IRC log of #schooltool for Wednesday, 2012-07-18

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jelknerdreich, please walk over to my room and alert me when replaceafill, aelkner, or th1a appear in this channel16:08
jelkneri won't be able to watch it closely16:08
jelknerbut i want to talk to one of them this morning16:08
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dreichok, I will16:13
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dreichaelkner, did you get jeff's email?17:32
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aelknerhey dreich18:46
aelkneryou'll have to see how douglas responds18:47
jelknerwill he be here today?18:47
jelkneri really need to plan18:47
jelknerthis caught me by surprise18:47
jelkneris he the only dev working on cando?18:47
jelkneri thought you were too...18:48
aelknerhe's working on the gradebook part (which the student grades are the last part to do)18:48
aelknerand tom decides what he's working on, so i'll leave that to them to tell you18:48
aelknerthat part has been in flux for a while (the teacher part) with many demos given18:49
aelknerof on-going changes, and now demo has called for student grades18:49
aelknerso now that you are mentioning it, it will probably get done soon18:49
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