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replaceafillth1a, zyt?00:54
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th1amenesis:  You'll be happy to know I'm finally arranging for to be shifted to our control.15:43
menesisth1a: happy :)16:00
menesisalthough I have little plans on what to do16:01
th1aI just have to figure out exactly who to transfer it to, since people can read into these registrations politically.16:01
menesiswhere to move16:01
menesiswell, currently it is registered in South Africa16:01
th1aNo immediate rush.16:01
menesisand expires on Dec 416:02
th1aOh, glad you noticed that.16:02
menesistwo weeks16:02
menesisso good time to make transfers16:02
menesisbut I don't know if we move any of pov other servers.16:03
th1aWe don't have to decide now.16:03
th1aI just have to take a minute after the release to remember how DNS registration works.16:04
menesisafter alga left, I am now admin of some 8 servers16:04
menesisbut don't know where they are or what to do with them :)16:05
th1aReally I'd like the Foundation to retain nominal ownership but for us to have control, so I just have to think about how to do that.16:05
menesisbut yes, the week after next at earliest16:05
menesisand who pays :)16:06
th1aIt is a small budget item.16:06
menesisbut glad to hear you started solving this16:06
th1aI was avoiding it because I was afraid nobody would even remember.  But I suppose a domain name registration isn't something you can lose in a drawer.16:18
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* replaceafill has a cold, slept for 11 hours!18:56
th1aI figured!18:57
th1aHow are you feeling now replaceafill?18:57
replaceafilltoo much sleep i think18:58
replaceafillah btw18:58
replaceafilllog in as a student18:58
replaceafilland change your password18:58
replaceafilllet me know what you think18:59
th1aMuch better.19:00
replaceafillthat ok?19:00
replaceafilli used the same wording19:00
replaceafillto not insert new strings19:00
replaceafillwill continue with the homepage then19:01
replaceafilljust going to eat something before19:01
* replaceafill votes for "The Free Global Student Information System"19:01
th1aDIdn't we change the button style?19:02
replaceafillhhmm no19:03
replaceafilli thought you said you like this one better...?19:03
replaceafillmaybe i got you wrong :(19:04
th1aThat conversation was pretty fucked.19:04
th1aAs I recall.19:04
replaceafillmy bad ;)19:04
replaceafillwe got new calendar design?19:05
th1aAre these the menesis style buttons?19:05
th1aYes, some tweaks.19:05
replaceafillvinny suggest to remove the boxes on the calendar overlay19:08
replaceafillbut the boxes are links19:08
replaceafillto that calendar19:08
th1aOh, well...19:09
replaceafillcoloring the checkboxes!?!?19:09
* replaceafill remebers looking for how to color radio buttons before19:09
th1aIs there any reason the calendar name isn't the link instead of that box.19:10
th1aOther than that's the way someone decided to do it six years ago.19:10
replaceafillwell the "2010 Fall" for terms is a link already19:11
replaceafillmaybe someone decide to do it that way to not get people confused...19:11
th1aI don't see any reason not to make the title the link.19:12
replaceafillok, will do19:12
replaceafilli think i get all the modifications except one19:12
replaceafillthe first note says:19:13
replaceafill"Make this background #4b5555"19:14
replaceafilland then he says:19:14
replaceafill"Remove the colored backgrounds"19:14
th1aHe has an example.19:14
th1aI'm not sure that is really enough though.19:15
th1aWell, we could try it.19:15
replaceafillwell, i'm going to remove all the backgrounds and color the checkboxes19:15
replaceafillis that ok?19:15
th1aWe can always undo it.  ;-)19:17
* replaceafill goes get something to eat19:17
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th1ahi DooitzeCompaq.19:59
DooitzeCompaqI mailed you this evening about SchoolTool19:59
DooitzeCompaqIf I got it right19:59
th1aYes, of course.20:00
DooitzeCompaqNice new interface!20:00
th1aI totally agree with you about fixing the interface before the marketing, by the way.20:01
th1aThat's why we did it!20:01
DooitzeCompaqI mentioned it a few months ago20:01
DooitzeCompaqwithin a blueprint20:02
th1areplaceafill:  What size should I be making the pictures for the bottom three slots?20:09
* replaceafill back20:24
replaceafillth1a, they're 282x16820:24
th1aI'm going to try cropping this one:
replaceafilli like the guys sleeping in the back ;)20:26
th1aWell, I have to crop him out.  ;-)20:26
th1aHe's thinking.20:26
th1aOh... hard to get him out...20:33
replaceafillyes, he's almost in the center20:33
th1aEh... I'll have to look for another...20:35
replaceafillthere's another one where they're all laughing20:35
replaceafillmaybe too much laughing though20:36
th1aThis one is ok.20:39
replaceafillah, i like it20:39
th1aI'll try to crop it.20:39
th1aIt's usable.20:46
th1aWhich is my first concern at this point.  ;-)20:46
th1aIf I get some African teachers and Asian kids...20:49
replaceafillyou can see the original schwa version
replaceafillabout the logo in the navbar, in the app we use text for "schooltool" and the little logo image21:16
replaceafillschwa is using a full text image + logo21:16
th1aThe whole scale is still off compared to the app and book.21:16
th1aJust make it match.21:16
replaceafillth1a, what search box do you like better? the one from schwa or the one from the book?21:28
replaceafillso i make them match too21:28
replaceafillschwa's has an image21:28
replaceafillthe book a button21:28
replaceafilland the fields and paddings are different too21:29
th1aI guess I like the arrow button better.21:29
replaceafilli'll change the book to match then21:30
