IRC log of #schooltool for Saturday, 2012-08-04

* th1a is getting sweaty.00:12
* replaceafill is learning svg :)00:13
replaceafilllots of cool stuff to do with it00:13
th1aAre the bars svg?00:13
th1aThey weren't though, right?00:13
th1aAre we back to the tooltip problem?00:14
replaceafillwe have transparent divs above00:14
replaceafilli mean, on top00:14
th1aDon't get too hung up on the transparentness here in terms of the display.00:15
th1aWe probably just want to pick colors.00:15
replaceafillth1a, i got the opacity right00:18
replaceafillbut i need to position the rects better00:18
th1aMaybe you need to think of this as one bar with different colors.00:19
th1aNot the gray bar and the red bar.00:19
replaceafilli think of them like many little bars00:20
replaceafillth1a, yes, i need to rethink this00:25
replaceafillthere's no z-index for the svg :(00:25
replaceafillthe rect's need to be positioned the right way in the svg00:26
th1aWell... how do you feel about this idea in general.00:26
replaceafilli like it00:26
th1aI think color will be better anyhow.00:26
replaceafillin any case, the smaller bar is coming in the background00:26
replaceafill(with color or just opacity)00:27
replaceafilli need to fix that00:27
replaceafilli'll go get take a shower and start over00:27
th1aBasically, when you change the score, what's going to happen is that which bars are green and which are gray will change.00:27
th1aBut the bars shouldn't move otherwise.00:27
replaceafillare we moving the filters to the sidebar?00:28
replaceafilli also need to get away from this vps editing00:29
replaceafillit's easier to update but a pain to edit stuff00:30
th1aI think we could move the filters.00:30
replaceafilli think we'd still need the submit button, right?00:30
th1aLook at this:
replaceafillsince there are 2 filter options00:30
th1aI guess.00:30
replaceafillin our case the boxes would have different sizes00:31
replaceafillbut that's the idea00:31
th1aJust in terms of coming up with colors.00:32
th1aThis doesn't need to be super precise from the user's point of view.00:32
th1aThey're just getting to see "ok this person is generally scoring very high" or "generally just making it"00:32
th1aBut I think calculating colors that way is better than transparency.00:33
replaceafillcan this be applied to the regular gradebook?00:33
replaceafilli mean this type of reporting?00:33
th1aOf course!00:34
th1aIt is all score systems.00:34
replaceafillso, that ^ formula instead of opacity, right?00:35
replaceafillcool, i'll work on this00:36
replaceafillwill send you an update email when i have something new00:37
replaceafillshower time00:37
th1aOK.  Thanks!00:37
replaceafillsee you th1a, have a good weekend00:37
replaceafillsee u monday00:37
th1aYou too!00:37
th1areplaceafill:  ayt?00:40
th1aDid you get my email?01:28
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th1areplaceafill: hey05:21
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