IRC log of #schooltool for Tuesday, 2011-11-22

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th1areplaceafill:  Incidentally, I'm not going to lose any sleep if we launch tomorrow without the Ubuntu/CL panels on the front page.03:51
th1aThey can be added at any point.03:51
replaceafillby panels you mean the images, or the whole box?03:52
th1aThe whole box.03:52
th1aNobody would know they were supposed to be there...03:52
replaceafillyou mean, no box at all03:53
th1aJust those panels.03:53
th1aI mean, we'll definitely have our own panels about SchoolTool features.03:53
th1aWe can add and subtract individual panels easily enough.03:54
replaceafillwe're creating a Screenshots page?03:55
replaceafillwe can start without that tab too ;)03:56
th1aNo... :-D03:56
th1aWe'll need to make some screenshots!03:56
replaceafillwe can start with just "It works" from apache :D03:56
th1areplaceafill:  Aren't the colors in the dialogs kind of bright?04:02
th1aThe title bar mostly.04:03
* replaceafill goes to see04:03
th1aCan we make that the same color as the top bar?04:04
replaceafillyes, they are different04:05
replaceafillth1a, fixed
th1aI think that's better.04:11
th1aI think there are fewer UI problems outside of the admin screens... so far at least.04:33
replaceafillcheck the third-nav04:36
replaceafilli think i fixed the background issue that was reported today04:36
replaceafillcan you confirm?04:36
replaceafillin Yearly, MOnthly, Weekly, etc04:36
th1aLooks good to me.04:36
th1aDidn't I try to get Ethnicity out of the default demographics?04:53
replaceafilli think so04:54
th1aIt doesn't appear to have happened.04:54
th1aOh well...04:54
replaceafillyou said it was offensive or something04:54
th1aNot to me, per se, but others.04:54
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th1aaks:  Do you think we could use this image on our homepage?
aksth1a: ok, if that suits you05:15
aksth1a: or you can try as well05:15
th1aWe could use slightly larger versions.05:16
aksth1a: ok05:24
aksth1a: I've some real good pictures of schooltool training05:25
aksth1a: yeah, uploading them now so that I can share it with you05:26
th1aYou can see our slots for pictures in the bottom of this page:
aksth1a: ok05:26
th1aAs I said earlier today, this is what the page will look like, but don't read anything or look to closely at any of the pictures.05:26
th1aWe'll be assembling it for real tomorrow.05:27
aksth1a: the new website looks awesome, my regards for the designer :)05:28
th1aThanks.  We got some advice from a local (to me) firm this time.05:29
aksth1a: the images are available at
aksth1a: let me know after you've downloaded the images05:30
aksth1a: they are big size images05:30
th1aThis might take a while...05:32
aksth1a: ok, no worrries, check if any one of them is usable to you. these photographs are from a real SchoolTool training. I'm the guy in a blue t-shirt in the photos05:33
* th1a is patiently waiting...05:33
th1a... and updating the book...05:33
th1aIt is nice to just delete some of the more convoluted explanations and caveats.05:37
aksth1a: did you find any picture appropriate for putting on the new website?05:47
th1aLet me see... they're still trickling in.05:47
aksth1a: ah ok05:47
th1aIt is not an easy scene to photograph.05:49
th1aCropping this one might be good:
th1areplaceafill: do you see that one?06:03
aksth1a: ok06:03
th1areplaceafill: is aks06:04
replaceafillold skin schooltool :D06:05
th1aYeah, that's the only problem.  We'll have to photoshop in the new.06:06
th1aWe just have to get the texture contoured onto aks's face.06:06
aksth1a, replaceafill: :D06:06
th1aThis'll definitely go in the "Who uses SchoolTool" box so we can refer to it directly.06:13
th1areplaceafill:  Have you found anything about the front page support in Sphinx?06:17
replaceafillth1a, not really06:20
replaceafillonly "sites that use sphinx"06:20
th1a ?06:23
replaceafillthat means, template -> page06:24
replaceafilljinja template06:24
th1aYou know it must be possible because the Sphinx site doesn't have the standard Sphinx template.06:30
replaceafillth1a, that sounds like a template -> page conversion06:31
replaceafillpages can be created from rest files or templates that are rendered06:32
