IRC log of #schooltool for Monday, 2012-09-10

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th1ahi aelkner, replaceafill, yvl.16:30
replaceafillgood morning/afternoon16:30
yvlgood morning16:30
replaceafillth1a, do you mind if i start today?16:30
th1aGo ahead replaceafill.16:31
replaceafilli found a problem on Friday on how we setup testing layers16:31
replaceafilli'll try to describe16:31
replaceafilli'm writing a test for the cando reports16:32
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replaceafillso i need to add graded skills16:32
th1ahi menesis.16:32
replaceafillhowever, in my stest, skills don't get the scoresystem attribute set16:32
replaceafilli investigated why16:32
replaceafilland it's kind of related to this:16:33
replaceafilli was already bitten by this in the past :(16:33
replaceafillstests don't call StartUp events16:33
replaceafillwell, zcml layers don't16:33
replaceafilllayers use only the StandaloneServer.bootstrap method16:34
replaceafillsorry, bootstrapSchoolTool method :)16:34
replaceafillbut init plugins are started from the .setup method16:34
replaceafillif i understand this correctly ;)16:34
replaceafilland cando adds its score system as an startup event16:35
replaceafillusing ScoreSystemAppStartup16:36
replaceafill(i hope this makes sense...)16:36
replaceafillyvl, so question to you16:36
replaceafillhow can i fix this? :D16:36
replaceafilli tried adding an initbase event for creating the cando scoresystem16:37
replaceafillunfortunately, this would need a new initbase event in schooltool.requirement16:37
yvlweird that selenium tests don't fire startup events16:37
yvlmy miss16:37
yvlI can look into that16:37
replaceafilli blame layers actually16:37
replaceafillnot the stest setup16:37
replaceafillplease :)16:38
replaceafilli'd be grateful16:38
yvlwill be my pleasure ;)16:38
replaceafillwe hadn't noticed this in the past16:38
replaceafillbecause we had no stests for cando16:38
replaceafilland you don't see it in the gradebook because regular activities carry their scoresystem16:38
replaceafillso they don't need the container16:39
replaceafillchecking the logs jelkner's instance16:39
replaceafilli found another issue16:39
replaceafillwhich i tried to debug, but my brain gave up :(16:40
replaceafillso i reported it as a bug ;)16:40
replaceafillit was confusing from the start because the traceback blames traversal16:41
replaceafillit's easy to reproduce16:41
replaceafilland then go to:16:42
replaceafilland you'll see it16:42
replaceafilli couldn't diagnose the exact point of the problem :(16:42
replaceafilli just noticed the viewlet manager acts differently for admin and non-admin users16:43
replaceafilla non-admin user can get to this because he can check the index page for a group he's in16:44
replaceafilland the Done button will try to take it to /groups16:44
yvlyou can reassign that to me16:44
yvl(with th1a's permission of course ;) )16:44
replaceafilldone :)16:45
th1aFine with me.16:45
replaceafillmy last point, i promise :)16:45
replaceafilli met with dwelsh on friday16:45
replaceafilland he told me about the new instance for joe youcha16:46
replaceafillapparently we need to use sandboxes16:46
replaceafillsince joe wants schooltool.quiz added to it16:46
replaceafilldwelsh doesn't have a problem with that16:46
replaceafilli just thought i should mention it16:47
replaceafilli've been also helping jelkner with his instances16:47
replaceafillhe sent a couple of emails today related to that16:47
replaceafilltheir timeout problem went away by not using ssl16:48
replaceafilli think he needs a new instance set up16:48
replaceafillso i'll do that16:48
th1aHopefully we can get more details from Matt soon.16:49
th1aIt seems like only certain views are problematic.16:49
replaceafilli think i'm done16:49
replaceafillth1a, i think we should work on the completion reports?16:50
replaceafilli'll be done with these test today i think16:50
th1aOK, good.16:50
replaceafill(my english is really broken today) ;)16:50
* replaceafill done16:50
th1aThanks replaceafill.16:51
yvlI pushed the new LDAP module16:51
yvlI was toying with it when the meeting started16:52
yvland found a bug16:52
yvlnow fixing16:52
yvlI'm actually not very happy with our ldap module16:52
yvlbut, well, at least it works16:52
yvl(when configured properly ;) )16:53
yvlI admit it's somewhat fun when you create a user in Zentyal16:53
yvland just log into SchoolTool, with proper schooltool groups assigned and such :)16:53
th1aDo we have any kind of docs?16:54
yvloh, and as small extra bonus, people configuring their LDAP with pam will also get their options autodetected16:54
yvl(Zentyal just puts some nss options)16:54
yvldidn't do the docs yet, sorry16:55
yvlbut those should be quite easy to write ;)16:55
