:01
th1aIncluding them at all should be the option.17:01
th1aIf they are included, probably an indication of which are optional.17:01
replaceafillah, got it17:02
th1aYou could just put the label in italics.17:02
replaceafillhhmm i'll check how the italic looks when slanted...17:02
replaceafillalso, i still think we should move the main title a little down17:03
replaceafillto give school name more room17:03
replaceafillin case they collapse17:03
replaceafilllong course name + long school name for example17:03
th1aI have the skillset title overlapping itself.17:04
replaceafillah yes17:04
replaceafillthe section-title (i think) style needs some tweaking17:04
th1aIs this using the smaller sizes we changed?17:05
* th1a prints a hard copy.17:05
th1aThey're still pretty big.17:05
th1aI'd make the skillset title smaller.17:05
th1aMaybe a couple steps smaller.17:05
replaceafillah ok, i'll change that17:06
replaceafillwe have no school year or term information in these pdfs17:07
replaceafill(including the gradebook)17:07
replaceafillin the scr pdf we used the term title17:07
th1aWhat do you mean "we have?"17:08
th1aYou mean, that's the way we did it before?17:08
replaceafillsorry, i meant "we don't have school year or term info"17:08
th1aYou mean, it is not relevant?17:09
replaceafilli think it is17:09
replaceafilli'm saying "we should include it" :D17:09
th1aLet go of the past replaceafill.17:09
th1aWe just need to be consistent going forward.17:09
replaceafillmy most important question!17:10
replaceafilldon't you think these should be landscape pages?17:10
replaceafillor maybe it's just me :)17:11
th1aI'd ahve to see it.17:11
replaceafillah ok17:11
th1aWe probably should shrink the margins a bit too.17:11
replaceafillor... we could put it in the request dialog as an option!17:12
th1aThe header will probably want to shrink then too.17:12
th1aIt'll take up a lot of space in landscape.17:12
th1aRemind me of what the situation is with column spacing?17:12
replaceafillit's possible to modify the widths17:13
replaceafilli haven't tried making the table not to use 100% of the page width17:13
replaceafilli'll try that too17:14
th1aOK.  That will make it look more sane.17:14
replaceafillgreat, i have lots of tweaks to try!17:14
th1aOf course.17:15
th1aOK, thanks replaceafill.17:15
yvlnot much to report17:18
yvlhave a queuing set up I'm comfortable with17:18
yvlbut have not finished porting reports17:19
yvla bit overtired and need the vacation badly17:19
yvlkeep making stupid mistakes17:19
th1amaybe menesis can give you a pep talk.17:20
yvlis not a matter of pep talk17:20
* yvl is motivated, but tired17:20
yvlbrain no thinky17:20
th1aOK.  Well, do your best to get some quality time in.17:20
th1aAnd quality sleep.17:20
th1aYou're off next week?17:20
yvlI think I might take two weeks off17:21
yvlmight be better, depending on how much rest I can get out of the vacation17:21
th1aWell, as I mentioned a few times, I really, really want this in the release.17:21
yvlreally don't want to extend the vacation17:21
yvlI'll do what I can17:22
th1aotoh, I'm not sure to what extent as long as menesis pushes the main pieces we can keep tweaking it.17:22
th1aMake it look like it works enough that we can push it to the raring repositories.17:23
th1aThat's my concern.17:23
yvlno promises though17:24
th1aWell... I'll have to convince menesis to ram it through.17:24
th1aayt menesis?17:24
yvlhe's working from home17:25
yvlcan't physically ping :)17:25
th1aThanks yvl.17:26
th1aI guess I'll go take a shower and try to catch up with menesis later.17:26
th1aThanks guys.17:26
th1aHave a good week/end, try to leave us in a reasonable spot, yvl.17:26
th1aSo we won't see you for at least the next three meetings, yvl?17:26
th1aWell, have a good break!17:30
* th1a drops the bag of gravel.17:30
replaceafillthanks everybody17:30
replaceafillenjoy your vacation yvl17:30
yvlthanks guys17:31
yvl2 or 4 meetings17:31
th1aOK, thanks yvl.17:32
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replaceafillth1a, zyt?19:19
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th1ahi replaceafill.20:20
replaceafillhey th1a20:47
replaceafilldid you see glenda's email?20:48
th1aI'm looking at it.20:48
th1aThat sounds like a bug to me.20:49
replaceafilli'll look into it20:50
replaceafillwhat about freezing the table headers in the reports?20:50
replaceafillshould we try that?20:50
th1aI'll deal with that.20:50
th1aWhere are we with the printed reports she's asking about?20:50
replaceafillwe finished those in the sprint20:51
replaceafillwe just have to tweak the header area20:51
replaceafilland decide where to put the validated resume20:51
replaceafill(that was our last sprint conversation iirc) :D20:51
replaceafill(A) -> (A), (A) -> (B), etc20:51
th1aSo what do we need to do about placing the validated resume?20:53
th1aMake an html version?20:54
replaceafillwe discussed putting the link in the person home, remember?20:54
replaceafillwith an option to select the section20:54
th1aI don't remember what we ended up with, I'm sure it was brilliant.20:54
th1aCan we just do that then?20:55
replaceafilli dont remember either!20:55
th1aI thought you just said you did?20:55
replaceafilllet me look20:55
replaceafilli said we discussed it20:55
replaceafilldont remember if it was our final solution20:56
replaceafilllet me look at my notes20:56
* th1a grabs the giant post-its.20:56
replaceafill  - Add Report option for students to get to the pdf versions of the20:56
replaceafill    student competency report and certificate of competency20:56
replaceafillit's the person home20:57
replaceafill* Certificate of Competency20:57
replaceafill  - Decide where to place the link20:57
th1aWe're also going to do a page for CanDo administrators to help them find what they need for group, etc. reports.20:59
replaceafillbut that's when celery is done, right?20:59
th1aThat's not top priority.21:00
th1aBut basically we're directing teachers through the person page to find the reports.21:00
th1aThe header tweak is what?21:01
replaceafillwhat we said this morning21:01
replaceafillreducing the size of the font21:01
replaceafilland moving the title a little so it doesn't clash with the school name21:01
th1aOK.  Let's get those done, fix the bug and push an update.21:04
replaceafillare you going to reply to glenda?21:05
th1areplaceafill:  Assuming the bug isn't too horrible, can we shoot for Friday for this?21:15
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