IRC log of #schooltool for Friday, 2012-03-23

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aelknerth1a, hey20:29
th1ahey aelkner.20:30
aelknerso i've had a chance to go over the cte site20:30
aelknerand i looked at the install pdf and the saple csv files20:30
aelkneralso, i fond the code where the importing gets done20:30
aelkneractually, the sample files are xls20:30
aelknerbut the importer (as the instructions indicate) require csv20:31
th1aHm... yes we discussed that at the sprint.20:31
aelkneranyway, the students csv is basically the standard basicperson with one exception, State Id20:31
aelknerwhich could just be a demo20:31
aelknerwould you like the students sheet to auto ad the persons to the the student group20:32
th1aDid you see the demographics import bug assigned to you yesterday?20:33
aelknerwe don't do that yet anywhere, so this would be the first time we would need to consider the year20:33
aelknerone sec20:33
th1aWhat do we do in groups import?20:34
th1aDoes that specify year or just guess?20:34
aelknereach group has a block that defines the title, description, id and year, so yes20:37
aelknerthat's the only way we have imported people into groups thus far it seems20:38
th1aRealistically it could be set at the top of the form, or per row.20:38
aelknerthe student needs to belong to a list of year, group pairs20:39
aelknerunless we assume the current year20:39
aelknerand just the student group could be assumed in the students sheet20:39
aelknerreimporting always has to be safe20:40
aelknerso what we do is only add things (and that shold include membership)20:40
th1aOK, for the student import sheet, defining the year at top probably makes the most sense.20:40
aelkneras for the bug, i'll have to talk with replaceafill because i wasn't able to reproduce20:41
aelknerperhaps it's a unicode thing with the ids or something20:41
th1aMaybe the explanation is in the associated question.20:42
th1aBasically he's got demo fields limited by group, but the groups aren't assigned when the person import happens.20:42
replaceafillwhen section import happens20:43
th1aThe student import sheet should be aware of limited fields, btw.20:43
th1a(when it exports/imports)20:43
aelknerah, limit groups20:43
replaceafillto me, the section importer should put people in their appropriate groups20:44
replaceafillso you'd be able to see limited demos, even if you didnt set the Groups sheet in the importer20:44
th1aI agree with replaceafill.20:46
aelknerproblem is that the user object, with username key is created in the same sheet as the demo values20:47
aelknerthe section importer relies on the person importer having completed20:47
replaceafillwhy is that a problem?20:48
aelkneryou suggested the the section importer run first?20:48
replaceafilli suggest that it sets the Teachers or Students group on persons20:49
replaceafillthe thing is that the person index view, takes into account limited demos, right?20:50
replaceafillso, if a student is not in the Students group, the person index view doesnt show the limited demo data20:50
replaceafillthe data is there20:50
replaceafillit's imported20:50
replaceafillit's just not visible20:50
aelknerah, so the import works, i see20:51
aelkneri'm still going over the code...20:51
aelknerinteresting that we never worried about the limit fields until now20:52
replaceafillusers! :)20:52
replaceafilland their use cases >:(20:52
aelknerthere's nothing stopping the user from putting demos in the wrong gourps20:52
aelkneri'm thinking that demo value population should really be in a spearate sheet20:53
aelknerand that sheet must run after the groups are established20:53
replaceafillbut supposed you dont set groups20:53
aelkneryeah, it's an interesting question20:54
replaceafillmy suggestion obviously fails for admins also20:54
aelkneri suppose, if we want to keep it flexible that we don't worry about demos in bad groups20:54
replaceafillyou can have limited demos for admins20:54
aelkneri mean, in the ui, they can change the limits any time they wat20:54
aelknerwant, and we don't remove the demo values at that time20:54
aelknerso we don't need to change allowing them to add demo values to the wrong groups i suppose20:55
aelknerso getting back to your section import suggestion20:55
