IRC log of #schooltool for Tuesday, 2012-11-27

replaceafillmenesis, you around?00:44
menesisreplaceafill: yes00:44
replaceafillmenesis, just noticed your trunk commit :)00:44
replaceafillmenesis, i realized i forgot to test/update the sorting of the gradebook00:44
replaceafilli'm on it right now00:44
replaceafilli'll be done in 10 mins max00:44
replaceafillis it possible to squeeze my last commit in the release?00:45
replaceafill(cando i mean)00:45
menesisI have not done it yet00:49
replaceafillgreat, i'll push in a minute (updating/running tests)00:50
replaceafillmenesis, done with my changes01:03
replaceafillrunning --all the tests :)01:03
replaceafillmenesis, changes pushed01:13
menesisreplaceafill: thank you :)01:20
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th1areplaceafill:  What was that email in Spanish about?17:57
replaceafillhe was asking how to install schooltool17:57
replaceafillwhat packages would he need17:57
replaceafilli told him it would depend on his OS17:58
replaceafillif it is ubuntu RTFM :D17:58
replaceafillth1a, i think we'll need to change the batch assign skills view18:13
replaceafilli'm testing the whole new skills xls stuff18:14
replaceafillso i can reply glenda's emails18:14
replaceafilland the importer works and all the listing views look right18:14
replaceafillbut then you need to reassign skills to the courses18:15
replaceafillyou can go to the course -> Skills -> Assign Skills18:15
replaceafilland after that the teacher sees the right order in their gradebooks18:15
replaceafillbut when you try to do it through batch assignment18:16
replaceafillthe view doesn't allow you to assign skills to courses that have already skills associated18:16
replaceafillthat means they would need to go course by course updating the skills18:16
th1aOK, update how it works.18:17
th1aNot the view per se.18:17
replaceafillcan't we add a checkbox? like "override existing skills"18:18
replaceafillor something like that18:18
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replaceafilllet me set up an instance18:19
th1aWell, I can take your word for it.18:19
replaceafillor we can tell glenda to update her 50 courses ;)18:20
th1aDo we literally want to override existing skills?  Won't that break assessments?18:20
replaceafillthere's a subscriber that updates the section skills based on changes to the course skills18:21
replaceafilland i can see the grades after updating18:21
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th1aSo... without this change what happens?18:24
th1aAll the courses lose their skills?18:24
replaceafillall the managers view look right18:24
replaceafillbut the gradebook still shows the old sorting18:24
replaceafill(since section skills are not touched)18:24
th1aSo do I need to tell Glenda to wait another day?18:26
replaceafilli'd say yes, so we can give them a way to batch update18:26
replaceafillcourse by course works, but it's annoying18:27
* replaceafill wonders how to write a test for this case...18:29
th1aI just wish people would use metadata consistently (including us this summer).18:29
replaceafilli missed one view :D18:58
replaceafillthe view needs the sort fix, but it shows you the scores are kept after the assignment18:59
replaceafillth1a,  is outdated == out of date?19:07
replaceafill"the gradebook still looks outdated"?19:08
th1aIn general?19:08
replaceafilli want to say it's not showing the right sorting :D19:08
replaceafillnm, i hope glenda understands the idea :D19:09
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