IRC log of #schooltool for Wednesday, 2012-05-02

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th1ahi yvl, menesis, aelkner_.16:31
yvlhi guys16:31
th1areplaceafill won't be with us this morning.16:31
yvloh, so it's going to be a short meeting it seems16:32
th1aOK, so what's your status yvl?16:33
yvlpreparing to hand off some hacky views to aelkner_ tomorrow16:34
yvlas in - minimal layers / nodes creation16:34
yvlbtw, th1a - could you send Antonio...16:35
yvlsomething that needs to be sent if anything needs to be sent16:36
yvlin regards of hotel / car booking16:36
th1aSuch as?16:36
yvlI don't know16:36
th1aI don't think there is anything to do.16:37
yvlah, ok then16:37
th1aWe can hold off on the invoices so you can be reimbursed as soon as you get back.16:37
th1aOK, so you guys have time set aside for a longish meeting tomorrow?16:39
yvlwell... longish?16:40
aelkner_yvl, we are meeting here same time tomorrow, right?16:40
yvland we can do a hangout if need be16:41
th1aOK, so I did some project management-ing yesterday.16:42
th1aIt looks like history model and views will come after Portugal for yvl.16:42
th1aAnd then fixing score systems.16:43
th1aWith three weeks for history and score systems.16:43
th1aThanks yvl.16:44
th1aYou should plan on being available for the meetings next week.16:45
th1aIs menesis not here?16:46
yvlhe's pairing with Tautvilas on Philippines thing16:47
th1aI've nothing pressing for him.16:48
th1aOK, aelkner_ then.  I guess this will be a quick meeting.16:48
aelkner_yeah, i don't have uch to say, either16:48
aelkner_i moved the global skill data import/export to the ISkillSetContainer index.html view16:49
aelkner_and i started in on making the term report for competency completion16:50
aelkner_i noticed that the term Actions menu has lost its registration16:50
aelkner_so the Delete action doesn't appear, either16:50
aelkner_i was hoping to add the link for the report there16:51
aelkner_the reason for that is that the Reports menu doesn't have the same registration as other menus16:51
aelkner_so i couldn't see how to add a menu item to it, and i'm not sure we want it there, anyway16:51
aelkner_yvl, the Reports menu is a different animal than the others, isn't it?16:52
aelkner_i mean, in the sense that the links are rendered there viz special code in the package16:52
th1aSo we need to fix the action menu too?16:53
aelkner_i can put the registration back, i just need the ok, in other words, why was it removed?16:53
yvlyes, reports are somewhat different16:53
aelkner_so would you agree that the html view for looking at competency completion shouldn't go there?16:54
th1aI think we should put the html report under reports.16:55
th1aIt isn't an action.16:55
aelkner_it isn't a report, either16:55
aelkner_it doesn't get downloaded16:55
th1aIt IS a report.16:55
th1aThat is its function.16:55
aelkner_it's a data analysis tool to be sure16:56
aelkner_it isn't something that is to be downloaded, though16:56
aelkner_and all our reports work that way16:56
aelkner_along wth the registration of the links for requesting them16:56
th1aWell, look.  It doesn't make sense to put it anywhere else.16:57
th1aWe discussed this on Monday.16:57
aelkner_well, i looked into adding the lnk to the Reports menu, and as i just reported here, it can't be done16:57
aelkner_unless we change the way works, i'm not sure how we would do that16:58
aelkner_perhaps yvl would have a suggestion16:58
th1aWe just need to let those links go to a url instead of opening a dialog.16:58
aelkner_yes, so i'm guessing an option would need to be added to the reportLijnk directive16:59
aelkner_that would result in rendering a different kind of link16:59
* yvl doesn't remember how report registration works... let me take a look17:00
aelkner_to be honest, i wouldn't want to have to change the reportLink directive if we can avoid it17:02
aelkner_there is so much there thqat has to do with downloading, like file type, for instance17:02
aelkner_it would be nice to just be able to register a link against the viewlet manager17:03
aelkner_but the manager is not registered in the way our other linksets are, so i can't register against it17:03
aelkner_yvl, is there a way to just change that?17:03
yvlaelkner_, isn't there a thing is_report_link ?17:03
yvlin report/browser/report.py17:05
aelkner_i grepped it, looking now17:05
yvlI think, if you don't specify file type, it acts as a simple link17:05
yvl(as in html :) )17:06
aelkner_ah, i see, ok17:06
aelkner_nicely done, you anticipated this :)17:06
aelkner_no file type, no download request17:07
yvlI think Douglas did that17:07
th1aOK.  Problem solved.17:07
th1aPresumably the Action menu should go back in there though.17:07
aelkner_yvl, how do our tests even pass without the Actions menu?17:08
aelkner_unless we removed the tests for deleting terms17:08
yvlthere were tests for deleting terms?17:09
th1aAre you supposed to be able to delete terms?17:09
aelkner_just checked, actually there aren't any term tests yet17:09
aelkner_th1a, that's why i ask, there may be a reason we disabled that menu item17:09
th1aOK, forget this issue.17:09
th1aMOve on.17:09
aelkner_ok, i'll table it for now17:10
yvlthere is a term delete link registered17:10
yvlin flourish17:10
aelkner_yeah, but the Actions menu is not registered17:10
yvland it looks like actions menu is removed in terms explicitly17:10
aelkner_right, so why?17:10
yvlas in - it is written in python,17:10
yvlno registration in zcml17:11
