IRC log of #schooltool for Thursday, 2012-05-03

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th1ahi aelkner_, replaceafill.16:31
replaceafillgood morning/afternoon16:31
th1aI think yvl has the floor.16:35
yvlI pushed some changes to the main branch16:35
yvlway less than I'd like to, but... well...16:35
yvlin any case16:35
yvlthere are layer creation views, and that's it16:35
yvlso the next thing is to add "node" creation views16:36
yvlI imagine, if one creates layers called "Program", "Area" and "Course"16:36
yvl*somewhere* there should be an *Add* box in sidebar16:37
yvlwith three links16:37
yvl"Program", "Area", "Course"16:37
yvlthat opens a node creation view, and when it's created, assigns the correct layer to it16:37
yvlthere could also be relationship-style view for the node: Edit Layers16:38
yvlwhat else...16:39
yvlwhen looking at a Node, there could also be an *Add* box16:39
th1aIs there anything else that you didn't push that could be useful as a reference?16:39
yvlsorry, no16:39
th1aJust wondering.16:40
yvlbasically, in that Add box, there should be links, computed like this:16:40
yvltake layers of the node, for each layer collect direct child layer relationships, and list them in the *Add* box16:41
th1aCan we get an instance of this up and running?16:41
yvlso if "Area" is a subset of "Program"16:41
yvland go to "Program"16:41
yvladd a "program" node, like "ITC"16:42
yvland look at ITC16:42
yvlin it's *Add* box, there should be a link "Area"16:42
yvlyou click it, opens the node creation page16:43
yvlwhen created, it links it's layer to "Area"16:43
yvl(say, you created "Web")16:43
yvland it also links it's parent node to "ITC"16:43
aelkner_yvl, I think the Layers link on the School tab should have the year/layers in the url16:43
aelkner_and get ILayerContainer index.html view to work like /layes does now16:44
aelkner_that way, the Done button would work on a specific layer16:44
yvlhmm, lemme look16:44
yvlok, the answer is *no*16:46
aelkner_or you could code a custom done class16:46
yvlyes, same as Groups16:46
yvland everything else16:46
yvlI still maintain that adding ?schoolyear_id=XXX notation was not a good idea16:47
yvlbut yes, there are some rough edges that need polishing16:47
yvllike breadcrumbs16:47
aelkner_well, if we use things like /groups and /layers as the urls, then we need it16:47
yvlthey're done for skills, but not for layers16:47
aelkner_we didn't need to have done that16:47
yvlhalf a year ago16:47
aelkner_yeah, then16:48
aelkner_we could have had the traversal to the actual year's container there16:48
yvlsomebody took a shortcut16:48
replaceafillmy bad :(16:48
yvlno, it's not your bad replaceafill16:48
aelkner_yeah, it is what it is, and we will have to deal with it the way it is16:49
yvlit's not that bad anyway16:49
yvlwhat would you like me to talk about16:49
* yvl has trouble deciding :)16:50
aelkner_what's left to get it all tied together16:50
replaceafillth1a, current schooltool.cando trunk16:51
yvlnode creation16:51
th1athanks replaceafill.16:51
yvlskillset assignement to nodes16:51
aelkner_i mean, once you've created nodes, the vews that you will be doing next, how does the user see it all tied together?16:51
yvlnode "deployment" to courses16:51
yvland reasonable searches / browsing everywhere16:51
aelkner_that's another way of saying assigning comps to courses, right?16:52
yvlnow, you can assign a skillset from a global list16:52
yvlthat sucks16:52
aelkner_once that is done, then the teacher will see the comps in the gradebook?16:52
yvlwe need to browser through nodes, and find a correct one16:52
yvlcollect it's child nodes recursively and their skillsets16:52
yvland put those skillsets to the course16:53
yvlaelkner_, the teacher should be able to see the *skills* in the gradebook16:53
yvlonce *skills* gradebook is done16:53
aelkner_but those are the course assigned skills, right?16:53
th1areplaceafill:  Incidentally I get this on Chromium: Error 312 (net::ERR_UNSAFE_PORT): Unknown error.16:53
