IRC log of #schooltool for Thursday, 2012-07-19

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th1ahi replaceafill.03:37
replaceafillhey th1a03:37
replaceafillhad a good trip?03:37
th1aWhat's up with jelkner's bug?03:37
replaceafillwe don't have students view yet03:38
th1aYes.  The girls were patient.03:38
th1aOh, it doesn't exist.03:38
th1aOK.  ;-)03:38
replaceafilli talked to jelkner03:38
replaceafilltold him maybe i could work on that on friday03:38
replaceafillto have it ready for monday03:38
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dreichhey, replaceafill?16:23
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replaceafillhey dreich16:28
dreichdo you know if there's a way to view internal server errors generated while running selenium tests?16:30
dreichI'm working on updating the QuizTakeView for ftests and it's a bit tricky16:30
replaceafilldreich, we're going to have the ST devs meeting now16:30
replaceafillwill ping you after that, ok?16:30
dreichcool, I'll be here16:31
th1ahi replaceafill, yvl, aelkner.16:32
yvlgood morning16:32
replaceafillgood morning/afternoon16:33
th1a& menesis.16:33
th1aOK… why don't you start replaceafil?16:33
replaceafilli worked on some more request from dwelsh16:34
replaceafilli set an empty database in the demo instance16:35
replaceafillbecause he's meeting glenda today16:35
replaceafilland i forgot to set up a separate to show my changes :(16:35
replaceafillbut i can do it later16:35
replaceafillso, i updated the ethnicity values as he requestedd16:35
aelknerwhen is he meeting glenda?16:36
replaceafilladded the skillsets popup to the skills gradebook16:36
replaceafillaelkner, today at 3:00 pm16:36
replaceafill(i think)16:36
replaceafillaelkner, "and we work today from 3pm until 5:30pm (EST)"16:36
replaceafilland finally, i fixed the permission issue with teachers and the section view16:37
aelknerok, i want to talk to you after this meeting to make sure the demo goes well16:37
replaceafillth1a, will you be around today?16:37
replaceafillso we can continue working on the colors for the gradebook16:38
replaceafilland i want to show you the accordions for the skillsets16:38
replaceafillbecause after inserting the accordions, the user cannot get to modify the required/optional flags16:38
replaceafillso we may need some redundant link somewhere16:38
replaceafillbut i didn't want to use a pencil16:38
replaceafilli'll set up a separate instance so we can see it16:39
replaceafillthat's it from me16:39
th1aOK.  If we already have the view to flip required/optional maybe it just could be a separate one.16:39
replaceafillah ok16:40
replaceafilli'll show you what i have so we can decide from there16:40
* replaceafill goes set up a new instance16:40
th1ayvl: would you like to go ahead while we're waiting.16:42
th1aThis is a demonstration of asynchronous processing.16:42
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yvlI implemented the two phase commit, though not as well as I wanted16:42
yvlmain reason is that task metadata is cleared before task start up and I failed to find why16:43
yvlor how to work around it16:43
yvlthat really bugs me, but oh well16:43
yvllet's make it work first, then look into that again, a week later16:44
yvlor something like that16:44
yvlso I'll start porting the import tomorrow16:45
th1aCleared within celery, you mean?16:45
yvlI'm probably missing something obvious16:45
th1aI see.16:45
yvlor maybe it's by design16:46
yvlso that user can control the metadata while the task is running,16:46
yvlnot when pending, or crashed, or in retry-pending16:46
th1aHm.  Well, let's get some examples running and perhaps we'll figure it out later.16:47
* yvl done16:49
th1aI'd love to be able to look at something Monday.16:50
yvlI'll do my best16:50
th1aPlease do.  ;-)16:50
th1aThanks yvl.16:50
aelknerok, i changed the parent ode and layers edit to edit children instead16:51
aelknerchanged the node and layer views to have tables instead of lists16:51
aelkneradded the tertiary to all the skills views16:51
aelknerand finally, i got breadcrumbs to work for the sills views16:52
aelkneroh, and i added there a no ... messages to the container views16:53
aelknerbut you can't see them with a non-empty data set16:53
