IRC log of #schooltool for Wednesday, 2012-02-22

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yvlgood morning :)16:35
replaceafillgood morning/afternoon16:35
th1aHi yvl, replaceafill, aelkner_, menesis.16:35
th1amenesis:  We have an answer to this, right --
* th1a needs to write a FAQ...16:36
menesisthere was an answer to this16:38
menesisbut it is not satisfactory16:38
menesisI haven't got to making scripts usable16:39
th1aIs it *possible* now?16:39
th1aOK.  Thanks.16:40
th1aDid you guys see the big Ubuntu news yesterday?16:40
* replaceafill no16:41
th1aUbuntu on Android.16:41
th1aDock your Android phone and you'll get an Ubuntu desktop.16:41
th1aThat is, your phone is your PC.16:41
aelkner_so when are you going to get an android phone? :)16:42
th1aWell, it won't really work for a while, but it may doom me to Android in the long run.16:42
th1aWe've got a few bugfixes and small fixes in the chute now.16:44
th1aWhat should our deadline be here menesis?  I need some disciplining.16:45
menesisdeadline for what16:46
th1aI guess I need to know what the drop dead date is for outstanding bugs.16:47
menesisit is the FinalFreeze on April 1216:48
menesisand even then it is possible to get fixes in16:48
th1aAs long as they are fixes not additions.16:49
menesisdoes not matter much since we are in universe16:49
th1aSo what's your work schedule look like menesis?16:49
menesisexcept that no new packages or we need an exception16:50
menesisbut feature freeze is already in effect16:50
menesisI don't know my schedule :(16:50
menesisI am in bed this week with a cold16:51
menesisand I have a few bugs assigned to me16:51
th1aOK.  Let me know next week what your general availability through the release period is expected to be.16:51
th1aSounds like nothing is immediately pressing.16:52
th1aGet some rest menesis.16:52
aelkner_as manager16:53
aelkner_oh, yes, i want to discuss the section locations task16:54
aelkner_i picked a multi-course section just for the purpose of discussing this view16:54
aelkner_it seems to me that a section could belong to a school (virginia) and a classroom at the same time16:55
aelkner_perhaps we should have locations be a relationship property16:55
th1aI would assume so.16:55
aelkner_and display the list like the other lists in the view16:55
aelkner_and have a relationship view for adding/deleting16:55
aelkner_btw, notice courses lacks this16:56
th1aOh, I guess that makes sense.16:56
yvlaelkner_, Section has resources property, that is a relationship16:56
yvlmaybe we should use that?16:56
aelkner_ISection doesn't have that16:57
th1aBoth those could have a relationship view.16:57
aelkner_but i guess it is implemented with hard-coded relationship calls16:58
yvlplease add that to the interface16:58
yvlin the same way instructors and members are added there16:58
aelkner_so we should have resourses = Attribute(...16:59
yvlyes, in ISectoinBase16:59
yvlISectionBase :)16:59
yvlin course/ ?17:00
aelkner_i mean between which other attrs?17:00
* yvl was not expecting this question17:01
yvlafter courses17:01
aelkner_size comes after courses17:01
aelkner_unless you're looking at code that is not in trunk yet?17:02
yvlbefore size17:02
yvlafter courses17:02
yvlI'm asking you to add it17:02
yvlbecause class Section already has resources17:02
* yvl is not entirely used to his new keyboard, hence the typos17:02
aelkner_ah, it does indeed17:02
aelkner_so th1a, it looks like we should just use resources17:03
yvlth1a will probably ask you to implement some limitations in the UI17:03
aelkner_virginia can put schools and/or classroooms there17:03
yvlso it would look not as "section resources", but "location:"17:03
yvlyou may have to display only location resources there, and so on17:04
aelkner_should we separate resources from locations?17:04
yvlaren't they already?17:04
aelkner_right now it applies to both resources and locations17:04
aelkner_that's because we have the notion that locations ARE resources17:04
yvlthey are specific resources17:05
th1aAs long as we can search I think it is fine for now.17:05
yvlclass Location(Resource)17:05
aelkner_so, we could create a separate uri URISectionLocations17:05
aelkner_and create an locations = Attr...17:05
yvlno no no17:06
aelkner_and have two tables in the section view, Resouces and Locations17:06
yvljust use URISectionBooking17:06
th1aOne should be fine.17:06
yvlto obtain a list of all resources17:06
* yvl will allow you to filter by:17:06
th1aWe have enough work to do...17:06
yvlILocation.implementedBy ;)17:06
yvlthough wait17:07
yvlwe have ResourceTypeInformaion17:08
yvloh, but that's another thing17:08
yvlILocation.implementedBy(resource) it is for now :)17:08
yvlone thing though17:08
yvlth1a, can aelkner_ work on something else for the next two days?17:09
* yvl is ajaxifying that place now17:09
aelkner_i agree with letting yvl get his updates into trunk before i proceed17:09
th1aI was wondering whether course report sheet permissions were done.17:09
aelkner_didn't you get the email from the commit status change?17:10
aelkner_but yes, i should say that i finished that and merged to trunk17:10
th1aI need the human aelkner_ to confirm that.17:10
th1aOtherwise, we don't need a meeting at all.17:10
th1aDoes it show up in the management screen?17:11
aelkner_as teacher00117:11
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aelkner_this shows you the text updates and how unchecking all boxes gets an error17:11
th1aDoes it show up in the Access Control management screen?17:11
yvlcan't find it...