yvland skillset deployment to the course is done16:53
th1aA DONE/NOT DONE list might save a lot of confusion.16:54
replaceafillth1a, :|16:54
replaceafillth1a, let me change the port16:54
th1aIt works for firefox.16:54
replaceafillah ok16:55
yvlthe point being, those are separate problems16:55
aelkner_yvl, how is skillset deployment to course acheived by the user?16:55
yvlttw :D16:55
yvlsorry, kidding16:55
yvlbut yes, go to course16:55
yvlgo to skills16:55
yvlclick assign16:55
yvl(you'll have to go to School -> Skills and create a skillset first)16:56
aelkner_so, that confuses me16:56
yvlI see that16:56
aelkner_if all the user needs is global (app context based) skillsets and a course16:56
aelkner_what are the nodes and layers for then?16:57
aelkner_and how would the user see them from the course assign views?16:57
yvlthrough relationships16:57
aelkner_in the ui, i mean16:57
yvlskillsets are supposed to be linked with nodes16:57
aelkner_so even though the user is selecting a global skillset16:58
aelkner_the code behind it would look for the matching node in the given school year16:58
aelkner_and match it up that way?16:58
yvlthe current way, of adding a global skillset16:58
yvlwas done so that replaceafill could start working on the gradebook16:59
yvland partly because this is enough16:59
yvlto have the cando-style gradebook16:59
yvlsome people may need not  program areas and all that hassle17:00
yvland your job will be adding UI to browse to the correct node and add all it's skillsets to the course17:01
yvland then - yes17:01
yvlthe code behind it should match it up17:01
aelkner_so, you're saying that what we have for course assign skills using global skillsets is only temporary17:01
aelkner_to help wth demoing replaceafill's gradebook, right?17:01
yvlyes, unless th1a decides to keep it17:02
yvlkeep in mind, that global skillsets are per-application; nodes however are per-year17:02
yvlbasically saying - these skillsets matter this year17:02
aelkner_yeah, well, i know that as well as anyone, having done the import/export17:03
aelkner_that's why i've been asking these questions17:03
yvlof course17:03
yvlhence "keep in mind" part ;)17:03
yvlnodes have a method: findPaths17:04
yvlthey return a list of possible "paths" of nodes17:04
yvlso - a list of lists17:04
yvlusually, there will be only one path17:05
yvlbut if you set up two document models - like industry versus education17:05
yvlyou will have two paths for some nodes17:05
yvlalso, to keep in mind,17:05
yvla skillset may belong to many, many nodes17:06
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yvlsay... "Work place habits" skillset17:06
th1aI think we're going to pretty much completely re-organize this.17:06
yvlthey have that in VERSO - or similar17:06
th1aAs it is presented through the web.17:06
th1aEssentially, the web-based entry can focus on a subset of what is possible through the model.17:07
th1aAnd thus be actually comprehensible to the likely users.17:07
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replaceafillsorry, got disconnected17:08
yvlwelcome back :)17:08
aelkner_we thought you left on purpose :)17:08
th1aWe support crazy bullshit for CanDo that never should have been required in the first place.17:08
yvlI'm pretty sure you guys will work the UI part out quite well17:08
th1aSo basically the ttw approach will assume a higher level of sanity.17:09
th1aSo from the users point of view they're entering a skills document.17:09
th1aThey have to define its structure,17:10
th1aand then create nodes,17:10
th1aand finally skills?17:10
th1aSkillsets are always the layer above skills?17:10
yvlthen create nodes17:10
yvlthen create skillsets17:10
yvland create skills in skillsets17:10
th1anode - node - node - skillset - skill17:11
th1a(for example?)17:11
yvlthe idea is, that once you have defined layers, you can present that to the user as17:11
yvlProgram - Area - Course - skillset - skill17:12
