IRC log of #schooltool for Monday, 2013-01-07

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th1aThis is getting pretty close to what I've been waiting for:
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aelknerhey, th1a, can i go first today?16:28
th1aSure aelkner.16:28
th1aIn 90 seconds.16:28
th1ahi aelkner, replaceafill, menesis, yvl.16:31
aelknerhey guys16:31
replaceafillgood morning/afternoon16:31
aelkneri pushed a bunch of things to trunk this weekend, so i wanted to explain some things16:32
aelknerso, first off, i made two changes to core that are needed for the gradebook changes16:32
aelknerthe two commits that have to do with javascript are for gradebook changes for case-insensitive scoring16:33
aelknerand for the comment cell modal dialog, so keep in mind the dependency16:33
aelknerfor the comment modal, i put a couple XXX comments in16:34
aelknernamely, i couldn't figure out how to get the focus on the ckeditor widget set16:35
aelknerthe line in gradebook.js that is commented out is supposed to work according to stack overflow16:35
aelknerbut i tried and tried, and the darn focus doesn't take16:36
aelkneri noticed that we have always had this problem with the widget with the score student view as well16:37
aelknerwe just never noticed, anyway, there's also an XXX in the comment cell tests where I16:37
th1aSo this just requires the user to click in the editer box?16:37
aelknerthe XXX in the test is for the fact that I can't seem to get selenium to click on the cell either16:38
aelknera related problem, i guess, but not exactly the same16:38
aelknerso i couldn't finish writing the comment cell tests where the user enters data16:39
aelknerif someone can figure out how i can get the focus set, either in the test or in the javascript16:39
aelknerplease let me know so i can write the rest of the tests there16:39
aelkneralso, i had to hrad-code the inclusion of the ckeditor js file into my template, but it would be better16:40
aelknerif that were done the same way it is done for the score student view16:40
aelknerwhich i couldn't figure out either, some kind of resource library zcml, but i couldn't find it16:41
aelknerok, other things:16:42
aelkneri was able to merge my resource report to core trunk, and the tests pass16:42
aelknerbut i didn't push it because the report itself doesn't work, the story tag is not recognized16:43
aelkneri guess the report infrastructure stuff isn't in core trunk yet16:43
aelkneranyway, the report does work in my branch,
aelknerso i could push my merge even though the pdf view yields an empty report16:45
aelknerbut i didn't want to unless everyone was ok with that16:45
th1aWell, we need to get the report pluming in the trunk.16:46
yvlaelkner, just replace story16:46
yvlwith tal:block16:46
yvlshould be fine then16:46
aelknerah, ok, i'll try that16:46
yvlthere were changes in the plumbing few weeks ago16:46
aelknerok, will do, regarding cando scoresystem merge, i just have one thing that i didn't know how to handle16:47
aelknerso i needed to use time.sleep(2) in order for the ajax to have time to run16:48
aelkneri'm sure there's a better way, but i didn't know what that would be16:48
aelkneri even tried testing for some of the tags to expire, but nothing worked16:49
yvlcan you shortly explain the problem or just point to the code at least?16:49
replaceafillaelkner, using popup menus?16:49
aelknerlook in add_skills.txt, the new test file which adds skills and thus has scoresystem logic in it16:50
aelknereach time i entered into a cell, the ajax call for validating it takes some time16:51
aelknerso i couldn't test whether a cell was marked for extracredit, for instance, unless i had it sleep for a couple seconds16:52
aelknermaybe one of you guys can figure out how to do that with an expire test16:54
replaceafillaelkner, the gradebook printer can handle this16:54
replaceafill(i think)16:54
yvldepending on how javascript is done, this could work:16:54
yvlelements = teacher.query_all.css('.grades tbody tr input')16:55
