IRC log of #schooltool for Friday, 2012-06-29

replaceafillth1a, zyt?00:01
th1ahi replaceafill.00:22
replaceafilli'm about to finish the mail i was writing to you00:23
replaceafill"Assign Courses Skills" option.00:23
replaceafillSelect "Alternate ID". Click Search.00:23
th1aThis is off topic, but can we make the Log in button redirect you to where you came from by default?00:24
th1aThat is, if you're looking at something, then click Log In.00:24
replaceafillah ok00:24
th1aWhich attribute hypothetically works here?00:26
replaceafillalternate id00:27
th1aThis is hard wired for the course level?00:28
replaceafillhere we're talking schooltool courses00:28
th1aThe highlighting when I mouse over the table is kind of confusing.00:29
th1aWhat layer is used?00:29
replaceafillthere are no layers involved, i'm using the skillsets container00:29
replaceafillcourses relate to skillsets00:29
th1aHow are the skillsets associate?00:29
replaceafillin the data model00:29
replaceafillCourseSkills class00:30
th1aI have no idea how this works.00:30
th1aI thought the idea was that a node in the course layer had the same id as a course course.00:30
th1aANd we were matching them.00:30
replaceafillwe "could" do that00:30
replaceafilland get the same result00:30
replaceafilli think that's what we need to do for "search and assing"00:31
th1aWhere is the skillset metadata you're using here?00:31
replaceafillit's "schooltool" id00:31
replaceafillthe __name__ attribute00:31
th1aDOn't they all have different id's?00:32
replaceafillthey do00:32
replaceafillbut the first part of their __name__ is the government_id00:32
th1athat's stupid.00:32
replaceafillit's the same case when we use nodes00:32
replaceafillnodes have goverment_id + year ids00:33
th1aYeah, that's wrong.00:33
th1aTHey don't need the year id's there.00:33
th1aWe should just be matching course id's.00:33
th1aOK, well, that's how we're doing it.00:33
th1aYou can inform Welsh.  ;-)00:34
replaceafilli think that's what welsh wants actually00:34
th1aoh.  inform aelkner.00:34
replaceafilli'll modify the verso skills getter00:34
replaceafillto spit the corret ids00:34
th1aor yvl00:34
replaceafilli thought yvl put it there for some kind of history purpose00:34
replaceafillremember that nodes live in a single container00:35
replaceafilli guess that for demoing purposes, this works for welsh00:35
th1aWell, don't they have some kind of label?00:35
replaceafillhe can get the skills assigned00:35
replaceafillnodes have title and descriptions iirc00:36
replaceafillyes, that's correct00:37
th1aPretty much everything should have label/title/description.00:37
th1aWhy don't we just let the user pick the layer and the attribute to match.00:38
replaceafillby attribute you mean the layer attribute?00:38
th1aUm... yes?00:38
th1aIs layer an attribute of a node?00:39
replaceafilllayers have only titles :D00:39
th1aPick the layer, and pick the attribute of the nodes in that layer that will be matched.00:39
* replaceafill scratches his head...00:40
replaceafilli'm trying to visualize it...00:40
replaceafillso it will be00:41
replaceafill[schooltool course attribute] [layer] [layer attribute]?00:41
replaceafillah ok00:42
replaceafillyou confused me by not mentioning the st course ;)00:42
replaceafillok, i'll work on that change00:42
th1aThat should work in the general case.00:42
replaceafilli agree00:43
replaceafillusers should have control over the hierarchy00:43
replaceafilllayer + layer attribute does that00:43
th1aOK.  Cool.00:43
th1aOff to finish dinner.00:43
replaceafillthanks th1a00:43
th1athank you00:44
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aelknerreplaceafill, ayt?01:37
replaceafillaelkner, yes01:37
replaceafillalmost leaving though01:37
aelkneri just saw your chat about matching ids01:37
aelkneri disagree that it was stupid to put the year id in the id of the skillset01:38
replaceafilldid i say that?!?!01:38
aelknerit is a result of the versioning that they do, year over year, of the skills01:38
replaceafilli apologize if i did :(01:38
aelknerth1a said, 'that's stupid' and 'THey don't need the year id's there'01:39
aelkneri didn't make that decision, that was what yvl came up with01:39
aelkneri think he may have had a reason for that01:39
replaceafilli do too01:39
aelknermaybe we could check with him01:39
replaceafillarchive or something01:39
replaceafillas i told th1a they're in a single container01:39
aelknerah, yes, that's another reason for the versioning in the id01:40
replaceafillalthough th1a's idea of having label may work01:40
aelknerjust remember, these things change year to year, and that's a big part of schooltool.courseindfo01:40
replaceafillyou don't match the id, but the label or something01:40
aelknerah, yes, i see he talked about flexible attribute matching01:41
replaceafillin any case i think the "current" view works for dwelsh demo01:41
aelknerthat will be a good flexibility to have01:41
replaceafillbut i'll work on making it better, as th1a suggested01:41
aelknerbut yes, remember the priority is the glenda demo, and that's where the money is :)01:42
replaceafilli think we have that covered ;)01:42
replaceafillok, i have to run01:42
replaceafillsee you tomorrow aelkner01:42
replaceafillthanks for the ideas today01:43
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* replaceafill just realized that the course_id+year comes from CTE's api20:17
