IRC log of #schooltool for Monday, 2012-11-26

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th1ahi menesis, replaceafill, aelkner, yvl.16:31
replaceafillgood morning/afternoon16:31
th1aI have to take Vivian to the doctor at 10:45, so we need to keep this moving.16:33
th1aaelkner, would you like to start?16:33
yvlgood morning16:33
aelkneri was just about to ask16:33
aelkneri had a nice first half of vacation with family, second half spent sic in bed with new cold caught from them :(16:34
aelkneri've been having a bad fall with colds16:34
aelkneranyway, i did manage to get the scoresystems branch to work after merging with trunk16:34
aelkneri can continue to work on reports, i have the resource one to tweek and push16:35
aelknerthen i can do the attendance one as we had thought earlier16:35
th1aWell, I think we should get the score systems done.16:35
aelkneryou mean merged to trunk, right?16:36
aelknerbecause, as i already said, i got it to work on the side with trunks of core and gradebook16:37
th1aLook... how we handle trunk and release branches is up to menesis, but this change isn't coming out until April.16:37
th1aWhat we call which branch isn't my concern.16:37
th1aSo anyhow, I'd say the next step is loading that project back into your brain and remembering where we left off and what needs to be done.16:38
aelknersince when did we stop having the cooperation of a main line that we could agree on16:39
aelknerthat was the method we used for sharing our code for over a year now, and it worked really well16:40
aelknernow we can't do that anymore?!  stange16:40
aelkneri meAN, STRANGE16:40
aelkneroops didn't mean to use caps16:40
th1aWell... is menesis here?16:40
yvlaelkner, actually not all of us did that ;)16:41
* yvl has two projects tabled at the moment16:41
yvlCelery work.  Photo thumbnail and handling.16:41
yvljust letting you know.16:42
aelkneryvl, you must realize the amount of time that is wasted doing things that way16:42
* replaceafill has IEP16:42
yvlnear-zero aelkner16:42
yvlwell, some16:43
yvlbut worth it16:43
menesiswhat are you working on, and what features get merged, is th1a's call16:44
aelknerok, i'm not going to waste more meeting time on this16:44
th1aI'd say it is just a question of 12.10 maintenance branch vs 13.04 development.16:44
aelknermy scoresystems branch is sitting there if anyone is interested16:44
th1aWhatever you call it, this is 13.04 development.16:44
th1aMy main concern is finishing it.16:45
aelknerit was finished a while ago, but as it languishes out there unmerged to the main line16:46
aelknerit breaks periodically without even changing16:46
aelknerbut if that wasted time is not a problem, then it's not a problem16:46
aelkneri merged trunk into it and had to resolved 4 conflicts16:47
th1aI didn't think it was done.  We should probably walk through it in a hangout later today aelkner.16:47
aelknerthen i had to fix some tests16:47
aelknerwell, that's another matter16:47
menesisfrom my point of view, please avoid "sync with trunk" on feature branches16:47
menesis unless there is something on trunk that you need to continue your feature16:47
aelknermenesis, understood16:47
menesisif you are done with it, is ok16:47
th1aWould you like to do that at 2:00 or 3:00?16:47
menesisyou will resolve conflicts once when you merge the feature to the trunk16:47
aelkner3:00, i'd like to get some more rest until then16:48
aelknerstill recovering from the cold16:48
aelknercya then?16:48
yvlget better soon, aelkner16:49
th1aOK, 3:00.16:49
aelknerthanks yvl, cya guys wed16:49
th1aOK, good night, aelkner.16:49
replaceafillyvl's solution of inserting hidden inputs into the table formatter worked!16:50
replaceafillthanks yvl16:50
replaceafillso, i finished this sorting by label + title task16:50
replaceafilland pushed it to trunk16:50
yvlyou give me too much credit, replaceafill :)16:50
replaceafilli tested glenda's database and everything looks sorted now16:51
replaceafillplease ping me if i missed a view or something doesn't look sorted16:51
replaceafillyvl, question16:51
replaceafillif i have to attributes in an object16:52
replaceafilllet's say, label and title16:52
replaceafilland i want to sort a collection of them using the collator16:52
replaceafillis it ok to do:16:52
