IRC log of #schooltool for Thursday, 2012-08-02

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replaceafilldreich, you around?16:14
replaceafillhey dreich16:14
replaceafilljust pushed the project methods16:15
replaceafillcheck the diff please16:15
replaceafilli put a few XXX16:15
dreichawesome!  thanks a lot16:15
replaceafilli didn't want to break your API16:15
replaceafillso i used comments on some stuff16:15
replaceafilllike methods that should be renamed and so on16:15
dreichah, cool16:16
replaceafillyou did miss the grade parameter in the set_..._competence signature ;)16:16
replaceafillso i added it16:16
replaceafilli'm not sure if there's a cando egg already, but i modified buildout to use the checkout in the meantime16:17
replaceafilli tested the methods only manually :(16:18
dreichah, thanks16:18
dreichand k16:18
replaceafillthey work so far ;)16:18
replaceafilllet me know if you have any trouble16:18
replaceafilllater we can refactor all the duplicated code, etc16:18
replaceafillgood luck!16:18
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dreichthanks again!16:19
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replaceafillth1a, zyt?18:17
th1ahi replaceafill18:17
th1aYou know what is bumming me out right now?18:17
replaceafillsvg? :D18:17
th1aThe feeling that I'm timed out of this report, and when I try to reload it, it'll make me sign in and then I'll be God Knows Where.18:18
th1aOK, go on.18:18
replaceafilli think it's related to the traversers issue, right?18:19
th1aAlso, for some reason I can't get back via browser history.18:19
th1aWhat's the url for the graphical report?18:19
replaceafillas eunita ;)18:19
th1aOK.  It is a start.18:20
th1aChange the header to be one row now.18:20
th1aI think we can do tooltips on SVG...18:21
th1atitle attribute?18:21
th1aI did it in one of my practice graphs.18:21
th1aOh, it is not consistent cross browser though.18:21
th1aSafari doesn't show them.18:21
th1aI don't know if this is somewhere where just mixing in some jquery is easier than trying to do everything in d3.18:22
replaceafillok, one line header18:22
replaceafilldo you want a single tooltip with all the data?18:23
th1aIdeally one for each of the bars.18:23
replaceafillah ok18:23
th1aTwo total, that is.18:23
replaceafillset the title attribute for the rect's18:29
replaceafillthe total one probably is not needed, right?18:29
replaceafillsince you have the number right there18:29
replaceafillwe could set titles like:18:30
replaceafillEvaluated: 318:30
replaceafillRated (i know i know) : 118:30
th1aDoesn't work in Chrome.18:30
th1a(does in FF)18:30
th1aAlso I know it doesn't work in Safari)18:30
replaceafillreload ff18:31
th1aYeah, that's the idea but I think we'll need JS.18:31
th1aI spent a lot of time fiddling with this issue.18:32
replaceafillgot it18:32
replaceafillth1a, should i send this to Glenda?19:12
th1aWe need to clean it up.19:13
replaceafillwhat changes should i make?19:13
th1aWell, let's look at it again.19:15
th1aI was wondering where you went.19:15
replaceafilli was trying to put tooltips19:15
replaceafillbut it would require a new version of jquery19:16
th1aIt is tricky, isn't it.19:16
replaceafilland i don't want that19:16
replaceafillthen i tried twitter bootstrap19:16
replaceafillbut it gets in the middle of our styles19:16
th1aThis might also be what got me thinking of divs...19:16
replaceafilland i don't want that either :)19:16
replaceafillwell, changing the svgs for divs is not hard19:17
th1aDoes that solve the hover problem?19:17
replaceafilllet me see19:17
replaceafillth1a, yes19:26
replaceafillit fixes it19:26
replaceafilli just have to adjust the divs again19:26
th1aThis won't always work but we should probably take it for now.19:26
th1areplaceafill:  Should I go for a sandwich now or will you have something in the next few minutes?19:45
replaceafillalmost done19:45
replaceafilladjusting widths19:46
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replaceafillevaluated and rated divs have tooltips19:46