yvlso I don't know if the word "node" will be in UI at all17:12
th1aAnd which of this is defined per year?17:12
yvllayers and nodes are defined per-year17:12
yvlskillsets (with their skills) are global17:13
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yvlI mean ideally if a course like 7th grade algebra17:14
yvlis a stable one (as in does not change for 3 years)17:14
yvlI'd like that it used the same skillset objects17:14
yvlin all 3 years17:14
yvljust because there's a LOT of skills in CTE db17:14
th1aI'm not sure that the whole thing couldn't be global -- that the assumption shouldn't be this stuff remains the same more often than not.17:15
yvlif 25% of them change, I'd rather keep 75% of them identical in the db17:15
th1aAgain, CTE is an extreme case in this regard.17:15
th1aBut, tbh, I don't want to stop and fiddle with it right now.17:15
yvllet's implement as is, and if it gets in the way too much we can still change our minds and quickly unfuck it this year17:16
th1aOK, sorry.17:19
replaceafilli have a question for yvl17:19
replaceafillyvl, David made an observation about the sorting of skillsets in the gradebook17:19
replaceafillusually, teachers see the skillsets sorted by skill "label"17:20
replaceafilli mean, what they call "local id"17:20
replaceafillthe 001, 002, etc17:20
aelkner_label in the model17:20
yvlnow they should see them by the "order of creation"17:21
replaceafillthe gradebook creates a worksheets property where i think sorting can take place17:22
replaceafillthe gradebook should be the place for the sorting, right?17:23
replaceafillthat shouldn't be in the model17:23
th1aOrder is in the model.17:23
th1a(should be)17:23
yvlwell, first - order is in the model, but I think I forgot "reordering" view for skillsets17:23
replaceafillth1a, what makes me wonder is David's comment on "can we allow teacher to sort alphabetically or by local id?"17:24
replaceafillyvl, ah17:24
yvlsecond, sectionskills have... order property inherited from Worksheet - so if you need per-section reordering, you can use it, and implement sorting in all_worksheets17:24
th1aWe don't have to worry about that for a long time replaceafill.17:24
replaceafillyvl, ah17:25
yvlso there is a place to implement custom sorting, if that's what you're asking17:25
replaceafillyvl, so IWorksheets it the place17:25
replaceafilli just wanted to know what was it :D17:26
replaceafillthanks yvl17:26
yvlyou're welcome :D17:26
th1aOK so I'm thinking under a year you have "Skills Documents"17:26
th1aAnd then the standard index view there.17:26
aelkner_i'm back17:26
th1aYou can add one there of course.17:26
th1aThen in the Skill Document you have to define the layers.17:27
th1aAnd then...17:27
th1aEssentially it has to let you work down through the hierarchy adding stuff .17:29
th1aThe UI has to adapt to the layer titles.17:29
yvlmaybe then Skills (or something) appear in yearly view17:30
th1aAnd the fact that skillsets and skills are global has to be transparent.17:30
yvlwhen in node you should be able to both17:30
yvl- add a skillset17:31
yvl- assign existing skillset17:31
th1aOnly if you're in the right layer of the hierarchy.17:31
th1aaelkner_:  A lot of what is different about this task is just that we have to let the user call things whatever they want and use that in the interface.17:32
th1aOther than that the add node views don't need to be fancy.17:32
yvl(just to confirm - bottom layer is the right layer?)17:33
th1aWe just have to remember that for this user they want the node to be called a "Cluster" so it has to say "Add: Cluster" not "Add: Node"17:33
th1aYou can add a skillset if you're in the level above skillsets.17:34
th1aWe're enforcing rules here that aren't required by the model.17:34
th1aIs this making sense aelkner_?17:36
yvl(umm, since one does not define skillsets, bottom layer becomes "layer above skillsets")17:36
th1aWhat do you mean one does not define skillsets?17:37
yvldoes not define as a layer17:37
yvlthey just... are17:37