* th1a is looking.16:56
th1aCan you make the breadcrumbs in the document view show the path through the document?16:57
aelkneri could try to do that, i'll need to figure it out16:58
th1aIt is a little fiddly, but seems wrong without it.16:59
aelkneri agree that the document path would be good for the breadcrumbs17:00
th1aOK, you've got a few other things, right?  HTML in descriptions (make that all levels).17:00
aelkneryes, that17:01
th1anodes, skillets, skills.17:01
th1aI guess documents.17:01
aelknerlayers checkboxes in nodes search17:01
aelkneryes, html descriptions for all17:01
aelkneralso, i need to put in protection against cyclic child references17:02
aelknerfinally, stests17:02
aelknerso i have plenty to do for monday17:02
th1aThanks aelkner.17:02
th1aAnything to add menesis?17:03
menesisanswered a question or two, no programming17:04
th1aOK.  Thanks menesis.17:04
replaceafilloh my!17:06
replaceafilli just got like 20 chat lines in a row!!!17:06
replaceafilli thought i was disconnected or something17:06
replaceafillnm, sorry17:06
th1aSo I think I'm going to have Vinny redesign the "School" page.17:12
th1aTo be based around a grid of icons.17:13
th1aSo I'm going to inquire about that.17:14
yvlno objections here :)17:14
th1aOK, I guess I'll close the "official" meeting...17:15
th1aHave a good week and weekend guys!17:15
* th1a drops the bag of gravel.17:15
replaceafillthanks everybody17:15
yvlgood week to you guys17:15
* th1a waiting on replaceafill.17:16
replaceafillth1a, almost don17:16
replaceafillimporting skills17:16
replaceafilli should copy this huge Data.fs before getting rid of them ;)17:17
th1aEh, get rid of that dark background.17:25
th1aOh… in the Assign Skills view, can I just search for a skill set?17:27
replaceafillskillsets don't match nodes17:28
replaceafilland we still have that constraint to show only nodes with skillsets associated17:28
replaceafillthat's why you only get courses17:28
replaceafill(in dwelsh case ofc)17:28
th1aIt seems to me you need to be able to add a skill set there.17:29
th1aI guess right now you can query the course and uncheck the rest.17:31
th1aThat's not an immediate priority but I'd like to change it before the release.17:31
replaceafillah ok17:31
th1aOctober release.17:32
replaceafilli want to implement the "search all children nodes" too17:32
th1aIn some cases you'll just have Document > skill set > skill anyhow.17:32
th1aMaybe a LOT of cases.17:32
replaceafilli'm fighting the background17:34
replaceafillth1a, leaving the background aside :)17:35
replaceafillyou see17:35
replaceafillwith the accordion, the user needs a way to access this:17:35
th1aThey need to edit the individual skills for required?17:36
replaceafilla pencil somewhere in the accordion?17:37
th1aIs that view per skill set or course?17:37
replaceafillthe one for editing required/optional?17:37
replaceafillper course skillset17:37
replaceafilltheir real name is course skillset :)17:38
th1aWhat is that?17:38
replaceafillskillsets are the objects associated with nodes17:39
replaceafillcourse skillsets are a copy of those17:39
th1aSkillsets attached to the course.17:39
th1aAnyhow, it is all of them.  I'd just keep it as a separate view you access through the action menu.17:40
th1aSet required/hidden17:40
th1aOr… visible.17:40
replaceafilla single view for changing all the skillsets at once?17:40
th1aI think we use "visible" checkboxes instead of "hidden" elsewhere.17:41
replaceafillah yes, in some parts of the gradebook17:41
th1aI would think all the skillsets at once would be best.17:41
replaceafillah ok17:41
replaceafilllast question th1a17:42
replaceafilldon't you think we should somehow show the required/optional info in these accordions17:42
replaceafillmaybe with the color coding?17:42
replaceafillor maybe insert the actual "required" column somehow17:43
replaceafillmaking the view to expand to the rest of the content container17:43
th1aIn the assigned skills view?17:44
th1aWe could fiddle with it.17:44
th1aTry making required bold and non-required not.17:44
replaceafillalthough i think it would be more important in the dialog teachers see17:44
replaceafillah ok17:44
replaceafillok, i'll continue with this after breakfast :)17:45
replaceafilldreich, you there?17:45
