IRC log of #schooltool for Tuesday, 2012-07-17

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replaceafillth1a, zyt?16:51
th1ahi replaceafill.16:59
replaceafillhey th1a16:59
replaceafillquick question16:59
replaceafilli'm adding  the view to remove skillsets17:00
replaceafillis it ok if i change the sidebar group to:17:00
replaceafill* Assign17:00
replaceafill* Remove17:00
th1aI was going to suggest that.17:01
th1aSo yes.17:01
replaceafillah ok17:02
replaceafilli made "Remove" conditional17:02
replaceafillappears only if the course has skillsets assigned17:02
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pgulleyreplaceafill, I'm working on writing tests for images, and have encountered a problem20:12
pgulleyzodb.testrunner doesn't use any of the .ini files to initialise a database, it just uses a MappingStorage object20:12
pgulleycan't handle blobs20:13
pgulleyI've tried passing testrunner different things with the buildout script, but nothing seems to be taking.20:14
replaceafilllet me see the code20:14
replaceafillsee pyquiz.tests.pyquiz_selenium.SeleniumLayer20:16
replaceafillthe testSetUp method20:16
replaceafillthe layer uses a memory db20:16
replaceafilltry changing that to a regular db20:17
replaceafillwith blobs enabled20:17
pgulleyahh alright. was looking in the wrong place entierly20:17
replaceafilland make sure you delete the created files in the teardown20:18
pgulleyright, of course20:18
replaceafillth1a, zyt?20:19
replaceafillth1a, ah never mind, i found it :)20:20
th1aI am here.20:21
* replaceafill needs to organize his dev notes20:21
replaceafilli think the "select all" checkboxes should be empty by default20:27
th1aYes, empty by default.20:28
th1aTh e accordions are nice.20:28
replaceafillyour idea ;)20:28
replaceafilli'll put headers above the "select-all" checkboxes20:28
replaceafilllike in the Required/Hidden cases20:28
th1aThe styling works though.20:29
th1a(in the accordions)20:29
replaceafillcould you log in as:20:32
replaceafillsame passwd20:32
replaceafilland go to:20:32
replaceafilli didn't use all dwelsh observations20:33
replaceafilljust justified the text and removed the background changing20:33
replaceafilli did group all the css styles20:33
th1aDo you want to try changing the background color for the optionals?20:34
replaceafillso we need to change one rule20:34
replaceafillyou mean the column background, correct?20:34
replaceafillor the "tooltip" background?20:34
replaceafillah and added the Color Codes help20:35
th1aColumn header background.20:35
th1aTry the calendar blue.20:36
th1aAlso, make all the text the same color.20:36
replaceafillblack text?20:39
th1aTry #bfdfff20:42
replaceafilli like the idea of marking the header background instead of the tooltip text20:44
th1aI'm back off the phone with Steven.21:02
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replaceafilldwelsh says he'll be ready in 10 mins21:44
* replaceafill goes to get lunch23:14

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