aelkner_oops, sorry17:12
aelkner_i need to update the instance17:13
yvlright :)17:13
aelkner_i get confused with my local one at times17:13
aelkner_try now17:14
th1aOK.  Done then.  Thanks.17:15
aelkner_you can check the teacher link i just posted, too for the text/multi-course handling17:15
th1aSo basically if you want something short you could skip to tab hiding and/or user-customizable home view.17:16
th1aThe CanDo - style import support is probably a much longer task.17:17
aelkner_could you create come bug report for those after the meeting?17:18
aelkner_and perhaps any other smaller task you can think of17:18
aelkner_what about report card iteration17:19
aelkner_if you could explain what you want there, i could get started thinking about it17:19
aelkner_and i could update the bug report with my thoughts17:19
aelkner_is that one a big project?17:19
th1aThanks aelkner_.17:19
aelkner_ah, ok17:20
th1aWell, actually, lets just wait for Vinny to do his thing.17:20
aelkner_ok, it's about the output partly17:20
th1aWhich should be soonish.17:20
aelkner_i thought it might be a process thing17:20
th1aI'll file the bugs.17:20
th1aThanks aelkner_.17:20
yvlI merged replaceafill's changes17:21
* replaceafill thanks yvl17:21
aelkner_nice catch replaceafill on the pagesize thing17:21
yvlthen I was working on merging AJAX tables17:21
yvlthe part of searching and sorting17:22
yvlnot the relationship views17:22
yvlthey've diverged from trunk somewhat so that took a little extra time17:22
yvlat the moment, I17:22
yvlI'm ~10h away from finishing17:22
yvlit works for person, contact and group main index views17:23
yvland in few other places17:23
yvlit's more or less mechanical work now17:23
yvladd new tables to resources, sections17:23
yvland all relationship views17:23
yvlbtw, Feb 16 was a bank holiday here :)17:24
* yvl done17:24
yvlwe need a transparent spinner :)17:25
th1aSounds good.  If you can get it done this week you'll have a week for testing love next week.17:25
yvlI'll get it done.17:26
* th1a is just reading off the Gantt chart...17:26
th1aThanks yvl.17:26
replaceafillon monday th1a and i worked on styling the fill down dialog17:27
replaceafillth1a, i didnt get your reply on the javascript behaviour i added17:28
replaceafillto hide the dialog when people click outside17:28
replaceafilli can remove it if you guys think it's not neeeded17:28
th1aLet's try without.17:29
replaceafillah ok17:29
replaceafilli'll remove it then17:29
replaceafillyesterday i worked on the pdf for the person id card17:29
replaceafillfixed the pagesize bug17:29
replaceafillas manager17:29
replaceafilland some variations17:30
replaceafillhttp:// (horizontal photo)17:30
replaceafillplease check the XXX under reports17:30
th1aThat's a funny photo.17:30
replaceafilli've been calling it "Person ID Card"17:30
replaceafillbut maybe this is just for students?17:30
th1aPretty much, yes.17:31
th1aBut maybe you can pick the version from the report dialog?17:31
th1aAlso, replace the green with gray.17:31
th1aCan we use Ubuntu font?17:31
replaceafillah ok17:31
replaceafillthat was one question of mine17:32
replaceafilli havent inserted the font style yet17:32
replaceafillwe use liberation fonts right now, correct?17:32
th1aHow did you pick the size?17:32
replaceafillth1a, i stole your business cards design17:32
replaceafillsame size, same header17:33
replaceafillit still needs some work17:33
replaceafilli have a question for yvl here17:33
th1aI think it should be a little different sizewise.17:33
replaceafillyvl, suppose i want to insert text in a region in the pdf17:33
replaceafillis there any way to make the text automatically to fit into that region?17:33
replaceafillfor instance17:33
replaceafillif the school name is "Your School" it fits well17:34
th1aI guess just credit card size.17:34
replaceafillbut what about if the school name is "xxx x xx x xx x"17:34
replaceafillyvl, i mean, a long string17:34
* replaceafill wants some powerpoint behaviour :)17:34
replaceafillyvl, or maybe i should make the font size attribute dynamic17:35
yvlwell, that's one option17:35
replaceafillsame happens with the rest of the data17:35
replaceafillthe student could have a long name17:35
replaceafillcontact names, etc17:35
th1aMake ^ your target.17:36
replaceafill2" x 3-1/4"17:36
th1aOh, yes...17:37
yvlthere's a tag called textField17:37
replaceafillth1a, having a "design" would help me17:37
yvlmaybe that?17:37
* replaceafill goes to look it up17:37
th1aI suppose configuring the card itself as the paper size is the wrong approach.17:37
