IRC log of #schooltool for Wednesday, 2011-10-19

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th1ahi replaceafill, menesis, yvl, aelkner.16:30
replaceafillgood morning/afternoon16:30
yvlgood morning16:31
th1aHow are you replaceafill?16:32
replaceafillgood, the rain started back, but i'll work today16:33
replaceafill^that's the rain in El Salvador this last week16:33
replaceafillwe've got more rain in just 7 days than what we got last year16:34
th1aLet's see... 30cm in a foot...16:34
th1aYou got THREE FEET of rain?16:35
th1aOr four.16:35
th1aI guess that's 1.3 meters.16:35
th1aI'm a little slow with the conversions here...16:35
th1aIs there a lot of flooding?16:36
replaceafilloh yes, lots16:36
replaceafillpeople near rivers16:36
replaceafilllots of bridges gone16:36
replaceafillanyway, th1a i'll work in cambodia today16:37
th1aIt is probably drier there.16:38
replaceafillsorry about the delay16:38
th1aAlthough damp in general, I think.16:38
th1aDo you have a tarp on your roof?16:38
replaceafilltemporary solution16:39
replaceafillbut it stops the water a little16:39
th1aIs it still raining?  Is this the rainy season?16:39
replaceafillyes, it started back16:40
replaceafilland not, it's not supposed to rain so much at this point of the year16:40
replaceafillmay is winter for us16:41
th1aSo it should dry up SOMETIME.16:41
replaceafillthe authorities say it will continue until friday16:41
th1aOK.  Thanks replaceafill.  Glad things have stabilized.16:43
yvlfixed few bugs, mainly related to calendar16:44
yvlso now I'm left with something reimport bug16:45
yvlit would be good if you shoveled more bugs my way16:45
th1aI can do that!16:45
yvlset a milestone, that is :)16:45
th1aSome of replaceafill's perhaps.16:45
aelkneryvl, what about the timetable reimport  XLS bug16:45
th1areplaceafill probably has more crawling under his tarp too...16:46
yvlaelkner, can you remind me which one?16:47
yvl(in Lauchpad)16:47
aelkneractually, there sn't a bug report for it yet, but i mentioned it before16:47
aelknerall you have to do is import an XLS file, then reimport it, crash16:48
aelknerthe timetable logic does not work there16:48
th1aperhaps you could file a bug aelkner...16:48
yvlthanks :)16:48
* yvl done with report16:49
th1aOK, thanks yvl.16:49
menesislast two days spent mostly on zope packages16:51
menesisminor last changes to packaging in debian16:51
replaceafillmenesis, i have a curiosity question16:51
menesisand they got uploaded to unstable16:51
replaceafillwhat's the advantage of using virtualenv + buildout?16:51
menesiswill be able to sync them later and have a debian version in ubuntu16:52
menesisnow continuing to update some packages in ubuntu16:52
menesisbut will go back to schooltool tomorrow16:53
menesisreplaceafill: our custom did something like virtualenv16:53
menesisbut that stopped working with python 2.716:53
menesisnow it has like in any zope package16:54
yvlthanks aelkner16:54
replaceafillmenesis, got it, thanks16:54
* replaceafill noticed 2.7 eggs in his new sandbox :)16:55
menesisabout ppa16:55
menesisI have moved flourish oneiric packages to /dev ppa16:55
menesisbecause the main ppa is now needed for oneiric updates16:56
th1aOK, I should announce that I guess.16:56
menesisso in short16:56
menesisalready started work on precise16:56
menesisand one blocker is out of the way16:57
menesismy packages uploaded to debian unstable16:57
* menesis done.16:57
th1amenesis:  So do oneiric testers of flourish need to change their repository?16:58
th1aIt took me a minute to remember what "precise" was.16:59
menesisth1a: yes17:00
menesisalthough there are the same17:01
th1aCan you just send an email explaining that briefly, please?17:01
th1aWhat people need to do.17:01
th1a(not why)17:01
menesisbut will have new releases next week or so17:02
th1aSo nothing to do YET.17:02
menesisyes, can send with a 1.9.2 announcement17:02
th1aOK.  Cool.17:03
th1aThanks menesis.17:03
menesisI had a preliminary date for 1.9.2 release...17:03
menesisnext week17:03