th1aAs far as the user is concerned he does.17:37
yvlah, ok17:37
th1aHiding the way it is modeled is our problem.17:37
aelkner_th1a, to answer your question to me, uh, no :(17:38
th1aOK, first wipe your brain of all preconceptions.17:38
th1aWe're staring fresh here.17:38
th1aYou're a teacher.17:38
aelkner_what we need is a ui script17:38
aelkner_one that is precise, that documents every click the user makes17:39
aelkner_otherwise, it's just theoretical talk17:39
th1aYou have never heard of the Commonwealth of Virginia and never imagined that a system of skills could be as screwed up as VA CTE's.17:39
th1aWhat you have, aelkner, is a document describing a three level hierarchy of skills.17:39
th1aThe layers are SUBJECT - CLUSTER - STANDARD.17:40
th1aYour task is to enter this document into SchoolTool.17:41
aelkner_so, as s user, where you do clck first?17:41
th1aAs it turns out, this sort of simple hierarchy is the only kind of document you can enter through the web in SchoolTool.17:41
aelkner_this is what i mean by a ui script17:41
th1aIf you have a crazy fucked up mess you have to import it.17:41
th1aSo you go to School and under the year you click Skills Documents17:42
th1aThen Add: Skills Document17:42
aelkner_slow down17:42
aelkner_you're not helping17:42
aelkner_so the user goes to the year17:43
aelkner_they click Skills Documents17:43
aelkner_what do they see?17:43
th1aAn empty index.17:43
aelkner_and empty container view17:43
aelkner_no documents added yet17:43
aelkner_so there is an Add linkset with Skill Document17:43
aelkner_they click on that, what do they see?17:44
th1aI'm thinking they see a form that lets them create the layers.17:44
aelkner_i can't imagine such a form17:44
th1aLike one of your forms where you can add one line at a time.17:45
aelkner_describe it for me please17:45
th1aLike score systems.17:45
th1aOur user above has to be able to enter "SUBJECT"17:45
th1aadd a line17:45
th1aadd a line17:45
th1ahit DONE17:46
yvl+1 so far17:46
th1a(SUBMIT, whatever)17:46
aelkner_how does that crete a heirarchy?17:47
th1aThen we have to parse that, make SUBJECT a layer, start calling skillsets CLUSTER and skills STANDARD.17:47
th1a(in this document)17:47
th1aThen you'll get a SUBJECT index view17:48
aelkner_ok, maybe i'm not understanding how simpe layers may in fact be17:48
aelkner_the root layer can only contain one layer17:48
th1aWe're making them much simpler for TTW.17:48
aelkner_and in turn, that layer can only caontain one layer17:48
th1aOtherwise nobody will ever be able to use this.17:48
aelkner_so, we allow the user to create a list of layers17:49
aelkner_and then, we use the order of the list to determine who contains who?17:49
aelkner_im not talking model, ust ui17:49
aelkner_the thing is, yvl already created a layers view, just now17:51
aelkner_are we saying we should scrap that?17:52
yvlI would say so, yes17:52
aelkner_ah, i see17:52
th1aAs I said a little while ago:17:52
th1aOK, first wipe your brain of all preconceptions.17:52
th1a We're staring fresh here.17:52
th1aWhat yvl did should help though.17:53
aelkner_so, assuming that the Layes link on the School tab will go to the new view17:54
aelkner_and that view has the form that allows the user to create a list of layes17:54
aelkner_and that list will automatically be parent to child17:55
aelkner_then we could have layers defined for the year17:55
aelkner_what's next, then?17:55
th1aThere will be no layers link.17:55
th1aThat will all be completely hidden from the user.17:55
aelkner_well, the form that we are discussing has to be accessible to the user17:56
th1aOK, so I've got SUBJECT - CLUSTER - STANDARD defined in my document.17:56
aelkner_how does the user get to that form?17:56
th1aAll they know is they have a document, and they just defined SUBJECT - CLUSTER - STANDARD.17:56
th1aThey did Add: Skills Document17:57
aelkner_from the year view?17:57
th1aAnd defined the structure of the document.17:57
th1aThey'll basically have pretty standard index views.17:57
