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th1aAre we hanging out?00:01
replaceafillth1a, not yet00:01
aelknerwelsh had a flat tire, will join us soon00:02
replaceafillaelkner, the section-enrollment xls doesn't match the teachers xls, right?00:03
replaceafilli'm getting:00:03
replaceafillicon 2011-12CTECourseSectionDetails I2 Provided Teacher ID was not found"00:04
replaceafillor maybe i'm missing something00:04
aelknerhmm, could it be that you don't have the latest import code?00:04
aelknersorry, should have realized, i haven't merged to trunk because the sections impoerters were so in flux00:05
replaceafillah ok00:05
replaceafilli can use your branch then?00:05
aelkneri could merge now anyway since trunk is not gong to be turned into a release in the next three days00:05
replaceafilli can use your branch if you prefer that00:05
aelkneryeah, do that then00:05
replaceafillaelkner, you don't have a branch for schooltool.virginia?00:07
aelknerthat's what i was saying before,00:07
replaceafilli think it's a problem with the xls files00:07
replaceafillnot the importing code00:07
replaceafillteachers match00:08
replaceafillcould you push your latest changes?00:08
aelknerwhich changes, which branch?00:08
replaceafilli'm trying to import VA sections00:09
replaceafillbtw, that view name has a typo:00:09
aelknerah, good catch00:09
aelknerbut what's not working?00:10
replaceafillit seems to me that it's looking for the teacher id in the wrong column00:10
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replaceafill2011-12CTECourseSectionDetails I2 Provided Teacher ID was not found00:10
replaceafillin the section enrollment xls the I column is teacher_first_name00:11
replaceafillthis is my instance btw:
aelknerwhat is the col number for the teacher id in your
aelknerit should be 700:14
aelknerand student_id is 1000:14
aelknerwhat do have?00:14
replaceafillteacher_id = self.getRequiredTextFromCell(sh, row, 7).strip()00:14
aelkneryeah, so why would that yield I2?!00:15
replaceafillstudent_id = self.getRequiredTextFromCell(sh, row, 10).strip()00:15
aelknerit should be H200:15
aelkner0 = A, 1= B, ... 7 = H00:15
th1aOK, I'm going to make dinner.00:15
th1aYou guys are on your own.00:16
th1aMake no promises.  ;-)00:16
aelkneragreed, we'll refer him to you00:16
aelknerthe validation below need to change when we removed the column00:17
aelkneri'll fix that and push right away00:18
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pgulleyreplaceafill, I've been implimenting images, and just tried to save them using blobs16:33
pgulleybased on this16:33
pgulleyI've implimented that pretty much to the letter, made a few changes16:33
pgulleyUnsupported: Storing Blobs in <ZODB.FileStorage.FileStorage.FileStorage object at 0x97d288c> is not supported.16:34
replaceafilldid you enable blobs in the configuration?16:34
replaceafillalso, i don't think you really need z3c.blobfile16:34
replaceafillyou can use it of course16:35
pgulleyI'm not sure how I would go about doing that. add plone to the buildout?16:37
replaceafillset the blobstorage_dir16:37
replaceafillunder zodbconn.uri in the .ini file16:38
pgulleywhew okay. that's working now. thanks.16:46
th1areplaceafill:  How'd it go yesterday?16:59
replaceafillgood, dwelsh liked the new /sections view16:59
replaceafilland the tree in the accordion16:59
replaceafillhe just said the dropdown filter for courses will get too big for his case16:59
replaceafillhe said he had like 90 courses in his instance17:00
replaceafillbut he liked the terms checkboxes17:00
th1aJust make sure the courses are sorted alphabetically.17:00
replaceafillthey are17:01
th1aWe could also make it a textbox.17:01
th1aOr both.17:01
replaceafillhe suggested using a textbox17:01
replaceafillfor searching17:01
th1aI'm ok with that.17:02
th1aAny other outstanding concerns?17:17
th1areplaceafill:  The Fab Academy meeting went well.  Seems like a good fit and the best news is their year starts in January.17:23
th1aWe'll probably do one instance for their sites around the world (global, but under 100 students total).17:23
* replaceafill is back from breakfast17:37
replaceafillth1a, no, no more issues from dwelsh17:38
th1aOh, good.17:38
replaceafillwe're meeting again tomorrow to show the course skill assignment17:38
replaceafilland he asked for that view you suggested once17:38
replaceafillthat assigns everything automatically17:38
replaceafillbased on course codes17:38
replaceafilli'll work on that today to17:38
replaceafillis the Fab Academy that place you took aelkner, yvl and I for the providence sprint?17:39
replaceafillthe one with 3d printers?17:39