th1aWell, I guess it will take some trickery which doesn't actually have to be working tomorrow.06:34
replaceafillth1a, what do you want to do?06:34
replaceafillwhat feature are you looking for exactly?06:34
th1aNot do it tomorrow.06:35
th1aWell, if nothing else it would probably help with translations to have the whole web presence part of the same system.06:35
th1aJust having everything in Sphinx is what I want.06:36
replaceafillyou mean the book and website using the same resources?06:36
replaceafilland being in the same root06:36
th1aI don't REALLY know what I want.06:36
th1aJust that we've got every page except one using Sphinx, and I've known that it was in at least some sense possible to06:37
th1aget that one in there too.06:37
th1aAnyhow, the main thing for the moment is that we shouldn't be worrying about it right now.06:37
replaceafillto me, the website is just a layout template, with a couple of rest files maybe06:39
replaceafillindex.html being a template06:39
replaceafillthe book is also a template + several rest files06:39
th1aI think I'm going to get up to the gradebook section tonight.07:00
* replaceafill is fighting the student view of the journal07:03
th1aClose enough to not embarrass myself too much.07:03
th1aThere is a reason there aren't a lot of managers/technical writers.07:03
th1aI need someone breathing down my neck, although menesis tries.07:03
th1aHaven't really found any bugs tonight.07:04
replaceafillthere are less ;)07:04
th1aadd_contact.html still has "Add" button.07:24
* replaceafill goes to fix it07:25
th1aOh... We can't have two "Other" fields.07:26
th1aWe need "Other 1" "Other 2"07:26
th1aOr something...07:26
replaceafillth1a, fixed
replaceafillwhat about the others?07:35
th1aWell, can you easily change it to Other 1 and Other 2?07:36
th1aJust do that.07:36
th1aOK, finished up through contacts.  Pushing.07:38
th1aI think the new format looks quite a bit better.07:38
th1aUniform screenshots are good.07:38
th1aHave you looked at that?07:38
replaceafillbranching right now07:39
th1aOK.  Good night.  Catch you tomorrow!07:39
replaceafillsee u th1a07:39
th1aThanks aks!07:39
aksth1a: :)07:40
replaceafillth1a, we could add classes for images07:43
replaceafillto make room between them07:43
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yvlgood morning? :)16:32
yvlping th1a16:33
th1ahi yvl, replaceafill, aelkner.16:35
replaceafillgood morning/afternoon16:35
* th1a squeezed in a quick skate session...16:35
yvlnice :)16:35
th1aFeeling refreshed and awake.16:35
th1aIf sweaty.16:35
th1aSo... menesis?16:36
th1aHe's the person we really need to hear from...16:37
yvla moment :)16:38
yvlme is looking for menesis16:38
th1ayvl digs menesis out from under a pile of empty beer cans and cheeze puff wrappers.16:38
yvlhe is around here somewhere16:39
yvljust can't seem to find him16:39
yvlcan we take a short detour for 10 minutes, th1a ?16:39
yvlI'd like to ask about next big features16:39
* yvl was looking at CanDo today, btw16:40
th1aWe have to talk about something in the meantime...16:40
th1aSo yes.16:40
yvlso... what's on your mind?16:40
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yvlare we doing something with CanDo this winter?16:41
th1aCookies, transcripts, attendance excuse workflow.16:41
th1aNot this winter.16:41
th1aNext is "things that should be in any SIS but are not yet in SchoolTool"16:41
* yvl thinks merging journal with gradebook would be a good pre-requisite16:41
th1aPlus catching up with mid 90's web technologies.16:41
th1aMerging or integrating?16:41
th1aI don't think they need to be merged.16:42
th1aJournal needs score systems.16:42
yvlto the same package16:42
* yvl thinks that would be good16:42
* th1a does not.16:42
yvlyou'r call16:42
th1aWell, it sounds time-consuming.16:42
th1aWell, clearly it is a longer conversation.16:43
th1aLet's get to menesis.16:43
th1amenesis?  What's up?  Where are we?16:43
menesisjust came to office after lunch16:44
menesiswill start making releases starting from plugins16:44
menesisis there anything I should wait for?16:44
th1aOK.  Any problems, concerns, blockers?16:44
th1aNot on my end.16:44
th1aI only found a couple of bugs last night.16:45
