IRC log of #schooltool for Wednesday, 2012-11-28

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th1ahi replaceafill, aelkner, yvl.16:30
yvlgood morning16:30
replaceafillgood morning/afternoon16:30
th1aI'm afraid the fall cold has caught up to me now... I'm running at about 60%.16:33
th1aWould you like to start aelkner?16:33
aelkneryeah, i'm not all the way better, either, but i did get to write some tests16:34
aelkneri added to the add_skills.txt file where i created skills with different scoresystems16:34
aelknerto add those skills to a teacher's project gradebook16:35
aelkneri put some pdb traces in the gradebook code to figure out what was going on16:35
th1a(aelkner is updating the cando gradebook to handle multiple score systems)16:35
aelknerand the skills that appear in the project don't get the scoresystem that is stored in the skills themselves16:36
aelknerbut rather the default scoresystem, so i need to see what happens while adding skills to projects16:36
replaceafillmaybe you need to add the scoresystem property to .copy()16:37
replaceafillprojects "copy" skills16:37
aelknerthanks, that will probably save me time looking16:37
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aelkneranyway, replaceafill, i'll let you know if i get stuck, but i think it will be np16:37
aelkneronly other thing is the verso_skills.xls situation16:38
aelknerwe still have the script to update once they get their live xls file into that directory16:39
aelknerreplaceafill, want to meet this afternoon to discuss?16:39
replaceafillaelkner, ok...16:39
replaceafillbut you're in better position for that task (i think)16:40
replaceafilli haven't followed all those emails between you, lee and glenda16:40
replaceafillabout the script16:40
aelkneri definitely will handle updating the code to use the external ids for matching16:40
th1aOK, we don't need that immediately, just before Lee can do another update, right?16:41
aelknerok, that can wait until they tell us they have put the file into place16:41
replaceafillaelkner, what file are you referring to?16:42
replaceafillthe new_verso_skills.xls file glenda mentioned?16:42
aelkneryou know, in the live directory that they publish in their instructions16:42
aelknerthe script takes verso_skills.xls and the contents of the cte api and creates new_verso_skills.xls16:42
replaceafillglenda sent me that file16:43
replaceafillthat's the one i've been using for testing what i'm doing16:43
replaceafill(updating course skills)16:43
aelknerwhen they have put the new_verso_skills.xls file that they like into the directory as verso_skills.xls16:43
aelknerthen the script can be changed to run against that file and create a new new_verso_skills.xls file16:43
replaceafillnew_new_verso_skills.xls :D16:44
aelknerbut using the external id matching logic i refer to rather than the current logic16:44
replaceafillah ok16:44
aelkneri.e., someone needs to:16:44
th1aWe have a one time hack script, then a maintenance script.16:44
aelknercp new_verso_skills.xls (wherever they keep that) path/to/live/dir/verso_skills.xls16:45
aelknerthen the new file becomes the current one16:45
aelknerafter which we need to change the script to do the external id matching16:45
* replaceafill 's head is spinning :D16:45
aelknerok, that's why i suggested meeting to explain all this to you16:46
th1aAlso, aelkner could just write the new script and tell Lee to use it in the future.16:46
replaceafillaelkner, i can meet anytime, sure16:46
aelknerbut i can't tell him to use it until he puts the new file into place as the current one16:47
aelknerbut yes, then we can deliver the new script to them16:47
th1aIn the future we need to take the current xls as input as well as the verso data because we have to remember the labels we've made up for ordering purposes.16:47
th1aCorrect, aelkner?16:47
replaceafillnow i understand better :)16:48
aelkneryes, the process will always be to run the script to create new_verso_skills.xls16:48
replaceafillthe labels are ours!16:48
aelknerthen when it looks right, copy it to verso_skills.xls16:48
aelknerrinse and repeat :)16:49
aelknerbut seriously, they have to know that the script takes current file and creates new16:49
th1aYes, ofc.16:49
aelknerand that they have to make new file current one16:50
aelknerok, restated a million times16:50
aelknerenough said16:50
th1aSo you should do that sometime this week.16:50
th1aThanks aelkner.16:50
aelkneryes, i'll update the script16:50
aelknerok, that's it for me16:51
replaceafillas you know, i've been handling the "sort by label and title" story16:53
replaceafillyesterday i found i had missed two views16:53