th1aPeople are going to be printing these on larger templates.17:38
replaceafillth1a, right17:38
replaceafilli was even thinking of creating a view to print several in the same page :D17:39
replaceafilland customizing the fields, and .... and ...17:39
th1aCan you reverse engineer the .doc templates for the avery cards?17:39
th1aBasically we'll have to make more based on what people use in different parts of the world.17:39
th1aThere are ID card printers, I think.17:39
replaceafillah, true17:40
replaceafillth1a, i dont see the .doc templates in that page17:40
th1a 3 3/8" X 2 1/8" Standard credit card size17:41
th1aYes, there is going to be no one right answer here.17:42
th1aDedicated id printers are probably doing credit card size -- they're the only ones that might want an exact page size.17:42
replaceafilldo you want me to put the card centered in a page?17:43
replaceafilli mean, an A4 page17:43
replaceafilla custom report would be better for that imo17:44
th1aPerhaps we should lay out a full a4 page for mass printing and just use the first slot for one person.17:44
replaceafillwhere you select the people you want to print17:44
replaceafillgot it17:44
replaceafillok, i'll work on that17:44
th1aYou'll mostly run these by group (new students) and solo when one person arrives.17:44
replaceafillone last comment17:45
replaceafillyvl, is this valid?
th1aHopefully once we have the design down making different paper sizes and layouts won't be too scary.17:45
th1aBut that'll have to be managed from the report dialog.17:45
replaceafillyvl, and if it is, do you want it? :)17:45
yvlreplaceafill, yes17:45
yvlit's valid at the moment in trunk17:45
yvlit's not that much valid in my branch thoug :)17:46
replaceafillah cool, i was confused by the term "show all" can mean, show me all in the container17:46
* th1a is totally throwing off replaceafill's tasks.17:46
replaceafillth1a, :D17:46
replaceafilltrue ;)17:46
replaceafillfun stuff though :)17:46
th1aIt'll be ok.17:46
replaceafillok, im done17:46
th1aYou can just call these "ID Card"17:47
replaceafillah ok17:47
replaceafilland the request dialog description?17:47
replaceafillit also has XXX17:47
replaceafillDescription XXX Contains a PDF with the person's ID XXX.17:47
th1aI don't know if trying to do too much in the request dialog breaks our report registration design.17:47
th1aSince we need many versions of the same report.17:48
replaceafillah btw, the view is kind of dumb17:48
replaceafillit looks for any contact17:48
replaceafillpicks the first one17:48
replaceafilllooks for the contact's phones17:49
replaceafillwork, home, mobile17:49
replaceafilland picks the first one if any17:49
th1aYes... ok.17:49
th1aProbably we have to fix that in the contact model.17:50
th1aTo have a "primary contact."17:50
th1aBecause it can't be an interactive process when you're mass printing.17:50
replaceafillok, now im done :)17:51
th1aToday I have to try to grok JavaScript function literals (i.e. lambdas) well enough to print a graph in d3.17:52
* replaceafill has to grok yvl's ajaxparts stuff :P17:53
th1aIt does require a little more programming subtlety than your average chart library.  ;-)17:53
th1aOK guys, have a good week and a good weekend.17:53
* th1a drops the bag of gravel.17:53
replaceafillthanks everybody17:53
yvlthanks guys!17:53
aelkner_cya guys17:57
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replaceafillth1a, zyt?19:26
replaceafilllet me know what you think19:27
replaceafill(that assumes we can use the Ubuntu font in our pdfs)19:28
replaceafillhere's the odt file
replaceafillthe cards don't look so bad on paper :)19:47
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th1aLooks good replaceafill.  How did you do the odt?20:11
replaceafilldrawing tools20:11
replaceafilldo you see the multilines in the second card?20:12
th1aBy hand?  Oh, is this all a mockup?20:12
replaceafillah yes20:12
replaceafillthat's from openoffice :P20:12
replaceafillit's easier to customize in case you dont like something ;)20:12
th1aWhat is in the ID field on the card?20:12
replaceafilldemographics['ID'] for the person20:13
replaceafillanyway, i like the multiline one better (the one on the right)20:14
th1aID and birth date could each go on one line.20:14
th1aID: 9870687620:15
th1aWe should send that to the mailing list.20:39
th1aFor USER feedback.20:40
replaceafillgo ahead :)20:41
replaceafilli'm writing the rml to get it from the app20:41

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