replaceafilldid you solve your problem?17:45
dreichthe specific one, yes, but it'd still be useful to know how to see server errors in tests17:46
dreichif you know a way offhand?17:46
replaceafillnot really, the thing is you don't output server errors or warnings by default17:46
replaceafillbecause that could cause problems when running the tests17:47
replaceafilllike getting test errors instead of failures17:47
replaceafilllet me look at the code17:47
replaceafilldreich, i'll look for a way to do it17:54
replaceafillor you could :)17:54
replaceafillmaybe we could pass a setting17:55
dreichi looked at the -help settings to bin/test, didn't see anything17:55
dreichit's not really a big deal, i was just wondering if you happened to know it17:56
replaceafillno, it's waitress (the wsgi server) that it's hiding it17:56
replaceafilli agree, it would be good to have it :)17:56
dreichcool, i'll keep looking for something like that and tell you if i find anything17:59
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dreichalso, replaceafill, apparently the view to edit deployed quizzes relies on schooltool being up, which it isn't for ftests18:52
dreichshould we just leave that untested, or is there a workaround?18:53
replaceafillwhat parts depend on ST?18:53
pgulleyjust in general- we can't make tests for features that require schooltool18:53
replaceafillpgulley, login.txt does that18:53
pgulleygetting schoolyears and sections18:53
replaceafillcan you login without having ST running?18:54
dreichnot properly, I think login.txt sorta works around that18:54
replaceafillit's not a work around, it's a hook18:55
replaceafillyou should simulate the services ST provides to pyquiz18:55
pgulleyokay that works18:56
replaceafillyou need deployment, right?18:56
replaceafillwhere does that data comes from18:56
replaceafillhow are the session's instructor/students sections set?18:56
replaceafillproxy server18:56
pgulleyvoila. okay. that is very useful to understand.18:57
replaceafillth1a, i forgot to show you:19:07
replaceafillsame passwd19:08
replaceafillin the sidebar19:08
replaceafillCourse Skills19:08
replaceafill- View19:08
th1aLooks good but something should be gray somewhere...19:09
th1aOr a shadow or something?19:10
replaceafillyou want it modal?19:10
th1aI think not, actually.19:12
th1aIt is nice to be able to keep it open while you grade.19:12
th1aIt just needs t a little more something I think… or maybe with a full size grade book it will stand out anyhow.19:13
replaceafillis the sidebar option ok?19:14
replaceafillmaybe we could put it under Help19:14
replaceafillprobably "Section Skills" is better for the group19:14
th1aYou could put it under "View."19:15
th1aView: Skills Pop-up.19:19
replaceafillth1a, reload19:27
replaceafillthe link looks weird below the radio buttons19:27
th1a<hr /> ?19:28
replaceafillcss ;)19:28
th1aI… don't have a problem with that.19:44
th1aI don't have a better idea at the moment, at least.19:45
replaceafilldisplay skillset 1220:04
replaceafillrequired are bold20:05
th1aTry optional in italic.20:21
th1aIntroducing Ubuntu Web Apps: setting the web free of the browser20:30
replaceafilllet's move ST to the HUD :)20:34
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th1aUn bold the required.20:42
th1aI think that's probably ok.20:44
th1aOr… good enough for now.20:44
th1a*I* am satisfied.  ;-)20:44
replaceafillok, will start on the view to edit the required/optional flags20:45
* replaceafill goes to get lunch20:51
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th1aDid aelkner have some concerns about preparing for this meeting?21:46
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gnutshello folks, is anyone available to answer a question?21:48
aelknerth1a, i was concerned about the skills import, but replaceafill showed me the commit that fixed the problem21:50
aelkneri just wanted to make sure we didn't run an old set of skills against the new import that has the new column21:51
aelknergnuts, i can try to field your question21:57
gnutsThank you, I am having trouble in that my schedule and clalendar are not matching whith the sections I have created. my server shows the time for my timezone and is correct. Schooltool is also set to my timezone, but the calendar shows meetings 5 hour ahead.22:00