aelkneri say, why not20:55
aelknersections are already in years, so the year can be used to determine the group20:55
aelknerand if a student happens to also be an instructor of one section they can belong to both groups20:56
aelknerbtw, we don't have a place to define limit groups in the importer20:57
aelknerthe only place demo fields are defined is in the Persons sheet20:57
replaceafillthe importer doesnt create demo fields20:58
aelknerit just assumes they are set up in exactly the same order as the sheet's columns20:58
replaceafillone thing i noticed yesterday20:58
replaceafillbut i didnt pay too much attention20:58
replaceafillsee the part where the Required*** values are checked20:59
replaceafilldates have no a required equivalent, correct?20:59
replaceafilllike bools and text20:59
replaceafilli didnt test it further20:59
* th1a tries to catch up after spacing out...21:00
aelknerum, see where?21:00
aelknerin the xls file?21:00
aelknerthe png21:01
th1aaelkner:  It seems to me that you could look at the same sheet twice in the importing.21:01
replaceafillaelkner, line 770 of the module21:01
th1aGet the basic person import, go do other imports, come back to demos.21:01
aelknerth1a, pass twice is always possible21:01
th1aYou've got time allocated here to do some re-architecting.21:01
th1aI think you have two full weeks.21:02
replaceafillaelkner, i know it might not be a priority right now21:02
replaceafillbut if you do some re-architecting21:02
replaceafilltry to take out English words21:02
replaceafilland change them to codes21:03
replaceafillin the xls file21:03
replaceafillagain, not a priority21:03
th1ait would be a good time to do that!21:03
aelknerwhere are the english words you are referring to?21:03
aelknerone thing at a time anyway21:04
aelknerabout line 77021:04
replaceafillah sure21:04
replaceafillsee the if field.required check21:04
aelkneri see that i never coded a getRequiredDateFromCell21:04
replaceafillthat's my point21:05
aelkneri don't remember why, perhaps i wanted to preserve the fail safe from the original coding21:05
replaceafillwe should have one though21:05
replaceafillagain, for required demos21:05
aelkneryes, that can we added21:06
replaceafillregarding the english words21:06
replaceafillsee the Terms sheet in the sample data xls21:06
replaceafillMonday, Tuesday, ...21:06
replaceafillfor marking weekends21:06
aelkneryes, what could go there instead?21:07
replaceafillsome kind of coding21:07
aelknerit's a sample file, we don't know the language of the user21:07
replaceafillthat's the point21:07
th1aThis is pretty much always going to mean numeric codes, right?21:07
aelknerwhat kind of coding would you suggest21:07
aelkner0 - 621:08
aelkner1 - 721:08
replaceafillaelkner, something like that21:08
th1aWe need to be able to produce spreadsheets in different languages with their own explanation of the keys.21:08
replaceafillday of the week or something21:08
th1a1 -7 please.21:08
aelkner1 - 7 it is21:08
th1aOr, tbh, you can include the English as long as the importer isn't dependent on it, right?21:09
th1aYou could put the text in a row above the number, as long as the importer wasn't dependent on the text.21:09
replaceafillthe timetable importer does21:09
th1aDo you follow this, aelkner?21:09
replaceafill    dows = ['Monday', 'Tuesday', 'Wednesday', 'Thursday',21:09
replaceafill            'Friday', 'Saturday', 'Sunday']21:09
th1aThis isn't magical -- the requirement is that a manually translated version of the sheet template should work.21:10
aelknerthe importer doesn't look at that row21:10
aelknerit skips to the next one, assuming some row is filled in above it21:11
aelknerbut it doesn't care what is in it21:11
th1aIn that case this one might not be a problem.21:11
replaceafillaelkner, the timetable importer does21:11
aelknerwell, we were talking about Terms21:11
replaceafillsorry, i used Terms as an example21:12
replaceafillof english words being used21:12
replaceafillin the xls21:12
aelkneragain, those words that don't end up as data are ignored anyway21:13
th1aSo basically what aelkner should be on the lookout for is not so much English in the spreadsheets, but english in the import code.21:13
replaceafillth1a, +121:13