replaceafillth1a, oh oh21:37
replaceafillnow that i made the widths match21:37
replaceafillwe have more room on the sides21:37
replaceafillthe boxes will have to change21:38
replaceafillso will the images21:38
th1aCan I see it?21:39
replaceafillhold on, let me push21:39
DooitzeCompaqby the way, would it be a good idea to change the links of language?21:40
th1aLinks of language?21:41
th1aI guess since none of the images are final, we can change the sizes.21:43
th1aThe advantages of procrastination!21:43
replaceafilli'll adjust the columns and tell you the new width21:43
DooitzeCompaqI mean hyperlinks21:44
DooitzeCompaqThat looks nice, very nice21:45
th1aMake them translatable?21:45
replaceafillamazing how a designer works :)21:55
* replaceafill is looking at the CL image vinny just sent for the column21:55
replaceafillth1a, the new width for columns is 30422:01
replaceafillyou can make the images a little wider like 310px22:01
replaceafillsince we're using them as backgrounds22:01
replaceafillth1a,  i guess we're making the slider images wider too, right?22:08
replaceafillth1a, the slider images: 624x25322:26
* th1a wakes up.22:54
th1areplaceafill:  Apparently, yes.22:55
th1aShould I warn Vinny?22:55
replaceafillreload the homepage22:56
replaceafillwe need real screenshots anyway for the slider22:57
th1aExcept for the two he's making.22:57
replaceafillthe ubuntu one and CL are going in the slider?22:57
replaceafillthen yes!22:57
th1aNobody seems to pick up on that.22:57
th1aOK, so what's the total slider size then?22:58
replaceafillgetting the CL is not a big deal22:58
replaceafilli can try it22:58
th1aI've been bugging Vinny about it.22:58
th1aIt isn't a big deal for him either.22:58
replaceafillit's 624x25322:58
th1aofc, I may make you do it later.23:02
DooitzeCompaqThe look of schooltool is very similar to Ubuntu23:07
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th1aDooitzeCompaq:  It is directly based on the Ubuntu Web Guidelines.23:15
DooitzeCompaqI mean the logo23:15
th1aWell, yes, it does refer to it.23:16
th1aIt is less direct than the first drafts!23:16
th1aAlso, as you may know, Mark Shuttleworth funds SchoolTool, so we're pretty much cousins to Ubuntu.23:24
th1aOr half-sisters.23:24
DooitzeCompaqThat last one was ment to be a joke, wasn't it?23:29
th1aWell, we have the same parent.23:29
th1aAlthough I don't know who the mothers are.23:30
th1aNeither metaphor quite works.  :-D23:30
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th1areplaceafill:  Do you have a bug dealing with the journal link in the calendar for students?23:31
th1aAre we just hiding it in that case?23:32
th1aOr any non-instructor case for that matter?23:32
th1aWell non-instructor, non admin...23:32
replaceafillah, sorry i thought you meant the journal tab23:32
replaceafillno, i can't find any bug related to the journal link in events23:33
th1aThat might have been one of the things menesis was complaining about...23:34
replaceafilli just noticed the font-size is wrong for the link btw23:34
replaceafilli'm adding it to the css things23:34
th1aIt seemed big.23:34
menesisI believe it is the same23:35
replaceafillno, that's for the tab23:35
th1aThis is on OLE Nepal's site:
menesisbut I guess both are related to security23:35
replaceafillah! nice23:35
menesisjust one crashes and the other redirects23:36
replaceafillone crashes?23:36
menesiswhen student clicks on Journal link?23:36
menesisI think so23:37
replaceafilli thought it asked you credentials23:37
replaceafilli mean unauthorized23:37
menesisbut no bug for that23:37
menesisstill wrong23:37
replaceafilli just tried it, and that's what i got23:37
* replaceafill reports the bug23:37
menesiseven administrator cannot click that link23:37
th1aIt only needs to show up in the calendar for the teacher as far as I'm concerned.23:39
th1aOr maybe it should work for admins too.23:39
th1aThat is, at this late date.23:39
th1aThere could be a student view too at some point.23:39
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th1aCan you try to fit this in too replaceafill or should I give it to yvl?23:42
replaceafillwill do23:42
* replaceafill was planning to work during the weekend anyway :)23:43
th1aI pretty clearly am too...23:43
menesisFriday 23:4723:47
menesisOK I am finished23:47
menesisworking today23:47
menesisfinally released everything23:47
th1aGood night menesis!23:47
menesisexcept intervention that had no changes23:48
menesisupdated book as well23:48
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menesisI know you both work on it, so merge23:49
th1areplaceafill:  Maybe the "Getting Started" panel should be based on the "Get Ubuntu" panel here:
menesishave a good weekend ;)23:50
* replaceafill looks23:50
th1aThat's pretty much what we want people to do...23:50
th1aGetting started = Get Ubuntu.23:50
th1aI mean, they don't HAVE to, but we can use those icons.23:52
replaceafillwhat would be the options?23:52
replaceafilli just noticed uses shadows for the nav bar :)23:53
replaceafilli mean, text-shadow23:53
th1aOh yeah.23:53
th1aI don't like that.23:53
th1aBut we can't blame Schwa.23:53
menesisI don't like text shadows either23:54
replaceafilli like them :P23:54
th1aAnyhow, I'll think about the getting started panel, but probably it is not getting a photo.23:54
replaceafillth1a, ok23:54
replaceafilljust icons23:54
th1aYeah... they won't be separate links.23:54
th1aI might have to fire up my favorite image editing software...23:55
replaceafillth1a, so, we'll wait for vinny for the slider images, correct?23:56
replaceafillwe're changing "Title" in the sidebar23:57
replaceafillshould i style it like the app?23:57
replaceafillwith teal underline?23:58

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