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th1ahi aelkner.03:39
aelknerhey th1a03:49
th1aHey.  I had a nap.03:49
aelknermee, too03:50
th1aAh, perfect.03:50
th1aI think I can get this started better via text chat.03:53
th1aThat's about the right pace for my brain at this point.03:53
aelknerthat's fine03:54
aelknerso, you start03:54
th1aLets just stick with the CanDo report setup.03:54
th1aThe Skills Completion report.03:55
aelknergoes through the whole year, every section and aggregates03:55
th1aBasically, we're just setting up the structure of the report (which will end up being somewhat different than what we've done before) without worrying about the actual skills data at this point.03:55
th1aI think it is a term report.03:55
aelknergood idea, we can fake the aggregate data without knowing how we get it03:56
th1aThat may need eventually to include linked sections in other terms.03:56
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aelknerhow do they choose the term do you think03:59
th1aI think the program area as tertiary navigation was the wrong idea though.04:00
aelknernoone suggested that04:00
th1aBecause one of the main use cases is just to sort by who has the highest or lowest in different categories.04:00
aelknerwe had decided on a drop-down04:00
th1aI think I suggested it.04:00
aelknerremember, there are too many program areas04:01
th1aBut you need to be able to sort and or filter the whole set.04:01
aelknerand the dropdown would be autofilled with first one04:01
aelknerby restircting the program are, we don't need that column04:01
aelknertertiary nav can be used for different views on the same data04:02
aelkneralways having the program area filtered by the dropdown04:02
th1aI'm saying we can't always have it filtered by dropdown.04:03
th1aIt is an option, but you may want to sort all teachers in the term.04:03
aelknerin that case, all program areas would show?04:04
th1aBut maybe we don't need a column for it in the table.04:04
th1aWe don't necessarily need that meta data in every row of the table.04:04
aelknerif we have two rows for the same teacher, section that have different program areas04:05
aelknerah, that wouldn't happen04:05
aelkneri guess, like course, the program area is determined by the section?04:05
th1aOh... shoot.04:05
th1aTeachers teaching different program areas makes it messy.04:06
th1aI was hoping to just have one row per teacher and then dis-aggregate the sections with a pop up or something if you wanted to see it divided by section.04:07
aelknerthat sounds interesting, but i don't see how that conflicts with teaching more than one program area04:08
th1aI guess it doesn't.04:08
th1aIt just means that one teacher's scores will change if you filter by program area.04:09
th1aIt will have to shift to just the classes they teach in that area.04:09
aelknerhow about you can't filter by program are if you are viewing by teacher04:09
th1aWell... I think you should always view by teacher > click to break down a single teacher by section.04:11
th1aWell, not ALWAYS, perhaps, but initially.04:11
th1aIt is the basic paradigm.04:12
th1aFor a term,04:13
th1ayou get a table,04:13
th1awith one row per teacher with sections with courses with skills assigned.04:14
aelknerhow do you mean row with sections, multiple?04:16
aelknerif the html table has one tr per teacher, then no sections could go there, right?04:17
aelknerunless we are talking about js Array statements and rows of them04:17
th1aThe row is the aggregated data for the teacher's sections.04:18
aelkneri'm not sure what you are saying exactly04:18
th1aThe person looking at the data is evaluating the teacher more than individual sections.04:18
th1aThe concern is the variation in teacher performance, not between sections for the same teacher.04:19
aelknerso, the screen shot that you sent with one row per teacher with a graph after it04:21
aelknerthen you click on the teacher's name and the popup with breakdown by section04:21
aelknerone column for the section, one for the graph04:22
aelknerh3 (or whatever h) at the top with the teacher's name04:22
th1aeach section would be a row.04:22
aelkneryeah, like i said, one col for section, one for graph for that section04:23
aelknerwe don''t need more than the section column if we include the courses and program area in the same cell as the section04:24
aelknerSection Title (Course Title)04:24
th1aYes, basically.04:24
th1aWe'll worry about that later.04:24
aelknero, perhaps program are could be another column04:24
aelkneri mean, the section with course title is easy to follow, but the program are might look better as separate col04:25
th1aI'm not worried about the per-section yet.04:25
aelknerok, i like it when you're not worried :)04:30
aelknerbut i do need to know what you want04:30
th1aWe're not going to get there in this iteration.04:31
aelknerok, so we're still spit-balling, so to speak04:31
aelknerso one view is by teacher with section breakdown as popup04:32
aelknerdo we want to talk about another view?04:32
th1aThat's the view.04:32
th1aThe tricky part then is we just need good search/filter/sort.04:33
th1aAbove the table.04:33
th1aAnd in particular, we need sort that isn't entirely based on column headers, because all the data points are combined in one graphic column.04:33
th1aThe actual score data, that is.04:33
th1aIs three or four data points in one column.04:34
aelknernothing comes to mind for a sort field, so you have something in mind?04:36
th1aWell, maybe we should just have a primary dropdown and a secondary dropdown.04:37
th1aWith selections being teacher, program area, % scored, other relevant numeric data points.04:38