replaceafillsorted(collection, key=lambda obj:(collator.key(attr1),
replaceafilli checked the way zc.table sorts stuff by multiple columns16:53
replaceafilland ^ that's the way i ended up sorting stuff16:53
yvlit should be the way to to it16:53
replaceafillit works with non-ascii16:53
replaceafillah ok16:53
replaceafillit worked but i wasn't sure enough :D16:53
yvloh :)))16:54
replaceafillth1a, so, that's done and i hope to kill IEP now16:54
* yvl would be surprised and angry if it did not work that way16:54
replaceafillyvl, is it really possible now to go from form to pdf?!?16:55
th1aOK, so replaceafill & menesis, we want to release these fixes now, correct?16:55
replaceafillth1a, i'd say so16:55
menesisI saw the sorting change16:56
th1aDoes this include VA CTE publishing a new spreadsheet?16:56
menesisit has a long test16:56
menesisso good to go16:56
replaceafillmenesis, i wanted to make sure i didn't break anything16:57
th1areplaceafill, Do we need to remind them to update that spreadsheet or is that done already?16:58
replaceafillanyway, i'm done16:58
replaceafillth1a, i think i fwd you glenda's last email, right?16:58
replaceafilli'm not sure about the situation16:59
replaceafillbut i think they haven't used the spreadsheet update yet16:59
th1aSo basically, we need to make it clear to them.16:59
replaceafillyou know16:59
replaceafillmaybe i should test with dwelsh database first16:59
replaceafilli'll test anyway :)17:00
* replaceafill done17:00
replaceafillah, just one last quick comment!17:00
replaceafillthe overrides change worked like a charm17:01
replaceafilli can now override stuff from schooltool quiz really easily17:01
* replaceafill done (again)17:01
th1aOK, so to be clear, menesis should go ahead and package these changes today?17:02
th1aOr tomorrow, depending on his schedule.17:02
menesisth1a: in the views the skills (and other stuff) will be sorted by label, whatever label they had. if they want to change ordering only then they need to update the spreadsheet.17:02
menesisas I understand17:03
menesisabout the release17:03
menesisI am ready to release cando today17:03
menesisand schooltool17:04
th1aAnd the time zone.17:04
th1aI think they didn't have labels for some levels, which is what the new spreadsheet adds.17:04
menesistime zone?17:05
menesiswhere is that new spreadsheet?17:05
th1aI just meant it might be tomorrow or today depending on the timezone.  ;-)17:05
th1aOK, I think we're on the same page menesis.  I'll let VA CTE know17:07
th1aAnything else?17:07
menesisso they have spreadsheet somewhere on their server, not in any of schooltool projects17:07
menesistalking about the overrides.zcml that replaceafill says works great for the quiz17:09
menesisit broke philippines plugin that also has an overrides.zcml file17:09
menesisbut includes it from it's configure.zcml17:09
menesisthat's strange because you can include zcml's many times17:10
* yvl forgot the philippines plugin :///17:10
menesisbut for some reason did not work with includeOverrides17:10
menesisyvl: don't worry17:10
menesisphilippines is on 2.1 branch17:10
yvldid you try removing include from configure.zcml?17:11
yvlit should work correctly then17:11
menesisyes. it did.17:11
yvlI think you can't include overrides more than once17:11
menesisthat's what I discovered17:11
menesisother than that, I already merged schooltool translations17:12
yvlthanks, that's good news17:12
menesisand will cut a maintenance release today17:12
menesismany translation updates, btw17:12
th1aAh, good.17:13
menesisespecially Dutch and Turkish that are at 100%17:13
menesisI have removed a dozen of strings17:14
menesisand did some more cleanup that's not merged yet17:15
menesisthat's it17:15
menesisah, I also got my charm reviewed17:15
menesisgot many suggestions how to improve it17:15
menesiswill do that next17:16
th1aOh, good.17:16
th1aI mentioned that in my report to Mark.17:16
th1aI'll send you guys a copy.17:16
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th1aWhen I started it didn't seem like there was much besides CanDo that we did, but by the time I was done it looked like a lot.17:18
th1aAnyhow, thanks replaceafill & menesis.17:18
yvlI'll keep it short17:18
yvlbasically, we can now easily put many of our web forms directly to reports17:19
yvlat least those, that were done with z3c.form17:19