th1aWhich replaceafill promptly squashed.16:45
th1aAnyone have any last minute concerns?16:45
menesisthere were last minute string changes that I don't like16:45
replaceafillah yes16:45
replaceafilllike Other 1 and Other 216:46
menesisthose were new, not translated16:46
th1aOK, maybe just roll that back.16:46
menesisbut where did SchoolTool ID come from?16:46
* yvl did that16:46
yvlon th1a's request16:47
yvlfor CSV imports16:47
replaceafillschooltool id or school id?16:47
menesisit's a strange name16:47
th1aDoes that just specify the ID in the database?16:47
th1aThat's what I had in mind.16:47
yvlID in DB16:48
menesisbut SchoolTool ID just doesn't make sense16:48
th1aThat's the login id as well, right?16:48
th1aWe have several ID's so just ID isn't sufficient.16:48
th1aPerhaps login id?16:48
menesisthe change was from "course ID" to "course SchoolTool ID" or "SchoolTool course ID" (both variants)16:49
* th1a isn't really sure what we're talking about.16:50
menesisand that was translated before. So I'd like to revert that16:50
th1ato what?16:50
th1acourse ID16:50
th1aHow many course id's are there?16:50
th1aIs it just in the spreadsheet?16:51
th1aWhere does it appear in the interface?16:51
menesisin cvs import description only16:51
menesislittle worry16:51
menesisjust that I don't like last minute string changes16:51
menesisalso last minute is a new string at the top of School page16:51
th1aWe're talking about the bug I reported yesterday.16:52
menesisManage year16:52
menesisalthought it is only a tooltip16:52
th1aOnly takes about five minutes to figure out what we're talking about.16:52
th1aLet's stick to the course thing.16:53
th1aWhat we are talking about is the description on the course CSV import?16:53
menesisat first, yes16:54
th1aOK, so the old descriptions didn't match the current field names.16:54
th1aI'd rather have it untranslated and correct than translated and wrong.16:54
* th1a goes to look at his.16:55
* replaceafill sees 20 new strings in rosseta for es_SV16:56
th1aOK, we're going to have to backtrack a second, unfortunately.16:57
th1aHow is the database id for a regular course generated?16:57
th1afrom the title?16:57
th1afrom Course ID?16:57
th1aOK, it seems to be from the title.16:58
th1aWhat does the ID in the CSV specify?16:58
th1athe database id?16:58
th1aI think we're not clear on how the CSV actually works.16:59
th1aCan someone take a quick look at that?16:59
th1aRight now courses have a generated db ID, school ID, alternate ID.17:00
th1aHow does this relate to the CSV fields?17:00
th1acourse ID, not school ID.17:00
menesisoh don't worry :(17:01
menesisthere are bigger problems left than a few new strings17:02
th1aThe problem is that this is WRONG.17:02
* yvl sighs :)17:02
th1aIs everyone looking at the CSV import code?17:02
yvlwe have School ID17:02
yvlwhich is a random string for identifying course within school17:03
yvlit does not do anything17:03
yvlwe have Alternade ID17:03
th1aNot random, right, entered by the user.17:03
yvlfree-form I meant17:03
yvlAlternate ID is also a free-form string17:03
yvljust to keep track of government-assigned IDs or whatever users feel comfortable with17:03
th1aOn the csv import what are the four columns doing now?17:04
yvlthen there's SchoolTool Id17:04
th1afirst colum is title17:04
yvlCSV data must include a course title,may include an optional course description, may include an optional course SchoolTool ID, may include an optional Alternate ID and may include an optional credits value.17:04
yvlAncient History, Pre-history through 1000 A.D.17:04
yvlUS History,,us-history17:04
yvlWorld History, 1000 A.D. through the 20th century, history-world17:04
yvlThe above example will create 4 courses titled 'Ancient History', 'US History', 'World History' and 'Spanish'. The first and third courses will have the descriptions 'Pre-history through 1000 A.D.' and '1000 A.D. through the 20th century' respectively. The second and forth courses will have no description. The second, third and forth courses will have their SchoolTool IDs set to us-history and history-world. The forth course will have its Alternate ID set17:04
th1asecond colum is description,17:04