aelknerbzr branch lp:schooltool.ldap, is that going to be available at some point?16:55
aelknerah, i see it's still your own private branch16:56
th1amenesis:  Currently there is no ldap .deb, right?16:56
yvlI'll ask menesis to integrate ldap into our build chain16:56
aelknerthere's no trunk :)16:56
th1aBasically I'd like it in our PPA by the 12.10 release date.16:57
menesisI have never tried the ldap plugin that was untouched for some 4 years16:57
menesisso did not package it16:57
yvlOctober 18th it is16:57
aelknermenesis, is there a reason why launchpad keeps asking me for my ssh key16:58
aelknerit didn't used to ask more than once per time i started my machine16:58
aelknernow it asks every time i try to push or pull aything16:58
menesisbut if it is ready now and I know how to integrate it, I will package that quickly16:58
yvlbtw, menesis we dropped both ldappass and the other ldap module16:58
th1amenesis:  I didn't really want it packaged until now.16:59
menesisaelkner: new machine or something?16:59
menesisaelkner: check that your ssh key is in launchpad16:59
aelknerit's not a new machine, and my key has always been there, i didn't change anything17:00
aelkneri'll check though17:00
menesisoh wait17:00
menesisssh password.. that's local17:00
menesisit should be handled by ssh-agent17:01
menesisaelkner: I don't have a guess why.17:01
aelknerfor some reason i have two keys17:02
menesisI use empty ssh passphrases so don't have such problem17:02
aelknerlaunchpad keeps asking for my password, something weird is going on17:04
aelknerthat may have something to do with it17:05
th1aSo anyhow...17:05
aelknerok, i removed both keys and added back the key fond in my .ssh/id_rsa.pub17:05
aelknerstill asks me for it every time17:06
th1aaelkner:  We need to table this.17:06
aelknerok, sorry, go on17:06
th1ayvl:  OK, so really, you have to write down how this works or it has been a complete waste of time.17:06
th1aSo let's get that done and move on.17:07
th1aI'll write end-user docs if you get something comprehensible down.17:07
yvlI was thinking I'd write the end-user docs17:07
yvl(well, admin docs)17:07
yvlat least the first try, you could make them more user-friendly then17:08
th1aJust... do it.17:08
th1aOK.  So hopefully you can send me something tomorrow?17:10
th1aOK.  Then I can give you feedback at the meeting.17:10
th1aThanks yvl.17:11
th1aI'll try to get a little more out of Matt about this performance issue.17:11
th1aWas he at DjangoCon, aelkner?17:11
th1aI don't suppose you guys discussed the issue... ?17:12
aelknerwell, he did ask me about where to find schooltool.conf, where the threadpool size is set17:13
replaceafilli set that to 30 in jelkner's instances17:13
replaceafillas yvl recommended17:13
th1aDid you get any sense of when it is happening exactly?  Certain views?17:13
aelknerwhat do we think about his suggestion to consolidate the css to minimize the number of gets17:13
th1aThere are any number of things that could be done.17:14
th1aBut knowing exactly what the problem is would help.17:14
aelknerwell, it seems that each get starts a new thread17:15
aelknerand the new flourish has more gets than the old skin17:15
aelknerbut i don't know if he has checked out the situation with more threads set in schooltool.conf17:16
th1aOh, right.  Yes, I forgot that they were comparing this to the old skin.17:16
th1aI couldn't think of why this problem suddenly started.17:16
aelknerthe old skin had just the one css file i think17:16
aelkneris there a way to keep the separate files but have just one get17:17
aelknerlike having some kind of include in css files17:17
replaceafilli think the old skin had more than one css17:17
replaceafilland more than one js too17:17
th1aWell, I'm sure it is more now.17:20
aelknercan we consolidate the gets?17:21
th1aOK, so anyhow, how was DjangoCon in general, aelkner?17:21
th1aaelkner:  Yeah, we'll do some optimizing.17:21
aelknerit was a lot of fun, learned a lot17:21
aelkneri only sprinted the one day so that i could get back and do my section add task17:21
aelkneroh, had the greatest time the day i was at the sprint17:22
th1aOn what were you sprinting?17:22
aelkneroh, just a new attempt to improve newbie docs17:22
aelkneri'm still a newbie, so i figured that's the best way to help17:23
aelknerjelkner was there, too, and they were happy to have him in on the effort17:23
aelknersince he is teaching the same stuff in his classes17:23
aelknernot just newbie django, but newbie programming as well, just what jelkner has been working on17:23
aelkneranyway, we were given a tour of the Washington post17:24
aelkneri was a bit star-struck because as we walked into the newsroom,17:24
aelknerMSNBC was just about to throw to Ezra Klein17:24
aelknerso we saw him sitting in the room, waiting for Martin Brashir to throw to him17:25
