IRC log of #schooltool for Wednesday, 2011-11-23

replaceafillth1a, sent you a journal screenshot00:07
replaceafilllet me know if you want me to change something00:07
* replaceafill goes to take a shower00:07
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th1a_the return of menesis...00:53
*** menesis has quit IRC00:58
th1areplaceafill: ayt?01:25
th1aSent cropped journal panel.01:25
replaceafillth1a, kk01:25
th1aOh, you need text for that too.01:29
replaceafillth1a, i should take another journal screenshot with the first column highlithed then01:30
replaceafill"we need color action in the upper left, so just move the01:31
replaceafillaction left."01:31
replaceafillyour last mail01:31
th1aOh, sorry.01:32
th1aForgot to delete that.01:32
th1aI just zoomed out and I think it is fine.01:32
replaceafillyes, i like it01:32
th1aUnless zooming out looks stupid.01:32
th1aCan I see it?01:32
replaceafill(again) ;)01:32
replaceafilli wonder01:32
replaceafillshould we stick to jpg, as Schwa started01:33
replaceafillpng seems easier to handle01:33
th1aNo... we don't want to convert types.01:33
th1aGNOME gives us PNG's.01:33
replaceafillah ok, because i have been :D01:33
replaceafillchanging to png then01:33
th1aNot that these are high quality subtle photos.01:34
replaceafillok, updating the site01:35
th1aHm... my first draft was just "Track attendance and score daily participation."01:35
th1aI have the gradebook twice.01:36
replaceafilli scp'ed the gradebook cropped image :P01:37
th1a"Improve accountability with online attendance tracking and daily class participation scores."01:37
th1aIs that a little more verbose.  ;-)01:37
replaceafillshould i keep the Key Features text01:38
replaceafillabove Gradebook and Journal01:38
th1aUm... maybe?01:38
th1aI think it is there on purpose.01:38
replaceafilllet me update the text01:38
th1aOh, ok the box expands to fit the text.  Good.01:43
replaceafillok, fixed01:47
th1aLooks pretty good.01:48
th1aThe others that take a little time to create are a good daily calendar shot and...01:49
th1aoh, an i18n shot.01:50
th1aWell, we may not even have a good enough translation at this point.01:50
th1aI'd say a good shot of a person accordion.01:51
th1aAn intervention shot that doesn't have to be too fancy.01:51
th1acalendar/person/intervention maybe i18n01:51
replaceafillok, i'll take the calendar/person/i18n01:54
replaceafilldon't know intervention very well :)01:54
th1a__Yeah, nobody does.  ;-)01:54
th1a__I need about an hour to get the girls in bed.01:54
replaceafillcool, i need to go get dinner too01:55
replaceafilli'll be back in 1:30 or so01:55
* th1a__ wonders if the packages are getting done.01:55
th1a__I guess that's good?01:58
replaceafillok, bbl01:59
*** replaceafill has quit IRC01:59
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menesisth1a: the schooltool package will have  to wait for tomorrow02:19
menesisIt is past 2am already02:19
th1a__OK.  Tomorrow morning.02:19
menesisand I want another export of translations from launchpad02:19
menesisI have encountered some issues02:20
menesisfixed some more bugs02:20
menesisbroken tests, fixed them02:20
menesisall is ok02:20
th1a__Early tomorrow then?02:20
menesisI get new translations tomorrow, update CHANGES.txt, and make release02:20
th1a__Get some sleep.  Thanks menesis .02:21
menesisall others are done02:21
menesisgood evening to you02:22
th1a__Good morning to you.02:22
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* th1a is a bit stuck.03:58
th1aSo we won't have packages until tomorrow morning.03:58
th1aWe have plenty to do regardless.  ;-)03:59
replaceafillok, now screenshots, right?04:00
th1aI do like the events without borders.04:00
replaceafillthey look better04:00
th1aAnd this is the new colors, right?04:00
th1aDo a student calendar.04:01
th1aAlso, I don't know about that gray.04:01
th1aIt blends into the background too much.04:01
th1a(not a teacher calendar)04:01
replaceafillwhat's different in a student calendar from a teacher calendar?04:02
th1aStudents have different classes.04:02
th1aLooks better04:02
replaceafillah, and no, the calendar colors are not finished yet04:03
replaceafillthey're hardcoded :(04:03
replaceafilli mean, the old ones04:03
replaceafilland they're tested04:03
replaceafill(for some reason)04:03
th1aDon't worry about it.04:03
replaceafillit's still not [DONE] in the css bug ;)04:03
* replaceafill enrolls one sample student in several sections04:04
th1aOK, lemme see...04:12
th1aAdd an  event at 9:00... Present Oral Report!04:13
replaceafillnext to history?04:13
replaceafilldo you need to book a resource with that? ;)04:14
replaceafillis it me or those custom events have the title a little big?04:17
replaceafillalso they need a little more padding on the hour, for the [x] button04:18
* replaceafill writes it down in the css bug04:18
