IRC log of #schooltool for Tuesday, 2012-08-14

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replaceafillah crap! this is the gradebook sidebar story again :'(00:59
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replaceafillth1a, zyt?03:00
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replaceafillhey th1a16:45
replaceafillwe need a link to get to the report ;)16:46
replaceafillare we keeping the old "Section Report"?16:46
replaceafillor should i get rid of all of that16:47
th1aI think it may become a text only report.16:47
th1aI mean, a printed only report.16:47
th1aIt is already only text ;-)16:47
replaceafilli suppose the new one will go under Reports in the gradebook, right?16:48
replaceafill"Section Report By Student"?16:49
replaceafillskill attainment something something :)16:49
th1aProbably Section Summary leading to the new report...16:52
replaceafillah ok16:52
th1aMaybe something like Section Statistics for the printed one.16:52
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replaceafillok, i'll put a link in the gradebook16:54
replaceafillah and i'll change the report title too16:55
th1aChanging the colors in the actual bars is just a matter of changing the darkest color in the interpolation, right?16:55
replaceafillthat still in JS, i'd like to move that to the python side16:56
th1aWe should try a few different combinations when it is a good time.16:56
replaceafillso people don't need to edit JS to change it16:56
replaceafillah ok16:56
th1aThat is, maybe the bar should be, say orange/purple instead of gray/green.16:57
th1aWe may want to use green differently.16:57
replaceafillalso we haven't checked the "By Skill" one too much16:58
replaceafillit's pretty the same logic16:58
th1aBasically, we're fine tuning the design that is going to be used on a bunch of charts.16:59
th1aOnce we get this one down the rest should just follow.17:00
replaceafillwe definitely need to be able to sort reportLink directives!17:03
replaceafilli'm using names like "a_section_summary" just to get the report link to the top :/17:03
replaceafillth1a, description for the Section Summary report?17:04
replaceafillit's used in the Reports Overview page17:04
th1aA graphic overview of student achievement of competencies within the section.17:06
th1askills, I mean.17:06
replaceafillSection Summary link in place17:10
replaceafillok, initial version of the report merged to trunk17:19
replaceafilli'll go get breakfast17:20
replaceafilli have a meeting with jelkner in 40 mins to discuss pyquiz planning17:21
replaceafillth1a, are we doing something for the autism center this week?17:26
th1aAh... we should work on that tomorrow.17:26
th1aI think the meeting is Friday.17:26
th1aI mean.17:27
replaceafilli thought it was Thursday17:27
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jelknerth1a, are you here?17:49
th1aYes jelkner.17:49
jelknerAny chance I could visit you this Friday?17:49
th1aIn person?17:49
th1aSure.  What brings you up this way?17:49
jelknerI'm at Flint's in Vermont for the week17:49
th1aAh!  Say 'hi' for me.17:50
th1aAre you driving back?17:50
jelknerI pick up my sister-in-law at 9:44 pm this Friday at the Hartford airport17:50
th1aOK.  That'll work.17:50
jelknerFlint leaves for work at 7 am17:50
jelknerI could head straight to Providence then17:50
jelkneri'll plan the route and email you the specifics17:51
jelknerin addition to just seeing your place, i've got a bunch of stuff i'd like to talk about17:52
jelknerincluding pycon next year and our fall pilot17:52
th1aOK, yes, we have  a lot to discuss.17:52
jelknerlooking forward to seeing you on friday!17:52
th1aYep, me too.17:53
* th1a will have to clean his office...17:54
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replaceafillth1a, the chart report experiment has given me the solution to have true ajaxy tabs in the gradebook now :)18:56
replaceafilli mean, some day ;)18:56
th1aAh, how?18:57
replaceafillsame way we refresh several forms in the same page18:58
replaceafillwe refresh the table and the colors help18:58
replaceafillat the same time18:58
replaceafillwell the colors refresh faster ofc ;)18:58
replaceafillin the gradebook when you click a tab or select from the dropdown, you refresh the grades table and the sidebar options the same way18:59
replaceafilli failed doing that last time18:59
replaceafilli know how to do it now :)18:59
th1aLet me know when it is a good time to do some color fiddling.19:00
replaceafillwe can do it know19:00
th1aFirst make the 80 highlight color this: A6DCC419:01
th1aMake the below passing base color: #F68E4D19:01
th1aand the passing base color #6B3A8919:02
replaceafillthis css file could use some comments19:02
