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aelkneryv;, ayt?16:29
yvlhey aelkner16:36
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th1areplaceafill:  Can you add this into your journal tasks (which you should be starting soon iirc)
th1aBasically just make it work like the gradebook xls export16:59
th1aAnd figure on doing the same for CanDo.17:00
replaceafillah ok17:00
replaceafillyes, i'm starting on it today17:00
replaceafillwill do17:00
th1aCan you make that a separate patch that could be applied earlier than the rest?17:01
replaceafillhhmm i can apply it to the current trunk instead of doing it in my branch17:01
replaceafillkk, want me to work on it today?17:02
replaceafilli was going to apply my gradebook ajax changes to the journal today17:02
replaceafillbut i can do this before17:02
th1aIt isn't something where one day is going to make a difference either way.17:03
replaceafillah ok17:03
th1aOTOH, if you can throw my svg background on one of your demo instances or a branch or something today, that'll give me an idea of what I should do next with that.17:03
replaceafilli did!17:04
replaceafilldidnt you read my email? :/17:04
* replaceafill thinks th1a has him on the spam list...17:04
th1aThanks replaceafill.17:10
* th1a goes to the dentist.17:10
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th1areplaceafill:  What's a reasonable size for a background image?20:08
th1aThe svg right now is 109 KB.  I can probably cut it down just by rounding off the coordinates and not drawing some of the invisible hexes.20:10
replaceafillth1a, well, it depends20:11
th1aOf course.20:11
replaceafillyoutube background images are around 100-200kb20:11
replaceafillsame in twitter apparently20:12
th1aIt is a question of cutting down the svg I have or writing javascript, which obviously has other costs.20:12
replaceafillthe ones you set for your background20:12
replaceafillbut in the hexes case, i think it can be really small20:12
replaceafillsince it's just a part of the screen20:12
replaceafillyou dont want to export it?20:12
replaceafillto png20:13
replaceafillyay! finally i was able to reproduce Carlos bug :)20:17
replaceafillnow, to investigate why is happening..20:18
replaceafilljust what i thought20:20
replaceafillth1a, have a minute?20:20
replaceafillwhen the importer gets the demo fields for the person20:23
replaceafillit tries to detect the limited ones20:23
replaceafillif it's a new person20:23
replaceafillthat person is not in any group20:24
replaceafillso all the limited fields are not imported20:24
* replaceafill tries to *update* a existing person20:24
replaceafillyep, updating people works if they're in the appropriate groups20:26
th1aOK, down to 71 kb.20:26
replaceafillsounds good to me20:26
th1aOh, so this is a hack to check if the person in already in a group that does too much?20:27
replaceafillnot really a hack, it's the way the adapter works20:27
replaceafillibasicperson -> idemographicsfields20:28
replaceafillit's a feature :)20:28
replaceafillwhat carlos would have to do is to set all the people in their groups first20:28
replaceafillthen import their demo data20:28
replaceafillif he creates/imports demo at the same time, that doesnt work20:29
th1aHow is this ever a feature?20:29
replaceafilli think it's a feature of the adapter that the import maybe shouldn't be using20:30
th1aI don't understand why it is ever useful.20:30
replaceafillto show you only relevant data for you20:31
replaceafillaccording to you status in the system20:31
replaceafillyou dont want to see teacher_id for a student20:31
replaceafillso the adapter does that20:31
replaceafilli mean, in an edit form for example20:31
th1aOh, LIMITED ones.20:31
replaceafillsorry, i should have started by using the right terms :)20:32
th1aI wasn't following that term.20:32
th1aSo limited fields aren't really checked in the view step?20:34
th1aIt is more on the editing end?20:34
replaceafillno, they're used everywhere20:34
replaceafilleverytime you get demo fields for a person, there's a check20:35
replaceafillto get only what's necessary for that person20:35
replaceafillbut the importer is doing the same20:35
replaceafillcreates the person, then checks20:35
th1aOK, so can we just take it out of the importer somehow?20:35
replaceafillsince the person is new, not in any group20:35
th1aOr maybe add a step to the importer?20:35
th1aAdd the people, do the groups, go back to the demographics?20:36
replaceafillsound complicated, since importing is done by sheet20:36
replaceafillbut i'll look20:36
replaceafillat least i was able to reproduce the bug :)20:36
th1aWell, aelkner is starting a big importer review... today.20:37
replaceafillmaybe we should pass this to him?20:37
replaceafilli'd like that :)20:37
th1aIf we have a workaround, definitely yes.20:40
th1aOK, down to 36K.  :-D20:47
th1aThis is PoV style optimization.20:48
replaceafilli think the *actual* bug, is that the xls importer doesn't put a person in their appropriate group if he's set as instructor or student in a section20:54
replaceafillthat's really the cause why carlos doesn't see the limited fields after importer20:54
th1aWell aelkner's task basically is to merge the CanDo importer functionality into ours.20:55
th1aSo we're going to have student and teacher import forms I think.20:55
th1aDifferent worksheets.20:56
replaceafillthe cando importer does that iirc20:56
replaceafillok, i'll suggest carlos to place the students and teachers into groups manually20:57
replaceafillif he's not doing it in the xls20:57
th1aOr you could suggest he do it in the XLS.20:57
th1aWhich still might be easier if he knows to do it.20:57
replaceafillthat's better :)20:57
th1aBut it won't check the group membership before doing demographics?20:58
th1aMaybe he can run the importer twice?20:58
replaceafillaccording to the order of processing of the importer, persons is processed before groups20:59
replaceafillsince you need the persons first :)20:59
replaceafillif he runs it twice with groups data, it'll work20:59
th1a23K now...21:06
replaceafillstill in svg?21:06
th1aI was drawing way more hexes than I needed.21:06
th1aThis will be cached most of the time anyhow, right?21:08
replaceafillyes, file resources have some caching headers set21:08
replaceafillheader: Cache-Control: public,max-age=8640021:09
replaceafilland expires header for 1 day later21:09
th1aOK, this is small enough for now.21:16
th1areplaceafill:  You'd better handle the workaround instructions.21:17
replaceafillcool, i'm still waiting for confirmation on his part about setting groups21:18
replaceafilli just asked him about it21:18
replaceafillif he's doing it i'll set up a full xls for testing21:19
replaceafillwith schoolyears, etc21:19
replaceafillmaybe just importing Persons is not enough to trace the bug21:19
th1aWhen you get a chance you can update form here:
replaceafilllet me do it before going for lunch...21:20
replaceafillth1a, done21:21
replaceafillreload to get the small version21:21
th1aaelkner: ayt?21:25
* replaceafill goes to get lunch21:25
aelknerth1a, hey21:48
* replaceafill back22:32
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