IRC log of #schooltool for Wednesday, 2012-02-15

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th1ahi menesis, aelkner, replaceafill, yvl.16:31
yvlgood morning16:31
replaceafillgood morning/afternoon16:31
aelkneri see we all safely made it home16:32
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th1aYes, that's something.16:33
th1aI should get the invoices out today.16:33
* th1a opens his planner document so he can update task completion...16:34
th1ahi menesis.16:34
yvldidn't do much on Mon/Tue16:36
yvlfixed some bugs today:16:36
th1aWhat kind of issues did you find there?16:37
th1a(just so I have some perspective)16:37
* th1a is not adding every bugfix to the planner doc, btw...16:38
th1a"They are all different" is a valid response.16:38
yvlcalendar crash was because timetabled calendar view did not handle hour 24 properly16:38
yvledit relationships was broken when there were no schoolyears16:39
yvli.e. no groups, but you wanted to edit group membership16:39
yvlfor manager16:39
yvland weekday timetable templates were ignoring school days16:39
yvlfixed + evolution to upate calendars16:40
yvlnow I'm making relationship views to remember filter settings when adding a person16:40
yvlnearly done16:40
th1aOK.  Cool.16:40
th1aWe are starting to get a lot more small bug reports, which is a very good thing.16:41
yvlI couldn't repro a bug where...16:41
yvla section did not get scheduled correctly under some timezone16:42
yvlwhat else..16:42
yvlI'll need more info on how you imagine "Add all" to work in relationship views16:42
yvlthen it's on to "ajax batching"16:43
yvlthen comes testing love16:43
yvloh, and I should have a new laptop to work on! \o/16:43
yvl(this one is slowly dying on me)16:43
th1aSo you'll be 50% more productive?16:43
yvlI'll stare at the screen way more efficiently16:44
th1aI read that developers are primarily constrained by processor speed.16:44
th1aLet me know when you want to discuss "add all."16:45
yvlI kind of just want you to tell me what to do :D16:45
th1aBasically add all the results of the search.16:45
yvlor all visible16:45
th1aI'm thinking maybe two buttons, tbh.16:45
yvlwell that16:45
* yvl couldn't figure out what to choose, so...16:46
yvlone button, two buttons, a button with checkboxes, something else...16:46
th1aTwo buttons I think16:46
yvlbut not image buttons16:46
th1aI mean, if you have one button you have to have some explanatory text, whereas two buttons kind of explain themselves.16:47
yvllike ones in table row16:47
th1aThis requires some explicit text.16:47
* yvl is struggling a bit on how anyone would actually use the buttons16:47
yvl- and why16:47
th1aIf you have a group of students you want to add to a section.16:48
yvlthen there's a choice of adding "Add this group" next to "Search" button16:48
yvlbut anyway16:48
th1aI don't think we'd want that.16:49
* yvl just wants to get that done and move on16:49
yvlso... "Add displayed" and "Add all results"16:49
* yvl done16:51
th1aPerhaps "Add only displayed"16:51
th1aAnd make "Add all results" first and/or generally more prominent.16:52
th1aI'm open to alternatives on this.16:53
th1aThanks yvl.16:53
menesisI have made a schooltool 2.0.2 release yesterday16:54
menesisbefore too many changes after the sprint are going to land16:54
menesismeant to do that last week, released gradebook. but had work on other project16:55
menesisfixed some zope incompatibilities in recent z3c.template and friends16:55
menesisnot much16:56
th1aOK.  We've just got a few small features still in the pipeline.16:57
th1aHopefully they'll be done this week.16:57
th1aThanks menesis.16:58
replaceafillduring the sprint i talked to yvl about my demographics fields fixes16:58
replaceafilli'm about to merge them16:58
replaceafilli just need one more error message:16:58
replaceafillwe started to have that conversation :)16:59
replaceafillwhen you set the ID for a demo field, you can only use alphanumeric text16:59
replaceafillso far i have __doc__ = _(u'XXX Invalid field ID XXX')17:00
th1aAre the valid constraints already in the hint?17:00
replaceafillthe hint only says:17:01
replaceafilldescription = _(u"A unique one word identifier."))17:01
th1aOK, so add the constraints to the hint, and I can't remember if we have a particular wording in error messages now...17:02
th1aDo we do something like "Please enter a valid ID" ?17:03
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replaceafilli can set the branch up and show it to you after the meeting, if that's ok17:03
