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mattva01hey menesis, what's the software running the irc logger?00:10
menesismattva01: Supybot00:16
menesispovbot_: say hi :)00:19
povbot_menesis: Error: "say" is not a valid command.00:19
menesispovbot_: url00:19
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mattva01lol, thanks :p00:19
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mattva01yeah, will probably make a variant for jelkner's new enterprise :p00:20
mattva01ok dinner time00:20
replaceafillfreenode is going to have #jelkner? :D00:24
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replaceafilllooks like dwelsh demo didn't go very well :(00:26
replaceafillhe got stucked with the VA sections import00:26
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replaceafillth1a, i think should use the new ajax tables17:27
replaceafillso it can be sorted any way17:28
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th1areplaceafill: Sure.17:58
replaceafilli just realized that the order in /manage and /terms doesn't match :|17:59
replaceafillhttp:// (see the Terms table)17:59
replaceafilli'll set a single table for both views17:59
* replaceafill goes to take a shower, bb in 30 mins18:02
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jelknerth1a, replaceafill are you both here?18:54
replaceafilljelkner, i'm here18:54
jelkneri was thinking if you were both here, we could talk now18:55
jelknerotherwise, i'll just wait until 2:15 pm18:55
th1aI am here.18:55
jelknercan we talk now?18:56
jelkneri'm at lunch break18:56
jelknerand finished lunch18:56
th1aI can talk.18:57
jelknercool, let me start18:57
jelknerwe want to run a ST pilot at the HILT Institute next school year18:57
jelknerwe want to use the full suite18:57
jelknerGradebook, Journal, Intervention, CanDo18:58
jelkneralso, my colleagues are most interested in Pyquiz18:58
jelknerand in doing work explicitly using that to assess skills18:58
jelknerdo either of you have any questions about who we are or how we would use the system?18:59
th1aI don't think so.19:00
replaceafilli guess my only question would be: will you need integration between every component?19:00
replaceafilli mean, cando -> gradebook, pyquiz -> gradebook, etc19:00
jelkneri would say that is the goal19:00
jelknerbut not a requirement to start the year19:00
jelknerbut yes19:01
jelknerthat's the idea19:01
jelknerwe have pyquiz -> gradebook already19:01
replaceafillwe don't have cando -> gradebook yet19:01
jelknerso my next big question is, do the two of you  think we can / should proceed?19:01
jelknerbefore answering19:01
jelkneri want to say that what that means to me is that we have a fairly smooth ride for my colleagues19:02
jelknerthis summer has been a bit rought19:02
jelkneri wouldn't want that to happen to isaac, sean, and pat19:02
jelknerwe will loose them if it does19:02
jelkneri certainly fault myself for not being more proactive19:03
jelknerso i'm trying to correct that now by asking for this meeting19:03
jelknerif you two think we can do this, i want to develop a plan now19:03
replaceafilljelkner, leaving out pyquiz and the missing grades for students in cando, what other parts have been rough?19:04
jelknerand have deadlines and goal markers for meeting an august 27th launch19:04
jelknercando has been all that has been rough19:04
jelknerbut that is all i use19:04
jelknerlike last summer19:04
jelknerthis is a competency based program19:04
jelkneri don't even use the other gradebook19:04
jelknerso monday we are half way through the program19:04
jelknerand my students have yet to see a score19:05
jelknerthey rock19:05
jelknera wonderful group of eager learners19:05
jelknerso we are doing ok19:05
jelknerbut we should have been ready to talk skills tracking on july 219:05
jelkneri need to train my colleague during our 1st week back19:05
jelkneraugust 27 to 3119:06
jelknerif we don't have a system up and running and ready for that19:06
jelknerwe will be hurting19:06
jelknercan we do it?19:06
th1aI think we'll be fine.19:07
jelknerreplaceafill, do you say go?19:07
replaceafilljelkner, imho i know you're busy, but a test run is worth19:08
jelknercool, that's agenda item 1 and 219:08
jelknernow for 319:08
replaceafilli think that the approach of finding missing parts on the ground hurts you19:08
replaceafillat least for this (cando)19:08
th1atbh, there has been no turning back since the spring anyhow.19:08
jelknerso let me share my thoughts on 319:09
jelkneri originally thought having us run on the main APS instance was the way to go19:09
jelknerfor two reasons:19:09
jelkner1. political.  It makes us "official" and expanses the uses to which the system supported instance is used19:10
jelkner2. practical.  It meant dwelsh was responsible for the system and not me ;-)19:10
jelkneri'm now not sure that is the right thing at this stage19:10
jelknerit certainly should be19:10
jelknerbut my impression is that the system is  still too immature19:11
jelknerand that CTE and HILT Institute still have very different needs19:11
jelkneri see stress and strain in negotiating whose needs matter (a battle HILT Institute would loose)19:12
jelknerso my feeling now is that we keep the current vm and run our own ST there19:12
replaceafilli have no problem maintaining a separate vm for you19:13
jelknerthanks, replaceafill, but the question is, do you think that is the most effective deployment strategy?19:14
th1aIt sounds like it is necessary politically.19:16
jelknerth1a, i agree19:16
jelknerand technically too19:16
jelknerwe want all kinds of still early development functionality19:17
jelknerand are a "small school" use case19:17
jelknerCTE is a "big school" use case19:17
jelknerwith very different needs19:17
replaceafilland i don't think the official CTE will be interested in integrating pyquiz for example19:17
replaceafillyou need your own19:17
jelknerbesides, i had so much fun reading the ST book and setting up the small school, i wan to do it again! ;-)19:18
jelknerbut with a chapter on cando19:18
jelknerjoking aside19:18
jelkneri'm serious about that19:18
th1aMaybe you could calm Welsh down about terms.19:19
jelknerthe ST book has convinced me that you folks have developed an excellent application for the small school use case19:19
jelkneri won't give up trying, but don't hold your breath19:19
jelknerST is really well documented and easy to setup19:19
jelknerfor a program as complicated as a SIS, that's a real accomplishment19:20
jelkneryou should let us pilot it for you from that perspective19:20
jelknerso i'll admin the system for HILT Institute19:20
jelknerthis was easy19:20
jelknerreplaceafill, i have to get back to class19:21
jelkneryou and i should meet soon to create a timeline19:21
jelknerworking backwards from august 2719:21
jelknerthanks, gentleman!19:21
jelknerhave a great weekend19:21
replaceafillu2 jelkner19:21
th1aThanks jelkner.19:21
jelknerreplaceafill, you'll email me when students can see their skills?19:22
jelkneri'm planning on introducing that on monday19:22
replaceafilli'll mark the bug as "Fix committed" too19:22
replaceafilljelkner, yes19:22
replaceafilland i'll update your instance with the fix19:22
jelknerthanks again...19:22
*** jelkner has quit IRC19:22
replaceafillsee u19:22
replaceafillth1a, zyt?19:46
th1aWe meeting with Welsh?20:35
replaceafillhe just pinged me in google chat20:36
th1aI'm done with the other meeting.20:36
* replaceafill goes get his stuff20:37
th1aThe same skill in different courses should be the same skill.21:03
replaceafilllet me try21:03
th1aDavid isn't particularly consistent in this regard.21:04
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th1aThe thing here is that CanDo per se hasn't been running behind schedule.  It is this importing and other SchoolTool stuff.21:21
replaceafilli'll take the two tasks about terms dwelsh just sent21:27
* replaceafill goes to get lunch21:52

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