th1aSUBJECT index17:58
th1aAdd SUBJECT17:58
th1aCreate "English"17:58
th1athen from the English page Add: CLUSTER17:58
th1aCreate "Writing"17:58
th1aFrom Writing Add: STANDARD17:59
th1aCreate "Persuasive Essay"17:59
th1aTransparent to them, Writing is a skillset17:59
th1aand Persuasive Essay is a skill.17:59
aelkner_now, of course, all of that assumes what your said above:18:00
aelkner_so I've got SUBJECT - CLUSTER - STANDARD defined in my document18:00
aelkner_my question was, how?18:00
aelkner_i'm a user, i need to click something18:01
aelkner_School tab, then Layers link?18:01
th1aLike one of your forms where you can add one line at a time.18:01
th1a<aelkner_> describe it for me please18:01
th1a<th1a> Like score systems.18:01
th1a<aelkner_> hm18:01
th1a<th1a> Our user above has to be able to enter "SUBJECT"18:01
th1a add a line18:01
th1a "CLUSTER"18:01
th1a add a line18:01
th1a "STANDARD"18:02
th1a hit DONE18:02
th1a (SUBMIT, whatever)18:02
th1a<aelkner_> so the user goes to the year18:02
th1a they click Skills Documents18:02
th1a what do they see?18:02
th1a<th1a> An empty index.18:02
th1a<aelkner_> and empty container view18:02
th1a no documents added yet18:02
th1a so there is an Add linkset with Skill Document18:02
th1a they click on that, what do they see?18:02
th1a<th1a> I'm thinking they see a form tha18:02
aelkner_so Skills Documents link is added to year view, and that takes you to the layers form?18:03
th1aYes, because that's always the first step.18:03
aelkner_so Skills Documents is what the user will think of as what we call layers18:04
aelkner_th1a, btw, retyping what you said earlier in the chat doesn't help18:04
aelkner_especially when it didn't make sense the first time18:04
aelkner_for instance18:04
aelkner_i can a contradiction from the chat here18:05
th1aThe document is what the user is interested in.18:05
aelkner_starting from the year view18:05
aelkner_there is a Skills Documents links18:06
aelkner_there they find a form that lists layers18:06
aelkner_and we automagically set parent to child, no18:06
th1aThey'll get a form that explains that the first step in the process is defining the levels of hierarchy in their document.18:07
th1aWhich will be fairly clear to them.18:07
th1aSince they'll have a document sitting in front of them arranged in a clear hierarchy.18:07
aelkner_fine, so they can add layers18:08
aelkner_that's all the form can allow18:08
aelkner_it can't do two things at once18:08
th1aWell, it has to be a clever form.18:08
th1aIt can't add the levels as you go.18:09
th1aIt has to look at the whole structure and convert them to levels and note what it needs to call skillsets and skills.18:09
th1aThe last level is not a level but a skillset.18:09
yvlth1a, can we drop that feature?18:10
th1aI'm not sure what that would mean.18:11
aelkner_btw, a clever form is not what a user wants to see, a simple one is preferable18:11
yvljust make the last level and the a "skillset"18:11
aelkner_breaking the task up into separate form is not a sin18:11
th1aThe form is simple for the user, that's the point.  It is just more complicated for the developer.18:11
yvlbut think about it18:12
yvlif you "rename" the skillset in the UI18:12
yvlthen that rename has to be stored somewhere18:12
*** ignas has quit IRC18:12
yvland at the moment there's just no place to put that18:12
yvlthen if user wants to do an import...18:12
yvlyou want to have multiple names for skillsets?18:12
yvlI guess we could support that18:13
aelkner_replaceafill, can you follow this?18:13
th1aIt isn't such a big deal.18:13
yvlfrom the code's perspective... we could add an attribute to the layer called "skillset name"18:13
yvlfrom the *code's* perspective18:13
replaceafillaelkner_, i'm doing gradebook work, sorry18:14
yvland if a "skillset name" is set, that's how we will call skillsets of nodes in that layer18:14
yvlbut extra work18:14
yvlth1a, can we ignore this feature, and add it this summer?18:14
