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th1areplaceafill:  Where are we on the report?19:36
replaceafillth1a, i managed to group sections by course19:36
replaceafillas yvl suggested19:36
replaceafilland filters work now19:37
replaceafilli should be done with it today19:37
replaceafillat least able to show it to you19:37
th1aCool.  Probably projects next.19:37
replaceafilli lost my grades though :(19:37
replaceafillthe ones i used for testing :''(19:38
replaceafilli deleted the Data.fs by mistake19:38
th1aAh, shit.19:39
replaceafilli wish there was a tool to record my steps when using the browser ... ;)19:40
veloutinreplaceafill: like Sahi?
th1aveloutin:  We actually use Selenium extensively, so he's joking.20:43
replaceafilli use selenium ide20:43
th1aWe just have to remember to turn it on.20:43
* veloutin goes to buy a sarcasm detector20:43
replaceafillsorry veloutin :(20:44
veloutinno worries :P20:44
replaceafillth1a, want to confirm something20:48
replaceafillif the year has several terms20:48
replaceafilland a section is linked in several of them20:48
replaceafillin the completion report it should only appear once?20:48
replaceafillis it ok if i take the title of the first in the linked set to represent them all20:49
replaceafilland i'm making unions of all the teachers and students20:50
replaceafillset unions20:50
replaceafillin case there are different instructors/students in some of them20:50
replaceafillwhat i can't see yet is how to spit a single line value20:51
th1amaybe we need to think about it20:51
replaceafilli assume skills are the same20:52
replaceafillsince it's the same course20:52
replaceafillfor all of them20:52
th1ajust a sec20:52
replaceafillthis is what's weird to me in the linked scenario20:52
th1aWell, it probably doesn't make sense.20:53
th1aOK, so refresh my memory.20:54
replaceafilli mean, since it's the same skill20:54
replaceafillit appears with the same grade in all of the sections20:54
th1aAre we actually looking at the skill as it was scored in the term/section or just what the current score for the skill is?20:54
replaceafillglobal score20:54
replaceafillevaluation is a combination of student, skill only20:55
th1aWe don't know when the evaluation was made in terms of section.20:55
th1aDon't we know the teacher and date?20:55
replaceafilli don't think so20:55
replaceafillwe know the evaluator and date20:55
replaceafillbut not the section20:55
replaceafillbecause in cando's case the skill comes from the course20:56
th1aThis is the kind of thing that I try to get in at the beginning of the design process but everyone thinks I'm just making shit up.20:56
replaceafilllet me try it (but i think i already did)20:57
th1aThis is the way CanDo worked before, too, right?20:57
replaceafillwell yes20:57
th1aIt has been wrong all along.20:57
replaceafilland they didn't have linked sections20:58
replaceafilljust a single term20:58
th1aRight, but it isn't actually telling you what the teacher did.20:58
th1aAnother teacher could have entered the scores a year ago.20:58
th1aThat's just not right.20:58
replaceafillbut now we have history20:58
replaceafillat least you could check that20:59
th1aIt is just annoying because the evaluation should store the section context.20:59
th1aTo be honest, I'd be ok with adding that.21:00
replaceafillusing dwelsh 4 term spreadsheet21:00
replaceafillwanna see?21:00
replaceafilli can set it up in the vps21:00
replaceafillso, the linking in the completion report doesn't make much sense, right?21:02
th1aSee what?21:02
th1aWell, the entire thing is fucked.21:02
th1aIt doesn't even report what it says it does.21:02
th1aWe're not storing key metadata.21:02
th1aWe should just fix it.21:03
th1aAnd this report should be by term.21:03
replaceafillthat would "hide" it :)21:04
replaceafilli mean, the issue21:04
replaceafillok, moving to term context then21:04
th1aIf a kid leaves the class after one term and is 10% evaluated, that shouldn't skew the subsequent scores.21:05
replaceafillit becomes a one section line21:05
th1aI kind of feel like maybe you should table it and I should have yvl add the section context.21:05
replaceafilli mean, a line per section21:05
replaceafillyou mean, move to something else for now?21:07
th1aThat might be a good idea, because the section linkage is a pretty fundamental issue.21:07
replaceafilli'll push the fixes to the other reports to trunk then21:08
replaceafilland move on21:08
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replaceafillok, virginia report refactoring/fixes pushed to trunk21:43
replaceafillmoving to projects now21:43
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