IRC log of #schooltool for Wednesday, 2012-09-12

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th1ahi replaceafill, menesis, aelkner, yvl.16:30
replaceafillgood morning/afternoon16:32
th1areplaceafill & aelkner:  We should probably just go over welsh's bug doc after the "official" meeting.16:33
th1aAh... no meeting next Monday.16:35
th1aI'm going to be in Colorado visiting family Monday and Tuesday.16:35
th1aRegular meeting Wednesday.16:36
th1ayvl:  ayt?16:36
th1aOK... aelkner?  I was making a skills doc through the web last night and filed some bugs.16:39
aelkneri saw16:39
aelkneri've been working on figuring out why selenium tests fail during coverage16:39
aelknerbut it's good to see that i have plenty of tasks on my queue16:39
aelknerif you'd like, i could table the testing and push one of them to the top16:40
th1aI'd say fix the new bugs.16:40
th1aAlso, skill search isn't working for me.16:40
th1aIs it possible that skills added through the web aren't getting in the right catalog (or something)?16:41
th1aI'm working from the packaged version of CanDo, btw.16:42
aelknerok, well i have to fire up my instance and reproduce the bug before i can say16:43
th1aPerhaps write some tests...16:44
aelkneryeah, i added a lot of tests recently, but perhaps i need more edit tests16:45
th1aOK, so aelkner, you've got those bugs.16:46
th1aThey should be pretty straightforward, but ask me if you have questions or trouble reproducing them.16:47
aelknerwill do16:47
replaceafilli started the completion report16:47
replaceafillas manager:16:47
replaceafillmaybe it makes more sense to put it under /sections?16:48
replaceafillReports -> Completion Report16:48
th1aActually, is there some reason we didn't put it under year?16:48
th1aI spaced on that one.16:48
th1aMaybe we need to move course into subheaders.16:49
th1aBecause we really have to have teacher names in there.16:49
replaceafilland we don't have much space left16:49
replaceafilli have a comment on the filters16:50
replaceafillright now, every time you change one16:50
replaceafillthe whole table is updated16:50
replaceafillbut this is an expensive report16:51
th1aThese section titles are just too long.16:51
replaceafilli've just tested it with console.log(...) for now16:51
replaceafillbut just calculating the number of skills takes some time16:51
th1aHm... yeah.16:51
replaceafillnot a lot16:51
replaceafillbut enough to see the report slowly updating16:52
replaceafillfor every line16:52
replaceafillso i was thinking, maybe we should not submit on filter change16:52
replaceafilland add a Submit button16:52
th1aRealistically you don't have to change those values that much.16:52
th1aI'd rather just add a spinner.16:52
replaceafillgood idea16:52
replaceafillso the users sees something is happening16:53
replaceafilli'll look into that16:53
replaceafilli'll remove the course column16:53
replaceafilladd Teachers16:53
replaceafillput course as a subheader16:53
replaceafilland finish the calculations in the chart16:53
replaceafilllet me check my notes16:54
replaceafilldo we need the Term column?16:54
replaceafilli think in APS case is not important, right?16:54
th1aOh... this should aggregate linked sections...16:55
replaceafillsince they only have one term16:55
th1aThat'll slow you down a little more.16:55
replaceafillok, i'll try that16:55
replaceafilland i have a question for yvl16:55
replaceafillbut he's probably not here yet16:55
replaceafillso i'll wait16:55
replaceafillthat's it from me16:56
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th1aIs it some kind of holiday in Lithuania or something?16:57
th1aOK, well, let's go over this google doc.16:58
th1aCan you see that aelkner?16:58
replaceafilli can take 1)16:59
th1aOK 1 is just adding the title.16:59
replaceafilli think dwelsh wants the same header we used in the social skills report17:00
replaceafillreport title, section (iirc)17:00
th1aI guess I don't care what that VA section report says because I don't really plan on using it in its current form generall at all.17:00
th1aIs that in the VA package?17:00
replaceafillth1a, yes17:00
th1aOK, go ahead and do that.17:01
th1aIs 12 done?17:01
replaceafilli haven't pushed it to trunk though17:01
replaceafilli will in this update17:01
aelkner3) is good for me, i already fixed the group filter problem before17:02
aelkner5) looks good for me, too17:02
th1aNot going to do 10 now.17:02
