IRC log of #schooltool for Friday, 2012-02-17

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replaceafillyvl, ping11:23
replaceafillhey yvl11:23
replaceafillcould i show you something?11:23
replaceafillnot related to photos :)11:23
* yvl is playing with photos btw :)11:24
replaceafillabate kim, alan11:24
yvl10000x10000 empty png is 300k file :D11:24
* yvl wants that search :D11:25
replaceafillhold on let me push the last fix11:25
replaceafillok, you can throw up now:11:26
replaceafilli did it ala "the old grok days style"11:26
replaceafilllike i told you in the sprint11:26
replaceafilltext index + searchable text adapter11:26
replaceafilland i build the query splitting by commas11:27
* yvl looking11:30
replaceafillthe query building needs more thought ;)11:30
replaceafilltry just a comma in the search :P11:30
yvla small nitpick11:30
yvlin terms, do filter(None, terms)11:30
yvlso you dont get11:31
yvlAlan or or Jane11:31
* replaceafill needs to learn python...11:31
yvlbtw, the search is awesome11:32
yvlthanks man!11:33
replaceafillit has some drawbacks though iirc11:33
replaceafilllike "niño"11:33
replaceafillvs "NIÑO"11:33
replaceafilli have to try non-ascii11:34
* yvl tried lt11:34
replaceafilli remember i had to hack some á -> a, logic11:34
yvlah, right11:34
yvlwell, it is waaaaaaay more usable than it was before11:35
yvlwith one huge drawback11:35
yvl(to be fixed)11:35
yvlyou can find Alan11:35
yvlyou can't find Ala11:35
replaceafilltry ala*11:35
replaceafillneeds a serious hint :P11:36
yvlbut can you find *lan ?11:36
replaceafillah come on!11:36
* replaceafill goes to see11:36
replaceafilli'll look for *stas...11:37
yvlbut you can find11:37
yvlor e*th11:37
replaceafilli wouldnt even mention the globbing in the hint :D11:37
replaceafill"type exactly the words you entered"11:38
yvlwait, what?11:39
replaceafilli mean, i think globbing is too complicated for the user11:40
yvlthen again, good for power user11:41
yvlwe can add a "Advanced search" after "What's this"11:41
replaceafillused filter(None, terms)11:42
yvloh, it can even search "ala?" :)11:42
replaceafilllike the old MS-DOS days :)11:43
replaceafillshould i use this on the person search?11:43
replaceafilli think that was the task actually11:44
yvlyes, please!11:45
replaceafillkk, will do11:45
replaceafilltime to go to sleep :)11:46
replaceafilllet me know if you have more comments11:46
replaceafillthanks yvl see you11:46
yvlthanks for all the work!11:46
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yvlsee you Monday :)11:46
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yvlhey replaceafill17:03
replaceafillhey yvl17:03
yvlcan you sync with trunk on your search branch?17:03
yvlthanks man17:04
yvlif you get to speak to th1a before Mon meeting17:04
yvlask him what he thinks about search + batch adding17:05
* yvl thinks we dont need two buttons: "add displayed" and "add all"17:05
replaceafillah ok17:05
yvl"add displayed" is more than enough17:06
replaceafilltesting instance updated17:06
yvlman, can't wait for this to land on trunk :D17:07
yvlsearch :)17:08
yvland photos, frankly :D17:08
replaceafilli'm working on person search now17:08
replaceafillah btw17:09
replaceafillabout the urlopen issue17:09
replaceafilldo you think i should generate a namedtemporaryfile for the photo?17:09
replaceafillthat's the only way i can think of to point file="..." to something on the filesystem17:09
replaceafillor maybe that's not what you meant?17:11
yvlI naively thought that there's an easy way to point to a file in blob storage17:13
replaceafillfor a second i thought that's what you meant :)17:14
yvlok, I'll look at that a bit later, if it's ok17:15
replaceafillbut then i started to think if that would be reliable, etc17:15
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yvlhi th1a17:33
yvlbefore I go...17:33
th1ahi yvl.17:33