th1aYeah, the x is a little tweaked.04:18
th1aYou could fix that now...  ;-)04:18
replaceafillah ok04:18
replaceafillthe title?04:18
replaceafillis it too big?04:18
replaceafilljust the hour then04:19
th1aI mean, not for the screenshot.04:19
th1aIt would also be nice if the events stayed in the grid, but that might be a little more complicated.04:19
replaceafillah yes, that will require some debugging04:19
th1aYeah, not now.04:20
th1aI'll just crop it out.04:20
replaceafilldoes that look ok?04:28
th1aThat's fine.04:29
th1a(for now)04:29
th1aI'll take the shot.04:30
replaceafilli think we can use student001 in the vps for the person screenshot04:33
replaceafillit has some demographics data04:33
replaceafillnon-admin users shouldn't see the Done button in person index04:34
replaceafillit takes you to /persons04:34
replaceafillwhich is protected04:34
th1aWell, done needs cookie love.04:39
th1aIt is still a general problem...04:39
replaceafillwell, i'll protect it old style in the meantime04:40
th1aDon't do it NOW.04:43
replaceafilldone :P04:43
replaceafillwasn't too difficult04:43
th1aCal panel sent.04:55
th1areplaceafill:  Oh... I was thinking a good contact panel might be nice for the person.05:01
replaceafillit has two contacts with info05:02
th1aYeah, I'll use that.05:02
th1aI just sent youtwo snips.05:02
replaceafillbtw, i activated the most complete translations in the vps05:02
replaceafillfor the i18n screenshot05:03
replaceafilli feel like the next slide is going to be upwards :D05:03
th1aI don't really want to do the i18n tonight.05:03
th1aI think that will require some image editing.05:04
th1aTo show more than one language in the slide.05:04
replaceafill(just curious)05:04
replaceafillgot it05:04
th1aAnd maybe language appropriate names, etc.05:04
replaceafillthat will be cool though ;)05:05
th1aSe hable Peg Jorgensen.05:05
th1aThat's how Peg speaks Spanish.05:05
* th1a took the much more practical Latin in school.05:06
replaceafillpractical?!?! :D05:06
th1aFor when I go to Latin America!05:07
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*** aks has joined #schooltool05:08
th1aaks: Getting close on the homepage:
aksth1a: ok, let me see05:08
th1aThe Who uses SchoolTool text isn't updated yet.05:09
th1areplaceafill: btw, let's try without SchoolTool in the title as Vinny suggested.05:09
replaceafillah ok05:10
aksth1a, replaceafill: in the "How to get Started" with the OLE Nepal text, the image does not match Nepali Children05:10
th1aThat's what I just said.05:10
th1aI've written it but replaceafill hasn't stuck it in there yet.05:11
replaceafilli think aks means the pictogram05:12
th1aI see.05:12
aksreplaceafill: right, I meant about the picture, it looks like from Thailand or Korea05:12
th1aThe OLE Nepal part -- crediting the photo -- goes in the Who uses SchoolTool part.05:13
aksreplaceafill: ok05:13
th1aOK... make it Virginia CTE Resource Center.05:14
th1aNeed to pare this down a bit...05:14
aksth1a, replaceafill: looks good now05:14
replaceafillth1a, done05:14
th1aTake out the "spanning the globe" under CL05:14
th1aMaster Plan for ICT in Education.05:15
th1a(under cambodia05:15
th1aTake out the learn more too.05:15
th1aMake "the SchoolTool team" "SchoolTool"05:16
th1aAnd take out the last bullet entirely.05:16
th1atake out "for use" under cambodia05:17
replaceafillOpen Institute and SchoolTool have developed a custom05:17
replaceafillversion of SchoolTool05:17
replaceafillmaybe just "a custom version"05:17
th1aOK.  That'll do for now.05:19
th1aMaybe I need to add a little more in the middle column...05:19
replaceafillmatch the boxes heights again?05:20
th1aNot yet.05:20
th1aLet's get the panels done.05:20
th1aChange the overall title05:20
th1ano SchoolTool:05:20
replaceafillah, sorry, going...05:20
replaceafilldon't know about other languages, but now that the title is shorter in spanish, we could move it up again?05:21
th1aI'm not sure that the name is really prominent enough this way though.05:22
replaceafillit uses a font-weight: ligther05:23
replaceafillwanna see it normal?05:23
th1aCalendar text: SchoolTool creates a web-based calendar for every person, group, class and resource.  Use the calendar to reserve rooms, and other shared resources.05:23
th1aI mean just "SchoolTool" isn't that prominent on the page.05:24
replaceafillthe logo seems small05:24
replaceafillok, adding the text for the calendar...05:24
replaceafilli don't like the green box changing heights05:25
replaceafillbut i think you like that :)05:26
th1aI don't really like it.05:26
th1aThey all have to be about the same size anyhow.05:26
th1aBut basically we have to get this into a usable form.05:27
th1aSo we won't worry about it.05:27
th1aAlso, put SchoolTool: back in the title for now.05:27
th1aIt would require some other changes I think.05:27
replaceafillput it back, and moved it down again05:28
