IRC log of #schooltool for Tuesday, 2012-09-11

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replaceafillhey th1a19:17
th1ahi replaceafill.19:18
replaceafilli'm ready when you are19:18
replaceafilli'm setting up a fresh cando instance now19:18
replaceafilldo you need the old cando version up?19:19
replaceafillto see the old reports?19:19
th1aUh... I just need data to see the old reports.19:19
replaceafilli think i have some acc data from last year19:20
replaceafilllet me look19:20
replaceafillfor the old version19:24
th1aOh... OLD version.19:24
th1aNo, I don't need that, sorry.19:24
th1aI thought you meant like, last month's.19:24
replaceafilli'm lost in a sea of sandboxes :D19:25
th1aI'd think.19:25
replaceafilltrying one Data.fs...19:29
replaceafillhhmm or maybe...19:30
replaceafilli think this is the one we used for the summary section report19:31
replaceafillit just has more students now19:31
th1aI need to do some screenshots for Mark.19:32
th1aDo we have any examples with a sane number of skills and students?19:32
th1aI can just make one up I guess.19:33
replaceafillprobably, all our sample data comes from APS19:33
replaceafillwhich has lots of skills ~9019:33
th1aOK.  I may have to do that tonight.19:34
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th1aSo... now what?  Next report discussion?19:37
replaceafillcompletion ones, correct?19:37
replaceafillthe ones with lots of weird numbers :D19:37
th1aYes... I guess I probably do need to be looking at the OLD version of that.19:40
replaceafillCanDo tab19:40
replaceafillthey take a while to load19:41
th1aby instructor, right?19:41
replaceafillthe sorting is what changes19:41
replaceafillthe data is the same19:41
th1aI was thinking it was basically the same.19:41
replaceafillok, mine rendered19:44
replaceafilli vaguely remember a conversation with dwelsh/glenda about something on this report...19:44
replaceafillcourses in multiple program areas :S19:44
replaceafillbut never mind19:44
replaceafilli guess that's over19:44
th1aI've got David Ally in another window right now so I might be a little slow.19:46
th1aSo this goes by sections and this one happens to be sorted by instructor.19:47
th1aWe could add filtering by node.19:48
th1aIt would be a slightly fiddly two-step widget.19:48
th1aaelkner: ayt?19:49
replaceafillth1a, by node or by layer?19:50
replaceafillgot it19:50
replaceafillso if i look for "Agricultural Education" under the "Cluster" layer, it should only show sections there19:52
replaceafillif i type "Animal Science" and select "Course", same19:52
th1aIn this case, you'd want to see one program area at a time.19:52
th1aOr... no.19:53
th1aThat probably only makes sense to VA and maybe not even there.19:53
th1aOK, let me reboot my brain in a sec.  I have to try to call aelkner for something else.19:54
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th1aOK, this gets into the old "course as course vs. course as node" problem.19:59
th1aThey are only really the same for VA.19:59
th1aIn this case Program Area is really like the non-existent Subject object we need to organize courses.20:00
th1aSo... we don't really have a way to sort the courses.20:02
replaceafillwe can only associate nodes to courses by their attributes20:02
replaceafilllike we do in the batch assign view20:02
th1aLet's just do it by courses sorted alphabetically first.20:03
replaceafillah ok20:03
replaceafillno filtering yet then20:03
th1aAnd probably just do some kind of hardwired sort for VA only.20:04
replaceafillwe're going to use a chart instead of all the numbers, right?20:08
th1aIt should be basically the same chart as for the individual students, right?20:09
replaceafilltwo 100% scales?20:09
replaceafilli only see one20:09
replaceafillunless we add the filters ofc20:10
replaceafillfor passing score20:10
th1atwo 100% scales?20:12
replaceafillwe have:20:12
replaceafill100 ... 0 .... 1020:12
replaceafill100 ... 0 ... 10020:12
replaceafillin the students report20:12
th1aOh... right ok.20:12
th1aIt is only positive.20:12
th1aWell, it is the same data though.20:13
th1aThere is no reason not to show failing scores.20:13
replaceafillah ok20:14
replaceafillwe'll use the filter then20:14
th1aThe % > 80% is new.20:14
th1aWe can just add another line.20:14
th1aI had this as just a black vertical line in my prototype.20:14
replaceafillah, a new tick20:15
replaceafillwe'll also need the "Skill Type" filter20:19
replaceafillso we don't need an extra report20:19
th1aI was going to say Evaluated too, but tbh, that may be pretty resource intensive so we might want to wait for a request.20:19
replaceafilldoes the >=80% column need a filter?20:21
replaceafilllike we do with "Passing Score" in the student report20:21
replaceafillsorry, Passing Target20:21
th1aWell, yes.20:23
th1aAlso you still need it for passing score.20:23
replaceafillbasically we need the same filters :D20:23
replaceafillwhere should i put the link to the report?20:24
replaceafillunder /courses20:24
th1aJust for the moment.20:26
replaceafilli think i have enough to start, right?20:27
replaceafillunless i'm missing something important20:27
replaceafillkk, will have something to show you in the meeting tomorrow20:32
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aelknerth1a, back from eye doctor22:16
th1aaelkner: ayt?23:13
aelknerth1a, yes23:21
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th1aaelkner:  Just a sec...23:22
th1aOK aelkner, do we have a post-Flourish niepa package?23:27
th1aI can't remember.23:27
aelkneryes, i made the changes to my niepa package for flourish23:29
aelknerit was never merged into trunk, but i can make the merge request now23:29
aelknermy version is installed on the demo server23:29
aelkneroh, there is no trunk23:30
th1aYou beat me on that one.23:30
aelknerjust a menesis version which is not as up to date as mine23:30
aelknerwhen i say trunk, i'm always referring to branches that start with lp:~schooltool-developers23:31
aelknerwe have trunk versions of schooltool, schooltool.gradebook, journal, intervention, etc.23:32
aelknerjust not for niepa23:32
th1aSo... can you have an updated instance with niepa and CanDo running?23:32
aelkneryes, so you want me to add cando to the demo instance23:32
th1aHopefully it is not a problem.23:33
aelknershouldn't be, i'll try it out and let you know23:34
th1aSo if you can just get that running again and ping David and me.  Make sure he knows where it is.23:34
aelknerok, i'll email the both of you and include a link23:35
th1aHow was the eye doctor?23:35
aelknerwell, we'll see, part of the issue may have been that i'm used to this bad left eye23:36
aelknerso when the new glasses had the correction for that eye, it may have been the reason i have trouble focusing23:36
aelknerso we're sending the glasses back to have the far part be even like the $15 glass that work so well for me23:36
aelknerthe bottom will have the special reading focal distance which will help reading obviously23:37
aelknerand that part will have the additional help for the left eye23:37
th1aBifocals can be tricky.23:37
aelknerhopefully, the top part being even will fix it so i can drive without feeling in danger23:37
aelkneryeah, and these are actually progressive23:38
aelknerso they talk about this waveryness being what you should expect23:38
aelknerproblem is, i don't need the world to wobble like in the seen at the end of The Matrix23:38
th1aHm.  Yeah, I've never had to look through those.23:38
aelknerespecially when i'm dirving!23:38
aelknerand for $814, i should feel more helped than the $15 glasses, not less23:39
aelknerso i have to wait a couple of weeks, go pick them up and hold my breath :(23:40
th1aWell, I hope it works out.23:40
th1aOK, I have to go make dinner.23:40
aelknerok, i'll let you know23:42

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