IRC log of #schooltool for Thursday, 2011-10-20

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th1ahi dadeng.17:12
dadenghey, th1a17:13
th1aaelkner is finishing your changes.17:13
th1aI was hoping it would be done yesterday...17:13
dadenggood, i also have some good news from here17:13
dadengOndo state will start their hardware procurement b4 end of this month for roll out17:14
th1aOh, excellent!17:14
dadengand i'll be in Port Harcourt between 3 and 4th for presentation to national EMIS steering committee17:15
dadengit has been painfully slow but we're making progress at last17:15
th1aGreat news.17:15
dadenginfact that's i decided to hang out here now17:16
th1aWe should have a test server up for you today or tomorrow.17:16
dadengi guess we would just focus on key important features17:16
th1aI'll bug aelkner later.  ;-)17:17
dadengi'll like to be highly involve in the testing if the server is up17:17
th1aThe good news is that there is very little Nigeria-specific code left as many of the improvements we made with you are now integrated into the main distribution.17:17
th1aSo we won't have a lot of complicated maintenance problems down the road.17:18
dadengbecause once Nigeria catch the fire, it glows17:18
dadengrapidly and that's why i haven't given up17:18
dadengand well done to all of you!17:18
th1aI'm glad you've bounced back from your catastrophe.17:18
th1aOur developer Douglas had a rough time last week.  1300mm of rain in El Salvador!17:19
dadengyeah, several hurdles here and there17:19
th1aHe and his family are ok but his roof not so much.17:19
dadengbut we're on now17:21
th1aGlad to hear it.17:21
dadenghey, our earth is becoming something else17:22
dadengbut how is he now?17:22
dadengoh, mankind is loosing alot of control now, and we need urgent17:23
th1aAlmost back to work.17:23
th1aWell, we're finally getting some people in the streets in the US, so that's a good sign.17:24
dadengwhat is his alias on irc?17:24
dadengso i could wish him well?17:24
th1a(what that refers to, I don't know)17:24
th1aHe's not here now though.17:24
dadengyeah, i no him17:25
dadengi'll get in touch later17:25
dadengyou know strange things happens in US17:25
dadenglike those wild forest fire we hardly see those things here17:26
th1aYes... if I lived in the southwest I'd be worried that it is turning into a desert.17:26
dadenguhh, it is quite strange to us17:27
dadenganyhow we pray that all our people over there are always preserved17:27
th1aHave you heard much news about the "Occupy Wall Street" movement?17:29
dadengyes, but i haven't paid much attention to what the objectives are?17:31
th1aWell... what the objectives are is kind of an open question.17:31
th1aI have a lot of respect for this reporter and his analysis:
th1aIf you've got the bandwidth for the video...17:32
th1aActually, that's probably not a good explanation for someone outside the US.  :D17:34
th1aSo actually, not having a specific political agenda right now is kind of the point.17:37
th1aGetting people active and building a community and returning protest to the civic culture is what is happening.17:37
th1aWe've been very compliant, thinking Obama would solve our problems, etc.17:37
dadengmy bandwidth is better at night17:39
dadengvery very good during off peak period17:39
th1aI think that video would make no sense to you anyhow, having watched it again.17:39
dadengyeah, politicians are some wild beast17:39
dadengyeah, i'll watch that over and over17:40
dadengi think i keep tab of US affairs more than here17:41
th1aI think that's pretty common but I don't like to assume it.17:41
dadengbecause atleast you have some structures17:41
dadengthat makes it easy to follow events17:41
th1aSeems pretty self-centered for me to assume people follow our news.17:41
th1aAnyway, these protests could really go somewhere because there is a lot of pent up frustration that has had no release other than hoping Obama would fix it or the far right.17:42
dadengyeah, this is the first time we're seeing a non compromising stand17:43
th1aThis is the first time anyone has made on in a while here.17:44
dadengfrom GOP in US politics, it is no longer Americans interest first17:44
th1aThe concentration of wealth in the past 30 years has been staggering (and mostly ignored).17:45
dadengbut party interest, i may be wrong but that's how it seems to me from outside17:45
th1aThe GOP is broken.17:45
dadengyeah, they're broken bcos Americans are smarter17:47
th1aWell... it is more complicated than that.17:47
th1aYou can't run a government when your agenda is "we hate the government."17:47
th1a(I guess that's not very complicated)17:48
dadengi guess Obama was wrong to want to be non partisan17:48
th1aHe doesn't seem to understand the GOP, and everyone on the left is completely fed up with it.17:48
dadengmay he should have just focused on his programs and leave off too controversial issues alone17:49
dadengI love America, and pray that America remain the dominant force17:50
dadengwhile just allowing the Europea allies some leverage17:50
th1aIt is still better than some of the alternatives...17:50
dadengEurope is one complicated and selfish empire17:51
th1aA China-dominated Africa sounds pretty scary to me.17:51
dadengyeah, because touching America is like touching the whole world by design17:52
dadengIt is unthinkable, we know what people like that are capable of17:52
dadengI think we care fight that off17:52
dadengit only the standard of living here can improve17:53
dadengyou know designed some special desktop for use on the project17:53
dadengwe got almost all our spares from chine, but i tell u17:53
th1aMy understanding is that Africa is experiencing sort of quiet steady growth now in standard of living.17:53
dadengi prefer dealing with American companies17:54
dadengit is not for now but future implications17:54
dadengyes, it is just that Africans especially are highly exposed to western ways17:55
dadengbut do not have the structures to meet the requirements17:55
dadengthis is noticeable in Nigeria17:56
dadengand u know 1 out of every 6 african is Nigerians17:56
th1aYes, I looked up the size when we started working together.17:57
th1aWhoa!  Big market!  ;-)17:57
dadengyeah, very big indeed especially in West Africa17:58
dadengWest Africa population is 254million and Nigeria is 150million17:58
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dadenghey replaceafill, u're here, pls accept my consolation on the devasting rain18:17
replaceafillthanks dadeng!18:17
dadengi hope your family is coping well and ok18:17
replaceafillyes, we're ok18:18
dadengu're welcome18:18
dadenghappy to hear that18:18
dadengit is well with u all18:18
dadengsay me well to ur family members18:19
dadengwe're with u18:19
replaceafillthanks, very kind of you18:20
replaceafilli'm so happy to see the sun up today :)18:20
dadengyeah, we take those things fro granted18:20
dadengbut i'm glad that things are normalizing now18:22
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