yvland not old formlib17:20
yvlI sent a pdf to devlist as an example17:20
replaceafillwith all the z3c.form services available?17:20
yvldefine all :)17:20
menesisbut most of reports are tables, not forms17:21
replaceafilli mean, like a choice that has a vocabulary17:21
replaceafillwill it show the title for example?17:21
replaceafillah nice :)17:21
yvlalmost all widgets should work fine17:21
yvland tables will be done next17:21
yvlyes, checkboxes too :P17:21
th1aWouldn't be a bad idea, actually (checkboxes).17:22
yvlthey just render text now (I think)17:22
* replaceafill and my mouth... :(17:23
yvlbut we do have a template to replace with whatever we want17:23
th1aI'm not saying it is top priority, but allowing forms to be sent home to be filled out by parents on paper and entered by clerks is a real use case.17:23
yvlI'll review and commit that work tomorrow17:23
yvloh, good point th1a!17:23
th1aThen we just have to figure out how to incorporate d3 SVG graphics...17:24
yvland we do have edit forms :)17:24
yvlhmm, SVG graphics should be incorporatable17:24
yvlat least to some point :)17:25
th1aIt certainly should be possible...17:25
th1aIt's all just vectors, after all.  ;-)17:25
yvlright! :)17:25
yvlwell, I'm done with the report17:25
th1aIt is all 1's and 0's.17:26
th1aWhat could be difficult about that?17:26
th1aOK, I think everyone has things to keep them busy.17:26
yvlfitting in 2's17:26
th1aThe 2's get you every time.17:27
yvlthey do17:27
th1aTHanks guys.  Great work on the reports crossover yvl.17:27
th1aSee you Wednesday.17:27
* th1a drops the bag of gravel.17:27
yvlthanks guys17:27
yvlI'll keep you posted17:27
replaceafillthanks everybody17:27
replaceafillyvl, can i ask you something17:27
replaceafillyvl, i can ask tomorrow if you have to run?17:28
replaceafillit's about relationships17:28
yvlI have a minute or so ;)17:28
replaceafilland ordered containers17:28
replaceafillis it possible to simulate an ordered container, based on related objects17:28
replaceafilli "think" relationships iterator return based on the way they've been added to the relationship right?17:29
replaceafilllike if i first relate obj A, then C, then B17:29
replaceafilli'll get A, C and B from the iterator17:29
replaceafill(i haven't checked the code, it's just what i see in our UI for example ):)17:30
replaceafillanyway, in schooltool quiz, questions live in a single container17:30
yvlbut if you delete A and add D, you'll get D, C, B17:30
yvlI think17:30
replaceafilland they're related to quizzes17:30
replaceafillso, jelkner's new user story is about17:31
replaceafillhaving the questions sorted in a specific way17:31
replaceafillin a quiz17:31
replaceafillbut again, they're just related17:31
replaceafilli cannot use ordered container for example17:31
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yvlyou can use extra_info17:32
replaceafilli was thinking maybe i could use __iter__ or something on the quiz to simulate the order17:32
replaceafill"# XXX: order in extra_info if neccessary"17:33
yvlwhen you add relationships, you can specify something to be stored with a link17:33
yvlstudents.add(teacher, extra_info={'hello':'world'})17:34
yvlbut use persistent objects of course17:34
yvland then you can17:34
replaceafillgot it17:34
yvlfor relationship in view.students.relationsihps:17:34
yvlprint relationship.extra_info17:34
yvlprint relationship.source17:35
replaceafillthe info lives with the link17:35
yvlprint relationship.target17:35
yvlrelationship.extra_info = '!'17:35
yvlsee RelationshipInfo class if you want details17:35
replaceafilli see we use extra_info in evolve3117:35
replaceafillthat helps17:35
replaceafillthanks a lot yvl17:36
replaceafilli'll check the code and ask questions later :)17:36
yvlhope it helps17:36
yvlwe currently use it to specify if contact is parent/guardian/etc.17:36
replaceafilli'm sure it will :D17:36
replaceafillreturn link.extra_info.getRelationshipTitle()17:38
yvloh, and we also store calendar colors this way :/17:39
replaceafillused in __iter__ :)17:40
yvlso... anything else? :)17:41
replaceafillno, that's all yvl17:41
replaceafillthank you very much17:41
yvla pleasure to help :)17:42
yvlok then, see you Wed :)17:42
replaceafillsee you yvl17:42
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