gnuts the schedule is checked for 9a-11a, the calendar shows 2a-4a22:02
gnutssome of the meetings are off by 7 hous for other sections22:06
aelknerhm, that's an interesting problem, sorry i can't think of what could be causing it22:07
gnutsme either22:07
aelknerit might be a configuration setting in schooltool, but i'm only guessing22:07
aelknerdo you know how to submit a bug report on launchpad?22:07
aelknerthere is a 'Report a bug' button on the right22:08
th1aThe timezone support has always been fiddly.22:09
th1aWhat version are you running gnuts?22:09
gnutsof schooltool? the newest from presice repo22:10
th1aUnless you're exporting calendars to other clients, it is best to just use UTC in SchoolTool.22:10
th1aWhat timezone are you in?22:11
gnutsok - went to server calendar and selected utc, schedule slot says 9-11 calendar shows 8-1022:12
gnutsanother section schedule shows 9-12 calendar shows 8-10 and I am in america/denver22:15
th1aSo you are utc-6?22:18
gnutsseems like both times and lengths of time are not translating from schedule to calendar accurately22:19
gnutsutc-7 unless it is daylightsavings time22:19
gnutsdaylight savings is currently on so yes, utc-622:20
gnutssorry, I was looking it up myself22:21
th1aTimezones somewhat frequently get screwed up (I rue the day I decided to add them), but it would be unusual if section lengths were wrong.22:21
th1aIf so it is probably related to fiddling with the time zones.22:22
th1aDo you have data on this instance or are you just testing?22:22
gnutsI have data, but not a lot this will be the first quarter I use it. ive added 5 sections in three courses and about 60 students22:23
gnutsis ther a use server local time option somewhere?22:23
th1aDo you need it to be on the right time zone?22:24
gnutsIt would be nice, but I could live with it this way for a while. I wouldn't be able to demo it for any other teachers though22:25
gnutsI'd like consistencey with the lengths of classes though22:26
th1aNo… I mean, displaying the right time through the web browser, but everything is UTC internally, so… basically you'd only know it if you exported the iCal I think.22:26
gnutsthat would be just fine.22:26
th1aIs the section length a new problem or it never worked?22:27
gnutsI will not export to ical22:27
gnutstoday is the first time I noticed it, but I only made the classes yesterday.22:27
th1aThe only guy who understands the time zones at this point is in Lithuania, so he's asleep.  ;-)22:30
gnutswell this sure isn't worth waking up for. I'm mostly trying to use it for attendance, and to grow it from there. thanks for working with me. should I tell anyone about the different lengths thing or just let it go for now?22:33
th1aI'll just send an email to the developer referring him to this conversation.22:35
th1areplaceafill: Are you there?22:37
replaceafillth1a, yes22:37
th1aJump on Google chat.22:37
replaceafilli am22:37
replaceafillhold on22:37
replaceafillth1a, reloaded22:39
th1areplaceafill: Can you join the hangout.22:52
th1aI thought we all were going to be in on the hangout.23:08
th1aI mean, with Glenda.23:12
gnutsth1a - i set the schooltool timezone to a city in utc+1 and now at leat all my start times are accurate23:25
th1aYou still have a duration problem?23:25
th1aYou could file a bug about that one.23:26
gnutsyes a 2.5 hour slot in the schedule shows as a 3 hour slot on the calendar, and I lied all my afternooon classes still have inaccurate start times23:27
th1aJust afternoon.23:30
gnutsI'm trying to check something, is there a way to edit a timetable as administrator after it has been saved?23:31
th1aI don't think the changes propagate to the existing sections.23:32
th1aCan you give us a screenshot of the timetable views and how it comes out in the calendar?23:32
gnutsmaybe, this might be hapenning becaeuse I did use 24 hour format in my original timetable..  making a new one..23:33
gnutsyep, fixed. both start times and lengths. not it just thinks I'm in Africa but all else is good23:36
gnutsnot = now, sorry23:36
th1aOK.  Good.23:36
gnutsamazing how often things come down to user error23:38
gnutshave a great day, and thanks.23:41
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