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replaceafillth1a, i'm sorry but i'm still confused by this16:49
replaceafillwhat xls should i use to update dwelsh server?16:49
replaceafillis the one i have the "official" one?16:50
th1areplaceafill:  This is what I have been trying to get everyone together on.16:52
th1aI don't know which is which, they don't have numbers, they aren't in bzr...16:53
replaceafilli'll ask Glenda in my reply to David16:54
th1amobert is working on updating the book & is going to be asking questions here.16:57
moberthey all16:57
mobertIt's my first day -- I've been on the clock since 8 a.m.16:58
replaceafillshould we set up a testing instance for mobert?16:58
mobertI'm going to install 2.3 in a Virtualbox VM running Ubuntu 12.04 LTS16:59
replaceafillah! ok16:59
replaceafillth1a, ok, now i'm waiting on aelkner :/16:59
th1areplaceafill:  I got mobert's environment set up last week.17:00
replaceafillah, kk17:01
th1aI supervised, I mean.  ;-)17:01
mobertI've already checked out the bzr repo for schooltool-book17:01
th1aWatched him figure it out while offering gentle encouragement.17:01
mobertand set up my own "junk" repo on Launchpad17:01
mobertI just pushed the first commits an hour ago.17:02
mobertinstall-toc.rst includes install-2_0 in the TOC tree, but the current installation candidates are 2.1 and 2.3 -- I'm not changing anything, but I wanted to confirm that's how it should be. (Is it?)17:04
mobertI'm guessing that the 1.0 branch was the "pre-natty" documentation, which is no longer included in any toctree.17:05
th1aYes... you can prune that.17:06
th1aProbably you should try to get Sphinx to not make any of those warnings.17:07
mobertSo as long as it's two-point-foo it should be written up in the install-2_0.rst -- we aren't going to make separate install-2_1, install-2_3, etc.17:07
th1aWe don't want to do that.17:08
th1aProbably you should go through this and figure out how it can be reorganized.17:08
th1aIt is a fairly important point, btw.17:08
th1aSo worth a little time.17:09
mobertth1a: rm install-pre-natty.rst should silence that particular Sphinx warning ;-)17:09
th1aI'm assuming you'll find the tidying to be vaguely satisfying for a limited period of time.17:10
th1aYou can re-name pages, combine them, etc.17:10
mobertThese are all the orphaned ReStructured Text source files:17:11
mobertannual_reports.rst, email.rst, fedora.rst,, history.rst, install.rst, install-pre-natty.rst, layout.rst, search-widget.rst, security.rst, translation-web.rst, vision.rst17:12
mobertShould I throw 'em all on the bonfire, or try to update/revise some of them?17:13
th1aAh... no.17:14
th1aI'll have to look at them.17:14
th1aOK, so don't worry about that for the moment.17:14
th1aIn some cases they're landing pages for random external links.17:14
th1aPart of your job is to just force me to think about this shit.17:15
mobertAh, landing pages, right -- gotcha.17:16
mobertOK, I'm going to make a first pass through the existing site navigation, just following the "Next" links, and edit the pages just for spelling, grammar, and clarity -- the low-hanging fruit. If I have any questions, I'll ask them here.17:18
mobertThen I'll install SchoolTool 2.3 and start playing with the example data.17:19
* mobert lurks ...17:19
th1aYes.  Make notes of things to look for like Apache & note the gaps.17:20
* mobert de-lurks!17:20
mobertJust to confirm: install-pre-natty.rst should definitely be pruned.17:21
th1aProbably what would be best is for you to go through the whole thing, and then make an outline or flow chart of how that section should work and we'll work from that.17:22
th1aRather than pushing around the existing pieces.17:22
th1aMaybe literally a flow chart.17:22
th1aDo you want to...17:22
th1aPre 12.04?17:22
mobertOK, I won't delete any files yet, and I'll concentrate on the logical structure of the document.17:23
th1aParticularly the installation knot.17:24
mobertI'll make a note of any gaps in the documentation (like setting up Apache as an HTTPS proxy) as a list of tasks to return to later.17:24
mobertI think I see where you're coming from. The site navigation flowchart will determine what *.rst files we end up with and how they are organized.17:26
mobertThe content will dictate the form, rather than vice-versa.17:26
mobertRight, then -- back to work.17:28
* mobert lurks ...17:28
th1aYes, basically I want fresh eyes to STOP the process of just twiddling those pages and shifing them around a little.17:28
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mobertIn the schooltool-book, it looks like source/upgrade-lucid.rst will need a complete rewrite.19:08
* mobert lurks ...19:09
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