IRC log of #schooltool for Friday, 2011-11-25

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th1ahi replaceafill.18:22
replaceafillhey th1a18:27
th1aSeems like things are under control...18:28
replaceafilli was wondering two things on the book/website:18:28
replaceafillshould the second box title: How to get started.18:29
replaceafilla question?18:29
replaceafilli mean, the other two are questions18:29
replaceafillWhat's New? Who uses SchoolTool?18:29
th1aNo, it isn't a question.18:30
replaceafillah ok18:30
replaceafilli thought so ;)18:30
replaceafilljust wanted to check18:30
th1aThe one thing I was thinking yesterday is to put out a request for fully translated screenshots.18:30
th1aLike, a full Nepali gradebook.18:30
replaceafillthat would be nice18:31
th1aI don't even know how something like that works...18:31
th1aI mean, I assume the names would be in Nepali too...18:31
th1aNumbers would still be arabic?18:31
replaceafillhhmm no idea18:31
th1aAnyhow, we'll just do that as the next revision of the screenshots.18:32
replaceafillmy other question was about the navbar in the book18:32
th1aGet a Spanish, Lithuanian, Nepali...18:32
replaceafillif you go into the book from the website18:32
th1aAnd also push a bit for front page translations.18:32
replaceafillit seems to me unnatural to use the logo as "Homepage"18:32
replaceafillth1a, we could ask "aks" for help18:33
th1aI was thinking we should have a "home" tab or something.18:33
th1aHome might make sense since it is also in the app.18:33
replaceafillin both right? website/book18:34
replaceafillk, will do that18:34
th1aWell, both pointing to though.18:34
replaceafillbtw, i cleaned the website a little18:34
replaceafillremoved some unnecessary js18:34
replaceafillthat was used to set the boxes background images18:35
replaceafilli guess for Schwa's development is a useful tool18:35
replaceafillbut we don't need that18:35
replaceafillsince we're not inserting more boxes18:35
th1aWe aren't inserting more boxes?18:38
replaceafillyeah, they have this js where they inserted an <img /> tag which was automatically set as the box background18:38
replaceafillthen they deleted the <img /> from the DOM18:39
replaceafilli just used css18:39
replaceafillth1a, much better
replaceafilladded the Home tab18:47
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replaceafillth1a, zyt?20:14
th1aI am here.20:32
replaceafillhey th1a20:36
replaceafilljust wanted to show you the new email view20:36
replaceafillyou can see the changes i did in my commit message:20:36
th1aLooks good.22:08
replaceafillyou mean make the toolbar the same color of the background of the form?22:13
replaceafillthere's one here btw
* replaceafill thinks the ck editor doesn't use the ubuntu font...22:14
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