th1aAS220 Labs is one of the Fab Academy sites, but essentially the academic dean for the Fab Academy works at AS220, so she can make the decision.17:40
th1aIt is the classic "I'm doing all this in Excel and it is killing me" situation.  ;-)17:40
replaceafillth1a, btw, dwelsh said we should leave the Students column in /sections18:02
th1aOK.  I don't have a strong feeling about it.18:02
replaceafillhe just suggested swapping it with Teachers18:02
th1aSounds fine.18:02
th1aOK... I guess I need to ditch my 12 year old USB hub.18:06
replaceafillth1a, that view welsh requested, assigning skills to courses automatically by course id18:25
replaceafillit's just for APS, right?18:25
replaceafillit should go in schooltool.virginia18:25
th1aWell, not necessarily.18:25
th1aI'm already thinking the Fab Academy might use it.18:25
replaceafillok, i'll put it in schooltool.cando then18:25
th1areplaceafill:  Could you throw a Done button at the bottom of this form (as well as where it is) that I can also take a screenshot of as an option?18:35
replaceafillah ok18:36
replaceafillth1a, done18:39
replaceafillto capture the whole page ;)19:05
th1aAh, nice.19:05
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replaceafillth1a, aelkner does the xls data we're using for demoing dwelsh coming from real data?19:45
aelknerreplaceafill, the skills data come from the actual verso web site, so in that case, yes in total19:50
aelknerthe other data is a subset of real data that welsh himself threw together19:51
aelknerso, in that case, yes, sort of19:51
replaceafillaelkner, it's just that for courses, the goverment_id matching with skillsets doesn't make sense to me19:52
replaceafillah, i think i have dwelsh production Data.fs from the sprint19:52
replaceafilli'll look19:52
replaceafillright those goverment ids are wrong19:55
aelkneryou'll see that the node id for course level nodes as well as theur matching skillsets starts with the government id19:56
aelknerthen, there is the year, index that makes up a version number19:56
aelkneryvl did coding for downloading from the verso web site, so he must have had a reason for putting version numbers there19:56
replaceafillDigital Input Technologies (18) is 6160 in dwelsh production data19:56
aelknerwhen i mentioned it to welsh, he seemed fine wth it19:57
aelkneryes, and it matches to course 8437-2011 in the Nodes sheet19:57
aelkneralso, to the set of skillsets with the same id + index19:58
aelknerthat's what the index is for, i remember now, to set each skillset for the same course apart19:58
aelknerthat part i did, i built the xls file, and that was the case of using an index for tie-breaking19:58
replaceafillmy point is that in the Nodes sheet, Digital Input Technologies is 6160-201119:59
replaceafillnot 8437-201119:59
replaceafillthat's why the courses xls doesn't seem "real"19:59
replaceafillat least its goverment id column20:00
aelkneryou have to understand, the verso skills tree is messy, having multiple paths20:00
aelknerso, there is a matching course node to the course id, you're just finding a match on title20:01
aelknerthere are several nodes that have the same title, but lead to different child nodes20:01
replaceafilli think we have to match course government with courses nodes in Nodes20:02
aelknerthe course id match is ore reliable than title is all i'm saying20:02
replaceafillah definitely20:02
aelkneryou could do title search on schooltool courses20:02
replaceafillno, dwelsh said government id20:02
replaceafillthat's why i asked if it was unique20:03
aelknerand use result set to match on verso ids20:03
aelkneryes, you should ultimately match on government ids20:03
aelknerbut, you could help them find those ids with a course search20:03
replaceafillah, yes20:04
replaceafillbut i'm working on the "automatic" assignment view20:04
replaceafillthe ones that "detects" both parts20:04
replaceafilland ask if the match you're about to do is correct20:04
aelknerwell, automatic is easier because you have control when you're coding it20:04
aelknerbut, you also need the manual one20:05
aelkneri'd say, do this:20:05
aelknerwrite the easier auto-match one first so that glenda sees what she wants to see20:05
aelknerthen work on a manual assignment later in your leasure20:05
th1aOr you could just have a drop down of the likely course attributes.20:06
aelknerwelsh will want that for teachers, and jelkner, too20:06
aelknerreplaceafill, on the automatch, you really are talking about a 'push this button once' type view20:07
aelknerthat works like an importer, changing data all over the place20:07
replaceafillaelkner, imho, as i told welsh, it should be 2 steps20:07