replaceafillso it doesnt get to close to the search box05:28
th1aCreate and track student improvement plans collaboratively between school staff and parents using SchoolTool's Intervention system.05:29
th1aStore customizable personal data about students and teachers.  Manage multiple adult contacts for each child.05:32
th1a^ Demographics and Contacts05:32
replaceafilldid i miss the demo panel image?05:32
replaceafillvery nice work with the crops th1a :)05:36
th1aTake the key features text out.05:39
th1ayou're missing a T in the title.05:40
th1aAnd I need to redo the calendar snip05:40
replaceafillyou want to show the ovelay?05:40
th1atbh it needs a tilt.  :-D05:41
th1aIt needs a top border -- a little of the gray bar.05:41
th1aIt floats too much.05:41
replaceafillyeah, it's the only one straight :)05:41
replaceafillah great!05:43
replaceafillwe don't have to edit the images05:43
replaceafillwe can apply the border-radius to the slider05:44
th1aoh, good05:46
th1anew cal pic sent05:48
th1aOrder: Grade, Demo, Journal, Cal, Int.05:50
th1aAlso, "Attendance Journal"05:50
th1aEr.. wait.05:51
th1a(have to make the directions alternate :D05:52
th1agrade cal demo journal int05:53
*** aks has quit IRC05:55
replaceafill\ / \ / \05:55
th1aI think it looks pretty good.05:55
th1aTake the second "linux" out of How to get started05:56
th1a(just Ubuntu)05:56
th1aDivide the first paragraph in how to get started into two.05:58
th1aThe first sentence needs something about how easy the installation is.05:59
th1aOr another sentence.05:59
th1aOn Ubuntu you are just a couple clicks or terminal commands away from a running SchoolTool web server.06:00
th1aSomething like that.06:00
th1awe could say "automated installation"06:01
replaceafillsupports automated installation?06:01
th1aWell, relatively.06:01
th1aAutomated compared to, say, installing moodle.06:02
th1aInstall and launch a web-based student information system as easily as you purchase a mobile phone app -- for free.06:04
th1aI like that.06:04
th1aOf course, it is the next steps that will kick your ass.06:04
replaceafilli have never purchased a phone app :(06:05
th1a... or mp306:05
th1aOf course people don't pay for those.06:06
replaceafillpurchase + for free, sounds confusing to me06:06
th1aas easily as you add a mobile phone app?06:07
replaceafilldont mind my opinion :)06:07
th1aIt is a key feature06:08
th1aI'm running out of gas.06:08
replaceafilltbh me too :(06:09
th1aGood thing menesis didn't get done either.  ;-)06:09
th1aWhy don't you tidy this up a bit and I'll send out a status email.06:09
th1aOur team.06:10
replaceafillah sure06:10
* replaceafill thought th1a was refering to schooltoolers list!06:10
th1aI don't think it is necessary.06:10
th1aOK, if you want you can add some links in the obvious places in the text06:15
*** aks has joined #schooltool06:15
th1a(ole nepal, fedora, ubuntu, etc.06:15
replaceafillmatching the boxes heights right now06:16
th1aI'm calling it a night.06:16
th1aThanks replaceafill.06:16
replaceafillthanks th1a06:16
replaceafillsee u tomorrow06:16
th1aI think people will be impressed.06:16
replaceafillme 206:16
replaceafillsee u06:17
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*** replaceafill has joined #schooltool16:19
th1areplaceafill:  I was just thinking we should add a short line about hosting in the How to get started part.16:21
th1aLike, on a VPS.16:21
th1aHow about: "The core development team supports one-click installation of SchoolTool on Ubuntu Linux using the Ubuntu Software Centre."16:23
th1athrough the Ubuntu Software Centre16:23
th1aTHrow an ellipsis at the end of the what's new text16:25
replaceafillafter itself?16:25
*** yvl has joined #schooltool16:29
th1aIs there any less technical sounding way of saying  x86 architecture.16:29
th1ahi yvl, menesis, aelkner, replaceafill.16:30
yvlhey guys16:30
replaceafillgood morning/afternoon16:30
th1areplaceafill,  in the virginia cte part change "custom" to "locally developed"16:31
th1amenesis:  What's the status?16:31
replaceafillth1a, done16:32
th1ahomepage is down to tweaks if you haven't seen it:
menesisth1a: almost done16:32
menesisneed half an hour or so16:33
th1aPlus build time?16:33
th1aWhat's that looking like today?16:34
menesisbut that's not in my hands16:34
th1areplaceafill, take out the comma in the second sentence of the calendar box.16:35
menesisif 2.0.0 is not built yet, the "release candidate" can still be installed16:35
menesisabout build time16:36
menesislooks good16:36
menesisme and yvl are happy16:36
replaceafillth1a, done16:36
th1aI'm going to start posting announcements by 3:00 PM EST, ready or not.16:37
menesisth1a: good16:37
th1aOK, web page thoughts?16:38
menesisreplaceafill: I have uncommitted 3 last changes from schooltool/flourish, to redo 'Update translations'16:39
yvlit looks good :)16:39