yvlI chose not to add "Add ALL" button17:33
th1aFeeling a little under the weather today.17:34
yvland go with "Add displayed" only17:34
yvlsorry to hear, th1a17:34
th1ayvl:  OK.17:34
yvlwe have "show all" anyway17:34
th1aJust a cold at this point.17:34
th1aThat probably makes sense.17:34
yvlreplaceafill is working on absolutely awesome search improvements17:35
yvlwith batch adding they make the views quite usable actually17:36
yvlsearch for17:36
yvlstudent1, student142, student12*17:36
yvladd all17:36
yvlone of the features I got quite excited about :)17:37
yvlwell, see you Monday17:37
* yvl off to config his new laptop17:37
yvlget better, th1a!17:37
* replaceafill hopes yvl's selenium tests fail now in his new laptop >:D17:38
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replaceafillth1a, u there?17:59
th1aI am here.17:59
th1aI feel ok now after sleeping two extra hours.17:59
replaceafilli forgot to ask yvl about his round corners comment18:00
replaceafilland in your mail you said that you liked them18:00
replaceafilldoes that mean we shouldn't put the uploaded image on a bigger background?18:01
th1aI don't follow.18:01
replaceafillah ok, yvl said:18:02
th1aI just like rounded corners.  ;-)18:02
replaceafillthe way they are now?18:02
th1aAre they rounded now?18:02
replaceafillthis is what yvl said (which i don't follow either):18:03
th1auH... which one should I be looking at?18:03
replaceafill"Frankly, I miss rounded corners on "landscape" images like this"18:03
th1aYes, that seems much too tricky.18:03
th1aIf they have the right aspect ratio they're rounded now?18:04
replaceafillthe thing is that the image has never had rounded corners18:04
th1aOK, fine.18:04
replaceafillit's just a display setting18:04
th1aJust leave it that way.18:04
th1aIs there a border now?18:04
replaceafillsame color as the accordion's18:05
* replaceafill thinks this is one of those cases th1a mentioned in the sprint when it's hard for me to follow IRC conversations :)18:05
th1aI think I prefer no border for the image.18:06
th1aOr, I'd like to see it.18:06
replaceafillok, let me remove it and show you18:06
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th1aThat's better.18:08
replaceafillkk, i'll remove the border then18:09
replaceafillhere's my search work so far:
replaceafillyou can look stuff like:18:10
replaceafillkim abate, alan18:10
replaceafill, means "or"18:10
th1asub-string searches would be nice too...18:11
replaceafillit's possible to use "globbing"18:11
th1aCan we make it do that by default?18:11
replaceafillwe could create the query that way18:12
replaceafillbut i think it would lose the "or" functionality...18:12
th1aI don't think anyone would use that.18:14
replaceafillso if someone looks for:18:15
replaceafillkim abate18:15
replaceafillyou want that converted to:18:15
replaceafillkim* abate*18:15
th1a*kim* *abate*18:16
replaceafilla search term cannot start with * or ?18:16
replaceafillin the query18:16
th1aSo you can't search for something coming later in the string, just the beginning?18:16
replaceafillthat's TextIndex :)18:17
th1aOh, I see... you would want "or" even though you wouldn't be consciously doing it.18:17
th1ayou can't force them all to be kim* OR abate*18:17
replaceafillit would not find only "kim abate" (that is probably what you wanted)18:18
replaceafillit would find any kim and any abate too18:18
th1aWell, too many results, within reason are much better than too few.18:19
th1aSince we require you to click on the link anyhow.18:19
th1aClicking on 1 of 10 is not much worse than 1 of 1.18:19
replaceafillbut suppose you want to use the "Add displayed" button18:20
th1aThat's really more of a filter by group case.18:20
th1aIf you're searching for a name you're just going to be adding one.18:20
th1aUnless you have a section just for all the Garcias in the school.18:20
replaceafillhere are the rules for searching:18:23