th1aI was wondering who that guy who jumped in behind him mugging for the camera was.17:25
th1aI didn't recognize you before that security guard tackled you.17:25
aelknerthen as our tour walked behind him, we ended up on TV :)17:25
th1aThat's :04 of your 15 minutes of fame, aelkner.17:26
th1aMoving on then...17:26
aelknershall i report?17:26
aelknerok, i completed the section title and location on add task17:26
aelknerthe title field is not required in the form and will default as it used to if not filled in17:27
aelknerthe location dropdown is optional17:27
aelkneri was able to remove the edit step from the selenium helper for changing the title17:28
aelknernot that the user can specify it in the add form17:28
aelkneri also added a test to section_locations.txt for specifying the location on add17:28
aelknerso, it's all tested an pushed to trunk17:29
aelkneroh, replace 'not that... ' above with 'now that ...'17:29
th1aLet's go over some hints for that form right after the meeting.17:29
th1aWhat's next in your queue?17:30
aelkneri saw that menesis introduced a bug in
aelknergetRequiredBoolFromCell doesn't return anything now17:32
aelkneri checked the code and that method is called only for demos17:32
aelknerso we don't have total test coverage there obviously17:33
menesisaelkner: yeah, I see :(17:33
aelknerbtw, menesis, thanks for finding the errors bug and fixing it17:33
aelkneri could start to run some coverage reports and add some tests17:33
aelknerthere's also this task:17:34
aelknerprotect against duplicate ids on import for all sheets17:34
aelknerinstead of just letting the second one overwrite the first17:34
aelkneralso, there's the year security task17:34
th1aLet's test and clean up imports more first.17:35
aelknersure, i'll get coverage and add the duplicate id logic, yes?17:35
aelknerand add the hints you give me after the meeting17:36
aelknerthat's it for me17:36
replaceafilli think coverage doesn't work for stests17:36
aelknerit doesn't?  that sucks17:36
replaceafillby coverage i mean our old coverage reporter17:36
replaceafilli may be wrong ofc :D17:37
aelkneri'll see what happens17:37
replaceafillbut i remember i tried it some time17:37
aelknerthings just got quiet here :)17:41
th1aOK.  Anything else aelkner?17:41
aelknernope, that's it17:41
th1aThanks aelkner.17:42
menesisI fear I don't have much to report from thu & fri17:43
menesisone thing, I had to update bzr code for buildbot17:44
menesisbecause it stopped working with buildbot 0.817:44
menesisit worked somewhat, changes appear17:44
menesisam done with that for now17:44
menesishave yet to move buildbot to the new server17:45
menesisstill, for some reason I see some builders "waiting"17:45
menesismaybe that will go away with new master17:45
th1aI've not heard back from the foundation.  I'll have to try bugging them again.17:46
menesiswhat else17:46
menesisI made a fresh install of quantal on another partition.17:47
menesisto be able to test on it17:47
menesishowever I don't expect anything that concerns us to be different17:47
th1aLets hope not.17:48
menesisschooltool did install and work successfully :)17:48
th1aAnything else?17:48
menesisno, I did little work last days17:49
th1aThanks menesis.17:50
th1areplaceafill:  What's your take on the Latin American last names issue?17:50
replaceafilli forgot to follow that up17:51
replaceafillwe usually use only one field for the "full last name"17:51
replaceafillas in:17:51
replaceafillLast name: Cerna Escobar17:51
replaceafillforms with "First last name" and "Second last name" fields are rare17:51
th1aIn El Salvador.17:52
aelknerseems logical17:52
replaceafillwe usually don't use Middle name either17:52
replaceafillwe use "First name" for both17:52
th1aAt this point we wouldn't be adding a field regardless.17:52
th1aIt would be more of a complete refactor of person naming.17:53
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th1aSo we'll put that off.17:53
th1aAlso, I met with Evelyn about her UX review of SchoolTool...17:53
th1aBasically we decided she'd focus on initial setup.17:54
th1aThere were really two ways this could have gone:17:54
th1aI say, "hey, re-do this screen, maybe with some icons in boxes with square or rounded corners."17:55
th1aAnd then I get just that.17:55
th1aWhich may or may not actually be a good idea.17:55
th1aOr the designer actually wants to understand what is going on,17:55
th1awhich of course, takes too damn long.17:55
th1aSo... it is easy to understand the setup steps and the also significant problems there, so that's what she's going to work on.17:56
th1aAnd hopefully at that point will understand SchoolTool enough to have some ideas about the School page.17:56
th1aSo that's slightly frustrating, but still useful.17:57
th1aBut the alternative is probably just "You want icons, here are some icons!"17:57