replaceafillmenesis, kk, np16:39
menesisyou will get 'branches have diverged'16:39
replaceafillmenesis, sure, np16:39
menesisok, then16:39
replaceafillmenesis, are you putting the changes back later?16:40
replaceafillor should i?16:40
menesisreplaceafill: your changes are there16:40
menesisI replayed them16:40
replaceafillgot it16:41
th1areplaceafill, add link --
menesishomepage looks very good16:42
menesiswhat I see not yet done: learn more links, links in top menu16:43
aelkneryeah, i especially like the animated part16:44
th1aWell, yeah, none of the links are wired up at all.16:44
menesissearch box could be removed, or do you plan to make it search the book?16:44
th1aActually, that's a good point menesis.16:44
th1aCan that search the book?16:45
replaceafillit could if we point the action of the form to the new book site16:45
replaceafillbut people would change sites16:45
replaceafillthey're are anyway for some of the links16:45
th1aEverything else is in the book.16:46
th1aIt is the only thing you would search.16:46
th1aOther than the page you're already looking at.16:47
menesisI think so16:47
menesisjust change form action and input id16:48
menesisthe logo in top right is different than in schooltool. not centered and smaller16:49
menesisCopyright 2003 - 2001116:49
replaceafillthanks, fixing the footer16:50
replaceafilli have to change the top logo to use text16:50
th1aYeah, it doesn't need to be smaller, right?16:50
replaceafillas in the app16:50
menesisI think some screenshots are rotated too much (intervention)16:50
menesisother than that, awesome!16:51
th1aI'd like less Peg Jorgenson.16:52
th1aI'll probably tweak the shots a bit later.16:53
th1aaelkner:  are you keeping busy?16:53
th1aOK then.16:57
menesisum.. in Calendar screenshot, the only meeting is Present Oral Re... imho it has unwanted associations16:57
th1amenesis:  Sex sells.16:57
th1aAll right gentlemen.16:58
th1aI'll be offline tomorrow, so hopefully the world does not blow up.16:58
th1ayvl: you're in charge.16:58
aelknerth1a, sorry i was trying something out16:58
aelknercan i sow everyone something?16:58
menesisbut can tweak later.16:58
menesisif links work everything else is ok16:59
th1asure aelkner17:00
aelknercan we discuss
yvlI will rule with honor and insanity, th1a ;)17:00
yvl* integrity ;)17:00
aelkneri worked on the group view that was mentioned in the big17:00
aelknerbut in addition to adding the batch, i also added a search form, but i'm not sure that is correct17:01
aelkneri realized that the responsible parties result get effected by the search of the members table17:02
aelkneri already have a change locally on my machine that doesn't include the search17:02
aelknerand also has the batch for the responsible table if there are more than 25 or so17:02
aelknershould i get rid of the search and add the responsible batch?17:03
aelkneri could load that change in one minute17:03
th1aThe search is kind of nice.  You can't make it not affect the responsible parties list?17:04
th1aResponsible parties wouldn't need to batch as long as it just showed all there are.17:04
replaceafillthe bug also affects views like section index17:04
th1aIt affects a lot of things but lets discuss that in a minute.17:04
menesisi want search in groups17:04
aelknerdo we have an example of using two table formatter forms on the same page?17:05
aelkneryvl, is table formatter configurable to have two different form prefixes or something like that17:05
menesisprobably not, or we would have found this bug17:05
yvlevery relationships view maybe?17:05
yvlfor example, in app/browser/app.py17:06
yvlhope this helps17:07
th1asections index doesn't batch?17:09
replaceafillnot for students for example17:09
th1aOh, yes.17:09
th1aSection index.17:09
replaceafilli can't think of more than 25 teachers in a section ;)17:09
th1aDoes that view only show 25?17:09
aelkneryvl, what relationships view in flourish has multiple tables?17:09
yvlor to put in another way17:11
yvlpretty much every relationship editing view17:11
aelkneryvl, do you mean this one17:12
aelknernote the table that has no search and has unbatched items17:12
yvlno I did not mean this one17:13
yvlI meant the one I pasted17:13
aelknerso pretty much every one doesn't mean every one :)17:13
yvlpretty much != all of them17:13
yvlmost of them - yes17:13
yvlall of them, sadly - no17:13
yvlhence - the bug17:13
aelknerthe one you pasted doesn't have multiple search either17:13
aelknerplease paste one that does17:14
th1aWe don't need to search all of them.17:14
aelknerotherwise pretty much every becomes none17:14
yvloh, you did not mean "what relationships view in flourish has multiple tables?", you meant multiple search boxes17:14
yvlthen none17:14
aelkneryvl, bingo17:14
th1aWe don't need that!17:14
aelknerok, so we currently don't have a way of doing that, right?17:15