yvlit will be somewhat faster to do without it, and it can be added "on top" nicely18:15
yvlit's just one of those situations "and we're gonna build the house... in a swamp - it's not a big deal"18:15
* yvl is exaggerating18:16
yvlwhat do you think, th1a ?18:16
th1aWell, I think we may have one part missing in the current model.18:16
th1aWhat is equivalent to the "Skills Document?"18:17
yvlwell, layers18:17
yvlbut there's a catch18:17
yvlthe naming is flexible up to, but not including skills and skillsets18:18
yvlSubject - cluster - skillset18:18
th1aThere has to be a document object.18:18
yvlthe last one is always skillset18:18
th1aAnd one of its attributes could be skillset label (optional)18:18
yvlI do not understand you, sorry18:19
yvlthere are two separate things : definition and data18:19
th1aThere is essential metadata that has to be attached to a document object.18:19
yvldefinition is layers18:19
yvldata is nodes18:19
yvldata is skillsets18:19
yvldata is skills18:20
yvllayers define dependencies between nodes18:20
yvlskillsets are not nodes18:20
th1aBut all that has to be wrapped up in a document object.18:20
yvlthe what now?18:20
yvllemme think18:21
th1aIn the end, that's what it is all about.18:21
th1aThis is the standards defined by VA CTE in July of 2012.18:21
yvlok, I think I know what you want18:21
yvlso the answer would be yes and no18:22
yvlskillsets will never be nodes18:22
yvlmakes no sense for code18:22
yvlif you want that feature18:22
th1aI don't want them to be nodes.18:22
th1aThe only thing I care about is that within the context of a document they won't be called skillsets.18:22
yvlthanks for making this clear18:23
yvldoable, but extra work18:23
yvlI would suggest implementing this this summer18:23
yvlor now18:23
yvllayers basically need attribute skillset_title=None18:23
th1aLets just do it now because the whole TTW UI won't make any sense otherwise.18:24
yvlit skillset_title is not None, that's how the skillsets should be called in UI18:24
yvlfor nodes that are linked with this layer18:24
th1aYes, that's fine.18:24
yvlfor multi-layer nodes... I don't know18:24
yvlmaybe there won't be a problem18:24
yvlnah, probably not18:24
th1aSo I guess we will have to implement some kind of very simple document object.18:25
yvlwhat document object?18:25
yvlwhat are you talking about?18:25
yvldocument object as UI metaphor18:25
yvlor as in document object in code18:26
th1aWell, I guess currently it is just a top level layer?18:26
th1aJust another layer?18:26
yvlI don't understand what you want with the document object, but18:27
yvlI think I understand what functionality you want in the end18:27
yvlso, no object18:27
yvljust a line called skillset_title in the code in the bottom layer18:28
th1aWhat document a skill is derived from is vitally important to this entire task.18:28
yvlnow I remember18:28
th1aThis skill is from CTE Skills 2012.18:29
yvlthen yes - a top layer18:29
th1aThis one is from Common Core Math.18:29
yvla top layer, called "Document Model"18:29
yvland a node "Common Core Math" for layer "Document Model"18:30
th1aIt isn't so much the document model as the document.18:30
yvland a node "CTE Skills 2012" for layer "Document Model"18:30
th1aSo when I do Add: Skills Document, what should be created?18:31
yvloh that is a good question18:32
yvlok, this is not implemented18:33
yvlyou could implement it like this:18:34
yvlwhen you click add skills document18:34
yvla layer is created18:34
yvlall layers with no parents are considered skill documents18:35
yvl(should be)18:35
yvlok, so yes, just another layer18:35
yvlsorry, it's getting late here, brain malfunctions increase18:35
aelkner_i agree that the model doesn't need to change18:36
aelkner_it's just the ui that needs defintion18:36
th1aIn the model does each level know what is supposed to be above and below?18:36
aelkner_if a layer has no parent, as yvl said, then it is at the root level18:37
yvlit knows it's direct parents and direct children18:37
