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replaceafillmenesis, you around?20:50
menesisreplaceafill: yes?20:51
replaceafillquick question20:51
replaceafilli received this message in my last push to lp:schooltool20:51
replaceafillConflicting tags:20:51
replaceafill    1.6.0b120:51
replaceafilldon't understand it :)20:51
replaceafilldo i need to do something in my branch?20:52
aelkneryeah, i saw that one, too20:52
aelknerdidn't stop me from pushing20:52
replaceafilli also noticed on my last pull:20:53
replaceafill1 tag(s) updated.20:53
replaceafillwhat are these tags? a LP thing?20:53
menesisI have noticed that a tag points to non-existing revision20:53
menesisso I tagged it20:53
menesisand push --overwrite20:53
menesisunfortunately I got the same conflict in another branch20:54
menesisthese are bzr tags20:54
menesisto mark a release20:54
menesisbzr log -r tag:2.2.2..20:55
menesiswill show all updates since the given release20:55
replaceafillso, i shouldn't worry about them? :)20:55
menesisworry no, but sometimes that's useful20:55
menesistry pull20:55
menesis(I just made a release)20:55
replaceafilli just did20:56
menesisahem ok I try myself20:56
replaceafilli'm on rev 3478 on trunk20:56
replaceafillr3478 is the push when i noticed the conflict20:57
menesisnow try again20:58
replaceafillNo revisions or tags to pull.21:00
replaceafillas long as i'm not breaking something by accident ;)21:00
menesisno conflict?21:01
replaceafillbut i can only notice the conflict on push21:01
replaceafillnot on pull21:01
replaceafilland as aelkner said, it doesn't prevent you from finishing the push21:01
replaceafillah! tags appear in "bzr log"21:03
replaceafillinteresting :)21:03
replaceafillnow i can know what's on the debs and what's not!21:05
replaceafillwhen th1a asks ;)21:05
th1aAlways helpful.  ;-)21:06
menesisreplaceafill: yes :)21:06
menesisreplaceafill: try pull again21:06
menesisI tried to restore the tag21:06
menesisand push21:07
menesisshould be no conflict21:07
replaceafillah ok, i'll pay attention when i have something to push21:07
replaceafill(i have nothing for the moment)21:07
replaceafillbut thanks for the tutorial menesis, it really helped :)21:08
menesisyou can push just to check21:08
replaceafilllike an empty push?21:09
menesisit will just say nothing to push21:09
aelknerit's working great now21:09
aelknerthanks menesis21:09
replaceafillNo hay revisiones o etiquetas para subir.21:10
replaceafillno revisions or tags to push21:10
replaceafillno conflict21:10
aelknerNo hay problemas21:10
replaceafillgracias luna (menesis) :D21:10
replaceafillok, back to reports21:10
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replaceafillth1a, question21:33
replaceafillgo to the Section Summary21:34
replaceafilli've inserted percentages for the tooltips on the charts21:34
replaceafillshould i keep them?21:35
replaceafillyou can click Evaluated to see them better21:35
replaceafill(there are just a few evaluations)21:35
th1ahi replaceafill.21:45
th1aomfg, I just logged in and actually ended up at the right url.21:46
th1aSure, they're nice.21:47
replaceafillah ok21:47
replaceafilli just thought they might be confusing21:47
replaceafillmore than helpful21:47
th1aI like them.21:48
th1aThe Launchpad builders are currently operating at reduced build capacity. We are aware of the issue and have raised this with IS who are investigating the situation.  If you are having any issues with your builds please ask for help in #launchpad.21:53
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