th1aSo I can't really blame someone for wanting a more thoughtful approach.17:57
th1aAlso replaceafill, aelkner, I need invoices.17:58
th1aI have to pay my taxes this week.17:58
th1aOK.  Thanks guys.17:58
th1aHave a good week.17:58
* th1a drops the bag of gravel.17:58
aelknerth1a, sent17:59
replaceafillth1a, will send mine tonight17:59
aelknerthanks guys, cya wed17:59
replaceafillthanks everybody17:59
th1aThanks aelkner.17:59
th1aOK... this add section view.17:59
aelknerth1a, let me know what hints you want for the section add form18:00
th1aI was thinking the title hint should be something like "Default is ..."18:00
th1aBut really, maybe we should just fillin the default in the form.18:00
aelkneri was thinking about that option18:00
aelkneri would then make the field required again18:01
aelkneri would need to figure out how to get the widget to have an initial value18:02
aelkneri couldn't find an example in schooltool source, but perhaps i'll figure it out from z3c.form lib18:02
replaceafillcomputedwidgetatttribute, i think18:02
replaceafillwe have some18:02
replaceafilllet me look18:02
replaceafillthe name for the adapter should be "default"18:02
aelknerah, thanks replaceafill18:03
aelkneri should have javascript that highlights the title on load?18:04
aelknerso that the user doesn't have to?18:04
replaceafillimho, we should have that in every page :D18:04
aelknerhave what exactly?  this is a rare case of default title18:05
aelknernormally there is no default, just for sections18:05
th1aI guess highlighting is ok.18:05
aelknerdo you mean editing replaceafill?18:05
aelknerlike having the title higlighted when editing an object?18:06
replaceafillaelkner, anywhere18:06
replaceafillit could be used in searches also18:06
aelknerth1a, anything else about the section add form?18:08
th1aFor Location: "Multiple locations can be added from the section edit form."18:09
th1aSound ok?18:09
aelknerthat would mean that location is the only field with a hint18:09
aelkneris that ok?18:09
aelknerreplaceafill, good idea18:10
aelknerAdditional locations and equipment resources?18:10
aelknertoo much info18:10
aelknerjust Additional locations, yes?18:11
aelknerAdditional resources?18:11
aelknerok, sold18:12
replaceafillth1a, i don't know if you saw my comment last week18:13
replaceafillbut i got my Canadian visa :)18:14
th1aAh, no.  Great.18:14
replaceafilli'm one step closer ;)18:14
aelknerth1a, i just remembered that we can't default the section title18:23
aelknerthe default is determined by the course the user chooses18:23
aelknerwhen the form loads, the choice hasn't been made18:23
aelknerif we use javascript to change the title when the user chooses the course18:24
aelknerthat would be hostile if they already filled it in18:24
aelknermay i recommend that we leave it blank and have a hint that explains the default?18:25
th1aOK, yes.18:35
th1aThat makes sense.18:35
th1a"If no title is specified one will be created based on the course title."18:36
aelknerIf you leave the title blank, the Course title will be used18:36
aelkneryou keep beating me18:36
aelkneryours is better18:37
aelkneroh, and the locations hint we agreed upon is not actually accurate18:40
aelknerAdditional locations can be added from the section edit form.18:40
aelknerit's not the section edit form, it's the section locations relationship view18:40
aelknerreached via the pencil in the section index.html view18:40
th1aWell... that's how you get to it.18:40
th1aAdditional locations can be via from the section view.18:41
aelknerAdditional locations can be added via from the section view.18:42
replaceafillvia from?18:42
th1aoh, just via.  ;-)18:43
replaceafilli've just done what i've seen many people do over the years :(18:43
replaceafillchanged my mouse to the left hand18:43
replaceafillmy right hand hurts for some reason18:44
th1aIt helps.18:45
aelknerAdditional locations can be added via the section view.18:48
aelknercopy/paste error :)18:48
aelknerreplaceafill, i changed my mouse to the left decades ago18:48
aelkneri haven't had any stress since18:48
aelkneri don't know why actually, it's not like i use my right for writing much, who writes anymore?18:49
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* replaceafill just thought of a workaround for the scoresystem container problem!21:37
aelknerok, i'll bite :)21:42
aelknerthough i need to know what the problem was first21:42
replaceafilli'm returning the scoresystem for every skill21:42
replaceafillaelkner, np, it's what i described to yvl this morning21:42
aelknerah, the startup while testing issue21:44
replaceafillyay, it worked!21:52
replaceafilli can continue now...21:52
th1areplaceafill:  SIELibre now officially exists.22:02
th1aSIELibre LLC.22:02
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