* replaceafill adds some19:02
replaceafillremember, we use four colors for passing/below passing19:04
replaceafillgreen -> dark green, gray -> dark gray19:04
th1aAh, yes.19:05
th1aLet's start with the secondary versions vinny had.19:05
th1apurple #B199C219:05
th1aorange (below) #FCD6C519:06
th1aYou flipped the colors above/below19:11
th1aPurple should be passing.19:11
replaceafilloops, sorry19:11
th1aAlso, can you make the +80 highlight green19:11
th1aA6DCC4 the range19:11
th1aThat is.19:11
th1aWe don't have good terminology for that.19:12
th1aNot the gradient.19:12
replaceafilllet's use the one in the help ;)19:12
replaceafillyou didn't mean "meets target" you meant "% passing target" :D19:13
th1aI'm not worried about the gradient.19:13
th1aI think the purple/orange works pretty well.19:16
replaceafilli like we got rid of the gray19:16
replaceafillone thing we didn't put back is the number of skills19:17
th1aMake the % range D2EBE019:17
th1aAh, good.19:19
th1aI think that looks right now.  The range has just the right amount of presence.19:20
th1aWhat do you think of purple and orange, culturally.19:23
th1aAs an El Salvadoran male.19:24
th1aOf a certain age.19:24
* replaceafill thinks...19:24
replaceafill33 :D19:24
replaceafillmy only thought about them is that purple is my mom's favorite color19:25
th1aBasically you don't want to overdo green=good, red=bad (yellow=warning) too much.19:25
replaceafilland gray was kind of sad :)19:25
th1aAnd you also don't want to limit your visual language too much.19:25
th1aorange also implies warning, but less like a traffic light.19:26
th1aPurple generally has positive connotations.19:26
* replaceafill sees th1a does have a cultural opinion on those19:26
th1aBut it also lets us use a wider range of colors.19:26
th1aSo... purple is positive but the green highlights are more strongly YES PASSING.19:27
th1aRed, yellow and green can be used more for commentary than just presenting data, essentially.19:27
th1aAlso, we can't use too much green because of the overall color scheme.19:28
th1aAnd blue is pretty much neutral.19:28
th1aJust "different than gray."19:28
replaceafilli like how the Score Colors help looks now19:29
replaceafillvery alive :)19:29
th1aI want to see if we can make the ranges a little wider.19:29
th1amake #FAE5DC the lightest orange.19:30
th1amake #D1C4DA the lightest purple19:34
replaceafilli just found a bug!19:36
replaceafilli think19:36
replaceafillNo evidence doesn't give you all the data19:36
th1aI was wondering about that.19:37
th1aIt is a score?19:37
replaceafilli wonder if it's related to its value "0"19:37
th1a"0" essentially?19:37
replaceafilli'll check19:37
replaceafilltesting time19:38
replaceafilli'll test this:
replaceafillto have IE working without Windows19:41
th1aBetter roll the orange back to #FCD6C519:46
replaceafillrolling back19:46
replaceafillthat was the light one, right?19:46
replaceafillah yes19:47
th1aCould we just put a section accordion or something expandable at the top.19:47
th1aSo it doesn't take up space unless you're curious.19:47
replaceafillhhmm, it should be collapsed at the beginning, right?19:48
replaceafillok, let me try that19:48
replaceafillCourse Details?19:50
replaceafillfor the accordion title19:50
replaceafillCourse Information?19:50
replaceafillth1a, reload19:59
th1aCan we add a skills slider too.20:01
th1aWith total skills and...20:02
replaceafillyou mean accordion?20:02
replaceafillah ok20:02
th1aProbably we already have  a skills widget for that anyhow?20:02
replaceafillhhm good question20:04
replaceafilli don't see any20:04
replaceafilldo you remember where?20:05
th1aI was just hoping.20:06
replaceafilli don't think we do20:06
th1aWe could just jam the skills number in with the course stuff then.20:07
th1aJust change it to "details."  ;-)20:07
replaceafillah ok20:07
th1aOK, that'll do for now.20:11
th1aNow that it is there we can add more stuff.20:11
th1aThat is as necessary if people ask for it.20:14
th1aOK, that's all I've got for now.20:14
th1aYou can work on moving things around, testing, etc.20:14
replaceafillshould i move it to schooltool.cando?20:15
replaceafilli think this is generic enough :)20:15
replaceafillimho just the Note: viewlet should remain in schooltool.virginia20:16
replaceafillwill do20:17
replaceafillso, autism tomorrow, right?20:17
replaceafillkk, thanks th1a20:18
th1aThank you replaceafill.20:18
jelkneraelkner, are you here?20:41
aelknerjelkner, yes?20:42
jelknercan you call me at flints?20:42
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aelknerth1a, ayt?21:57
th1ahi aelkner.21:57
aelknertrying to call you on google chat21:58

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