th1a12 is fine for one of you.17:02
replaceafillthere's two 12's17:02
replaceafilli can take both17:02
replaceafillsince i'm working on reports17:03
aelkneryeah, i'd say replaceafill has the reports for now17:03
replaceafillth1a, are we doing 13?17:03
aelkner3) and 5) are around the edges17:03
th1aI hope so replaceafill.17:03
th1aWe're doing what we're doing.17:03
th1aI mean, we're doing the graphical report.17:04
replaceafillah ok17:04
replaceafillcool, i'll make these updates while i work on the completion report17:04
aelkneri could join the report effort for the admin reports at some point, but let's see17:04
replaceafill14 is really easy17:05
th1aaelkner could do 3 soonish.17:05
aelkneryes, very soon17:05
th1aActually I guess 5 isn't that hard if it is just skillset/skill reversed.17:06
aelkner5) is a good point by welsh, and it actually needs to be addressed in a few places17:06
aelknerlike the layers filters in the various searches17:07
aelkneri'll create a method for sorting the layers by hierarchy and use t in the various views that present them17:07
aelkneri'm even thinking the layers container view itself should sort by hierarchy17:08
th1aWell... we often can's say for sure what the sequence should be for the higher layers.17:08
aelkneryes, it's a good question17:08
th1aI don't want to waste time on that hairball, but skillsets and skills should always be last and in the correct order.17:08
aelknerbut i'm leaning towards hierarchy over title sort17:08
th1aI DO NOT WANT to mess with trying to figure out the order of layers outside of documents.17:09
th1aIt is not that important.17:09
aelkneryou should know that the order of layers in a document hierarchy is computed17:09
th1aSo... it is easy in a document, total hairball outside of.17:09
aelknerwhy is that?17:10
aelknerit's the same problem17:10
th1aNo... a document has a defined sequence of layers.  That's one of the things that makes it a docuement.17:10
th1aThat isn't enforced outside of documents.17:10
aelknerhmm, but when welsh goes to the Search tab (Nodes container view)17:11
aelknerhe wants to see the layers sorted there17:11
th1aYEs, fuck that.17:11
th1aI DO NOT WANT THAT.17:11
th1aBut you can reverse skillset and skill and keep them last.17:12
aelknerok, only in the document view17:12
aelknerthat is what 5) says anyway17:12
th1aWhat about 14 douglas?17:13
th1aWHat is the default now?17:13
replaceafillfirst passing score17:13
replaceafillit's not difficult to set practicing17:14
th1aSo I'm going to say "The passing score will default to the set passing score, which is 'competent.'" OK?17:14
th1aWell, it can be whatever they want for the VA report.17:14
th1aThe problem here is that they have two passing scores, right?17:14
replaceafilliirc, aps uses competent but acc uses practicing17:15
replaceafilli mean, glenda and dwelsh seemed to have different opinions on it17:15
th1aOK, you guys should review my notes on the doc, but I think we're straight.17:17
th1aSo you might as well do those first aelkner.17:17
aelknerbefore the launchpad bugs, will do17:17
th1aHm... it isn't a Lithuanian holiday.17:20
th1aLast call for yvl, menesis.17:20
th1aOK.  Thanks guys.17:22
th1aSee you next WEDNESDAY.17:23
th1aWe should touch base Friday.17:23
* th1a drops the bag of gravel.17:23
replaceafillthanks everybody17:23
aelknerthanks guys17:23
yvlhi th1a, replaceafill17:25
yvlapologies for missing the meeting17:25
th1ahi yvl.17:25
aelknerno greeting for me? :(17:26
yvla special hello for aelkner17:26
yvl(th1a and replaceafill pinged me)17:26
yvlreplaceafill, you had a question?17:27
replaceafillit's related to table formatters17:27
replaceafillis there any way to set a class on a table header?17:27
replaceafilli mean17:27
replaceafilla css class17:27
replaceafilli know the table formatter allows you to set classes on the table itself17:28
replaceafillbut i need to apply a width to a column17:28
replaceafillso far, i've been doing17:28
replaceafill.section-report-by-student th:nth-child(3)17:28
yvlthe answer is yes, let me look17:29
replaceafilli looked but got lost in the zc.table code :D17:29
yvlremember, in some places we set css_classes={'table': 'data'}17:30
yvland such?17:30
yvlyou can also pass 'thead': 'hello' there17:30
replaceafillbut i want a specific column marked17:30
replaceafilllike the third one should be "chart"17:31
yvlthere used to be a way17:34
yvlusing CSSFormatter from app/browser/app.py17:34