replaceafillbut with an intermediate step20:07
replaceafillto select/deselect stuff you don't want20:07
replaceafillhe agreed on that btw20:08
aelknersure, i remember, i'm just saying the push once view may be a good first step to get ready for glenda20:08
aelknerbut it's up to you20:08
replaceafillgot you20:08
aelknerthe nice thing about that will be the ability to start from a fresh db, run the many imports20:09
aelknerand finally push the one button to bring the db to a demo-ready state20:10
aelknerand that we could repeat this process quickly while we react to bug fix ideas20:10
replaceafillwhat do you think of this logic: matching only schooltool courses that have no skills assigned yet?20:11
replaceafilli'm thinking of someone using this multiple times20:11
aelknerah, the rerun logic, right, the same issues as reimporting20:11
replaceafillaelkner, how would you "detect" a course node?20:12
aelknerif you have time for bells and whistles on the push once view, you could have a checkbox for force overwrite20:12
aelkneryou don't really need to detect the nodes, just find the skillsets20:13
aelknerthe skillset ids start with the goverment id20:13
aelknerah, you meaning finding the matching course?20:13
replaceafilli was wondering for searching20:13
aelknerwe dn't have a course index on that field, how could we on a demo field anyway?20:13
aelkneranyway, courses are rare, 90 is a lot for a dropdown, but not for reading all, building dict20:14
aelknerthat's what i'd recommend doing20:14
replaceafillremember dwelsh wants a search like:20:15
replaceafillprogram area -> course20:15
replaceafillto assign skills by course20:15
replaceafillso, i need to detect "program areas" and "courses"20:15
replaceafillin the layers hierarchy20:15
aelkneri thought we were talking about the push once20:15
replaceafilldidn't make that clear20:16
aelkneryou and th1a love to switch context without announcing :)20:16
* replaceafill goes look dwelsh google doc to see what's a program area now20:16
replaceafilli need to be able to search occupations and courses nodes20:18
replaceafillor is that clusters...?20:18
replaceafillwell i'll start with the automatic one and ask welsh about the hierarchy to search20:19
aelknerlook at the xls file in the Levels sheet20:21
replaceafillyou mean Layers?20:22
aelknerah, heck, i mean Layers20:22
aelknerthose two words have a way of switching themselves20:22
aelkneri agree that occupation is the one you want20:22
aelknerbut yes, start with the automatic one, it will pay off big at the glenda meeting20:24
replaceafillthe google doc is what makes me doubt20:24
replaceafillmatches program ares with clusters20:24
aelknerwhy don't wait until we meet with welsh to worry about that one20:25
aelknerthe automtach should keep you busy until then20:25
replaceafillthanks aelkner i'll get started20:25
aelknerglad to help20:25
th1areplaceafill:  In a general version, you'll need to select the layer and I'd say the course attributes to match.20:37
aelknerthe question will be how to expect to find a demo field in a general version20:38
aelkneractually, sooy, government id is not a demo field20:38
replaceafillth1a, ah ok, so you wouldn't look for the government_id directly20:39
replaceafillbut matching by "attribute" instead20:39
replaceafilli could do that (i think)20:39
th1aI'm just saying, you could do it by government_id, or schooltool id, or local id...20:39
th1awe have several.20:39
aelknerah, the dialog allows the user to chose the attribute to match, yes, that would work20:39
th1aFab Academy doesn't have government id's.20:40
th1aMan, Ubuntu installs fast on an SSD.20:45
replaceafillanything installs fast on a SSD ;)20:45
th1aMy read rate went from 22mb/s to 133mb/s.20:45
replaceafilland starts fast20:45
replaceafilli was really impressed the first time i saw Debian booting on my ssd20:46
th1aI thought it was alt-click something.20:54
replaceafillas in gnome 2 panels?20:54
th1aYeah, the system monitor.20:54
replaceafillsystem load indicator20:55
th1aok found it.20:56
replaceafillmake sure it's in your startup apps20:57
replaceafillso it always loads20:57
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th1aI have no idea what they're actually selling.22:06
th1aThis is not very clever: "To make money, Clever will be charging developers to use their API, and while that might seem like a deal breaker, developers are incentivized to do this and introduce them to new institutions, the team believes, because their apps/products become more appealing to schools should they come with Clever integration."22:07
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