replaceafilland they work in ff and chrome19:47
replaceafilli don't have safari :(19:47
th1aI'm sure it is fine.19:47
th1aSVG implementation is still less consistent.  More bleeding edge.  ;-)19:48
replaceafilli spent like 10 mins fighting .style vs .attr :(19:48
th1awhat's the scale here?19:48
th1aWhat does the white area represent?  100%?19:48
th1aMake the tooltips "%"19:49
replaceafillah ok19:49
th1aOK, so immediately we may run into the problem with this approach.19:49
th1aHow can we even do tick marks this way to indicate 25%, 50%, etc.19:50
replaceafilli read about them, but didnt try them yet19:50
th1aOh... yes, we're still using d3.19:50
th1aOK, play with that, I'll get a sandwich.19:50
replaceafillah damn!19:58
replaceafillticks work only with svg :(19:59
replaceafillthey produce <line>s19:59
replaceafilli wonder if we could put transparent divs above the svg to get the tooltips...20:00
th1aDid you do much googling on the svg tooltips in d3 issue?20:27
th1aThere are solutions.20:27
replaceafillreload though20:27
replaceafillhack ;)20:27
replaceafilli'm putting ticks now20:27
th1aI can't reload.20:28
th1aI may have to create a bookmark.20:28
th1aMuch as I hate bookmarks...20:28
th1agot it20:28
th1aWhat am I supposed to be seeing?20:29
replaceafill+ tooltips :)20:30
th1asee it20:30
replaceafillchanging to 25%20:30
th1aSwitch the outline bar to solid but lighter (maybe just 50% transparent for now)20:32
replaceafilli still need to understand how ticks work :/20:33
th1aHow'd you get those?20:34
replaceafillsvg lines20:34
replaceafillth1a, reload20:46
replaceafillticks are still off20:46
replaceafillfor a reason i don't understand20:46
replaceafillthey're calculated differently in the required column and the all column20:48
replaceafillreload now20:48
replaceafilljust 2 lines20:48
replaceafillsee the second column with 2 lines20:48
replaceafilland the first one with a single line20:49
replaceafillthe second column produces an extra tick for some reason20:50
replaceafillprobably a bad selector somewhere20:50
th1aI found them to be weird.20:50
replaceafillbut i'll figure it out ;)20:51
replaceafillcan we remove them for now20:51
replaceafillwhile we continue20:51
replaceafillthey're distracting me :D20:51
th1auh... they're really the main issue20:51
replaceafillwill dig into the manual20:52
replaceafillthis manual could use some index20:52
th1aI at least did enough to understand the pain points.20:54
th1ain d320:55
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replaceafillth1a, do you remember anything about transforms in d3?21:20
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th1areplaceafill:  Not really.22:25
replaceafillth1a, finally understood ticks :D22:25
replaceafillbut i don't know what's the best way to fix it22:25
th1aWhat's the problem?22:25
replaceafillthey're constant :D22:25
replaceafillyou say, i want 522:26
replaceafillthe 5 is like a minimum22:26
replaceafillif you have a range of 9022:26
replaceafillyou get22:26
replaceafill0, 20, 40, 60, 8022:26
replaceafilland in the other case we have 10122:26
replaceafillso it doesn't calculate 101/522:27
replaceafillit gives you:22:27
replaceafill0, 20, 40, 60, 80, 10022:27
replaceafillbecause the range allows it22:27
th1aSo why this offset?22:28
replaceafilllooks like the linear scale is global22:28
replaceafillbut really, i'm still looking22:29
replaceafilli want the 25% damn it!22:29
replaceafillth1a, i'll set up a new instance for Evelyn22:30
replaceafilli need some rest of this d3 s**t :D22:30
th1aIt seems like there's something missing.  I got stuck at this point too.22:31
th1aMaybe a mailing list question is in order.22:31
replaceafilli think i'll be able to find it out once i get lunch ;)22:31
replaceafillshould i include all the components in Evelyn's instance?22:32
replaceafillwith sample_data.xls?22:33
th1aALready loaded?22:33
replaceafillwith all the components22:45
replaceafillok, food time22:46
* replaceafill goes to get lunch, bb in ~3022:46
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