yvlto spanish-gov and its credits value set to 5. If you will upload a CSV with titles or course ids that are already present in the database, existing courses will be updated. Course Ids take precedence when determining which course should be updated.17:04
yvlthis ^17:04
th1athird column is database id?17:04
th1afourth is alternate id17:04
th1ayou can't set the "course id"17:05
th1aSee what I'm saying?17:05
th1aOnly the db and alternate?17:05
menesisok so the description is both changed than what was translated long ago, and still wrong17:06
yvlif you enter:17:06
th1aOr, strange.17:06
yvlyou get:17:06
yvlSchoolTool ID17:06
yvlCourse ID17:06
yvlAlternate ID17:06
th1aThank you!17:07
th1amenesis said: the change was from "course ID" to "course SchoolTool ID" or "SchoolTool course ID" (both variants)17:08
th1aOK, right.  Change it back to what it was.17:08
th1aThat's the fix.17:08
yvlare you sure?17:08
yvlbecause course id and schooltool id are not the same17:09
yvlone is editable by the user, the other is not17:09
yvlif the user changes the latter (course id), database id stays the same17:09
th1aThe strange thing is that the generated database ID is based on the title and through CSV it is based on Course ID17:09
yvlit is strange17:09
th1aBased on the title through the web form.17:09
yvlit's a legacy thing17:09
th1aIt is a small inconsistency but transparent to the user.17:09
yvlkeep in mind, that title is transformed when generating database id17:10
th1aWe're good.17:10
th1aLet's move on.17:10
th1aWhat should I be looking at menesis?17:11
menesisit was just a complaint about changed strings, sorry for the noise17:11
menesisI am more worried about other bugs not fixed17:11
th1aThat was a bug.17:12
th1a(that is that was a kind of bug, not just late translation)17:12
th1aAre you asking replaceafill about the first one?17:13
replaceafilli'm still on that one17:13
replaceafillsorry, but decided to fix the security issue on the journal first17:13
th1aDo you care about the second one menesis?17:13
yvl892980 is just missing include in standard config17:14
menesisyvl: include is there. does not work for me.17:15
menesis882060? of course.17:15
menesisgroups are one of the first links in /manage17:15
menesisand they show only first 25 members17:15
th1aI guess yvl was very strict in his bug filtering.17:17
yvlI kind of asked to assign bugs that need to be fixed this release to this release17:17
th1aOK, well, we're going ahead with these bugs.17:17
th1ayvl:  Yes, I understand.17:18
th1aWe'll all live.17:18
th1aAny other string concerns menesis?17:18
th1aWell, let's go ahead then.17:20
menesisthere are only two mostly complete translations: Dutch and El Salvador17:21
menesiseveryone else has to translate something anyway17:21
th1aAnd again, people aren't going to be throwing the switch on this tomorrow.17:21
th1aSo yes, let's just get it out.17:22
th1aSo this time tomorrow we should be meeting with a new release out and a new website.17:23
th1aAnd... 75% updated documentation.17:24
* th1a doesn't get a bonus.17:24
yvldon't be so hard on yourself :D17:24
yvlit's gonna be a great release17:24
yvlcouldn't have done that without you17:25
th1aI've done a better job at managing you guys than managing myself as the technical writer...17:25
th1aBut yes, I'm proud of this release, much moreso than any previous one.17:25
yvlit's better to be in our current situation, than have 75% of software ;)17:26
th1aalso, this'll give you some inspiration if you didn't see it from IRC last night:17:26
yvlI saw17:26
yvlit did!17:26
th1aWe'll let menesis get to work.17:27
th1aThanks for everyone's hard work on this release!17:27
* th1a drops the bag of gravel.17:27
th1aaelkner:  Do you need something to do?17:28
aelkneronly if you want me to do something :)17:28
th1aDo you want to take this:
th1aI don't think there is anything tricky about it.17:28
yvlth1a, can I bug you a bit more?17:29
aelknertable formatters, yuck :)17:29
th1ayes yvl.17:29
aelkneri can look at it, though17:29
aelknerare we meeting tomorrow?17:30
aelknerok, i'll look at that one then17:30
yvlI think the approach of doing some under-the-hood stuff before flourishing worked for us17:30
yvldev speed seemed ok17:30