yvlso yes18:37
th1aWhat if it has no children.  I guess it just knows that.18:38
yvlif it has no children, it is in bottom18:39
yvlat it should have skillset_title set18:39
aelkner_ok, that's the part that makes no sense to me18:39
aelkner_layers are not skillsets18:39
yvlbut th1a wants18:40
yvlto specify18:40
yvlthat if a node is created in layer "STANDARD"18:40
yvlwhen you assign skillsets to it18:40
yvlwhoops, sorry18:41
yvlif a node is created in layer "CLUSTER"18:41
yvlskillsets assigned to that node should be called "STANDARD" everywhere in UI18:41
yvlwhen user creates document model, he enters18:41
yvl"th1a's Document Model" - "SUBJECT" - "CLUSTER" - "STANDARD"18:42
yvllayers "th1a's Document Model" - "SUBJECT" - "CLUSTER" are created18:42
th1aCluster would be the skillset18:43
aelkner_layers are not skillsets18:43
yvlbut hear me out, aelkner_18:43
yvlwe don't create the last two lines as layers18:43
yvlonly "th1a's Document Model" and -> "SUBJECT"  layers, as th1a points out18:44
yvland then, in subject layer we set two new attributes18:44
yvlskillset_title="CLUSTER" and skill_title="STANDARD"18:44
yvland then in UI, instead of writing "Assign Skillset", we write "Assign CLUSTER"18:45
yvland instead of "Skills" we add "STANDARD"18:45
yvlumm /s/add/use18:45
yvlit's kind of crazy, I know18:46
yvlso the most minimal possible document model is:18:46
yvl"document model title" - "skillset title" - "skill title"18:47
yvlit will be only one layer, "document model title"18:47
yvlvery lonely, no parents, no children18:47
yvldoes that make some sense? th1a? aelkner_?18:48
aelkner_sorry, not really18:48
th1aPerhaps we should let yvl go and aelkner_ and I can continue to hash this out.18:48
yvlI'll just sum it up for reference :)18:48
yvlin add document model view18:49
yvluser enters lines, 3 lines minimum18:49
yvllayers are created for lines[0..len(lines)-3]18:49
yvllayer [len(lines)-3].skillset_title = lines[-2]18:50
yvllayer [len(lines)-3].skill_title = lines[-1]18:50
yvlif layer.skillset_title is not None:18:50
yvlif node.layers[0].skillset_title is not None:18:51
aelkner_layersdon't have sillset_title attribute18:51
yvl   skillsets can be added18:51
yvlyes aelkner_18:51
yvlyou will have to add those18:51
yvl(just simple text lines)18:51
yvlor I can do that tomorrow morning, after reading today's IRC log18:51
yvlok, thanks guys!18:52
th1aLet's take a 15 minute break aelkner_.18:53
*** yvl has quit IRC18:59
th1aready aelkner_?19:09
th1aOK, so here is where we are.19:13
th1aWe've got the basic data model implemented and can import levels, skills and nodes in such a way that they are usable in the gradebook.19:14
th1aBut a few things are missing to make these abstractions usable.19:14
th1a(usable in terms of understanding and managing the standards through the web)19:15
th1aSo some things need to be added, changed, and/or hidden.19:15
th1aI think one problem here is that VA CTE skills is an insane soup.19:16
th1aGenerally, we're just dealing with a simple hierarchy.19:16
th1aSo we're trying to pull these together.19:17
aelkner_i'm not thinking that VA CTE is such an insane soup, really19:18
th1aTo be honest, we may need two separate ttw systems.19:18
aelkner_it just has two different heirachies19:18
aelkner_which we could consider two documents using the terms you started using today19:19
aelkner_and we can deal with one at a time19:19
*** mattva01 has quit IRC19:19
aelkner_but, the thing is, yvl went through the troble of having layers and nodes for a reason19:19
aelkner_the user want to define sets of skills once and point to them twice19:20
aelkner_and even if we do this simple form you are talking about19:20
aelkner_we still have the model set up the way it is for a reason19:20
aelkner_so, can we start by saying that a heirachy, the first one we create with our form19:20
aelkner_is one document model, a root layer, i.e., having no parent19:21
aelkner_but having one child, which in turn has one child19:21