replaceafill>>> teacher.ui.gradebook.worksheet.pprint(show_validation=True)16:55
yvlbrowser.wait(lambda: 'error' in elements.get_attribute('class'))16:55
replaceafill    | Cerna, Camila  | [_____]v | 60       | [85___]v |       | 240.0 | 80.0% |16:55
replaceafill    | Guzman, Nestor | [-90__]i | [20___]v | 85       |       | 255.0 | 85.0% |16:55
yvlalso what replaceafill said :)16:55
aelknerok, i'll look and see16:57
aelknerok, the last thing i wanted to point out is that i pushed the stuff to lp:schooltool.virginia16:58
aelknereven though there was a partial push of the same incomplete stuff to the old virginia trunk16:58
aelknerbut that older branch is not interesting to you anymore, right menesis?16:59
aelkneri mean, you won't get confused by the commits to it because you use the newer branch instead, right?16:59
menesisaelkner: you pushed to the schooltool.virginia trunk17:01
aelkneryou see it, right?17:01
aelknerand i didn't push to the old trunk, but you don't care about that, right?17:01
menesisno, there is only one trunk :)17:02
aelknerthis is the old one:
aelkneryou should get rid of that one i guess to avoid the confusion17:03
aelknerok, just wanted to be clear on that, so there was no confusion17:03
aelkneri pushed to the right place at least17:04
aelknerok, lastly, i still need to write tests for the case insensitive scoring which i'll do17:04
aelknerand i'm in the middle of adding tests to weighting_categories.txt for report sheets17:05
aelknerso i'll push those when i've gotten them written17:05
aelknerthat's all for me, any questions?17:05
th1aWho's going to win the game tonight?17:06
aelknerwhat game?17:06
th1aIt is hard to remember the college football season is still going on.17:07
th1aNote to non-Americans: college football is even more inscrutable than professional football.17:07
aelkneroh, i never follow college, too much to keep up with17:07
aelknereach team changes drastically each year, and there are like a thousand17:08
th1aThanks aelkner!17:08
menesisaelkner: do you need a virginia release with the new getverso script?17:08
aelknermenesis, i don't think it needs to be released, we emailed them the file and only one person cares17:08
th1aEveryone should send me preliminary invoices for December and I'll tell you what to put on the final version for bonuses.17:08
th1aWe'll get those out the beginning of next week.17:09
aelkneri think just having it in the right trunk is all that matters17:09
aelknerth1a, ok, will do17:09
aelknerif i'm not responding to chat and someone has a question about one of my commits, please email me17:10
yvlsure, aelkner17:10
menesisthere are a lot of changes to look at!17:11
aelkneryeah, a couple moths worth, sorry for dropping it all at once, just worked out that way17:11
aelknermoths worth :), i mean months worth17:12
th1aOK, thanks aelkner.17:13
yvlwell, I'm working on stuff here and there17:13
aelknerok, /me goes to get more sleep :)17:13
yvlgood night aelkner17:13
aelknercya guys17:13
yvlit's a bit difficult to report17:14
yvland I guess it will be difficult to report for this week also17:14
yvlit's mostly17:15
yvltesting sturdiness of the celery stuff17:15
yvlductaping in places17:16
yvlquite unstructured work :/17:16
th1aAny particularly unpleasant surprises?17:16
yvlno :)17:16
th1aIt is good for me to know what might go horribly wrong.17:16
yvlshort run, or long run?17:17
th1aWell, just if anything is coming up.17:17
yvlnothing sinister17:18
yvloh, btw17:18
yvlwhen we request reports17:18
yvlsome of them will be processed not immediately17:18
yvlthere's a slight chance information in report will be different than at the time user requested it17:19
yvlI wonder when (if at all) this could be an issue17:20
th1aUI for that may be one of the few post-sprint new features for the April release.17:20
th1aOh, the change...17:20
th1aHm... it doesn't seem like there's really much do be done about it.17:20
yvlfor short reports17:21
yvllike gradebook17:21