replaceafillthe score student view and the scr report16:53
replaceafilli updated both16:53
replaceafillso now they sort like the rest16:53
replaceafillalso, on monday i worked on something for jelkner (related to schooltool quiz)16:54
replaceafilland i realized16:54
replaceafillthat we could use a table formatter for the mygrades view16:54
replaceafillyes, i know, maybe i'm abusing table formatters :D16:54
replaceafillbut they're so cool!16:54
replaceafillso, i changed the mygrades view to use a table formatter16:55
replaceafillwhich gives us a lot of flexibility16:55
replaceafillthat work ^ made me realize the mygrades and myskillsgrades view needed to be updated too16:55
replaceafillso i did that16:55
replaceafillthen yesterday, i also realized that updating the skills list is not enough for updating section skills16:56
replaceafillso, you need to go to the course and reassign the skills there16:56
replaceafillwhich fires the subscriber for sections skills16:57
replaceafilland updates them16:57
replaceafillin my head, this is the scenario for CTE:16:57
replaceafill1. they run aelkner's script and they get a new skills xls file16:57
replaceafill2. they import the file into their instance16:57
yvlcould we write evolution that dumbly fires modified events for all course skills?16:58
th1a1 should be already done, right?16:58
replaceafillyvl, i thought about that16:58
replaceafillbut they'd need to shutdown their server after the re-import?16:58
replaceafillthat part is not clear in my head16:58
replaceafillit's clearer to me to write a subscriber for watching changes in the course nodes16:59
replaceafillto update course skillls16:59
replaceafillbut that sounds messy16:59
aelkner1 has been done, but they are still keeping the file around somewhere as new_Verso_skills.xls16:59
replaceafillso, after 2.16:59
replaceafillthey have their tree updated16:59
replaceafillbut courses and section skills are not17:00
replaceafillso, i was thinking of:17:00
replaceafill3. they reassign skills to all the courses using the batch assign view17:00
replaceafillthis would update section skills17:00
replaceafillbut then i checked17:01
replaceafilland dwelsh asked for a specific feature in the batch assign view17:01
replaceafillif a course has skills already assigned, it's skipped17:01
replaceafilland you get:17:01
replaceafill"Course has skills assigned already"17:01
replaceafillthere's ^ the condition17:01
th1aWhy don't we just do it with evolution?17:02
replaceafilli don't see evolution because this needs to be done *after* an action the user has to do (reimport skills)17:02
th1aHm... I guess users can't restart the server through the web at this point.17:02
replaceafillso, i was thinking, maybe we could add an option to the batch assign view like "allow overriding"17:03
replaceafillbut i'm open to any suggestion :D17:03
replaceafilli checked all these dumb ideas with dwelsh current data.fs17:04
replaceafilland it works17:04
replaceafillscores seem safe17:04
menesiswhy reimport does not update courses?17:04
replaceafilli think users would expect that if they change the tree, that would propagate to the gradebook17:06
replaceafillthis user says so:
replaceafillah, i also found a bug in the third-nav styles for the skills gradebook17:08
th1aYes, let's do that.17:08
replaceafillwhen the dropdown list gets too long (like 25 skillsets)17:08
replaceafillsome of them disappear from the visible list :(17:08
replaceafilli'll check what's going on there17:08
replaceafillso we need a subscriber that watches course nodes for changes?17:09
replaceafilland updates schooltool courses accordingly17:09
replaceafilloh, skill sets...17:10
replaceafillit would need to watch skillsets?17:10
yvlI think17:10
yvlwe'd need to catch Modified events for17:11
yvlglobal skillsets17:11
yvlthen look at courses17:11
yvlprobably in the active year only17:11
yvlor active and future years17:11
replaceafillah, good point17:11
yvland fire Modified events for course skillsets17:11
replaceafillso the section subscriber gets into actin17:12
yvlthe CourseSkillSetModified subscriber17:13
replaceafillshould i work on that?17:13
yvlbtw, th1a, what's your take on updating previous years?17:13
yvlshould we update the assigned section skillsets, or keep them frozen?17:14
th1aYou wouldn't want to update previous years.17:14
replaceafilli think yvl would do it faster17:14
yvlI can quickly hack it in and ask you to test maybe?17:15
replaceafilli'd be glad to do that :D17:15
* replaceafill loves writing long weird tests ;)17:15
* replaceafill done17:15
th1aOK, so this will actually be at least another day.17:16
yvlI can do that today17:17
