IRC log of #schooltool for Saturday, 2011-11-19

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Dooitzeth1a, what were the login for the testing servers15:46
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DooitzeI need help with translating a few strings in Western Frisian16:24
DooitzeIn which case is the string "leaders16:24
Dooitze" ment16:24
th1aDooitze:  Hi.16:32
Dooitzehi th1a16:32
th1a"Leader" is essentially a person responsible for a group or resource.16:32
th1aIt was hard to come up with the right English word, actually.16:33
th1aAnd "leader" doesn't quite capture it.16:33
th1aActually, "leader" works with group.16:33
th1aBut there isn't really an English word for "person in the school responsible for this thing."16:33
th1aSo we just used "leader" for resource too.16:34
DooitzeSo that person is responsible for a few students?16:36
th1aThe person is responsible for the group (which is used very generically, it could be any kind of group of people).17:00
th1aOr for a resource.17:00
th1a(classroom, computer, projector, etc.)17:01
th1aTechnically it really just means it is the person who can make administrative changes to the group or resource without being an administrator to the system as a whole.17:01
th1aSo that person can, say, add and remove people from the group.17:02
th1aThat's the actual function of it in SchoolTool, Dooitze.17:02
DooitzeOke, so it is a sort of subadmin?17:03
th1aIt lets that person have increased permissions within the group.17:03
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