replaceafilli'm also finishing the photo work17:04
replaceafillwhich i'd like you to see too17:04
replaceafillmy only question is how to edit the photo field17:04
replaceafilli mean, a <input type="file" ... /> on editing doesnt seem enough for me17:04
replaceafilli'd rather have some radio buttons:17:05
replaceafill( .) keep existing image17:05
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replaceafill( ) upload new image17:05
replaceafillor something like that17:05
replaceafilland ( ) delete image17:06
th1areplaceafill:  You've given the image form a lot more thought than I have.17:06
replaceafillnp, i'll set up that too17:06
replaceafilland show it to you17:06
th1aJust make the id error message what I suggested above -- that's probably the style of error message we should go to although it isn't what we use now for the most part.17:06
replaceafillyvl, i've been playing more with the text search + catalogs, i'll probably bug you tomorrow for a review of my branch17:07
th1aThanks replaceafill.17:08
aelkneri'd like you to look at the filldown dialog for text comments17:08
aelkneri didn't include the name of the activity yet, but i could if you'd like17:09
aelknerthis is our first modal that is a form, so it needs some css love17:09
aelknerreplaceafill, can we talk about that after the meeting17:09
aelkneralso, i got your message about display: none17:10
aelknerlet's talk about that, too, after the meeting17:10
replaceafillyes, please :)17:10
aelknerbut th1a, any text comments now will end up in improvements if you'd like17:10
th1aI'd make the menu item "Fill down"17:11
th1aWe don't need that "Grade" header, do we?17:12
replaceafillone thing it's weird for me, don't know if you have seen it17:12
replaceafillbut the dialog disappears the first time i open it17:12
th1aI got that too.17:12
th1aWe need aelkner to start testing with Chrome.17:12
aelkneri get that sometimes, not always17:12
replaceafillah, it's not just me then17:12
th1aOK, so yes, that's a bug.  ;-)17:12
aelknercould it be that the library we are using is buggy?17:13
th1aIt isn't that buggy.17:14
aelknerall we do is call the dialog method17:14
aelknerit's not like we are doing something tricky, but if the library has bugs, then we can't be blamed17:14
th1aWe just have to get better at debugging javascript.17:15
aelknerperhaps debugging the library would be a good way to do that17:16
aelkneri could give that a try17:16
th1aThis is not just a jquery bug.17:16
aelknerplus, test out on chrome some17:16
aelknerhow do you mean?17:16
th1aWell, if you get the same thing on firefox, never mind, but generally, just fire up Chrome once and a while and try it.17:17
aelknerwill do17:18
aelknerin the meantime, i'm also working on finishing up the course worksheets17:18
aelknernothing much say about that until i've finshed it17:18
th1a^ how to set breakpoints in your Javascript.17:19
aelknerchrome's js debugger looks cleaner at first glance17:19
replaceafillbtw, i got the bug in ff and chrome17:19
aelknerth1a, so no more text changes than just the menu item?17:20
th1aAnyhow, can we just be rid of that "Grade" header in the dialog?17:20
aelknerit's not a header, it's the standard form element heirarchy17:21
aelknerit just needs to be styled17:21
th1aIt needs to go away.17:21
th1aCan it go away?17:21
aelknerdo we have a case of a form that has an edit field with no label?17:22
aelknerand if not, do we want to have a different set of rules for modals?17:22
aelknerin any event, i can make the form not have a label for the edit field if you want17:23
th1aWe certainly don't need a title in the bar and a title in the body.17:23
aelknerit's a hint17:23
aelkneri can get rid of that, too17:23
replaceafillaelkner, since you're building the form manually, it's just a matter of removing the <label> element17:24
th1aPerhaps you need to tell me what the three things I'm looking at are.17:24
replaceafillor <div class="label">17:24
aelknerreplaceafill, i put the standard form heirarchy in place17:24
aelknerwe all know what is there17:24
aelkner<label>, <p> (for the hint> <input>17:25
aelknerof, course the divs class="row"17:25
aelknerclass="label", "widget", "viewspace", etc17:25
aelknerthese things are auto-generated by our view macros17:26
aelkneri just just did it manually because it was easier to do that way17:26
aelknerbut the css issues are the same regardless17:26
th1aWhy don't you fix the CSS first.17:27
th1aDoes anyone have an opinion about this being a non-modal dialog?17:27