yvlI'd like to do the same for this release17:30
yvlbut for that I'd need a rough outline of what "big" things we may develop17:31
yvlI'll email you of some of maybe non-obvious stuff on my part17:32
th1aOK.  Well, I guess one thing we haven't explicitly discussed is that I'm going to propose to Mark that we plan a big migration, probably to Pyramid (to be decided over the course of the year)17:32
th1aThat we'll be doing in roughly a year.17:32
th1aSo we have a long release cycle to fill in nagging gaps in user functionality.17:33
th1aThe goal is to get to the point where people won't be pestering us for undeniably needed basic features in SchoolTool after next October.17:33
th1aSo we can work on the new one.17:33
replaceafilli'd really like this fixed:
yvlthat one is high on my list, replaceafill17:34
th1aYes, I guess you need to be specific replaceafill.17:34
th1abe specific yvl, I mean.17:34
yvlhmm, ok17:34
th1aEssentially, I don't want to be doing "big" under the hood stuff at all.17:34
th1aSmall under the hood stuff.17:35
yvlthat's ok17:35
th1aSmall everything really.17:35
yvlit's a bit hard to communicate without hand waving...17:35
yvlI want to know what stuff is essential and what is not17:35
yvland I don't want to go into huge refactorings17:36
th1aI really want the cookies.17:36
yvlfor that - it would help to have an idea of what "undeniably needed basic features" are17:36
th1aThe mind map is still a good guide to what needs to be done.17:36
* yvl looked at it - thanks for putting it down!17:37
th1aI think the updated one is in LP.17:37
th1aWe need to be able to print a transcript.17:37
yvlwhat is that?17:37
yvlah, right :D17:37
replaceafillth1a, yvl do any of you have admin on
th1aA record of all the classes a student has taken, yes.17:38
replaceafilli dont want to trouble menesis right now17:38
* yvl is admin... it turns out.17:39
menesiswhat you need done?17:39
replaceafillmenesis, i'm trying to log in and says:17:39
replaceafillPermission denied (publickey)17:39
replaceafilli guess it doesnt allow password login, right?17:39
yvlth1a, you'd still like to integrate CanDo in 2012?17:39
th1aBasically, it is just not the time for big plumbing.17:40
th1a2013 may be all plumbing.17:40
th1aAnd 2014...17:41
* yvl is totally ok with that17:41
yvleven it's 2015 ;)17:41
yvl* even if17:41
th1aWell, we won't start if it is going to take that long.17:42
yvl(I meant even if it starts on 2015)17:42
yvlok, so when you have some spare time17:43
yvlplease just put some of the places you'd like to work on this winter17:43
th1aGive me a week yvl and I'll have nothing else to do.17:43
yvlof course17:43
yvlactually, when I think about it17:44
th1aBut basically the updated mind map should tell you much of what you need to know.17:44
yvlI only really needed to know if we're doing CanDo this release or the next one17:44
th1aDefinitely next one.17:44
th1aReady for them in August.17:44
yvlgives us time17:44
th1aReleased October as part of SchoolTool.17:45
yvlok, thanks17:46
replaceafillth1a, i have access to upload to now17:50
th1aI'm going to take a shower.17:51
th1aWe need populated screenshots of the gradebook and journal.17:51
th1aThat's the first annoyance.17:51
replaceafillwant me to take them?17:51
th1aSure.  Thanks.17:51
* th1a will be back in 20 minutes.17:51
* th1a is four minutes late.18:16
replaceafillth1a, i'm using the small sample data xls to get the screenshots18:16
replaceafillthat ok?18:16
replaceafillthese are for the homepage, right? not for th book18:17
th1aThere just have to be a lot of scores, etc.18:17
th1aLike someone is actually using it.18:17
th1aOK, so which parts are you working on?18:28
replaceafillgradebook screenshot18:28
replaceafillalmost done18:29
th1aI'll do intervention.18:29
th1aBut maybe we should just try to do the panel first.18:29
th1aAnd make a few other changes to the page for starters.18:29
replaceafilljust let me finish this sheet18:30
th1aWhat's the size on the bottom images?18:33
replaceafilllet me check18:33
replaceafillcolumn is 304px18:34
replaceafillyou can create images with 310px18:34
replaceafilland height:18:34
replaceafill310x168 px18:35
replaceafill624x253 px for the slider18:35
replaceafillth1a, is this ok?
