IRC log of #schooltool for Friday, 2012-08-03

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th1ahi replaceafill.18:43
replaceafillhey th1a18:43
replaceafillworking on the fixes18:44
th1aTry a darker gray for the evaluated bar.18:51
th1aWe're getting there...18:51
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th1aTry a darker gray for the evaluated bar.18:53
replaceafill_the table headers dark gray?18:53
replaceafill_the one in the login bar?18:53
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th1aWell... we may need a new gray, but try that one.19:05
th1ary #91a8a819:07
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replaceafillth1a, reload19:15
replaceafillmy connection is really crappy today btw19:15
replaceafillsorry for the drops19:16
th1aThat seems pretty decent.19:17
th1aLet's try toggling required and all and make the whole thing normal width (with sidebar).19:18
replaceafillhow do you want to toggle? dropdown?19:18
replaceafillradio buttons?19:18
th1aWe might try moving the controls, filters, etc. into the sidebar for this too...19:23
replaceafillboy this connection is getting ridiculous20:24
replaceafillth1a, reload20:24
replaceafillradio buttons functional20:25
replaceafillwant me to move the filters to the sidebar?20:25
replaceafillif we do that, i think changing their values should submit the form, right?20:26
replaceafillinstead of having a Submit button?20:26
replaceafillbtw, we should replace Competencies with Skills here...20:28
replaceafillth1a, btw i found out how to fix the login form after logging in issue20:48
th1aThank God.20:48
replaceafillthe problem now is that the user gets redirected to the wrong page20:48
replaceafilli wonder why traversal behaves differently when you just got auth'ed20:49
th1aI guess we can just put the number of comps in the header.20:53
th1aLike Competencies (of 101)20:53
replaceafillah ok20:54
replaceafillyes, it's kind of redundant20:54
th1aPut five tics in, since 80% is significant here.20:57
th1aHighlight the rows that are over 80% with #5fd49f21:01
th1aWhat's that mean?21:01
replaceafillgood idea ;)21:02
replaceafillyou want the whole table row highlithed, right?21:07
replaceafillwe need a student with 80% :)21:08
th1aI think so.21:11
th1aWhole row.21:11
th1aI'll score someone up.21:12
replaceafillplease :)21:12
th1aew... too green!21:15
replaceafillbtw, th1a it's 80% passing, correct?21:15
replaceafillor 80% evaluated?21:15
th1a80% passing.Try bffcff21:16
th1aThat'll do for the moment.21:16
th1aer... try 94bfc121:17
dreichhey, replaceafill, i think i might have found a problem in your cando xmlrpc methods21:19
th1ahow about.... #C6DAB821:19
th1a(last one for now)21:19
dreich(and am currently interrupting something, sorry)21:20
replaceafillth1a, reload21:20
th1aLAST ONE: #D4E3C921:21
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th1aWelcome back replaceafill.21:52
th1aWe seemed to lose part of the internet there...21:52
replaceafilli've been waiting for you!21:52
replaceafillweird splits21:52
th1aSo... ?21:55
replaceafillsidebar filter?21:56
th1aMake the whole thing narrower -- regular table width.21:57
th1aKeep the bars the same size though.21:57
replaceafilli'll continue in 20 after lunch21:58
replaceafillth1a, back22:09
replaceafillnow it looks too narrow!22:09
replaceafilli can get used to it though ;)22:10
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replaceafillth1a, what's next?22:29
replaceafillth1a, i'll work on the worksheet change bug in the meantime22:47
th1aHey replaceafill.22:50
th1aOK, let's try a trick...22:50
replaceafill"we'll make the table disappear!"22:52
th1aI was thinking about making the green bar also indicate the numbers at each level.22:52
th1aMaybe we can do that using transparency.22:52
replaceafillwe can set text in the svg22:53
replaceafilljust the green bar, right?22:53
th1aNot textually.22:53
th1aLike, the % at exposed would be one transparency/color, etc.22:53
th1athe % at practicing or exposed would be darker, etc.22:54
th1a100% for passing, say,22:54
replaceafillwhat if the bar is very tiny?22:54
replaceafillor they overlap very much?22:54
th1aYou just won't be able to see that very well.  ;-)22:54
replaceafillok, you want the % then22:55
replaceafillinstead of the number22:55
th1aSo just to look at it you could make everything up to passing -1 75% transparency.22:55
th1aFor example.22:55
th1aDoes that seem plausible?22:56
replaceafilllet me see22:57
replaceafilltrying to understand22:57
replaceafillso the rated bar would be like [###|%%%% |********|$$$$$$$$$$]22:58
replaceafilleach sign being a color22:58
replaceafillsorry i may be not getting it right22:58
th1aI may not be either.22:58
replaceafillwireframe ;)22:59
th1aI think I reversed it.22:59
th1aSo the colored bar would use transparency to show how much of each score ABOVE the passing grade you got.22:59
th1aAnd then it would look like that.22:59
replaceafilljust the above ones23:00
th1alike ### is just passing23:00
th1a%%% is passing + 123:00
th1a***** is passing +223:00
th1awith higher being less transparent.23:00
th1a(or a different shade)23:00
replaceafilli understand now :)23:00
th1aWell, now it makes some sense.  ;-)23:01
replaceafillth1a, show we keep the tooltips the same?23:33
th1aWell, let me see if this seems like a good idea at all.23:33
replaceafillah ok23:33
replaceafillalmost done23:33

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