yvlas in now17:17
yvlwell, I should anyway :)17:17
replaceafillyvl is waay faster! :D17:17
yvl(well, after the meeting actually ;) )17:18
th1aOK, so replaceafill should try to review this ASAP and ping menesis when we can release this.17:18
replaceafillyvl writes the subscribers, i write the tests, we release17:19
th1aFrom VA's point of view this is just a sorting fix that is taking a very long time.17:19
th1aThey don't know or care about all our crazy plumbing bullshit.17:19
replaceafillbut they'll need 1. finished, right?17:19
th1aWell, I think if we had a hangout it would take 90 seconds to confirm that it is done.17:19
replaceafillah ok17:19
th1aBut via email it is perpetually hazy.17:20
th1aOr we could just send them the damn file and say "Use this one."17:20
th1aThat wouldn't be that hard.17:20
th1aBut I don't THINK it is necessary.17:20
th1aOK, thanks replaceafill.17:21
menesisI have released schooltool and cando17:22
menesisthen updated my versionator tool to compare versions in raring17:23
menesisnoticed someone I never seen before has updated some of zope packages17:23
menesisI have to update more17:24
menesisto catch up to ZTK 1.1+17:24
menesisupdated versions.cfg, ran tests, got some test failures17:24
menesisalmost have a set that works again17:25
th1aIncidentally, feel free to run up as many hours as you like until the end of the year, menesis.17:26
th1aAs long as you're actually working, ofc.  ;-)17:26
menesisonly 9 zope packages need updating17:27
menesiswill do that in next few days17:28
menesisthere is an ubuntu release goal to have automatic tests run during package build17:28
menesisluckily, I have been maintaining debian/tests directory all along17:29
menesiseven if they weren't run automatically17:29
menesisnow they have improved autopkgtest17:29
menesisand documented it
th1ayvl & menesis:  You guys might want to start moving the celery plumbing into raring soon.17:30
menesisfrom now on when I update any package I will try to turn on the automatic testing17:31
menesisshould be add one line, and run one command to check17:32
menesisother than that17:32
menesisI tried turning on schooltool.note17:33
menesisand it works :)17:33
menesisin old skin of course17:33
menesisbut suprised by that17:33
menesison the other hand, schooltool.dashboard has almost nothing17:34
menesisso I think I can remove it17:34
menesisthat's some cleanup work I'm doing in parallel17:35
menesisrather, would like to do.17:35
menesisto refactor out the old skin...17:36
th1aWell, I'd get the celery plumbing done first since that could potentially fuck up the whole raring release.17:36
menesisof course17:36
menesiscleanup is low priority17:37
menesisI should look at the plumbing branch17:38
menesisyvl: where is the celery work?17:38
th1aYes... I'd say we do need to split off 2.3 maintenance and raring development.17:38
th1aThen aelkner can relax.17:39
yvlmenesis >
menesisyes, splitting off 2.3 is little of a problem17:40
menesisI can branch 2.3 when I see something on trunk that's not suitable for maintenance release17:41
replaceafillah menesis17:42
menesisfor example, in last cycle intervention did not have any changes that are not bugfixes17:42
replaceafillthere's a change i'd like to make to cando17:42
replaceafilland maybe virginia17:42
replaceafilli asked th1a about it and he's ok with it17:42
th1aRight, but if we pull in the celery stuff, that's a clear raring piece.17:42
replaceafillwe use "Skill Set" and "SkillSet" in the UI17:43
replaceafilli was thinking we could clean it up and use only "Skill Set" everywhere17:43
menesisof course17:43
yvlcelery stuff touches all plugins17:43
yvljust FYI17:44
menesisreplaceafill: why would that be a problem17:44
replaceafillmenesis, i'm just not sure how hard is for you to update strings :)17:44
menesismake extract-translations17:44
replaceafillmenesis, kk will clean it then, thanks17:44
menesisthere are no (complete) translations for cando yet17:44
yvlreplaceafill, if you have a small skill XLS to test, I would appreciate it17:45
yvl(large one also good)17:45
replaceafillyvl, hhmm17:45
yvl(have some somewhere, can't find any)17:45
replaceafillonly the cte ones17:45
yvlgood enough ;)17:45
replaceafillkk, you want old and new?17:45
replaceafillor just one?17:45
yvlany ;)17:46
yvlthanks man17:46
* yvl just wrote the subscriber ;)17:46
menesisreplaceafill: you fixed skills sorting in more places. want me to release that?17:47
replaceafillyvl, sent17:47
replaceafillmenesis, yes please17:47
replaceafillbut we should include this subscriber stuff too17:47
replaceafill(after we test it) :D17:47
menesisto update courses after skills reimport?17:48