th1ayeah, you could just add a few more gaps a couple over 100 so there's some yellow.18:42
replaceafillah ok18:42
th1aBreak it up a little more.18:42
th1aI sent the cropped nepal image to you.18:48
replaceafillah nice!18:49
th1aGoing downstairs to work on the getting started thing.18:49
th1a__ok, that's good overall...18:57
th1a__We'll need a smaller snip for the panel (this one is good for the screenshot page)18:57
replaceafilli'll try to make something like vinny did18:57
th1a__so throw a few different colored cells in the upper right18:57
replaceafilli mean take a small section for the slider18:57
th1a__So you need some color in the upper right.18:58
th1a__And I'm wondering if it would be nice to have the snip at an angle.18:58
th1a__But yes, do one like Vinny's.18:58
replaceafillshould i include the header, like slide-2?19:00
replaceafillor just the gradebook part, like slide-119:01
* replaceafill likes slide-1 better19:01
th1a__Just the grade book part.19:01
th1a__Esp. since you can already see the header in the homepage.  ;-)19:01
replaceafillwe should use :hover on the gradebook rows...19:01
replaceafilllike we do in other tables19:02
th1a__Well, don't worry about that now.19:02
* th1a__ is grabbing some dots.19:02
th1a__OK, image sent...19:05
replaceafillgot it19:06
th1aLike it?19:06
replaceafillthe circles look shaped at the bottom19:07
replaceafilllike sitting on something, right?19:07
replaceafillmaybe it's an illusion :)19:07
th1aJust a sec...19:08
th1aThat would be a glitch.19:08
th1aHm... what size is that?19:08
th1a645 x 35019:09
th1aOK, let me fiddle more...19:09
replaceafill310x168 for the bottom boxes19:09
replaceafill624x253 for the slider19:09
th1a__Yes, I know.19:10
th1a__Omnigraffle isn't optimized for small pixel based layouts...19:10
th1a__I see...19:10
th1a__Oh, they seem to be in the icons themselves.19:11
th1aLet me see if they are in the vectors.19:14
replaceafilllol, i was trying to use a screenshot as the gradebook :P19:18
th1a__The map is not the territory.19:18
th1a__try tilting it to the left about 12 degrees.19:21
th1a__Get a little more of the upper right.19:21
th1a__I mean19:21
replaceafillincluding the worksheet name?19:22
th1a__In the interest of not driving you crazy, I can do the cropping.19:22
replaceafillok, i'll send you the full screenshot19:23
replaceafillor i can set the Data.fs19:23
replaceafillin the vps19:23
th1a__Also, the psd images are round at the bottom.19:23
th1a__Send me the screenshot.19:23
replaceafilli like the last version19:29
replaceafilltighter circles19:29
replaceafillok, now the journal?19:30
replaceafilli mean, screenshot19:30
replaceafillor should i start with the page?19:30
replaceafillputting things in place19:30
th1aUm... might as well go on.  I'm going to do this crop and then go get Vivian.19:30
th1aWe can start the layout in earnest in about 45 minutes.19:31
th1aActually, can we try this in the panel... ?19:36
th1aI just sent a crop.19:36
th1aWe'll get a pretty quick idea on whether angled looks good or bad.19:36
replaceafilli like it19:37
replaceafillif it only moved ;)19:38
replaceafillit looks like it's coming to you :D19:38
th1aI did take some design classes in college...19:38
replaceafillcritical links is going to the slider, right?19:39
replaceafillor a bottom box?19:39
th1aToday, neither.19:39
* replaceafill is checking the image inventory19:39
replaceafillah, ok19:39
replaceafillnever mind then19:39
th1aCan I see the angle shot?19:39
replaceafillok, let me update the branch19:40
replaceafilli wonder if we can pause the slider...19:42
th1aWe definitely need to slow it down.19:43
* replaceafill looks into that19:43
th1aOK, so angles are good then.19:43
replaceafilllooks good19:43
th1aOK, let's reverse my plan and make a few quick changes then.19:44
th1aChange the header to "SchoolTool: the Free Global Student Information System"19:44
th1aThe title.19:44
replaceafillcan you break that up in two lines?19:45
replaceafillSchoolTool: the Free Global19:45
replaceafillStudent Information System19:45
th1aLet me see it one way.19:45
th1aTake "Free" out.19:47
th1aPUt the nepal image bottom middle and the pictograms bottom right.19:47
replaceafillthe free part was the one i liked :(19:47
th1aWe've got that green "title" there ready for it.19:48
replaceafillthe last picto is too big for the box19:50
replaceafillboxes are 310x16819:50
th1aYou can scale it in gimp.19:50
th1aIt is the right proportions.19:50
th1aI just forgot that step.19:50
th1aI have a multi-computer graphics workflow.19:51
th1aOK... I have to go get Vivian now...19:51
th1aYou can work on journal and daily calendar screenshots...19:51
replaceafillth1a, nice!19:54
* replaceafill goes to get lunch20:08
* th1a back20:25
* replaceafill back20:32
th1aThe pictogram image is a little blurry, but I'm not sure what can be done about that.20:32