aelkner_these are only layers, but they allow the user to define the document19:22
th1aPerhaps the first thing we should do is just make a skills browser without worrying about add/edit.19:22
aelkner_hm, good idea19:22
th1aOr... can we do that now.19:22
aelkner_we already have import,so...19:22
th1aCan you see them?19:22
aelkner_i prefer you new idea19:22
aelkner_see them?19:22
aelkner_we can now see the layers19:23
aelkner_go to School tab, click layers19:23
th1areplaceafill:  Can we import some skills into this instance?19:23
aelkner_it's crude, a not i know it's not what we want for the user, but it is a start19:23
aelkner_i can import them19:23
replaceafillth1a, sure19:24
aelkner_can you chat the link again please?19:24
aelkner_ah, i see you entered a skillset ttw19:25
aelkner_th1a, data imported19:27
aelkner_you'll note that now there are two skillsets19:27
aelkner_the one replaceafill added manually, and the imported on19:28
aelkner_the layers can be viewed ttw, but the nodes can't yet19:28
replaceafilli think th1a added it :)19:28
aelkner_and the nodes are the ones that have linkage to the skillsets19:28
aelkner_anyway, that is what we have to start19:28
th1aOK, so we have everything in here and viewable, just not in a way that makes any sense.19:29
aelkner_not all viewable, nodes missing, but otherwise, yes19:29
th1aNodes are missing?19:31
aelkner_the data exists, there's just no view to see it19:31
th1aOK, maybe you should start with that.19:32
aelkner_if you'd like19:32
aelkner_i could add a Nodes link under the Layers link in the School tab19:33
aelkner_it would take you to the same exact kind of container view that Layers does19:33
th1atbh it doesn't really need a link at all since it won't be staying there.19:33
aelkner_the container would be the NodesContainer, and the Add link would be Node19:33
th1aPut the link where-ever you want for now.19:34
aelkner_it's easier to have the link then have to keep mousing over to the url to edit it19:34
th1aWhatever is easiest.19:35
aelkner_but anyway, it would be a reasonable task to create the same kind of view for Nodes19:35
aelkner_that yvl created for Layers19:35
aelkner_and that would also allow me to add automated tests for the importer19:36
aelkner_until now, we only have them for skillsets and skills19:36
aelkner_even if we move the Layers and Nodes links, it won't be hard to fix the tests to navigate differently19:36
th1aUh... I wouldn't go nuts with tests yet.19:37
aelkner_i'm just thinking that we could retain these views no matter what more clevel forms we make later19:37
aelkner_but, yes, i can wait on writing those tests for when i'm blocked some other way19:38
aelkner_so, ok, I will make the Nodes views modeled after the Layers views19:38
th1aWell, do you think you can have those views for tomorrow?19:38
aelkner_that seems a little soon19:39
aelkner_otherwise, yvl would have had it done already19:39
aelkner_but, like i said, it is a reasonable task19:40
th1aOK, well just start working on that and we'll check in tomorrow afternoon.19:40
th1a(or sooner as necessary)19:40
aelkner_well, i would say that we can discuss the other form any time you want19:41
aelkner_and that can be independent of getting the Nodes, let's call it "raw" view working19:41
th1aOnce we get this piece done it may be more clear how they fit together.19:42
aelkner_ok, we'll see19:42
aelkner_shall we meet at 2:00 tomorrow?19:43
replaceafillth1a, can i have your opinion on a little change to the worksheets list:19:54
replaceafillclick on the arrow pointing down :)19:54
replaceafilli inverted the color of the menu19:55
replaceafillto mark the active sheet19:55
replaceafilldoes that look ok?19:55
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*** menesis has quit IRC20:24
th1areplaceafill, .20:28
th1aLooks good.20:28
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* replaceafill back21:11
*** th1a has quit IRC22:48
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