menesiswill see.17:03
aelkneri finally got a hold of matt, so we got the live Data.fs installed in the test instance17:03
aelknerdavid can test the courseinfo stuff out without breaking the live instance17:04
aelknerthe ball is in his court now17:04
aelkneralso, i made progress on the niepa package, getting rid of the whole person package17:05
aelknerand putting back the app browser package with a flourish version of the school info view17:05
aelkneri'm currently working on the flourish versions of the two report requests17:05
aelkneri'd like to install it on the demo server and have you look at it with me17:06
aelkneris that ok, th1a?17:06
th1aHopefully there is not much to see.17:06
aelknersmall things, like labels that i could use your input on17:07
aelkneri'll email you when i have that set up17:07
aelkneri'm thinking that it would be good for our ability to support david ally17:07
aelknerif we had him use the demo instance at first17:08
aelknerthen, when he has an issue with something, we can look at it together17:08
th1aThat's ok.17:08
aelknerok, so first, i'll get your feedback, then i can send him a note asking him to look17:09
aelknerthat's it for me17:09
th1aI'm looking forward to wrapping that up, aelkner.17:09
th1aSo you can track my progress on documentation based on the nitpicky bugs I file.17:10
th1aSo expect more of those.17:10
th1aI've had enough of a break from actually looking at SchoolTool to be back to "wtf were we thinking?" on occasion.17:10
th1aAlso, I just noticed this:
th1aLook under "On the Rise."17:11
replaceafillOpen-Source SIS?17:12
th1aThat's a little more US university oriented, I think.17:12
th1aStill, not a bad sign.17:12
yvlright :)17:13
th1aOK.  Thanks guys!17:14
th1aHopefully I'll have a productive meeting with Schwa Friday.17:14
* th1a drops the bag of gravel.17:14
th1aHave a good week & weekend.17:14
th1aStay dry replaceafill!17:14
yvlgood luck th1a17:14
replaceafillthanks everybody17:15
aelknercya guys17:15
aelknerbest of luck wth the rain, replaceafill17:16
* yvl hopes it won't be very rainy @ replaceafill at least17:16
replaceafillthanks aelkner17:16
replaceafillyvl, me too :)17:16
th1ayvl:  If you and/or menesis could respond to the email I just forwarded, I'd appreciate it.17:39
yvlth1a, I don't think I got the email you mentioned17:47
th1aTo the dev list?17:47
th1aAbout LDAP?17:47
th1aI sent one to your pov account.17:48
yvloh, got it 2 sec ago17:48
yvlprobably was stuck in the tubes17:48
th1aLaunchpad tubes.17:49
yvlhmm, I wonder what's the status of LDAP integration17:50
yvlwill look into that tomorrow morning17:50
yvlmenesis, feel free to answer the email until then if you want ;)17:50
th1ayvl:  Could you just respond that you're going to look into it, pls.17:51
yvlah, sure17:51
th1aYou are the Vice President for Lithuanian Sales and Marketing.17:51
th1aIf this goes well you may get the whole Baltic region.17:52
menesisI don't know anything about ldap18:06
menesisbut I guess will have to learn it and install a server at pov.lt18:06
th1amenesis:  Well, perhaps yvl should handle it.18:08
th1aDon't jump yet.18:08
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* replaceafill goes to look how do we call the gradebook and journal in the .es translation...18:31
replaceafillth1a, in case you wonder, i cc'ed you on a reply about this question:
replaceafilli think he wants to manage the gradebook/journal by course18:36
replaceafillgrouping all the sections18:36
replaceafilli told him that we only handle sections18:36
replaceafillbut i asked more info about his setup18:36
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replaceafillth1a, i told him to create groups for each "career", assign the students of each career as members of the group, and then use the report card by group and detail report by group options19:44
th1aAh, sounds good.19:44
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replaceafilli should change to gmail...20:34
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