th1aI think the nepal image looks pretty good.20:33
th1aWhat do you think?20:33
replaceafilli think i'm going to crop the pictogram to 304px exactly20:33
replaceafilllooks a little to the right20:33
replaceafillbecause of the extra 6px20:34
replaceafillyeah, that's better20:38
th1aI need to do a wider version of the Shuttleworth Foundation teacher pic, right?20:39
replaceafillthat's going in What's New?20:40
replaceafillor the first box :)20:40
replaceafill(in case we change the What's New)20:40
th1aPretty much "SchoolTool 2.0 released"20:41
replaceafillin case you want to know the options of the slider ;)20:44
replaceafilli guess we only need an appropriate pauseTime20:45
th1abtw, we've got some crazy transitions in the book image zoom now.20:47
replaceafillth1a, i see the same in all of them20:49
th1aALL CRAZY.20:49
replaceafillstarts from the center and zooms, right?20:50
th1aDoes it drop out too?20:50
replaceafillhhmm no20:50
* replaceafill is checking all the images20:51
th1aI see it dropping down to appear.20:51
th1aThere's like a zoom out then a drop.20:51
th1aThe fade out is fine.20:51
th1asent cropped picture for bottom left.20:52
replaceafillslider uses 5 seconds pause20:54
th1aMake it 10 for now.20:56
th1aMaybe the How to Get Started header/image should be in the middle.21:00
th1aBetter visually if a little less logical.21:04
replaceafillif we're going to keep the slogan in one line, we should move it below a little21:04
replaceafillthe spanish version for example stays too close to the search box21:05
th1aDo you think the icons are better in the middle?21:05
th1aYes, it should move down.21:05
replaceafilli liked the picto to the right, but maybe it's just because i got used to it21:05
replaceafilland you want people using it more instead of they knowing who other people use it21:06
th1aNo, just separating the "teachers looking at computers" pictures.21:06
replaceafillthat too :)21:07
th1aI like having pictures of teachers rather than just random school related pictures.21:07
replaceafillah it's definitely better than the empty classroom21:08
th1aWell... yes!21:08
replaceafillok, moving the the title a little...21:08
th1aOK for the green title...21:08
th1a"Free Administrative Tools for Schools Around the World"21:09
replaceafillhhmm tools is too generic imho21:09
replaceafillbut i'll try it21:09
th1aFree administrative... Software?21:10
replaceafillhhm yes!21:10
replaceafillthe Free? or just Free?21:10
th1aBelow that "SchoolTool is designed for deployment in schools in the developing world"21:11
th1aJust Free.21:11
th1achange "automated deployment" to "automated installation"21:12
th1aNo... the GREEN title.  That says "Title"21:12
replaceafilli can handle "Tools" in that title then :)21:13
replaceafilli just thought we were talking about the slogan :)21:14
th1aWell, try it as software.21:14
replaceafillthat green title needs bottom margin21:15
replaceafillhhmm reload21:17
replaceafillthe box is growing21:17
th1aBelow that "SchoolTool is designed for deployment in schools in the developing world"21:17
replaceafilloh sorry, ok21:17
th1aThat's the new opening clause there.21:17
replaceafilllike that?21:19
replaceafilltoo many SchoolTools21:20
replaceafillwell, it's the name of the app ;)21:20
th1aNo... replacing the opening clause.21:20
th1aThey are quite similar...21:20
th1areplacing SchoolTool is particularly well suited for deployment in the developing world21:21
replaceafillah no21:22
replaceafilldid i mess the clauses?21:22
th1aNo, that's right.21:22
replaceafilli should start indenting this html5...21:22
replaceafillthe spaces used by Schwa are confusing21:23
th1aWe probably don't need the second paragraph right there.21:23
replaceafillwe can talk about that in the second box mabye21:23
th1aHow about "SchoolTool is an open source, web based student information system designed for...21:25
th1aSnip the first "deployment in" and switch "installation" back to "deployment"21:27
th1aI'm sorry I can't really finalize this stuff without seeing it...21:27
th1afo schools  ;-)21:28
th1aWhat do you think of the margins on all these boxes?21:29
th1aAre the closer to the edges than the UWS margins?21:29
replaceafillif you mean the padding, they use 10px21:30
replaceafilllet me check the guidelines21:30
replaceafill8 px21:30
replaceafillsetting 8px21:31
replaceafillthose use 15px21:32
th1aI'm talking about the space between the text and the edge of the box.21:32
replaceafillWhat is an operating system?21:32
replaceafillpadding: 15px 20px21:32
replaceafill15px top down21:32
replaceafill20px left right21:32
th1aThat's better spacing.21:32
replaceafillok, using 20px for left and right then21:33
replaceafillthe green title box looks ok to me21:36
replaceafillthe other boxes got updated too, but i dont like it21:36