th1aMy general feeling is that it makes it more likely someone will come up with some surprising way to break it.17:28
th1aAlso, I'm thinking fill down should not overwrite existing scores.17:29
th1aAlso, if a cell is highlighted because of an existing score, the highlighting doesn't go away after the row is filled and saved.17:29
aelknerhighlighted?  how is it highlighted?  i can't see that17:31
th1aenter a score17:31
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th1a(thus the cell is highlighted)17:31
aelkneri did, the row gets focus17:31
th1ado filldown17:31
aelkneri did, the cell loses focus17:31
th1aIt should be highlighted as an unsaved cell.17:32
replaceafillthe changes in the cell classes are handled by keydown and keyup events17:34
aelkneryeah, the old javascript17:34
replaceafillin this case, there are no keys being pressed, so that's why you dont get the change17:34
aelkneri would have to add the same logic to the fill down17:35
th1aYes, that needs to be cleaned up.17:35
aelknerand definitely leave non-empty cells alone?17:35
th1aWhy aren't the highlight colors cleared on every save?17:35
replaceafillthey're not?17:35
* replaceafill goes to check17:35
aelkneryeah, i don't get that17:36
th1aThat's what I'm saying.17:36
replaceafillth1a they get cleared on ff17:36
th1aOr does fill down not automatically save.17:37
th1aThat's what I was assuming.17:37
aelknerit doesn't17:37
aelknerthat was on purpose17:37
th1aOK, so just color the cells then.17:37
th1aAnd yes, don't change existing grades when you fill down.17:37
aelknerok, got it17:37
aelknermoving on then...17:38
aelkneri don't have any question about the course worksheets work17:38
aelknerth1a, could you create a bug for the section locations task17:38
aelknerso that i know exactly what you want done there17:38
aelkneri'll be able to get started on that later this week17:38
aelknerthat's it for me17:39
th1aOK, thanks aelkner.17:40
th1aThanks guys.17:40
th1aI guess that's it until Monday.17:41
th1aHave a great week & weekend.17:41
th1aThanks again for a great sprint!17:41
* th1a drops the bag of gravel.17:41
aelknergreat week guys17:41
replaceafillthanks everybody17:41
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aelknerreplaceafill, i'm ready to talk modal css when you are17:42
replaceafillgo ahead17:42
aelknerfirst, what would you prefer for the display:none, create a style for the specific id?17:43
aelknerand in which file would you want that, and where?17:43
replaceafilli'd set it in the javascript code17:43
replaceafillbut if you want to do it in a css file, use jquery-overrides.css17:44
aelknerit needs to be invisible by default so that the user doesn't see it until they click on the menu item17:45
aelknersetting it in javascript would make it flash on page-load, right?17:45
aelknerso instead of creating css for a specific id, would it be better to have a class for that?17:46
replaceafillwe decided not to use ids for css17:47
replaceafillso yes, a class would be better17:47
aelknerok, so since you authored the current css files, would you like to author the css rules for this?17:47
aelknerthat includes the odal css we need17:47
replaceafillbesides the display:none, what other css changes you need?17:48
aelknerdoesn't the form look terrible?17:48
aelknerth1a didn't even recognize the label from the hint17:48
th1aCan we make it look like a form?17:49
aelkneralso, what about the dialog width?17:49
aelknerif we are going to have forms, what width should the dialog have?17:49
aelknerreplaceafill, i'm thinking your magic css rules just need a little love17:50
aelknerto get them to apply the same way within a modal17:50
replaceafillaelkner, you can modify them as you need17:50
replaceafilljust take into account that we use them in several other places17:51
replaceafilli'd suggest you start with a specific class for your fill down dialog17:51
replaceafilland use that class in every new rule17:52
replaceafillso it doesnt affect other dialogs (the ones that dont have forms)17:52
aelknerso are we talking about cloning half a file's worth of rules and tweaking?17:52
aelkneri'm not sure what we;re talking about here17:53
aelkneri think i need to understand your rules better first17:53
replaceafillone thing, they are *OUR* rules ;)17:53
aelknerare you stepping down as VP :)17:54
replaceafillalways :)17:54
aelknerjust kidding17:54
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aelkneri can play around and make my own set of changes, perhaps in a new file17:55
