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replaceafillth1a, zyt?00:12
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th1areplaceafill:  Photos look good.17:35
replaceafillth1a, i'm working on yvl's suggestions (not found, css, etc)17:36
replaceafilland i'll convert everything to png then17:36
th1aEither that or jpeg.17:37
th1aI'd think that'd be the most common incoming format.17:37
th1aDon't most cameras output jpeg?17:37
th1aIt might be better to not re-compress unnecessarily.17:38
th1aIs there an anti-jpeg argument?17:38
replaceafillhaven't seen one17:38
th1aLets make that the standard then.17:39
replaceafilljpeg, 100% quality, antialias17:39
replaceafillwhat about the size of the stored image17:39
replaceafilli've been using 99x12817:39
th1aHow'd you chose that?17:40
replaceafillit's the area used in the person index view17:40
replaceafill99x128 is the same ratio of the password photo17:40
th1aI can't think of anything in particular that would make it easier for the user.17:41
th1aI guess we could make it match the aspect ratio of a standard camera image.17:42
replaceafillin portrait would be 3:4, yes?17:43
th1aIt is just a slight switch.17:43
th1aBut probably we should do it.17:44
replaceafilli also was thinking about putting a photo in a pdf report17:44
replaceafilljust to see how it looks17:44
th1aGo ahead and try that.17:44
replaceafillok, i'll move to that next17:45
replaceafillwhat about the hint and error message?17:45
replaceafillcurrent hint: XXX Format, size, ratio hint XXX17:45
replaceafillcurrent error message: XXX The file uploaded is not an image XXX17:46
replaceafillnew error message: Please upload a valid (jpeg) image file?17:46
th1aThe error message is fine.17:46
replaceafillah ok17:46
th1aLet's settle on the actual specifics before we finish the hint.17:47
replaceafilli thought we were changing to "Please ..." kind of errors17:47
replaceafilljpeg, 100% quality, antialias filter, 3:4 ratio17:47
replaceafillwidth, height to store?17:47
th1aWell, in this case it seems like plainly informative is more appropriate.17:47
th1aI think the hint should be in the form of:17:48
th1a"The image will be converted to...17:48
th1a"Uploaded images must be...17:49
th1a(these formats, smaller than, etc.)17:50
replaceafill"The image will be converted to an #x#px jpeg"17:50
th1aOr, jpeg no larger than...17:51
* replaceafill changes the hint to see17:51
th1aI'd add "(a 3:4 aspect ratio)." to the end of the first sentence and just put the max image sizes we're going to reject in the second sentence.17:59
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th1aShould we accept gifs?17:59
replaceafilli'd like to test png and gifs with transparency converted to jpeg18:00
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replaceafill5 MB for max size?18:02
replaceafillthe cameras i've seen spit like 2-4 MB jpeg files18:03
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replaceafillth1a, i'll try to put the photo on the Student Report Card18:10
replaceafilli think i could also do "scale images up, if they're smaller than desired size?"18:11
replaceafilland center the uploaded photo in the same size18:11
replaceafill... image18:11
* replaceafill goes to take a shower18:37
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* replaceafill is back19:16
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th1areplaceafill:  Maybe just make it 10 MB so we're future-proof.19:41
replaceafillth1a, ah ok19:41
replaceafillwidth and size to store? :)19:42
replaceafillsorry, width and height19:42
th1aWhen these are scaled down we do bring down the file size too, right?19:42
th1aI always get confused by these things...19:42
replaceafilla 99x128px image takes like 10k19:42
replaceafilli mean the blob19:42
replaceafillthe validation process comes after the data conversion process in z3c.form :(19:52
* replaceafill looks for a way to detect the upload size before processing its content...19:52
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replaceafillgot it :P19:57
replaceafilli just wanted to use my fancy field validator U-U19:58
replaceafill"The image uploaded cannot be larger than 10 MB"20:00
replaceafillis that ok?20:00
replaceafillfor the error message20:00
th1aThat's ok, replaceafill.20:19
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replaceafillth1a, zyt?22:22
replaceafillwant your opinion on something22:22
replaceafilllet me set it up22:22
replaceafillfrom a png with transparency22:27
replaceafillfrom a smaller jpg22:27
replaceafillall photos are created now with the same dimensions22:28
replaceafillusing white background to center the resized image22:28
replaceafillthe ratio is not 3:4 yet22:28
th1aDo you make the transparent part white?22:28
th1akk Seems good.22:29
replaceafillcool, i'll put one on the report card now22:29
th1areplaceafill:  Hm... I have to decide if I'm just going to use SVG for data graphics.22:43
replaceafillhhmm i guess it's better supported now than a year ago22:44
replaceafilli mean, in the browsers22:44
th1aI guess the problem is you need IE 9 which doesn't run on XP.22:44
replaceafillbut firefox 10 does ;)22:44
th1aDo you know this site:
replaceafillno, but it's nice22:45
replaceafilli used for css322:46
replaceafillbut this one has more info22:46
th1aI think I'm just going to have to plow ahead with it.22:46
th1aOr else not really do cool data graphics at all!22:47
replaceafillth1a, i think this is clearer:23:05
th1aClearer than?23:05
replaceafillthe checkbox below the file input23:05
th1aThat seems fine.23:06
replaceafillso, report cards are generated from report sheets...?23:52
* replaceafill goes read the book23:52

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