replaceafill"Summarizing the default operator rules:"18:24
replaceafilli build a new query that supports the comma18:24
replaceafillso if the user enters:18:24
replaceafilltom hoffman, justas, alan18:25
replaceafillthe final query is:18:25
th1aUsers are not going to use operators.18:25
th1aPut that out of your mind.18:25
replaceafillyvl inserted it in my mind :D18:25
th1aRemember a) we're just searching names18:25
th1ab) there is no use case for searching for more than one person at a time by name.18:26
th1aSince my new computer goes to sleep I miss more action in the chat room.18:26
th1aBut I save electricity.  ;-)18:26
replaceafill$$$ ;)18:27
th1aCan you just let me try the automatic globbing?18:28
replaceafilljust to be clear18:28
replaceafillkim abate18:28
replaceafillkim* abate*18:28
replaceafilland we assume no operators (commas, etc)18:28
th1aMake them all "or"18:31
replaceafillautomatic globbing18:33
replaceafillbtw, Show All has a bug18:34
replaceafilldoesn't keep the search terms18:34
* replaceafill goes to report it18:34
th1aSo can this do "or" automatically?18:35
replaceafillah hold on, let me do that change too18:35
* replaceafill is multitasking :P18:35
replaceafillautomatic globbing + or by default18:36
th1aok without or is better.18:36
replaceafillok, removing or...18:36
th1aYou can leave the comma functionality in there.18:36
th1aBut I think auto-glob is definitely good.18:37
th1aIt is good to be able to do last name and first initial.18:37
replaceafillth1a, can you try again?18:46
replaceafillautomatic globbing, optional comma separator18:46
replaceafillkim abate => kim* abate*18:47
replaceafillkim abate, alan, jeffrey => kim* abate* or alan* or jeffrey*18:47
replaceafillthat ok?18:47
replaceafillcool, moving it persons then18:50
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replaceafilltext search in person filter widget19:58
th1aNice.  Thanks.19:58
replaceafillit works on relationship views too:
replaceafillwith yvl's new buttons19:59
replaceafillok, i think i'm close to finish these two tasks (photos and search)20:00
replaceafilli'll wait for the monday meeting to merge20:00
* replaceafill goes to get lunch20:02
th1areplaceafill:  ayt?20:59
replaceafillth1a, yes20:59
th1awe need to make an id card template.20:59
th1aLike nowish.20:59
replaceafilldid you see my question to yvl about the openurl issue?20:59
th1a(that is, quick enough to stick it in the release)20:59
replaceafillwe have a problem with z3c.rml21:00
replaceafillwhen it retrieves images21:00
replaceafilluses a new request21:00
replaceafillwhich doesnt have session info21:00
replaceafillso when it tries to access a person like /person/photo, it gets a forbidden21:00
replaceafillyvl kind of suggested using files in the filesystem21:01
replaceafillbut that feels kind of insecure to me21:01
replaceafillhe said he would think about it21:02
th1aI guess we'll wait for that.  I did see that issue.21:02
replaceafillwant me to experiment with temporary files?21:02
replaceafilljust to see if it's doable?21:03
th1aYou can let yvl think about it.21:03
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* th1a likes adding breakpoints to javascript.22:17
replaceafillor chrome?22:17
* replaceafill is not very used to the chrome dev tools22:17
th1aMakes it easy to figure out what's going on in the d3 demo scripts.22:18
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th1aI think Chrome's javascript dev support may be better.22:18
replaceafill"Just formatting so it's gets printed into cards nicely. with a picture of the student." :)22:57
th1aYes... we need an example with a plausible looking photo...22:58
replaceafillth1a, zyt?23:24
replaceafillcontacts should look like the one on the right, correct?23:24
replaceafilli mean, we should hide empty fields23:25

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