yvlwe could opt for generating RML synchronously and PDF from it later on17:21
th1aI wouldn't consider that an important feature now.17:22
th1aBut we do need someplace to find the results of a long running report.17:22
th1aAnd ideally some kind of notification.17:22
yvllike facebook :)17:22
th1aWell, definitely SOME kind of notification, ideally some cool notification.17:22
yvldefinitely something to think about17:23
yvlwe could add a message tab17:24
yvland by that I mean some small icon17:24
yvlwith a red number of new stuff17:25
th1aYeah.  Even if in the first iteration it just updated on reloads.17:25
th1aWe'll probably spec that out at the sprint.17:26
yvlI'll do crude implementation before sprint17:27
th1aOK.  Cool.17:27
th1aAnything else yvl?17:27
yvlnot today17:27
th1aThanks yvl!17:28
yvlbest answer ever17:29
th1aDo you have anything to report.  ;-)17:30
menesisI have experimented with system instances17:30
menesiscould not put a sentence together in short time :)17:30
menesisso, I tried to create an instance with make-schooltool-instance as installed in ubuntu17:31
th1aYou should see how long it takes me to put together a sentence in Lithuanian.17:32
menesisnow there are many more files with celery stuff17:32
menesisbut make/run-schooltool-instance makes assumptions about instance layout17:33
menesisit is one directory, while on ubuntu things are scattered around /var/lib, /var/log, /etc/schooltool ...17:34
menesisso I made small changes17:35
menesisbut in the end on ubuntu is too different from sandbox17:38
menesisso still in progress with celery stuff17:39
menesisother than that, merged some small changes I had lying around17:40
th1aSo... it is going to be more difficult to manage the sandbox and packages -- they're going to be forking more a bit.17:40
menesisconffiles in ubuntu package17:41
menesisare different than generated for a sandbox17:42
menesismore config files = more to sync17:42
menesisthat's what I wanted to avoid17:42
menesison the other hand, if an instance is created on install17:44
menesisthe generated files are not debian conffiles17:44
yvlthat's a plus17:44
menesisso can't update the instance later and let dpkg handle that17:45
menesisyvl: why?17:46
yvloh wait17:47
yvlsorry, I was thinking about another thing17:47
th1aOK, anything else, menesis?17:48
menesisnothing else17:49
th1aOK, thanks.  Make sure you and yvl are communicating.17:50
replaceafilllast week i worked on upgrading the vps17:51
replaceafillfriday was no good for downloading my backups (mostly databases)17:52
replaceafillmy isp is screwing me :(17:52
replaceafillat the end of the week, jelkner found a bug17:52
replaceafillit was caused by the "show last term grade" feature in cando17:53
replaceafillwhen you have multi term sections17:53
replaceafillif the student is not enrolled in the section and you ask the gradebook for a score17:53
replaceafillthe gradebook raises an exception (expected one)17:53
replaceafillso the feature needed to handle it17:54
replaceafilli fixed it and push it to trunk17:54
replaceafilli also set up the iep instance for dwelsh/glenda17:54
replaceafilli haven't heard from them (related to iep) yet17:54
replaceafillbut they're working on reports17:55
replaceafillwhich is a good timing i guess17:55
replaceafillsince i'm on that too17:55
replaceafilli've started with the section summary report17:55
replaceafillmaking some changes to handle multiple scoresystem17:55
replaceafillnothing to show yet17:55
replaceafillbut making good progress17:55
replaceafilli think that's it from me17:56
replaceafillno questions today :)17:56
th1aOK.  Thanks replaceafill.17:56
th1aOK.  See you guys Wednesday.17:57
th1aHave a good couple of days!17:57
* th1a drops the bag of gravel.17:57
replaceafillthanks everybody17:57
replaceafillquoting aelkner: if i don't answer here, send me an email17:58
replaceafilli'm getting disconnected a lot lately17:58
yvlthanks guys18:04
yvlsee you mon :)18:04
yvlmeatn wed :)18:04
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