th1aWe don't need to search responsible parties.17:15
yvlwe do not need to do multiple search boxes, aelkner17:15
th1aJust list them.17:15
aelknerok, but how do i get the table of responsible parties to not react to the filter of members17:16
yvllook at the link:
yvllook at the code17:16
yvlthaaaaat's how17:17
yvland notice the batching17:17
th1aThe current students table is not affected by the search.17:17
yvland it's a table formatter17:17
yvlbut the add students is affected17:17
yvland it is also a table formatter17:17
yvland to see how it happens you'd need to look at one of many examples :)17:18
aelknerwhere's the code, course/browser/section/FlourishSectionLearnerView?17:19
aelkneri see ten lines of code17:19
yvland the base class is in app/browser/ respectively17:19
yvldef setUpTables17:21
aelkneri'm looking but don't see what you're asking me to see17:21
aelkneri see prefix=17:21
aelknerbut we have that in the group view already17:21
yvlyou asked for example that works17:22
yvlI'm showing you an example that works17:22
aelknerplease look at this view17:23
aelknernote the reponsible person, just one17:23
aelknernow, put 'dd' in the search box and note that the resonsible person goes away17:23
aelknereven though the search box s supposed to be for members17:23
aelknernothing you showed me in as far as setting up the prefix for the tables is any different than group.py17:25
yvlis this code in trunk?17:25
aelknerno in my branch17:25
yvlthen there migth be a bug17:26
aelknerahha, now we come around17:26
th1aperhaps aelkner could push a personal branch to lp17:26
yvlthat would be nice17:26
aelkneralready did17:26
th1aaelkner:  You didn't ask how to do it, you asked for an example.17:26
aelknerhow do you think i loaded it onto the demo instance17:26
aelknerth1a, examples is how to do it in my book17:27
th1aWell, you are wrong then.17:27
aelknerwell, if we have no working examples, then i guess my assumption was a poor one17:28
th1aSeriously though, more precise questions and descriptions of problems would save a lot of stress here.17:28
yvlwe do have17:28
aelknerwhat, what17:28
th1aaelkner asked for "do we have an example of using two table formatter forms on the same page?"17:28
yvlI'm POINTING at them17:28
th1aThe problem is that is not the right QUESTION.17:29
aelknerit is the right question, and the answer is no17:29
yvlwe. have. examples. of. more. than. one. table. formatter. in. a. freaking. page17:29
aelknerwe don't have any examples of multiple forms17:29
yvlsearch box17:29
yvlthat affects one17:29
yvland not the other17:29
th1aJust to wrap this up for now.17:30
yvlaelkner, you need some coffee :)17:30
aelkneryvl, could you post a link to that example please17:30
th1aIt would have been much easier to simply push your branch, point us to it, show us the problem, and ask for help.17:30
aelkneri did all of that17:30
menesisaelkner:  No need to rush and solve this now. I understand that this is complex17:30
yvlth1a, I'm checking it out17:31
yvlinternet connection is slowish17:31
aelknermenesis, thanks for recognizing!17:31
th1aThis is what I was talking to you about on the phone -- you tend to jump to asking a question you think will solve your problem rather than stating the problem clearly first.17:32
menesisfor next bugfix release17:32
aelknerth1a, i remember that conversation, did i not state the problem at the outset17:32
aelkneri said that the search of one effects the other17:32
th1aTrue, but still what threw us off was your question.17:33
th1aOK, now that we're all annoyed just at the cusp of our great victory...17:33
* replaceafill is not annoyed :P17:33
aelknerth1a, sorry to put a damper on that17:33
th1aWe'll survive.  ;-)17:34
aelkneryou asked me to keep busy, and this is the bug you gave me17:34
th1aYes... I am annoyed with the conversation, not the work.17:34
aelkneri hate these table formatters with a passion17:35
aelknertalk about using a bazooka to kill a moscito17:35
aelknerbut again, not to dampen the celebration17:35
th1amenesis, can you get me install instructions?17:36
menesishaven't written them17:36
th1aReally an outline is fine.17:36
th1aWell... can you in the next three hours?17:37
menesisbut, same as before, just different ppa17:37
menesisI upload first17:37
th1aYou can copy/paste from before.17:37
th1aI'm not looking for originality but I don't want to screw it up.17:37
th1aOK guys.  I think the work we've done this year speaks for itself.17:38
th1aYou should be proud of how much we've accomplished.17:38
menesiswill do a short instruction17:38
th1aAnd hopefully Mark will be too!17:38
th1aHave a Happy Thanksgiving, great weekend, and see you Monday!17:39
* th1a drops the bag of gravel.17:39
yvlHappy Thanksgiving to you :)17:39
aelknerhappy thinksgivving everyone17:39
replaceafillthanks everybody17:39
yvloh, rigtht, aelkner17:39
menesisThank you all :)17:40