replaceafillthe year is called "edition"20:18
aelknerreplaceafill, i did say that yesterday, didn't i?20:28
replaceafillaelkner, i think so20:29
aelkneri also mentioned that it comes into play with schooltool.courseinfo20:29
replaceafillbut i didn't know i comes from their api20:29
replaceafilli thought it was part of the code itself20:29
aelkneryeah, it's what yvl did when he wrote the part of the code that does the json calls into the api20:30
replaceafilllet's put nodes inside years! ;)20:30
replaceafillaelkner, did you write the code to convert the json dump to xls?20:33
replaceafillcould you share that script?20:35
replaceafilli'd like to test putting the year edition in a node's attribute20:35
replaceafillto do the matching20:35
aelknerit's a bit messy at the moment20:35
replaceafillnp, i don't think i'll touch much of it20:36
aelknerwell, it will be dificult to run at this point20:36
aelknerit doesn't have a command line interface for choosing the action20:37
aelknerthe choices are:20:37
aelkner1) run the code that takes five hours to call the api and build the pickel file20:37
aelkner2) read the pickel file and write the xls file20:37
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replaceafillnp, it would be easier than doing it in calc20:38
aelknerok, i copied the current version to my homedir on the demo server20:40
replaceafillaelkner, thanks20:40
aelkneri also copied the pickel file so you don't have to run the part that hits on the api20:40
replaceafillyou already sent me that one :P20:41
replaceafillbut thanks :)20:41
pgulleyreplaceafill, dreich and I are trying to get schooltool/pyquiz to work21:28
pgulleyand something's popped up- journal semesters don't include july, ever. is that something we can fix simply?21:28
replaceafillthey depend on the terms created21:29
replaceafilland the timetables21:29
replaceafillgo to the section view in schooltool21:29
replaceafilland see Schedule21:29
pgulleyoooh, and the datasets that are included don't have it. alright.21:30
replaceafillyou should see the start-end date for the schedule21:30
replaceafillpgulley, correct21:30
replaceafillusually terms end on june21:30
replaceafillfor jelkner's case21:30
replaceafilli think for the summer course he will create a one month term or something21:30
pgulleyalright, that works.21:42
pgulleyis it a bad idea to set allow_none=true in the server proxy?21:42
pgulleyit looks, now, like we need to to get it to work, however it also feels like a really sketchy thing to do21:43
pgulleyit looks like the error may actually stem back to the term date thing, actually. so if it ends up coming down to that I'll revert it21:49
replaceafilli'm not sure what you mean by "error"?21:49
pgulleyTypeError: cannot marshal None unless allow_none is enabled21:50
replaceafillwhat caused that?21:51
pgulleyattempting to send grades from pyquiz to schooltool21:52
replaceafillfrom pyquiz to the journal?21:52
pgulleyif we enable allow_none we still get an error, just not that one. my thought is that it has to do with there not being an entry in the journal to send grades to, because of date things.21:52
replaceafillthat's right21:53
replaceafillthe deployment view needs validation for dates when warm-up quizzes are used21:53
pgulleyokay, we can do that21:54
replaceafillyou should only allow to deploy to dates when you have class with that section21:54
pgulleyooh, yes.21:54
replaceafillbut you should ask jelkner about that one21:54
replaceafilli mentioned it to him21:54
replaceafillbut since he's ditching warm-up quizzes21:54
replaceafilliirc he's going to use the gradebook now21:55
replaceafillnot the journal21:55
pgulleyright, that's the plan.21:55
replaceafillmaybe it's not worth to fix that now21:55
replaceafilldid you enable categories back?21:55
dreichnot yet21:55
dreichwe wanted to figure out journal stuff first, but now we'll do that before gradebook21:56
replaceafillpgulley, from the TODO:21:57
replaceafill  - a form error should be displayed when activity_id from21:57
replaceafill    server.journal_meeting_id is None. This means that there's no21:57
replaceafill    meeting in the specified date.21:57
pgulleyright, okay21:58
replaceafillaelkner, th1a's idea:
replaceafillmatching by course and node attrs22:13
aelknerand you're wishing the nodes didn't have version info :)22:20
replaceafillabsolutely :D22:20
replaceafillthat view still doesn't know about the course version22:21
aelknerwell, the regex for the match can be a moving target until we find a reason to fix it22:21
replaceafilli wonder how we'll do that22:21
aelknerit could start as matching anything that starts with the value22:21
replaceafillright now, i'm not using regex matching, i set the course code in the node description22:22
aelknerwhat's the regex for that?22:22
aelkner\i understand22:22
replaceafillif you select:22:22
replaceafillalternate id, course, description22:22
replaceafillyou'll see the matchng22:22
replaceafillwe need to ask dwelsh about the local code for skills22:23
replaceafillevery skillset starts with 001, ....22:23
aelkneryeah, i didn22:23
aelkneri didn't know what welsh would want there, so i guessed22:24
aelknerwe'll talk about these things at the hangout22:25
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