yvlth1a should know why17:11
aelkner_it's sloppy to have a menu in python that is not reristered17:11
aelkner_either we decide to have no Actions menu in the term view, or we register it17:12
th1aIs this just in terms?17:12
th1aMaybe at some point I decided deleting terms was a bad idea and someone just hacked out the whole menu.17:12
th1aaelkner_, could you file a bug for it?17:13
aelkner_otherwise, that's it for me17:13
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th1aOK, I guess we're done then.17:13
th1aOK, I should see you guys tomorrow then.17:14
* menesis is here17:15
menesisbut I can only say that I have uploaded 2.1.0 to the ppa17:15
menesisoneiric, natty, and lucid17:15
th1aDo you want to chat a bit about release plans for this cycle?17:15
th1a(we don't have to do it today if you're in the middle of something else)17:16
menesisbetter another day17:16
aelkner_filed a buf:17:17
th1aI'll send an email menesis.17:17
th1aDid you add release notes to the book?17:18
th1aOK thanks.17:18
menesisI have assembled the changelogs and commited them17:18
th1aWe're done then.17:18
menesisbut not uploaded to book.s.o17:18
th1aIf you could do that today and ping me I'd appreciate it.17:19
menesisit is only the technical changelog since 2.0.3 release in march, though17:21
th1aOK.  Thanks guys.  See you tomorrow or Wednesday!17:22
* th1a drops the bag of gravel.17:22
th1ajelkner:  You can call now.17:22
yvlthanks guys17:24
* jelkner picks up the phone...17:24
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th1aHi replaceafill.18:48
replaceafillhey th1a18:48
replaceafilli didn't ping you right away because i'm eating my breakfast :)18:48
replaceafill...and reading the logs18:49
th1aHow's Camilla?18:49
replaceafillCamila has tonsilitis(?)18:49
th1aAre they going to have to take them out?18:50
replaceafillfortunately no18:50
replaceafillthe doctor just gave us antibiotics (i think)18:50
th1aI don't think they do that as much as they used to (here at least).18:50
th1aWe just heard Vivian got into our first choice for Kindergarten.18:57
replaceafillwow, it seems like it's kind of difficult to get into kindergarten over there18:58
replaceafilllike college :D18:58
th1aWell... there is a choice system in Providence.18:58
th1aWhich means lottery for the most in-demand schools.18:58
th1aAnd the school we wanted only takes in 26 non-ESL kids for one kindergarten class.18:59
th1aSo it was probably about a 1 in 10 shot.18:59
th1aLet me know when you're ready to chat a bit.19:01
replaceafilli'm done19:02
replaceafilllet me get my notes19:02
th1aAm I correct that we have some gradebook performance improvements in the can but not released?19:02
replaceafillth1a, correct19:02
replaceafilli've been working on my own branch, away from trunk19:03
replaceafillor branches19:03
replaceafillrelated to your last email, i was wondering what are we going to do19:03
replaceafillwith this gradebook work + trunk19:04
replaceafillare 12.04 users keep using the "current" code?19:04
th1aBut we'll give the option of a testing PPA.19:04
th1aAt least, that's what I'm thinking.19:04
replaceafillwe have the /dev one, right?19:05
replaceafillwe could use that one19:05
replaceafilli'll sync my branches today with trunk19:05
replaceafillnot merge19:05
replaceafillwe probably need more gradebook tests though19:06
replaceafillbecause of your comment about regressions19:06
replaceafilland surprises19:06
th1aYes, but the point is that if you know you're testing something you know you can switch back.19:07
th1aThe bar is lower for us.19:07
th1aNonetheless: more tests=good.19:07
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th1areplaceafill:  dwelsh says thanks and things went well yesterday.20:44
replaceafillglad to hear :)20:45
replaceafilli was wondering20:45
replaceafillabout it20:45
replaceafillclick on the 'V' arrow in the third nav21:52
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th1areplaceafill:  What am I looking at there?22:38
replaceafillright side of the third nav22:38
replaceafilldown poiting arrow22:38
th1aMaybe put a box around it?  Line?22:39
replaceafillto separate the two arrows?22:40
th1aThat might be enough.22:42
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th1aOH, I remember now what else we need to discuss, replaceafill.22:52
th1aDid you see Vinny's latest report guidelines?22:53
replaceafilllet me get it22:54
th1aI think it is just missing a couple things we'll obviously need.22:55
th1aLike some margin sizes.22:55
th1aI think they look pretty good.22:55
replaceafillwow, the rotated text in the gradebook layout :)23:00
th1aI pretty much told him to do that.23:01
replaceafilli'd still like to see a landscape version though23:01
replaceafill(or maybe not...)23:01
replaceafillare we going to create web versions of the reports?23:02
replaceafilli mean, like the report card23:02
th1aThat wasn't really the intent of this task but Vinny kept veering off into it.23:09
th1aNice to have some references and ideas though.23:09
th1aDo you see anything else in particular missing?23:09
replaceafillnot really23:10
replaceafilli remember he already sent the gray logo23:10
th1aSo hopefully you can implement this next week.23:10
replaceafillmaybe something will come up once we start it23:10
replaceafillthese are references, right?23:11
replaceafillwe're going to style all the reports23:11
replaceafill"guidelines 1.0", nm :)23:12
th1aThat's the idea.23:16

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