replaceafillth1a, shall we continue? :)17:40
th1areplaceafill:  I'm going to take five minutes and then work on the screenshot page.17:40
yvltry passing "filter=lambda l: l" to formater setUp17:40
th1aWe need little gray photo credits under the photos.17:40
th1aRight under.17:40
yvlfor table that you don't want to be affected by search widget17:40
yvlset up tabel formatter17:41
yvland set formatter.filter_widget = None17:41
aelkneryvl, perhaps it would be better if you tried it on my branch and let me know when it works17:41
yvlbecause they now share the same formatter17:41
yvlok, aelkner, I will fix it17:41
yvlbut now my dinner is burning :)17:42
aelknerit's going to be a small fix in the end17:42
aelkneryou could send me the diff when you are done, and i can take care of doing the pushing/merging17:42
aelknercould you email the diff after your dinner? :)17:42
yvljust try this17:43
yvlin leaders table property17:43
yvlset result.filter_widget=NOne17:44
* yvl brb in 3 min17:44
aelknerdiff please17:44
th1aaelkner:  You're being really obnoxious.17:44
aelknersorry, i can't understand these instructions17:45
aelknera diff would be a lot easier to understand17:45
aelknerok, in the meantime, i'll try to apply the filter_widget=None17:48
aelkneryvl, tried it to no avail17:49
th1areplaceafill: link -
replaceafillfixed the upper logo too17:56
yvlphew, meatballs are saved, crisis averted18:01
aelkneryvl, sorry if my frustration has come across in an obnoxious manner18:06
yvlno problem aelkner18:06
yvland apologies on my part18:06
aelkneri always go nuts when i have to look at table formatters18:06
yvlone can get very frustrated when balls are on fire ;)18:07
aelkneri'm glad you saved your dinner :)18:07
aelkner:) love the double entendre18:07
aelknerayway, if you can figure out a change to my branch that gets rid of the unwanted filter problem18:08
aelkneri could apply that fix to the section enrollment vew as well18:08
th1areplaceafill, add to the bottom of "how to get started" -- SchoolTool can be hosted on a pc or server at the school site, or on a remote server in "the cloud."18:11
th1aApologies for the buzzword abuse there.18:11
th1aThis is marketing.18:11
th1aI guess "or a remote server" (no "on")18:13
replaceafillshould pc be PC?18:13
th1aI suppose.18:13
replaceafilli always see it uppercase18:14
th1aChange to "Fedora Linux packages are provided..."18:14
th1aOK... links18:15
th1anews should go to LP news.18:15
replaceafillhere, right?
*** th1a has left #schooltool18:17
yvlaelkner ->
yvltook me a bit to set up a database to test :)18:18
yvlthis basically replaces default filtering function18:18
yvlthat looks up the filter widget18:19
*** th1a has joined #schooltool18:19
aelknerthanks, applying diff now...18:20
th1aI essentially just want to point both Download and Get started/learn more to
th1aAnd make that a touch friendlier.18:20
replaceafillok, fixing the links18:20
th1alet's assume there will be a
replaceafilldocumentation book index, right?18:22
aelkneryvl, that helps a lot!18:22
th1areplaceafill: y18:22
aelknerthanks again18:22
replaceafillth1a, done18:22
yvlgreat!  Sorry for loosing my temper aelkner.18:22
th1aalso /features.html18:22
th1aI guess wiring the search box will keep you busy while I work on the screenshots.18:24
replaceafillah sure18:25
replaceafillwill start that18:25
replaceafillth1a, done18:25
replaceafillwill fix the js in the search box now18:26
th1aWell, maybe you should do the screenshots page.18:28
replaceafillth1a, i was thinking of addind rounded borders to the slider18:29
th1aDo you have the checkout of the book.18:29
replaceafilli'll do the slider18:29
th1aoh, also forward/back on book page bottom?18:30
replaceafillhhmm ok18:31
replaceafilli'd rather make the sidebar sticky though18:31
replaceafillit has the previous next topics too18:31
replaceafillkk, will do that next18:31
th1aIt might get too long though.18:31
th1aYou'd never see the bottom of the table of contents.18:31
th1aCan you may the gray bar stick at top?18:32
replaceafilli can try that yes18:32
replaceafillinstead of the sidebar ;)18:32
yvlwell, see you Monday guys18:45
yvlthanks for all the great work this release!18:45
replaceafillbye yvl18:45
th1aLater yvl.  Thanks.18:45
replaceafillth1a, rounded slider18:45
th1aThat helps.18:46
th1aI feel like it could use a border too.18:46
th1aBut none of the other boxes have them.18:46
th1aSo leave it and I'll ask Vinny.18:46
th1aI'd like to tweak the whole top section a little with him.18:47
* menesis just uploaded the last 2.0.0 package18:47
replaceafillwell, their version had a pattern and all18:47
th1aThanks menesis.18:47
th1aThe end is near.18:47
replaceafillok, back to the book, sticky navbar18:48
*** yvl has quit IRC18:49
replaceafillth1a, lp:~schooltool-owners/+junk/flourish-book is the last version of the book, right?18:50