replaceafillthis can help:
th1aThey might not be used for data but for finding the data.21:13
th1aIt's all yours now, aelkner.  ;-)21:16
aelknerwell, i'll come back to that one at some point21:18
aelkneri've got about ten things on my stack now21:18
aelknerbut th1a, is it safe to assume that i'll be doing mostly import stuff for the next couple of weeks21:19
th1aYes, but you're going to be going through this page by page, so just fix it as you go.21:19
th1aRather than as a separate step at the end.21:20
aelkneri can't fix it as i'm discussing it21:20
aelknerso we have to decide what i'll look into first21:20
aelknerand that's after i finish the app stests21:20
aelkneri got them to work btw, replaceafill, after yvl helped with a stupid typo i had21:21
aelknerso we now have oldskin and newskin stests in app21:21
aelkneri just need to add the server tabs tests and then i can push the whole thing21:22
aelknerth1a, you also asked me to look into period order in the student detail report21:22
aelkneroh, and the breadcrumbs on replaceafill's server for server tabs, replaceafill do you need the latest code?21:23
aelkneryou could merge with my branch i suppose21:23
replaceafillbreadcrumbs on my server?21:23
aelknerth1a sent me a note about it21:24
replaceafillah probably he noticed something missing in one of my instances?21:24
replaceafill6660 runs trunk21:25
aelknerand he asked me to get the latest code to you21:25
aelknerbut i haven't pushed to trunk21:25
aelknerso it's up to him if he wants you to merge with my branch, i don't know21:25
aelknerreplaceafill, i'll send you a note when i've merged to trunk21:27
th1aI don't really care if replaceafill has it.21:27
th1aI just wanted to know if it was a bug.21:28
th1aI figured it wasn't which is why I didn't file it first.21:28
aelknerjust check out my instance21:28
th1aJust tell me it isn't a bug.21:28
replaceafillbtw, the journal using the new gradebook stuff:
aelknerwhat do you mean by no breadcrumbs, btw21:29
th1aBut yes, make sure both reports have period order right.21:29
th1aI think it just had Tab not Server > Tab21:29
aelknerah, yes, that's true21:29
th1aYeah, that's the problem.21:29
aelkneri'll look into that21:29
replaceafillth1a, have some minutes for some questions about the journal?21:30
replaceafilli can wait until monday :)21:30
* th1a is sitting in his chair, spinning around looking at the ceiling...21:32
th1aSo I guess the answer is yes.  ;-)21:32
th1aIt is a pretty perfect Friday afternoon here...21:33
replaceafillok, basically i was just wondering about the popup menus in the journal21:33
replaceafillthey don't do much right now21:33
replaceafilland some of them dont even work :(21:34
replaceafilllike order by student's name21:34
replaceafillsort by*21:34
replaceafillwe have fill down now for the journal21:34
th1aThey should work.21:35
replaceafillwell, they dont work in the "trunk" version i think21:35
replaceafillneither in mine21:35
replaceafilli'll fix them21:35
th1aI mean, there is no reason to not make them work.21:35
th1aLike, they don't make sense anyhow.21:36
replaceafillbut for instance21:36
replaceafillthe student name link21:36
replaceafillwhy is it a link?21:36
replaceafillit doesnt bring up any popup21:36
replaceafillthat's the reason we have the student name as a link in the gradebook21:36
th1aWell, there probably should be a report.21:36
replaceafillfor Report|Score options21:36
th1aOoh... that would be a good one for me.21:37
th1aNice SVG report...21:37
replaceafillok, i'll add an empty Report option21:37
replaceafillthat would be cool21:38
replaceafillall the absences and tardies marked :D21:38
replaceafilli think that was my only question actually, the student link21:39
replaceafillah cool21:40
replaceafillCarlos confirmed what we thought :)21:40
replaceafillabout Groups21:40
th1aYes, good job replaceafill.21:40
* replaceafill goes to get lunch21:43
aelknerth1a, regarding the section importer adding to groups21:47
aelkneris that a general change we want to do now?21:47
aelkneror more a custome thing21:47
aelkneri mean, if we decide to do it, then it will always happen21:48
aelknerunless we give them a way to block it or something21:48
th1aGeneral change.21:48
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