replaceafillso i'd need to use a different table_formatter17:35
replaceafillfor the table17:35
replaceafillmaybe i could do:17:35
replaceafillfor index, col in enumerate(self.visible_columns)17:36
replaceafilland set my class when index == 217:36
yvlyou could17:36
yvlif column name is not good enough for you17:37
replaceafillah :D17:37
replaceafillcolumns have names :D17:37
yvlbut really... we should just bake that into our default formatters17:37
yvlth1a, can we touch base quickly?17:38
yvl(sorry again for missing the meeting)17:38
th1aCertainly, yvl.17:38
th1aIt isn't like no meeting has ever run over an hour here.  ;-)17:38
yvlI was thinking on what to do next17:39
yvlmy thoughts17:39
yvlsplit out schooltool ldap to a separate section in a book17:39
yvland add stuff you mentioned in email17:40
yvland then leave it to you to make it... well, sound like normal english17:40
yvlthen go over some requests from replaceafill that are long overdue17:40
yvland do a bit of general maintenance17:40
th1aI can handle the actual reorganization in the book.17:41
yvlthat will be... Thu, Fri, Mon17:41
th1aYou can just shove it all in there.17:41
yvl(better in the book than email I guess :) )17:41
th1aCan you provide a screenshot of exactly what you'll see if you have Zentyal set up, SchoolTool LDAP installed and everything is working right.17:42
yvland by general maintenance I want to see if we should batch our css/js resources or make it possible to config them to be served as static resources17:42
th1aAlso, what happens when it is working right.17:42
th1ayvl:  I guess I'm reasonably convinced that it is the right first step in optimizing around Matt's problem.17:43
yvlwell... maybe just bumping threadpool would have solved that17:43
yvlbut anyway, it's worth looking into!17:43
yvlby screenshots...17:44
yvlI can make a shot of my 3 users set up in Zentyal (they have ttw config)17:44
yvland same users in SchoolTool?17:44
th1aWe need a little more feedback from Matt.17:44
yvlbecause actually, there are two things that happen with LDAP on17:44
th1ayvl:  Yes, something like that.17:44
yvlusers can log in with their usernames/pass from Zentyal17:45
yvlusers are created when they log in17:45
aelkneryvl: +1 on reducing the number of gets necessary for getting static files17:45
yvlI'm not quite sure what screenshots would demonstrate that best17:45
yvlso I'll make one showing user in Zentyal17:46
yvlone - from jXeplorer (with maybe some user data filled in, just for teasing)17:47
yvland then user's homepage17:47
th1aIt is important to note that the users don't exist until the user logs in.17:47
th1aOtherwise some people will look for the users and think it didn't work.17:47
th1aThat's not so much a screenshot thing.17:48
th1aWe don't need a screenshot of the empty person index.  ;-)17:48
replaceafillwe need an animated gif :P17:48
th1aThose are the thing these days, I gather.17:48
th1aInternet retro.17:49
yvlok, I'm done17:50
yvlreplaceafill, I'll look at the things you mentioned for past two weeks and, well, look into them :D17:51
replaceafillyvl, thanks!17:51
th1aThanks yvl.17:51
replaceafillthe appstartup is higher in my priority list ;)17:51
yvlok :)17:52
replaceafillif this is the moment for wishlist for yvl:17:56
replaceafill"add sorting for reportlink directives" :)17:56
replaceafillsame way we have in regular <flourish:viewlets ...>17:57
yvlI may accidentally miss this one17:57
yvlby pure chance of course :)))17:57
replaceafilli mean, they are sorted by name17:58
replaceafillbut we have no control on it17:58
replaceafillyou'll see name="a_group..." somewhere :(17:58
yvlI think I saw :/17:58
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th1areplaceafill:  The error in displaying some scores in the section summary hasn't been released I guess?21:30
replaceafillth1a, no21:30
replaceafillthat's what i was testing when i discovered the app startup problem21:30
th1aI've got some sample data finally.21:31
replaceafilli'm setting some too21:35
th1amenesis:  In case you missed it in the email -- I'd like you to push CanDo and relevant SchoolTool updates to our PPA tomorrow.21:35
menesisth1a: will do22:32
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* replaceafill is using calc to make sure the reports spit the right numbers23:28
replaceafillthank God we can export the gradebook :)23:29
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