aelknerthe the primary dropdown has options of 'teacher', 'program area', '% scored', etc.04:39
aelknerand the label for the dropdown is Sort by?04:40
aelknerwhat would the second dropdown be?04:41
th1aThe same.04:42
th1aSecondary sort.04:42
aelknerok, got it, two level sort04:42
th1a3rd if it ends up we need it, but probably we should just pick something.04:42
aelknertwo is fine for now04:43
th1aYou also need to sort by teacher.04:43
th1aSearch by teacher, I mean.04:43
th1aAnd filter by program area.04:44
aelknerfiltering by program area shold be done by dropdown, with --all program areas -- as default, right?04:48
aelkneras far as filtering by teacher, do we really need to?04:49
aelknerthe view is delivering all teachers04:49
aelknerso simple text srach finds the teacher's row04:49
aelknerbut we could have our own text search field04:50
th1aWe probably should have it.04:50
aelknerno, scratch that04:50
th1aIt is just one row.04:50
aelknerit can't work like the browser's04:50
aelknerwhich moves the focus to the match as you type04:51
aelkneras you type, the set of rows is limited on the browser side04:51
aelknerby reacting to the key event04:52
aelkneri we are going to be generating these rows dinamically anyway, that would be np04:52
th1aTO be clear, I'm not super concerned about doing this without a page reload.04:53
aelkneri remember you originally suggesting a dynamic page that reacts to user events04:55
th1aI probably overstated that a bit -- anything is more dynamic than the existing ones.04:56
th1aI meant you can change it -- not necessarily that you must be able to change it without a page reload.04:56
th1aALthough that's always nice!04:57
aelknerwell, the decision one way or another greatly decides the payload04:58
aelknerif the filtering is done server side, then html payload is enough04:59
aelknerif it is to be done browser side, perhaps a js Array or two is called for04:59
aelknerif it is to be done with js Array, then a js function could loop through the arrays and fill the dom05:00
aelknertaking into account the setting of the dropdowns and filter text bokes05:00
th1aAll I can say is that it isn't worth more than an extra day of development time.05:02
th1aAlso... you wouldn't want to default to passing ALL the data if the user only wanted a small subset.05:03
aelknerwell, when the user calls up the view, they haven't had a chance to specify a filter05:03
aelknerso we are gong to be sending all the data by default anyway is my point05:04
th1aWell, also we need to make a decision about batching.  ;-)05:04
th1aThere should be batching.05:04
aelknerah, if we are gong to be batching, then never mind05:05
aelknerin that case, server side filtering makes the most sense05:06
aelkneri'm getting this sinking feeling in my stomach that we are talking about a table formatter view05:07
th1aYour favorite!05:07
th1aWeren't these re-done though?05:07
aelknernot for ease of development05:08
aelknermore for the ajax issue that had to be addressed05:08
aelknerbut whatever, if i have to write a table formatter, i'll write a table formatter05:09
aelknernow, rendering the graph:05:09
th1aFor now, just put in a blank div.05:09
th1aThe table formatter should keep you busy enough for the next couple days, right?05:10
aelkneri can render the cell with a blank div for now, in the future it could have hidden values05:10
th1aWe'll sort that out later.05:10
aelknerand those hidden values could then be used by a js routine05:10
aelknerso, user navigates to a term, sees a link 'Skills Completion' in the Reports menu?05:12
th1aIt'll probably also be somewhere else in the end as well, but yes.05:14
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* th1a finally bought himself some giant post-its.20:34
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th1areplaceafill:  I'm doing one week blocks for tasks.22:54
th1aWhat do you think you'll be doing the next two weeks?22:54
replaceafilllet me check the planner22:58
replaceafilli remember it was pdf styls22:59
replaceafillor the iep implementation22:59
th1aWell... I mean is there other stuff you know you need to do for the gradebook(s) that's not necessarily on the planner.22:59
th1aThis week is pretty much gradebook refinement, right?23:00
replaceafilllet me check my notes23:00
replaceafillah yes23:02
replaceafillmark/save invalid values on load23:02
replaceafilland auto-save23:02
replaceafilli think i told you that the gradebook really doesn't save invalid values23:03
replaceafilljust shows them on the next load23:03
replaceafillbut if you reload a third time, the invalid values are gone23:03
replaceafilland i think you want to save them, right?23:04
replaceafillbut they shouldn't be take into account in math, etc23:04
th1aI would prefer that.23:07
th1aBut at this point I'm prioritizing essential CanDo stuff.23:07
th1ayvl still needs to "fix score systems," right?23:08
replaceafillon the cando side i don't see any more "important" task to do for the gradebook23:08
replaceafillah, another one in my wishlist, but not as important23:11
replaceafillcando scores to the gradebook23:11
replaceafillimplement external activities for the new cando23:11
replaceafilllow priority though23:11
th1aOK, so I guess report styles,23:11
th1athen IEP.23:12
th1aActually, I think we need awesome skills browser ahead of IEP's.23:21
replaceafillalthough you don't need to navigate for iep23:22
replaceafillyou just use the comps of the section23:23
th1aNot as a strict requirement, just priority.23:23
replaceafillah ok23:23

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