th1aI seem to have deleted most of my term-* screenshots in some revision.18:51
th1aI can re-take them but maybe they can just be recovered.18:51
* th1a made Peg female.18:53
replaceafillit was a male?!?!18:54
* replaceafill thought it was a she :)18:54
th1aShe is now.18:55
th1aOK, screenshots done.19:17
replaceafillscroll down19:27
replaceafillok, pushing this change to the book19:28
th1aI'm about done.19:29
th1aare you good enough with bzr to try to see if I deleted terms-* images from the source folder?19:30
th1aWell, more quickly than I could recreate them.  ;-)19:31
replaceafillhold on, i think i'm pushing to the wrong branch!19:31
replaceafillis there a junk project in launchpad :D19:32
replaceafilli was pushing to lp:~schooltool-owners/junk/flourish-book19:32
th1apush branch: bzr+ssh://
th1aThat's what my bzr info says.19:33
replaceafilli forgot the + in junk19:33
replaceafillwhat should i do?19:33
* replaceafill reads back19:33
th1aIf it isn't obvious it is probably just my mistake from the beginning.19:34
replaceafillyou think you did this after we started the flourish style?19:34
replaceafillto have an idea where to look19:35
th1aIt would have been a couple days ago.19:35
th1aDon't worry about it.19:35
th1aI can make them again.19:35
th1aLink to Launchpad...19:36
replaceafillsee files removed19:36
th1aCan you revert those?19:36
replaceafillwe can check the previous version and recover them19:36
replaceafilleven the timetables one?19:37
th1atimetables-8 can go.19:37
replaceafillah ok19:37
th1aI always like to feel like revision control actually works.  ;-)19:37
replaceafilli've had nightmares where i delete trunk :P19:38
th1aIf only we had some kind of system to...19:38
replaceafillth1a, recovered and pushed19:40
replaceafilli'm sure menesis has a smarter way of recovering lost files in bzr ;)19:40
replaceafillth1a, are these used in some page?19:41
menesisbzr merge -r 20..1919:41
menesisbzr revert unwanted changes19:41
replaceafillmenesis, thanks19:41
menesisthis will re-add those files as new19:42
th1aI'll pretend you didn't tell me that.19:42
menesisyou can also bzr branch -r good revision19:42
menesiscd good19:42
replaceafillmenesis, yes that's what i did :)19:42
menesisbzr merge ../lost19:43
th1ashould be all pushed up now.19:43
menesisbzr revert accidents19:43
menesisbzr ci -m 'Skipped bad changes'19:43
th1aPretty much just need install instructions for 2.0.19:43
th1aAnd proofreading.19:43
replaceafillth1a, latest book rebuilt
th1aWe'll upload the new book before the homepage.19:43
menesisand then push good, or merge to trunk and solve conflicts, or something19:44
th1aIs that what I just pushed?19:44
replaceafillah yes19:44
replaceafillrevno: 190 [merge]19:44
replaceafillcommitter: Tom Hoffman <>19:44
replaceafillbranch nick: flourish-book19:44
replaceafilltimestamp: Wed 2011-11-23 12:42:43 -050019:44
th1aOK I have to run to the bank to make my babysitting payroll...19:45
menesisth1a: writing19:45
th1areplaceafill can double check things...19:45
menesisuse internet bank19:45
replaceafillth1a, kk19:45
th1aSome transactions take place in cash...19:45
replaceafilli'll fix the search box in the book19:45
replaceafillto match the homepage19:45
th1aI'm going to start working on Launchpad.20:15
th1aWe'll do the release announcement there first too.20:15
th1aSo the homepage links to it.20:15
menesisth1a: sent install instructions20:22
menesisth1a: going home20:22
menesiswill assemble CHANGES.txt to 2.0-release-notes.rst later20:23
*** th1a_ has joined #schooltool20:23
*** menesis has quit IRC20:38
th1aWell, that was a bit of a struggle, but
th1aI don't know why they're all flat on the bottom.20:46
th1aIt is almost like I don't know how to use the GIMP.20:47
th1aThe end of Zonki...20:49
replaceafilla minute of silence please...20:50
th1aOh, shit.  Where are the release notes?20:55
th1aAre they in the other book?20:55
th1aWell, for 2.0 would be nice.20:56
replaceafillmenesis said he sent you some20:56
th1ainstall instructions20:56
replaceafill"will assemble CHANGES.txt to 2.0-release-notes.rst later"20:56
th1aaelkner: ayt?20:57
replaceafilldo we have a branch for the old website?20:58
replaceafilli remember there's one...20:59
th1aAlso, one thing you can do the rest of the week is put the old book somewhere and link to it from the new book.20:59
replaceafillah ok20:59
replaceafilli definitely need to clean all of this a little :)21:00
replaceafillthe rush made me insert style=... :(21:00
th1aDo we have any potential snafus in actually deploying this stuff?21:04
th1aIt is just static files.21:04
replaceafillthe book has a Makefile21:05
replaceafillmake html && make upload21:05
replaceafilli already zipped the homepage21:05
replaceafilland have it on schooltool.org21:05
th1aI think I have an hour to set up both the narrative release notes and install gediminas's installation instructions.21:05
