IRC log of #schooltool for Tuesday, 2012-02-21

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replaceafillyvl, ping16:31
yvlhey replaceafill16:33
yvlgimme a minute :)16:33
yvlone more minute...16:37
replaceafillmy connection still sucks today :(16:38
* yvl invited you to google hangout :)16:42
yvlping replaceafill  :)16:44
replaceafillyvl, one minute :)16:44
replaceafilli'm connecting my camera16:44
* replaceafill is amazed how nice those hangouts work :)17:23
* yvl likes living in the future :)17:24
* replaceafill goes to get breakfast17:25
replaceafillthanks again yvl :)17:25
yvlbon appetite replaceafill :)17:29
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aelkner_th1a, ayt?21:29
th1aHi aelkner_.21:29
aelkner_hey, regarding your question about the fieldset of the deploy course worksheet view21:30
aelkner_i don't know of a case where we have no fieldset legend21:30
aelkner_and removing it creates blank gray space where the legend would have been21:30
aelkner_i'm assuming that the css rules assume that every fieldset has a legend21:30
aelkner_thus leaving the space there for it21:31
aelkner_do you know of a view with a fieldset with no legend?21:31
th1aCan you point me back to the server/page in question?21:32
aelkner_i don't have the change loaded on any server as i'm not convinced that we should do it21:33
aelkner_i mean, it would be a first21:33
aelkner_and it would cause us to have to come up with a new set of css rules or classes for the special case21:33
th1aWell, if I can't look at it I can't tell you what the text should be.21:34
th1aI don't even remember exactly what we're talking about.21:34
aelkner_ah, wait21:34
aelkner_usually, the legend is something like 'Field details'21:35
th1aJust make it "Course Worksheet Details"21:36
aelkner_ok, thanks21:37
aelkner_th1a, ah, yes, another question i for got to ask yesterday21:40
aelkner_if the section has multiple courses and the user chooses to deploy it to both courses21:41
aelkner_then is the worksheet to be added twice to each the section that has the two courses21:41
aelkner_one as the course worksheet for the first course21:41
aelkner_and one for the second course?21:41
aelkner_you see, the logic is to loop though all sections of the term21:42
aelkner_and deploy the worksheet to any section that is for the given course21:42
aelkner_if the deployment is for multiple courses at the same tme21:42
aelkner_then the one section will answer true to that question twice21:43
aelkner_and thus, add the same worksheet, with two different keys, to the same section21:44
aelkner_what do you think?21:45
th1ath1a:  Notices aelkner_ is saying something...21:45
th1aThat sounds right.21:46
aelkner_ok, so adding it twice is no problem21:46
th1aThat is, it is something which doesn't really make sense anyhow, so just doing exactly what the user says without breaking is fine.21:46
aelkner_makes sense21:47
aelkner_ok, another question21:47
aelkner_what about the sheet that is already there21:47
aelkner_by deploying to the whole course, the sheet gets copied to the other sections21:47
aelkner_but also to itself21:47
aelkner_getting rid of the sourse sheet would lose scores potentially21:48
aelkner_keeping it causes a doubling of the sheet for just that section21:48
aelkner_tripling if the deployment is multi-course (as just discussed)21:48
th1aThis is when deploying from the course or the section or both?21:49
aelkner_deploying from the course views deploys to all sections for that course from a course template21:50
aelkner_deploying from the gradebook (the section) would do the same21:50
aelkner_but not from a template in a course21:50
aelkner_you stil have the source sheet21:50
aelkner_it's a small point, but i thought you should consider it21:50
aelkner_ex/ user sets up one sheet21:51
aelkner_deploys it to whole course21:51
aelkner_result is: all sections have the one sheet, except the source section which has two21:51
th1aAnyhow, in both cases you don't want to duplicate.21:51
aelkner_title tie-breaking works from the deployments, not from the user sheets21:52
aelkner_if that's what you're referring to21:52
aelkner_if the user deploys Sheet1 as Sheet1 to the course, then it will show up as Sheet1 in the course deployments view21:53
aelkner_the next course deployment for Sheet1 would show up as Sheet1-221:54
aelkner_but the logic for doing this tie-breaking is done within the deployments21:54
th1aOh, I guess you probably have to duplicate it back to the source to use it for reports, etc.21:54
th1aSo just do that I guess.21:54
aelkner_the user can always get rid of the source when the realize the redundancy21:55
th1aI'll note it in the documentation.21:56
aelkner_ok, cool21:56
aelkner_i see you decided to get rid of the grey fieldsets for modals21:57
aelkner_that keeps things consistent from how our other modals work21:58
aelkner_th1a, can you look at this?22:11
aelkner_as manager22:11
aelkner_so changing the link to Course Worksheets is obvious22:13
aelkner_how about the sentence that has deploy in it below that?22:13
th1aThere are no course worksheets for 2011-2012.22:13
th1aOr "This course has no course worksheets."22:14
aelkner_the for 2011-2012 part follows a pattern, just so you know22:14
aelkner_we so that everywhere22:14
aelkner_so the first one?22:14
aelkner_There are no course worksheets for 2011-2012.22:15
aelkner_ok, now click on the Deployed Worksheets link22:15
aelkner_Current Course Worksheets at the top?22:16
aelkner_This year has no worksheets22:16
aelkner_for the sentence22:16
aelkner_Select worksheet to add22:16
aelkner_for the legend?22:16
aelkner_and the change you suggested for adding from the gradebook22:17
aelkner_Add the worksheet to a specific term or the entire year.22:17
aelkner_also, the title hint22:17
aelkner_If you add the same template multiple times, give each version an easily distinguishable name.22:17
aelkner_am i reading all these right to follow the pattern you established in your email22:18
th1aThat sounds fine.22:18
th1aJust show me the end result.22:18
aelkner_ok, i can do that in five minutes22:19
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aelkner_as manager22:37
aelkner_if you go to the School tab, the global templates still have the deploy word, shall we change that?22:38
replaceafillaelkner_, "This year has no course worksheets set up." in the course worksheet templates page22:40
th1aI think maybe "deployed" is still ok for the global report sheets.22:40
replaceafillshouldnt it say something like "this couse has no worksheets..."22:40
th1aOr not as much of an issue.22:40
aelkner_th1a, so before we review the teacher views, ok for the manager views?22:42
th1areplaceafill is right about the worksheet template message.22:43
th1aThis course has no course worksheet templates.22:43
aelkner_ok, one sec so i can restart the server22:45
aelkner_as teacher00122:48
aelkner_still haven't fixed the bug if all checkboxes unchecked, will do so next22:48
th1aOK.  Looks fine at this point.22:49
replaceafillth1a, zyt?23:36

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