aelknerand replaceafill, you could change them to whatever you think better after that17:55
aelkneri was just hoping to get you to agree to handle the issue :)17:55
replaceafillnah, you do it :)17:56
aelknerit's probably better for me to take a little ownership (as you suggest)17:56
replaceafilland i'd suggest using an existing file17:56
replaceafilllike jquery-ui-overrides.css17:56
aelknersee, that suggestion alone helps :)17:56
replaceafillyou can insert a section at the button17:56
replaceafillbottom :)17:56
aelknernow we're talking17:56
replaceafillwith your changes17:56
replaceafilland then we move them to a better place (if needed)17:57
aelknerand it can clone as long as the whole section is labeled "Modal css (clones non-modal rules)"17:57
replaceafilland keep checking other dialogs17:58
replaceafilldownload request, password change, section linking17:58
replaceafilleven section linking dialogs could use that kind of love17:59
aelknerare each of those modal?17:59
replaceafilland some download request ones17:59
replaceafilland they use form controls17:59
replaceafillfor dates, etc17:59
aelknerright, thanks17:59
replaceafillbut they use a custom (manual) layout17:59
aelkneryou didn't keep the form macro format?18:01
aelkneri would think that we need to use the same pattern since some modal will use that macro at some point18:02
replaceafillclick on Link an Existing Section18:02
replaceafillaelkner, these are very specific forms18:02
replaceafilllike 2 forms fields in that one ^18:02
aelknerhmm, thinking of our non-modals for the moment, do we have a pattern?18:04
aelkneryou created rules based on a pattern, right18:05
replaceafillwe have no patterns for modals afaik18:05
aelknershouldn't we?18:05
replaceafilllook at the request dialogs, they're different to this18:05
replaceafillno form controls18:05
replaceafilljust buttons18:05
aelknerperhaps they should be fixed18:06
aelkneri mean, if we want to benefit from a pattern as we did with the non-modals18:06
replaceafillbut even then you have to remember what used to happen in some of the gradebook forms18:07
replaceafillthe ones that had text above them18:07
replaceafillbefore we moved all those instructions to the right sidebar18:07
replaceafillthey looked weird18:07
th1aCouldn't we start with the regular form styles and move them over to the dialog styles?18:07
th1aIsn't that the point?18:08
aelknerreplaceafill, this is my point, that work was extensive and already done18:09
replaceafilli'd love to have rules for forms inside dialogs18:10
th1aYou should be able to do that aelkner.18:10
aelkneryes, so i'll add new rules to that section at the end of the file18:11
th1aAssuming that we don't want or need a grand unified form CSS for both.18:11
aelknerah, i was going to say18:11
replaceafillno, that's why i suggested a base css class18:11
replaceafilland start your rules from there18:11
aelknerright now things are based on .viewspace mostly, right?18:12
replaceafillactually on fieldsets18:14
replaceafillform fieldset ...18:14
aelkneri just did a grep for viewspace in floursh/skin and get nothing rules-wise18:15
replaceafillgrep for "form fieldset" :)18:15
aelknerjust as an aside, are we using viewspace only because of old macros from pre-flourish?18:16
replaceafillz3c.formui original macro18:16
aelknerok, so i see that the form fieldset css is found in form.css and color.css18:18
aelknerand one rule in jquery-ui-overrides.css18:18
replaceafillthose few rules in jquery-ui-overrides.css are used for the other dialogs (section linkage, password edit, preferences, etc)18:19
replaceafilland as you can see they're nothing compared to the ones in form.css18:20
replaceafillthat's the missing pattern you were talking about18:20
aelknercolors.css matters, too, right?18:21
replaceafillyes, but colors.css can be modified as the last step18:21
replaceafillit's easy to set full rules at the beginning18:21
replaceafilland when everything is working, you move only the related to colors there18:21
aelknerfor our purposes the cloning of both forms.css and colors.css (as needed) should go together18:22
aelknerat the end of the jquery-ui-overrides.css, right?18:22
aelknerok, got it18:23
aelknershould be no problem18:23
aelknercan i move the one rule that is already in the file down to end with my new stuff?18:24
aelknerit will help to see related things together18:24
aelkneryvl, yes?18:29
yvlthought I pinged out :D18:29
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