IRC log of #schooltool for Tuesday, 2013-01-08

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replaceafillth1a, zyt?18:19
th1ahi replaceafill.18:22
replaceafillhey th1a18:22
replaceafilli have a question18:22
replaceafilli'm investigating this:18:22
replaceafillthe manager cannot add linked columns because he's not an instructor in any section18:23
replaceafillwe only show the sections where the person is instructor18:23
replaceafillworksheets of the sections*18:23
th1aIs that ALL sections for the instructor?18:24
replaceafillmaybe we should list all the worksheets in the same sections + other sections of the user?18:24
th1aI don't even think that is right.18:24
replaceafillth1a, yes18:24
th1aDoes it make any sense to link to a different section ever?18:24
th1aI may be forgetting something.18:25
replaceafill for section in IInstructor(self.person).sections():18:25
th1aI'm not asking you what it does now -- does what it is doing now make any sense?18:26
replaceafillimho it should only list worksheets of the same section18:26
replaceafillbut you could have a grouping worksheet, like for a whole year18:27
replaceafillfor the same set of students18:27
th1aThat's a pretty edgy case.18:28
th1aI'd say it should just list other worksheets of the section.18:29
th1aMaybe linked sections?18:30
replaceafillah ok18:30
replaceafilli'll write that as a comment in the bug, and will get to it later18:31
replaceafilli just wanted to know what was happening18:31
th1aOK.  Thanks.18:31
replaceafillthanks th1a18:31
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replaceafilli forgot to ask you yesterday about that20:48
replaceafillhe wants some workflow we don't have20:48
replaceafilli understand he has some courses20:48
replaceafilland he wants the student to go from course1 to course2 in sequence20:48
th1aOh, yes, that would be nice.  I understand the issue, but there are no immediate plans.20:50
th1aWell, or,20:50
replaceafillah ok20:50
th1awtf does CourseInfo actually do?20:50
replaceafillgood question!20:50
th1aThat's one of those things I stayed out of but now nobody can tell me what it does.20:50
th1aDoes it exist?20:50
replaceafilli think so20:51
replaceafilli'm not sure it even works with the current version though20:51
th1aIt might do that...20:51
replaceafillfor some reason i remember us talking about this in portugal :)20:52
replaceafillmaybe we did...20:52
replaceafilli answered the question20:53
replaceafill"student enrollment is manually done by the admin" ;)20:54
th1aBasically we just need a "subject" object that can take an ordered sequence of courses.20:55
th1adwelsh probably wanted something more complicated.  ;-)20:56
replaceafilli remember the word "prerequisite" somehow20:56
replaceafillif that's even a word ;)20:56
th1aIt is.20:56
th1aYes, you could have several.  For CTE it is probably not so linear.20:56
th1aBut if you just want people to automatically progress through a sequence it implies something simple.20:57
replaceafillthere's a branch for courseinfo21:01
replaceafillfrom december 2011!21:02
th1aI may make you figure that out and merge it sometime this year.21:15
replaceafillsounds like a nice feature though :)21:15
replaceafillfwiw, this is *one* way to fill out a fck editor field:22:31
replaceafill    >>> frame = manager.query.tag('iframe')22:31
replaceafill    >>> manager.driver.switch_to_frame(frame.get_attribute('id'))22:31
replaceafill    >>> manager.driver.execute_script("FCKeditorAPI.Instances['form-widgets-description'].SetHTML('This is Camilas IEP')")22:31
replaceafill    >>> manager.driver.switch_to_default_content()22:31
replaceafillaelkner, ^22:32

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