replaceafillto update courses based on skillsets changes17:48
th1aI think that was your suggestion menesis.  ;-)17:48
menesisso I need to make a new release of gradebook first17:49
menesisso you have time to test while I do that :)17:49
menesisanything else?17:50
* menesis done17:50
th1aThanks menesis.  yvl?17:51
yvlone second17:51
yvlstarted the import ;)17:51
yvlok, so I'm working on more report plumbing17:51
yvland we will have nearly-automagic table formatter -> rml table conversion17:52
yvlis a bit ugly, because we already have automagic conversion of nonindexed columns for cataloged tables17:53
yvlbut will pay of in dev time17:53
yvlalso, we get a fun feature for cheap17:53
replaceafilli can't wait to test that :)17:54
th1aYes, I'm in favor.17:54
yvlwe'll likely be able to cheaply add print button to tables in web, and...17:54
yvlfor example print search results into pdf ;)17:54
yvlwhat else...17:55
replaceafillyvl, will table_formatter logic work?17:55
replaceafilli mean, like the one we use for grouping stuff17:55
replaceafill<th>s inside the <tbody>17:55
yvlwell, mostly yes17:55
yvlshould be enough17:55
yvlwe don't get th's inside RML17:56
yvlwe have to render separate block styles17:56
yvlso there is a difference17:56
replaceafillbtw, one comment i have about table formatters17:56
yvlbut it will most likely work seamlessly ;)17:56
replaceafillif i may17:56
replaceafillis, we're using updateFormatter, *a lot*17:57
replaceafillto bypass the default one17:57
replaceafillthat uses url cell formatters17:57
yvland that is just stupid, right :/17:57
replaceafillwhy don't we remove the url cell formatter from the default one?17:57
yvlhistorical reasons, not valid anymore17:58
replaceafilland add the css table formatter :D17:58
replaceafilli was thinking i could write a table printer helper17:58
yvlbasically because I'd have to look at all tables and see if they look ok17:58
replaceafilli could do that!17:58
* yvl would be grateful!17:58
replaceafilli mean, it's tedious work17:58
yvlyes :/17:59
replaceafilland i'd like to tell the printer helper, print these columns17:59
yvland I didn't want to do that back then17:59
yvlneeded stuff working ;)17:59
replaceafillbased on css names17:59
replaceafilli've been spitting:17:59
replaceafill01, skill117:59
replaceafill02, skill217:59
replaceafillwhen a nice helper could be useful17:59
yvlif it helps, there's something in...18:00
replaceafilli know18:00
yvlstupid helper18:01
* replaceafill goes to see18:01
replaceafillthat could work18:02
replaceafilli could just add filtering18:02
replaceafill(since that's what i was interested in)18:02
replaceafillbut the helper is less a priority than the url cell formatter removal :)18:03
replaceafilland i could add the visible_column_names property too18:03
replaceafillthat has proved so useful in sorting18:03
* replaceafill stops interrupting yvl now :)18:04
yvlis ok ;)18:04
yvlso, I also took a small step back to write a TODO18:04
yvlso I don't step on my own toes18:05
th1aNow it the time for report plumbing.18:05
th1ais the time18:05
yvlI'm mostly content with stuff for report writing18:06
yvlwhen tables and gradebook grids are done, ofc.18:06
yvllooked at what could be done with custom letterheads18:06
yvlI think we can add awesome stuff and not very expensively18:07
th1aOK... lets wrap this up.18:07
yvllike scan a goverment report (on paper), upload that to SchoolTool, fill it in and download a PDF18:07
yvlI'll update you more on Monday18:08
th1aI'm actually meeting with a friend who has done some editing for O'Reilly & is going to give the book a once over.18:08
th1aSo I have to take a shower.18:08
th1aHave a great week/weekend guys!18:08
* th1a drops the bag of gravel.18:08
replaceafillthanks everybody18:09
yvlgood luck, th1a18:10
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yvlthere were more things that needed updating it turns out ;)19:39
replaceafillyvl, ah ok19:39
yvlplease test vigorously :)19:39
replaceafillwhy didn't you land it in trunk?19:39
replaceafillany particular reason?19:39
yvlnot 100% sure it works right :)19:39
replaceafillwill add test and merge then19:39
yvlit should, but it's a bit late... you know how bugs get introduced ;)19:39
replaceafillindeed ;)19:40
replaceafillthanks yvl, i'll test it19:40
yvlthanks man19:40
* replaceafill writes in his TODO: hack a way to run stests in parallel :D19:56
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* mobert lurks ...21:55
th1ahi mobert.22:57
moberthi thla.22:58
moberti just signed on to help revise and edit the schooltool-book22:59
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