replaceafillmaybe a little more of top margin for the bottom boxes?21:36
replaceafilli mean for their text21:36
th1aUnfortunately that pushes the green headline into three lines.21:37
replaceafillcheck the bottom boxes21:39
replaceafillwell the green title uses 20px font-size21:39
replaceafillwe can use 18px?21:39
replaceafillcheck the boxes again :)21:40
replaceafilli gave them more line-height21:40
th1aYeah, I was thinking that.21:40
th1aSee how much of this fits in "What's New?"21:42
th1aSchoolTool 2.0 Released!21:42
th1aSchoolTool 2.0 represents a complete rethinking of SchoolTool's web interface from the organization of the application as a whole to the layout of each form and button.21:42
th1aThe staring point for the redesign was the Ubuntu Web Design Guidelines and the free Ubuntu font, both created by Canonical Design.  We developed a new color scheme and logo with Schwadesign.  This gave us a clear, attractive and consistent foundation for all our web assets across our homepage, documentation, and the SchoolTool application itself.21:42
replaceafilli guess we're not really using the "learn more" links right?21:48
th1aUm... perhaps.21:48
th1aThat's this evening's fun.21:48
th1aBut I'll be adding to the book, not bugging you so much.21:48
replaceafilldo you like the first box?21:49
replaceafillso i make the others the same height?21:49
th1aI was thinking just cut that off with ellipses at the height the others are.21:49
th1aThat's why you need the learn more there...21:49
replaceafilli'll cut in Guidelines, ok?21:50
replaceafillor the Ubuntu font ;)21:50
th1aThat's good.21:52
th1aThere could be less space after the text.21:52
th1aDid you try shrinking the green title?21:53
th1aGood.  Could probably have a little more padding at top.21:56
th1aWe should probably get back to screenshots.21:58
th1aOr probably you should get back to screenshots and I'll work on the rest of the front page text.21:58
replaceafillok, reload21:59
replaceafillsorry, i was giving more room to the paragraphs21:59
replaceafilli mean to the top right paragraph21:59
replaceafillgave more room to the slogan22:00
th1a__I don't think we'll have a learn more at top right.22:00
replaceafillah ok22:00
th1a__Good.  Looks good on the Mac.22:00
replaceafillok,, final reload :)22:03
replaceafilleverything looks ok?22:03
th1a__Yes… nothing is bothering me at the moment.  ;-)22:03
th1a__I just need to pull together some scatter snippets now...22:06
replaceafillth1a, we also need rounded images for the slider22:12
th1a__Oh… we have to round them?22:12
replaceafillyes, the slider uses the plain image22:12
replaceafilli thought it was the one that added the border radius22:13
replaceafillbut it doesnt :(22:13
th1a__OK… do you know how to do that in the gimp?22:13
th1a__OK, that's a LOW priority bug right now.22:13
replaceafillgreat, now we have bugs on the website ;)22:13
replaceafilloh no :(22:27
replaceafillthe journal js is broken22:27
replaceafilland the cell backgrounds dont work22:27
replaceafilladding it to the css bug...22:27
th1aFix it for the screenshot.22:28
replaceafillnot for the users, but for the screenshot :D22:28
*** th1a_ has joined #schooltool22:38
th1a_replaceafill:  Can you throw me that homepage url?22:38
*** menesis has quit IRC22:44
th1a_replaceafill:  Sent some text.22:53
replaceafillshould i cut it?22:57
replaceafillor does the installation link in the book say the same?22:57
th1a_No, it is a different text.  I'll edit it for length.  Or something.22:58
th1a_Actually, maybe that can be the standard length.22:59
th1a_There's not that much text there.22:59
th1a_on the page in general22:59
replaceafillok, i should put back the rest of what's new then22:59
th1a_Yeah, let's see that.23:01
replaceafillif you could take a few words out :)23:01
replaceafillor we can match the heights with no prob23:01
replaceafillit's just a few pixels different23:01
replaceafillheights matched23:04
th1a_I guess take out the developer part -- that's not relevant to getting started.23:06
th1a_And add in "supports installation on Ubuntu Linux using the Ubuntu Software..."23:06
replaceafillis the "learn more" link in "how to get started" going to point to
th1a_No, the book.23:08
th1a_Those can be links in the text though to:23:08
replaceafill"download and install"23:09
replaceafillor just download23:09
th1a_as it is.23:09
th1a_maybe make the last sentence a separate paragraph23:10
th1a_and "such as" instead of "like"23:10
th1a_also... We'll need to add in more links in the obvious places.23:10
th1a_But don't worry about it now.23:11
* th1a_ goes to make dinner.23:11
replaceafillok, done23:11
replaceafilllet's add the links at the end23:11
th1aHm... it is getting late in Lithuania...23:16

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