*** replaceafill has left #schooltool21:06
*** replaceafill has joined #schooltool21:06
replaceafillth1a, we should optimize the slides file sizes later21:13
replaceafillone is 219k21:14
th1aWe might just redo most of them anyhow.21:15
replaceafilli'd also like to work on the spanish version later this week if possible21:15
th1aThat's fine too.21:16
th1aaelkner can always kill time on his Italian translation.21:16
th1aI keep making changes in my book and then wondering why I can't see them looking at yours online.21:17
replaceafillhave you pushed?21:17
th1ano -- that's what I mean.21:17
th1aJust looking at the wrong one.21:17
th1aWhat's new should link here:
th1aprobably just copy the current book in place and stick a link in to it.21:20
th1aDon't worry about rebuilding it, esp. since you changed the styles on it in bzr.21:20
replaceafillyou mean we will have two book urls: one for new and one for old?21:21
th1aIt just has to be parked SOMEWHERE.21:22
th1aand we'll link to it. from the front page of the current book.21:22
replaceafillhhmm we'll need admin on schooltool.org21:23
th1adidn't you get that?21:28
replaceafilli got rights to write on www.* and book.*21:29
replaceafillnot to set new urls21:29
replaceafillapache stuff21:29
th1aoh, don't worry about that.21:29
th1aI'm not worried about the old book today.21:29
replaceafillah ok21:29
th1apeople can use fucking google cache21:29
th1aIf anyone asks on the mailing list tomorrow, just tell them that.21:30
replaceafill"just use fucking google cache dude!"21:30
th1atbh I can't believe this will be finished.21:31
replaceafillnice push on the docs/web ;)21:31
th1aI had the pieces floating around.21:31
replaceafilli think the book should have the same top nav bar as the home page21:32
replaceafill(not today obviously)21:33
replaceafillthat would allow people to navigate back and forth21:33
th1athat's also what I was thinking in terms of book integration.21:34
th1aI just forgot when I was trying to justify it the other day.21:34
th1aOfc, just copying the bar is probably easier.21:34
replaceafillwe should open a metabug for the website/book as we did for css21:35
th1aAh... shit.  I need to look at Unity.21:35
replaceafillto write this stuff down21:35
th1aI can't give GNOME fallback instructions.21:35
*** th1a__ has joined #schooltool21:36
th1aHow the fuck do I get the software center to update?21:43
replaceafillyou want to updte your system?21:44
replaceafillbecause you use the update manager for that...21:44
th1aI wanto tell someone how to install schooltool21:44
th1aWell, I guess it is supposed to be automatic.21:44
th1aWhat's the status of our packages?21:45
replaceafillprobably becuase i dont see any update option21:45
replaceafillstart in 6 hours21:45
th1abranches have diverged...21:52
*** menesis has joined #schooltool21:52
replaceafillyou need to merge21:53
th1aI did.21:53
th1aTake a look at it and we'll push it.21:53
th1adeploy it21:54
replaceafillinstall instructions look good21:55
replaceafillshould i deploy the website now?21:55
replaceafillor do we wait for 3:00 pm est exactly :D21:56
th1aWe should be able to deploy the book first and test the links from the homepage.21:56
replaceafillah ok21:56
th1aAlthough... they should work.21:56
replaceafillgo ahead21:56
th1aDo the book first.21:56
replaceafillah, me, ok21:56
replaceafilldone :)21:58
th1aJust a sec.21:58
th1aTrying these links.21:58
th1aOh, wait.21:59
replaceafillah ok21:59
th1aLet me do the LP announcement.21:59
* replaceafill checks all the apps th1a runs while he takes screenshots...22:02
replaceafillsome screenshots have your gnome panel :D22:02
replaceafillwith the windows list22:03
th1aoh, shit.22:03
th1awell, that's what happens if the window runs off the screen.22:03
th1aOK.  GO!22:04
replaceafilli need to use the old site sphinx for this...22:06
* replaceafill senses th1a playing with the links...22:08
replaceafillyou, testing that everything works :)22:08
th1aI'm writing the announcements.22:09
replaceafillgo ahead22:09
th1aYou're supposed to be doing that.  ;-)22:09
replaceafillputting the navbar in the book is top on my list22:09
th1aneed photo credits22:12
menesisI have pushed 1.9 release notest to lp:~schooltool-owners/schooltool/st-book22:14
menesisplease merge22:14
menesisand leave 2.0.0 changelogs in 1.9-release-notes since this is final release22:15
menesis2.0 has no changes yet22:15
menesisoh I see everything is up22:22
th1aCouldn't have done it without you, menesis.22:22
menesisyeah so can update 1.9 notes and point to 2.022:22
menesisalso toplevel release-notes say stable is 1.7, development 1.922:23
* menesis good night22:27
* th1a is having two asprin and a beer.22:39
* replaceafill is having his lunch :P22:39
*** menesis has quit IRC22:44

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