IRC log of #schooltool for Thursday, 2011-11-17

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th1amenesis:  I need to write some narrative release notes for SchoolTool 2.0, right?16:51
menesisth1a: yes16:56
th1aI'll work on that today.16:57
* yvl is afraid he'd gone a bit too extensive on calendar subtitles17:19
th1ayvl:  Screenshot?17:27
yvloh, I just couldn't help myself, and added some human touch17:28
th1aOh, the humanity!17:28
yvlsubtitles are not displayed in many cases17:28
* th1a returns from the shower to find SchoolTool collapsing in flames.17:28
yvlbut there's text like "Today" "Tomorrow" and so on in some cases17:28
yvlfor weekly... "This Week", "Next Week", "Last Week"17:29
yvlmade sense to me17:29
yvlWeek 13 did not - as a subtitle17:29
yvlwell, I'll push soon17:29
th1aYeah, people don't know what number week it is anyhow.17:30
th1aWeek 47 is looking pretty busy for me!17:30
yvlwell, if you were using ST, that would be "Next Week" ;)17:31
yvl* latest patch of ST17:32
yvlth1a, should be up in few minutes17:57
yvlplease log in, say, as a manager :)17:59
yvland browse calendar a bit with daily/weekly/monthly mode17:59
th1aI'm a little unsure about "Today" in the corner.18:01
th1aI mean, it is probably ok...18:01
th1aBut yes, overall much better!18:02
th1aNow I just have to re-do the screenshots I did yesterday...18:03
* yvl is also a bit unsure about "Today" for monthly/yearly views18:03
th1aI could have kept my mouth shut.  ;-)18:03
yvlbut I think it is better than "current year"18:03
th1aI think it is a bit of a toss up.18:04
yvlwell, google does "today"18:04
yvlso thats .005 in favor18:05
th1aIt has advantages.18:05
th1ayvl:  Is that checked into trunk?18:09
yvlwell, I hope it all turns out ok :)18:12
yvlwell, good luck to you!18:15
* yvl wanders off18:16
th1aThanks yvl!18:16
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th1aAh, replaceafill.19:28
replaceafillhey th1a19:29
replaceafilli think i'm getting a cold or something19:29
replaceafilli feel "funny"19:29
replaceafillth1a, i see schwa sent the homepage19:29
* replaceafill goes look19:29
th1aHave you looked at the home/front page functionality in Sphinx?19:30
th1aI think it exists now...19:30
th1aDidn't when I started using it.19:30
replaceafillno, i haven't seen it19:30
replaceafill:O html519:33
replaceafillnew to me :)19:33
th1afyi, I haven't looked at this at all yet.19:36
replaceafilli see some "learn more" links, i suppose we're going to have more pages than the homepage, right?19:37
th1aThe plan at this point would be to just have them in the book.19:37
th1aSo writing is required but not design.19:38
th1aSo should I just be able to unzip this and click on index.html?19:38
th1aI guess I should just do that then.  ;-)19:41
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th1areplaceafill:  What's going on with the fonts in the top bar?19:45
replaceafillthey have shadows19:45
replaceafilltext-shadow: -1px 1px 0 #333333;19:46
replaceafillnews should point to, right?19:48
replaceafilldocumentation to the book19:48
th1aYes, yes.19:48
th1aTake the shadow out.19:48
replaceafillfeatures? book?19:48
replaceafilllet me set it up in the vps19:48
th1aActually, I mostly just want you to tweak the style to get it more fully in line with the standards.19:49
replaceafillrounded header?19:50
th1aDon't worry about the links at this point.19:50
th1aYes, all that stuff.19:50
replaceafillah ok19:50
th1aJust fourishize it.19:50
th1aIt is easier for me to have you do it at this point than them.19:50
th1aActually we should put the logo in the footer everywhere I think.19:51
replaceafilllooks nice19:51
th1aThe other priority would be just making sure you understand how to add/edit to the changing panel thing.19:52
th1aAnd seeing if you can integrate it into Sphinx.19:53
th1aIt is the old, "Difficult to find the documentation for the documentation management software" problem with Sphinx.19:53
replaceafillcan we try sphinx translations capabilities?19:53
replaceafillto get the spanish version for example19:54
th1aIt is not my IMMEDIATE priority.19:54
th1aBut shortly after immediate.19:54
th1aimmediate + 119:54
replaceafillok, i'm putting this in a new branch so we can tweak it19:54
replaceafilli don't like the html5 much, because i don't know it very well :D19:55
th1aOK.  Also I created a flourish-book branch.19:55
replaceafillbut good time to learn ;)19:55
th1aI assume the slide thing is js?19:55
th1aOr is that html 5?19:55
replaceafillno, it's jquery19:56
replaceafillnivo slider pack19:56
th1aI told him to use that if he could.19:56
replaceafill The world's most awesome jQuery Image Slider19:56
th1aI'm sure there are many.19:57
replaceafilland it's indeed awesome, what a transitions!19:57
replaceafillth1a, there's a markup error in:
replaceafillsome ++++20:20
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th1areplaceafill:  Making progress?22:51
replaceafilllearning the html5 stuff22:52
replaceafillthere are sections for headers and footers22:52
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