IRC log of #schooltool for Friday, 2011-10-21

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* replaceafill 's roof is finally being fixed!18:20
th1areplaceafill: ayt?18:56
replaceafillth1a, yes18:58
th1aCan you save me the searching and just email me the colors.css we did so I can send it to Vinny?18:58
replaceafillth1a, sure18:58
th1a(or you could just attach it here yourself I think)18:58
replaceafillth1a, done19:05
th1amailed or posted?19:05
th1aI just realized that if the Euro collapses my budget would probably switch to pounds, and I'd be paying PoV in Lita.19:09
th1aThat's if the Euro ceased to exist entirely.19:14
replaceafillis that a possibility?19:14
th1aI'd rate that as still highly unlikely.19:14
th1aI'm not sure what the transitional period would look like.19:15
th1aLithuania still uses the lita, it is just pegged to the euro.19:15
th1aI don't really know what the Isle of Man uses...19:15
th1aIf you shop with pounds there or what?19:16
replaceafillth1a, next time, do some 360 on your skateboard! :D19:16
th1aEven if everyone was restoring a domestic currency I'd think the euro would exist for a while.19:17
* replaceafill is checking th1a's blog19:17
th1aI thought he was taking photos not videos so I was just trying to get set up for the kickturn in the deep end.19:17
th1aSo that's a pretty mellow run.19:17
replaceafill"...professional, father of two..." :D19:18
th1aNot that the aggro ones are very different.19:19
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dadengHi th1a,20:22
th1aHi dadeng.20:45
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dadengOh, ok we'll talk when i get home20:45
th1aAll right.20:45
dadengi'm leaving office now20:45
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dadengHi th1a23:10
th1ahi dadeng.23:10
dadengi wanted to ask if it is possible to use data.fs from previous setup?23:11
th1aIt could be but not currently.23:12
dadengok, i have been playing around the online instance23:13
th1aI pretty much assumed it would be necessary; aelker hoped not.23:13
dadengwell... i guess it is better to just setup new data.fs23:13
dadengi know it will require some work here but we'll do it23:13
dadengi started setting it up23:14
th1aBasically if it is really going to be a burden on your side we can write some code to migrate.23:14
dadengwe had some complications with the session in the previous instance23:15
dadengso it is better to have something clean23:15
dadengi'm checking through and documenting23:16
dadengi'll ask for help when necessary23:16
dadengpls help me check the courses i just imported,23:44
dadengi guess the title is wrong23:44
dadengi do not know it is using the school year for the title23:46
dadengthere is a title column in my imported csv, but it is using the school year for the title23:47
dadengwhen i imported it into fluorish23:47
dadengaelkner, hi23:50

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