IRC log of #schooltool for Thursday, 2011-11-24

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menesisreplaceafill: I have pushed your homepage to
replaceafillmenesis, ah ok, thanks19:06
menesisand also the book to
replaceafilli'm cleaning it up a little and adding the spanish translation19:06
replaceafillmenesis, kk19:07
menesisI tried to share the homepage on Google+ and Facebook, and it only showed SchoolTool / SchoolTool for title and description19:07
replaceafillthat's what it has :(19:08
replaceafillwe could improve the description i think19:08
menesisI have added the longer title and meta description19:08
replaceafilli'll ask th1a19:08
replaceafillah ok19:08
menesiswhen you done, merge your cleanup to lp:~schooltool-owners/+junk/schooltool-homepage19:09
replaceafillwill do19:09
replaceafillmenesis, also19:09
replaceafilli think th1a wants the old book available19:09
replaceafillcould you please set that up?19:09
replaceafillnot a rush19:09
menesisI imagine so19:09
menesisI have redone the last few revisions19:09
menesisso that the old book has all release notes but not the new style19:10
menesisit remains in its location19:10
menesisso I should publish it?19:10
replaceafillplease, th1a said he would insert a link to the old book in the new book sometime19:11
replaceafillso, we'll need the URL to the old book when it's available19:11
replaceafillmenesis, you there?19:41
menesisfor a few minutes19:41
replaceafilli'm having conflicts merging to the +junk19:42
replaceafillmostly because of the spaces i set when i cleaned index.html19:42
replaceafillon rev 9 of my branch19:42
replaceafillcan i just type the diff of your title/description changes in my branch?19:42
replaceafilland push that to +junk?19:42
replaceafillor can you help me merging :)19:43
replaceafilli see your changes very clearly here:
menesisreplaceafill: yes19:43
menesisI just wanted that change at that moment19:44
menesisdon't have any other changes for it19:44
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replaceafillthanks see u19:45
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